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Govt to blame for death of 43 in bus crash – MDC Ncube

Professor Welshman Ncube’s MDC has heaped all the blame on President Robert Mugabe’s government for the tragic loss of 43 Zimbabweans who perished in a Nyamakate bus accident on Wednesday evening.

The deceased were mostly cross border traders who were travelling to Zambia on a King Lion bus.

The International Cross- Border Traders Association (ICBTA) has blamed the accident on the bus company’s alleged failure to adequately train its drivers following other accidents involving the bus company’s fleet before.

But the MDC did not mince its words, blaming the Zanu PF led government and further calling or the resignation of the country’s transport minister and the Police Commissioner General for badly administering the country’s road and traffic systems.

“A tired and corrupt Robert Mugabe government should shoulder the blame for the loss of our loved ones,” party spokesperson Kurauone Chihwayi said in a statement on Thursday.

“Most of the people who died are informal traders who were thrown into the street by the Zanu PF regime.

“Industry in Zimbabwe is dead and a new government is required to inject life into it.”

Chihwayi blamed the police for reducing themselves into a government revenue collection arm through endless roadblocks and failing to maintain its core business.

“We have a badly administered police force that has deviated from its constitutional mandate of maintaining law and order on or off the road,” said the MDC spokesperson.

“It is unfortunate that our police officers have been reduced to revenue collectors by the bankrupt Zanu PF government that is using the police to raid pockets of innocent travellers.

“We are blaming the Zanu PF government for the loss of over 43 productive passengers in the Nyamakate bus disaster.

“The MDC is calling on the police commissioner Augustine Chihuri and the Minister of Transport Jorum Gumbo to step down for failing to curb corruption  on our roads.

“The Nyamakate disaster has been caused by a poor road network and lack of security on our roads.” Radio VOP

  • Y blame game here instead yekutsvaga solution to real problem kuti tsaona dzakadai dzisatidyira hama dzedu mangwana

  • Ncube ndi professor wei gara zviya

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  • The driver was speeding or the driver was Mugabe.

  • Getaway zuro ndizuro you were complaining about the traffic cops on the road now there are reduced, you now complaining about the accidents.

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  • Kumhanya akuzi kusvika ‘ drivers and owners of those fleets are supposed to always consider people’s lives either than cash . road idiki asi vachairi ngatichayireyi zvakanaka tiedze kuchengetedza hupenyu hwedu pamwechete nevamwe. Mapazi eHurumende ha chayiri motokari nemabhazi uyezve hakurudziri vachayiri kuti vabururuke mumigwagwa .

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