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Dokora to wield axe on headmasters

By Patrick Chitumba

The Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Dr Lazarus Dokora has said his Ministry will wield the axe on headmasters whose schools have recorded zero percent pass rates in public examinations.

Dr Lazarus Dokora
Dr Lazarus Dokora

In an interview on the side-lines of the commissioning of a Form Three classroom block and the donation of 22 000 books worth $10 000 to Sarah Bata Senior School in Gweru yesterday, Dr Dokora said Government does not employ people to underperform.

The Minister also said those who have been abusing school funds would be dealt with.

“We have schools that have recorded zero percent pass rates in Zimsec examinations both primary and secondary. We are very worried about that and as a ministry we want to warn such school heads that they risk being either demoted or even fired for poor performance.

“We don’t employ people to underperform and it is important for these headmasters to start working hard to improve results or risk being demoted or fired, ” he said.

Dr Dokora said headmasters involved in maladministration and embezzlement of school funds also risk being fired. He said the ministry was worried that most of the schoolheads embezzling schools funds were acting.

“There are more than 8 000 headmasters in Government schools and about half of them are acting. Most of these acting school heads are the ones embezzling school funds,” he said.

Dr Dokora said some of the culprits had been fired while others were facing disciplinary hearings following audits at their schools.

He said because of bottlenecks in the promotion of headmasters, his ministry was now forced to take back retired school heads.

“Our system and its promotion mechanisms are not keeping pace with some of the realities on the ground. There is a need to speed up the process of confirming those that qualify for promotions,”he said.

Meanwhile, Dr Dokora took a swipe at people he said were abusing social media to criticise him.

“This is not new (selling goats and cattle to pay fees). Our parents used to sell cattle to send us to school. What is so unusual about selling goats to send your child to school? This is not extremely exotic to our societies we have been doing that. Now the social media is now awash with cartoons of me and my long beard,” he said.

The Minister said people were also crticising the new curriculum on social media .

“They are asking why we introduced the new curriculum but we don’t run ministries or the country on social media. We are practical people. People spend so much time on social media and by so doing one becomes disconnected to the reality of what is happening in the environs,” he said. The Chronicle

  • Uridako iwe dokora

  • Iwe ukumamira wakadzingwa naani, vana vanouya nenzara kuchikoro plus vanenge vafamba 10+km netsoka to the nearest school and thnk anopaasa mwana iyeye funga usati wavhura ziganwa rako iro nxaa makagumisira kubhadhara maticha riinhi iiwe usade kutinzwa mhani

  • HW can thy reach pass rate target if they don’t have even goats fr xul fees?,,,vakarimawo fodya ikasabhdharwa,mabasa vakadzingwa,,,,,cross border zimra ikuitawo zvayo..how are they going to pass

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  • Hapana chinozikanwa na minister of goats ava, everytime kungotaura zvisina basa. Useless Dofora!

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  • When is Bob going to axe Dofora for acting like a goat yemurasirirwa?👎👎👎👎

  • Dokora at it again

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  • This confused goat will kill education .Everytime he put his foot in mouth when he speaks.One of the dumb ass minister ever.

    • Very true Brooks , this is a very confused minister Zimbabwe ever had

  • 65 / percent añd below must be đemoted whose chiĺdren do u wañt to fail 40 percent failure is too much.Its liķe tAkiñg a14 pounce hammer and start destroying the heaď ouŕ childreñ àll thosè who fail to reàçh 65 percent should be demoted.Failuŕe to suppervise one school must ĺeaď to ďemotioñ

  • Clueless. How do you make 60 students pass in one class where you take 6 months to know each of them by name ? Address the root causes of poor pass rates, its not the headmasters.

  • Exam paper richa leaker zvaro

  • Pass rate is dtermined by many factors… Are students happy yes, Are teachers happy yes, Are sources available… Yes.. Is e ministry organized yes… Are students gifted. Academically yes… Are parents working yes…. Then students will pass…. U can not extact oil from a rock

  • Why not wield an axe on him… for he is the head of the ministry is he not??? special kind of stupid!!!!

  • Mr Gottie, why don’t you fight with those who are causing the massive closure of industries which employ parents of these kids, who in turn provide these kids with all the requirements to make them concentrate on their school work and pass? It is very unfortunate that people like you Mr Gottie are said to have a constitutional right to practice their madness anywhere without any interference. Have you ever asked yourself which industries are there to absorb let’s say a 90% pass rate every year?

  • Do the headmaster gave to teach all candidates each lesson. Why do Mr. dokora want to implement imposibilities no way u can do that. The real fact is that u are on power and u want exercise it. Someday zvichakubataiwo ku Organisation yenyu ndopatoti gava radambura musungo

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  • No room for non performers… Dokora is right

  • Yesssss Minister Bhokoharam. Thats true. Go on close those schools which are underperforming. …..but start with State House Old People High School……..neee

  • Sichupeti ,, minister

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