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Chivayo to pay Bosso fine

By Sikhumbuzo Moyo

Businessman and socialite Wicknell Chivayo has undertaken to pay the $4 000 fine imposed on Bulawayo giants Highlanders by the Premier Soccer League’s disciplinary committee for the abandoned match against Dynamos at Barbourfields Stadium on May 14.

Wicknell Chivayo
Wicknell Chivayo

Highlanders were found guilty of offences which include pitch invasion, missile throwing and violent conduct by their fans during the epic encounter that was halted in the 42nd minute.

“The Premier Soccer League Disciplinary Committee found Highlanders guilty of causing the abandonment of the match. The match has been awarded to Dynamos FC on a 3-0 score line. Further, Highlanders FC were fined a sum of $4 000, which fine together with the cost of the hearing shall be paid by the 31st of July 2017,” read the judgment.

The free-spending businessman yesterday took to social media to announce his benevolence to Highlanders, a team which he claims to have supported since his primary school days at Avoca in Insiza district, Matabeleland South.

“Bosso ngenkani! I was speaking to our respectable Highlanders (acting) chairman Modern Ngwenya over the weekend. I was so impressed by his sentiments that ‘soccer results are determined in football grounds not in board rooms”

. I assured him that on his instruction simply by text or phone call, I will definitely go and pay the $4 000 fine to the PSL with my eyes closed. I told him I will go one better and do them a favour and go in person myself and pay it in cash so that they can get a chance to also meet one of Highlanders’ life time supporters who don’t condone violence. Enough said and to cut a long story short, asifuni bumbulu,” wrote Chivayo on his Facebook timeline yesterday.

Chivayo said he meant and stood by his Facebook post.

Highlanders have since formally lodged an appeal against the decision to award the game to Dynamos on a 3-0 score line.

Bosso lodged their appeal to Zifa on Tuesday as defined by the PSL Article 49 of its statutes and it is now up to the national association to hear the case using its appeals committee.

“We have launched our appeal with Zifa because we feel it’s not fair to us as Highlanders and it’s not fair to other teams in the league. We want to be given an opportunity to compete where we are going to win, lose or draw on the field of play, not for Dynamos to get three points via the boardroom,” said Ngwenya.

He said the issue of monetary sanction will need to be tackled at policy level, but their immediate concern now was the decision to award the match to Dynamos on a 3-0 score line.

“Look, it’s common knowledge that we were ready to play when the match was called off and it won’t be fair to us and other teams in the league for Dynamos to get three points through the boardroom. We want our players to be given an opportunity to compete on the field of play; we want them to beat Dynamos on the field of play and if need be, we want Dynamos to beat us on the field of play, not via some boardroom,” Ngwenya said. The Chronicle

  • Promoting ‘hooligansm’

  • Promoting ‘hooligansm’

  • Asifuni bumbulu

  • The act of violence will never stop at Barbourfields .If you pay for them they don’t feel the pain,the act will continue.

    • Did he pay for Hooligans or he paid for Highlanders?,Looks like you don’t differentiate between the two, Highlanders does not condone violence. Soccer thugs should be arrested n looked up. Teams should not suffer because of football thugs.

    • The thugs are Highlanders’ supporters who want to help Highlanders team to win by beating up people if they feel Highlanders is unfairly treated.

    • Marwadziwa ka maDinyonyo nezvaitwa nava Chivhayo achiitira team take. Rambai muchirwadziwa. Viva Chivayo Viva Bosso. Asifuni bumbulu THINA..

    • mukoma Nkomo handisi kurwadziwa asi maonero angu.

    • Ungena ngaphi ungasuwebosoo ngeskhala senalinti

    • Why do u dynamozifa dont punish refs who alwalys do mistakes.in other countries football z improving coz not sided like in zim

    • Uyawumana u Darkson lowo udakwe ngu msuzo

    • Darkson ibizo lakho liyisiphoso,uvuka ekuseni uye thenga ama data ufuna ukubhala umsuZo

    • Another hooliganism on facebook.You can’t end it.

    • Mopedza moti mashona akaipa. Ndiani mundewere ati anzwa kuita sekudai ever b4. Maita basa madzibaba kuratidza ny’any’a idzi reality about humanism.

    • Darkson Mawoneke awobulema phela!

    • Robert Nangawa Mundewere ngunyoko!

    • hapana chakashata apo munhu aisira team yake mari, ko hanty tese takaisa muma ECOCASH so chorwadza chii ipapo kurai mheni,#BOSSO#

    • Kusosa will also continue fixing matches.

    • Iwe Hairenda tinoida asi zvinota masuporters acho kurova vanhu nemapurisa ndoozvatisingadi.Highander ngengani kutshoni?

    • If love highlanders you must b happy that Wicknell Chivayo is paying the fine

    • those who do violence will never feel the pain. It’s only Highlanders management who feel the pain.


  • mari ndeyako hako bt dai wabatsira vari kushaya mishonga kuzvipatara pane kupa ana Mike Tyson avo

    • iwe nekashoma kauinako ikako wakatengera mishonga vangani …..kana us in a kumuudza matsvagiro haumuudze mashandisiro munhu anoita zvaada nemari yake

    • Kkkkk vanhu so

  • I dont see a problem here, let him assist the Highlanders, they are only but a victim of holiganism.

  • Thank you Sir Sivalo, you deserve every vote for next Zifa presidential elections you are better than cruel Chiyangwa

  • Chivayo zvowotopenga nhaiwe washaya zvokuita nemari here bhururu haungape mabhinya mari!

  • Umwe neumwe anoita zvaada nemari yake. Ko ndeyake zve. Thnx Sir Wick

  • Mungamudhii zvake ndeyake Anoeta zvaada nayo.Bosso

  • what about the 3points,will he donate also?

  • thanx Sir

  • Country Heavy Championship—# Chivayo vs Magaya!!!!

  • Old news tipeio zvinyowani guys why murikumashure soo

  • May you pliz Sir also donate us other 3points lost to Dynamos

  • Darkson Mawoneke who are you referring to ?

  • Ngiyabonga.but ugrew suppoerting t from my homestand vokola hahaha.komahlabayithwale.amalala ndawonye ngokuzwelana yikhu uzwele abakamthwakazi amabossolona

  • Vamwe varwadziwa, usebatshi’umoys uSivalo. Wicknell Chivayo murume chaiye. Vakadzi varwadziwa. Kkkkkkk keep it up Chivayo , u r a man even some men like women r in period pain with your stepping forward to assist as a man who knows what he is doing. I salute you🙋

  • Mari yekuba kana yemakasi inooneka nekutengera vanhu vese doro mubhawa

  • Thanks

  • Musarwadziwe neBossoo ukaita munyaviri haupori.Bosso for life

  • mabhozida

  • Thanks Chivayo….God bless you

  • Ndikoko

  • And then Black Rhinos 🦏 chauya chipembere Happened lol


    Vakomana vema soja (Black Rhinos) vaka rikita vakomana ve musindo (Highlanders) mukati me khamba yemapurisa (Morris Depot)

  • That barbaric act of yesteryears is still happening at Bouberfields with tht type of football which is dished with these teams??????

  • In other words you are indirectly encouraging them to be more violent. Kuchikoro munhu ainzi akapihwa punishment hapana anobvumidzwa kumubatsira. Zvimwe zvoda kungoshandisa common sense. Next time you will pay a lawyer to represent murderers un court.

  • Help the poor brother

  • Politics

  • Asifuni bumbulu

  • Shane

    Highlanders supporters don’t even care about you fat boy and will never thank you sela lothuvhi

  • Its good football must be fair

  • That’s all you can do for Zimbabwe

  • Saharawifoxx

    Wicknell your gesture is counterproductive

  • Thank u sir wicknell…u the best my guy


  • Thanx mr Chivhayo

  • Hlala lemali yakho ndoda asifuni ma comments agcwele ikaka

    • Fundani Moyo

      There will always be haters around. Chivayo has Godlwayo blood in him and he understands logic. He has expressly said Ngwenya struck a cord with him when he said “soccer results are not determined in boardrooms”, which is a fact. Based on that conviction he is determined to assist his team, so why can’t you just chill guys? Chii chanetsa ipapo? “Asifuni bumbulu”.

  • Othe kasilayo ngubani

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