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Zanu PF must stem cash crisis: Mandiwanzira

By Tendai Kamhungira

The ruling Zanu PF government must do more to relieve long-suffering Zimbabweans from a cash crisis that has forced many to spend hours on end in bank queues, Information Communication Technology (ICT) minister Supa Mandiwanzira said.

Minister of Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services, Supa Mandiwanzira
Minister of Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services, Supa Mandiwanzira

The Nyanga South Zanu PF MP said the situation is a “crisis” and “it pains me because those people don’t need to be there (cash queues)”.

“It says to me, as a government minister and a Zanu PF ruling party member, we ought to do more to make sure that the lives of these people get better,” Mandiwanzira told delegates at a function in Harare on Wednesday.

“Just to give you sight of the crisis that we have,…everybody is desperate for cash, each time I walk to my office, you know my office is at a building where on the ground floor there is a bank, I see a lot of Zimbabweans sitting there, patiently waiting for an opportunity to get into the bank to get cash,” he said.

This comes as the biting cash crisis has persisted, despite introduction of the bond notes — a currency surrogate to the United States dollar in November last year.

Instead, greenbacks have almost disappeared from circulation, with banks drastically cutting cash withdrawals.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has said it is injecting $100 million cash into the economy on a weekly basis, but the country has remained in the throes of a bank note shortage caused by a widening deficit as the local manufacturing industry weakens and low foreign direct investment inflows.

Last week, RBZ governor John Mangundya said he was working on a raft of measures to promote the enhanced use of plastic and electronic money which now accounts for 70 percent of transactions.

Mandiwanzira said it was the duty of his ministry to ensure that people do not necessarily need to use cash when carrying out retail transactions.

“If you go to other countries, cash is becoming obsolete. You do not need to touch money, people use their phones to transact, people use their computers to transact, even to buy a newspaper on a street corner, people have their mobile phones, and they will just use the mobile phone to do a purchase,” he said

“So, the responsibility is not just to me as a government minister and as a member of the ruling party, it is also to me as a minister of ICT, because that is where the solution is.

“The desperation for cash needs an answer, the answer lies in the telecommunications sector, the mobile phone sector offering platforms that allow those people to go and pay kuchigayo (at the grinding mill), not with cash, to go and pay pa (at the) tollgate not with cash, to go and pay maids not with cash, to go and buy vegetables, not with cash, but using their phones,” Mandiwanzira said. Daily News

  • R u not the ruling party?

  • Just do something whatever it is as long as we have cash please

  • He must b joking! Wich ruling part? I think we have worst leaders in the world. vanoda kurohwa,bcz varikutamba neupenyu hwe millions of ppl

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  • Let me give you free education maybe munganzwawo.

    Make use of the electronic system, why is it that in this day and age majority of the nation do not use the P.O.S system or EFT.

    School fees cash
    Council cash
    Traffic dept cash
    Hospital cash
    Zesa cash

    Hapana anoda kushandisa electronic system.

    Instead of printing the Bond trash please educate the people and put structures in place.

    • So how does one make and receive corrupt payments…. those are the questions that prevent implementation of the esystems you refer to.

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  • Cash wil be only available if the rand gains power or if the gvmnt adopts it as an official current

  • I don’t understand it seems like stemming the cash crisis is not in the job description of the govt, then who is responsible for that? it seems like Zimbabwe has an inert govt, the people fend for themselves and the govt does what it does the best fending for itself and its stooges. this govt is the reverse of the modern day Robin Hood, rob the hoods to feed the suburbans

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  • Do something for the elderly pensioners it’s sad to see a 75 year old in the que.Surely come up with a plan for our father’s and mother’s.Hope u consider this.They dot understand the p.o.s system they want their years of sweat in their frail, trembling and weak hands.u know what lam saying about our elders sir/madam.