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Zanu PF MPs want Gukurahundi buried

By Blessings Mashaya and Bridget Mananavire

The Gukurahundi genocide must not be addressed by the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission Bill (NPRC) as it will open old wounds, Zanu PF lawmakers have said.

Zanu-PF Buhera South legislator Joseph Chinotimba weighed in saying the banning of second hand clothing was not a good idea especially in the face of current job losses.
Zanu-PF Buhera South legislator Joseph Chinotimba

Zanu PF Bindura South legislator Remigious Matangira told the National Assembly on Tuesday during the NPRC Bill debate that the proposed legislation made the nation remember an unpleasant massacre.

“You now want to open old wounds that had healed. If a husband and wife fought last week, would they continuously be revisiting the reason for the conflict? Would there be peace in that particular home? Let us be nation builders,” he said.

Zanu PF Buhera South legislator Joseph Chinotimba said: “The issue that we are trying to talk about is to open old wounds that had healed.”

The Gukurahundi massacres saw up to 20 000 villagers and opponents of President Robert Mugabe killed in the mid-1980s, with the deployment meant to crush rebellion by ex-Zapu guerrillas.

Memories of the killings, carried out by Mugabe’s North Korean-trained Fifth Brigade in the south of the country, are strong among many in Zimbabwe’s Ndebele ethnic group and contribute to their distrust of the Mugabe-led government. Most of those killed were Ndebele.

Mugabe and Zapu’s Joshua Nkomo signed a unity accord in 1987, leading to the integration of PF-Zapu and Zanu PF.

Mugabe offered a partial apology for the killings in 1999, saying they were “a moment of madness”.

Zanu PF Buhera West legislator Oliver Mandipaka said the issue was addressed by Nkomo and Mugabe.

“You cannot have a Truth and Reconciliation Commission 17 years past the conflict.  What are we trying to achieve here?

“I am at pains to accept this Bill because if you look at countries that have no peace and have disturbances, it is because of these issues that we are trying to bring into existence.  These are issues to do with tribes, ethnicity and so forth.

“I think that it is not good for our democracy and our country.”

MDC Mkoba house of assembly representative Amos Chibaya said there was a demon that was making people reject the Bill.

“The people of Zimbabwe were very clear that they need a Peace and Reconciliation Commission.

“It is disappointing honourable Speaker that as MPs who represent the same people, we are going against this.

“This Bill seeks to align our legislation with the provisions of the new Constitution and I do not see anything wrong with it.  I am seeing a demon in this House. I do not see the reason why.” Chibaya was called to order by Speaker Jacob Mudenda who said there were no demons in the august House.

“I do not know which part of this country they represent.  If they represent the people of this country, they cannot go against the Bill.

“Let me just take you to Section 252 (b) under the functions of the NPRC;  it says ‘to develop and implement programmes to promote national healing, unity and cohesion in Zimbabwe in the peaceful resolution of disputes’.”

MDC legislator for Mutasa Central Trevor Saruwaka said MPs must be reminded that the Bill was coming as a result of a constitutional provision.

“It is not for us today to then say we must strike it off and not establish this Commission,” Saruwaka said.

“It is also instructive that those responsible for perpetrating violence and pain among the Zimbabweans will probably be happy if we are to stop this process and let by-gones be by-gones but in reality, the nation does not heal that way.

“We must be able to face our demons if we want this country to progress. It is very easy for a perpetrator to expect the victim to forgive and forget but if you reverse the processes, you will realise that a victim can only be healed when truth and justice has been done.” Daily News

  • Raising the issue when the perpetrators are still in power is folly.It could be the very reason why they will never step down.Its buried for now til these guys go.But on that day we want to see fairness and justice.Gukurahundi was not a one sided operation.Dissidents should also be punished

    • Shona inoti chinokanganwa isanhu not muti wakatemwa.

    • Hapana panzi kanganwai

    • Kana wakanga usipo panguva yacho iyoyo zvirinani kusiyira vayivepo vataure nokuti zvairwadza kuurairwa hama yako uchimanikidzva kuseka .

    • Sorry mkoma nkomo im not taking side bt issue yemadissidents munoionawo here kt ndoyakatrigger Gukurahundi

    • yakange ine basa rei Jonah, kuuraya munhu wese?? kamwana kacheche kasati kazarva kakange kaita mosva yei

    • @Jonah.But vaikukurahundi vacho were trained soldiers. Why they weren’t using their tactics to pick up dissidents pane kungouraya jakara jakara munhu wese wese chembere nevanana. Hamuoniwo sokuti aiva mavune. I don’t think vana Gwasela vaisvika even 100. kukukura almost 20 000? ???????? Or was that the North Korean tactic?

    • Izvo zvekuti how many people were killed and why will be decided by a court of law.Who counted the victims.There is no way 20000 people could get killed and the whole world turns a blind eye.The dissidents were hiding within the civillian population and they were also killing civillians.War is not like a football match were all is fair.War is chaos.Those who were there admit that dissidents were there.Apparently they were given a farm in Plumtree after the Unity Accord

    • Yaa ma dissidents aya ma zipra guerillas vaiseenzesa strategy yechigandanga yekuti ivo i fish vanhu imvura saka vaihwanda muvanhu. Saka ndofunga ndopakazoita chimbwa mupengo kuuraya munhu wese aifungirwa kuti angazopa ma dissident hideout. Izvi zvinosiririsa coz vanhu vakafira mahara kufira mhosva yema dissidents.

    • Yes!!Zanu also believed Zapu was hiding lots of weapons and trying to recruit more soldiers.The apatheid government also played a role as they tried to distabilise the newly independent country.Dissidents didn’t go to Mashonaland because they knew they had no support there.They went were they were supported

    • urikutaura zvausingazive, stop imagining and start believing the truth, the NGOs , british gov and the then british south africa confirmed the figures are no way less than 20 000, for a few dissidents on the run

    • The British are at war with Zanu PF today.They didn’t act during Gukurahundi.They turned a blind eye and a deaf ear.They didn’t care then why do they care today??

    • Zanu and Zapu forgave each other just like they forgave whites for the atrocities committed against black people during struggle

    • Phiri James Gordon you are very stupid!!

    • Guyz the isue of dissidents was a hoax bcz during that time a number of mental disturbed pple were killed and dragged behind nissan patrols and they call for big gatherings to display these bodies purpoting they had killed dissidentqs . At times , they would even kill their district treasure and take money

    • You must first ask the victims hayi ukuntshuma..Five brigades were dissidents at night and soldiers during the day.I was there isaw them and those who recognised those individuals were killed..In my area we have people like Geleza he was a Ndebele pretending to be a dissident by was working for Zanu..That was a strategy to wipe Nkomo’s supporters.Im very glad that Mugabe shows his evil doings in 2000 when he.started killing his own people because they have betrayed him when he protected and fed them so many years in our expense..Mnangagwa wil continue wiping mdc supporters regardless of colour and tribe..Uthango ludla amakhomane..

    • Zanu and Zapu forgive each other so what?.Do those parties speak for all the victims? .Don’t be silly.

    • 800 000 pple were killed in Rwanda whilst the world stood watch. So why cnt 20 000 be a justifiable number?

    • @ Xolisani but here u are making noise on facebook that will never reach the perpetrators (both fifth brigade and the dissidents) instead of going to Zanu PF HQs and confront them.The reality is there will never be justice and compensation for the victims of Gukurahundi.By the time Zimbabwe will be free (if it will ever be free) most of them will be dead.Most of them are already dying anyway.

      In a fair trial u listen to both the prosecution and the defense.U don’t listen to one side and draw your judgement based on that.U are not intrested in fairness and justice if u do that

      Dissidents were there.Nkomo himself said ‘i condemn them.In fact i have condemned them several times at home’.Mnangagwa when confronted by journalists responded ‘i wish you would ask how many people have been killed by dissidents’.Talk to former Zipra soldiers they will tell u straight up that dissidents were there.

      Gukurahundi was triggered by dissidents.We should be demanding that dissidents,fifth brigaders and Ian Smith’s regime that dropped bombs on refugee camps at Chimoio and Nyadzonya be punished.If Lobengula was still here we would want him punished for murdering the Rozvi and celebrating that killing spree by naming his capital kobulawayo

    • Can you help me people, what’s actually wanted by the Ndebeles? Coz whatever debate you do with them, they end up including this Gukurahundi

    • Why would Mugabe and Zanu want to wipe Zapu when they had majority both in parliament and supporters?Why would he want to distabilise the country by killing people for unjustified reasons.Dissidents where there in matebeleland and part of Midlands and there were killing peopl and you expected to fold hands and watch,its unfortunate innocent people were killed in process but thats war ndo inonzi hondo hacho.

    • Why would Mugabe and Zanu want to wipe Zapu when they had majority both in parliament and supporters?Why would he want to distabilise the country by killing people for unjustified reasons.Dissidents where there in matebeleland and part of Midlands and there were killing peopl and you expected to fold hands and watch,its unfortunate innocent people were killed in process but thats war ndo inonzi hondo hacho.

    • Zootopia Kakara Kununa

      I dont see it happening.. dissidents are not anywhere to be found but the perpetrators of the gemocide are right in front of us .

    • So wena dillon u condone the killng of innocent pple by 5th brigade?

    • 20000 how did that figure come about? who counted?

    • mdududzi who was protected and fed by mugabe? u r being told everyday by a propaganda website that mugabe did abc what for shona people as if u never grew up around shona people now they want u to hate us for.something that they made up!

    • Gukurahundi was “a necessary evil”

  • @ProfJNMoyo are you part of this?

  • let it start now before they die,they must pay for their sin while they still alive

  • These lawmakers had a hand on that. Truth must com out. Also human souls never disapr. It wil even com to children of their children.

  • U killed our people

    • I think they should probe Gukhurahundi. But we also want a probe into the Ndebele led murders, rapes and abductions of the Shona people for more than 50 years and looting of Shona wealth worth billions. The Ndebele laid waste to vast areas of Zimbabwe, my great grandmother used to tell us the stories of hiding in caves when the Ndebele impi came.

    • Don’t be an idiot.by then thre was no rule of war.They ddnt have police,the army.Everyone lead by the strength of his power.Thre was no rule of law to b followed,It was only the survival of the fittest.The Ndebeles feared Guguhawundi only because that a
      Wre carrying guns & wre sent by the state. Otherwise if it was 50- 50 these dmgugurawundi perpetrators wre gonna b killed by the Ndebelez

      • Doc

        Actually you are the one being an idiot.

        So just because there was no police or army does that justify killing people for their land .

        France and other slave traders paid some money for their slave trade in the islands ,it happened nearly 200 years ago.

        You seem to suffer from a Ndebele disease I have seen for many times.Most Ndebeles believe that being brave or being a warrior is sexually transmitted.

        You say if it was 50-50 Ndebeles would have won!.How did you come to that assertion?

        So you believe Ndebeles are good shots ,the cowardly shonas would just die at the sight of superior Ndebeles?.It’s because of such idiocity why your people were killed by Mugabe and the whites.Now you are a trodden people..and outcasts .

        Most Ndebeles,like you,seem to see shonas as cowards.Look my man,when Mzilikazi was their he was the best in military strategy in the territory,shonas were never faced with such a superior power..

        But to assume that nearly 200 years later Ndebeles are still superior militarily Because of Mzilikazi is outter rubbish and idiocity

        Try it. Try carrying your small Spears to chitungwiza or Mbare or Masvingo and will see how you fair

    • U lier ndebele can’t kill shonas u vhalangebhechu must go back to your father’s land kwazulunatal Zuma is waiting for u

    • Hayibo Dube uribenzi wanzwa

    • kkkk kkkk Baba Tanaka

  • Ooo wait they said old wounds?No the wounds are as fresh as ever You can also easily c e.g with the violence that erupted in a match in Byo Highlanders vs Dynamos it easily swayed into a tribrial war even on social media

    • so gukurahundi 2 is needed

    • Yes

    • it was not really swayed it has always been tribal i grew up in bulawayo and when it was dynamos vs highlanders even at school it was war against shonas a loss by highlanders would results in insults to us in class by ndebele folk

    • Kikiki, you are dead correct l noticed a lot of tribal explanations of the offside rule,, kikikiki poor Zimbos pathetic lot!!! So much for their much hyped high education standards, the fallacy is now there for all to see!!!

    • many african nations r stuck on tribal issues look at kenya even SA pretoria was on fire last yr with the thoko didiza tribal issue its a fact

  • The guilty are afraid so goes the saying. Some of us who have clean hands want to know what exactly happened so that it wont happen again in our time.

  • Who dare dragg Ian Smith nd his kith nd kin to the courts ,u know its fool hardy to try nd un earth the gukurahundi massacre ,we dnt want these political gimmicks to divide the people of Zimbabwe ,u feared Ian Smith bcoz he was white nd now seek to draw daggers at each other so as to win votes ,Nobody wanted the so dissidents to rake havoc so the best way was to silence them ,votes are won in the ballot box .mind u politicians dnt change the minds of the people bt the people change themselves ,opening the wounds of the past its matter of papering over the cracks ,lets not go to the polls divided wth rotten things lets bury our hatchets nd focus on nation building ..thy are some Zimbabweans still folding their arms ,whose relatives still lie in mass graves nd the perpetrator Ian Smith nd company were never questioned or brought to the courts for the killings of some thousands innocent souls ,let the past be of the past ,the Gukurahundi issue can not settle the economic crisis in Zimbabwe bt it will worsen it

  • Burying this issue is short sightedness. It will always come up and it will leave us regretting why we didn’t solve it.

  • Those MPs are just interested in the terms as MP and doesn’t care what would happen after they are gone.

  • Who dare dragg Ian Smith nd his kith nd kin to the courts ,u know its fool hardy to try nd un earth the gukurahundi massacre ,we dnt want these political gimmicks to divide the people of Zimbabwe ,u feared Ian Smith bcoz he was white nd now seek to draw daggers at each other so as to win votes ,Nobody wanted the so dissidents to rake havoc so the best way was to silence them ,votes are won in the ballot box .mind u politicians dnt change the minds of the people bt the people change themselves ,opening the wounds of the past its matter of papering over the cracks ,lets not go to the polls divided wth rotten things lets bury our hatchets nd focus on nation building ..thy are some Zimbabweans still folding their arms ,whose relatives still lie in mass graves nd the perpetrator Ian Smith nd company were never questioned or brought to the courts for the killings of some thousands innocent souls ,let the past be of the past ,the Gukurahundi issue can not settle the economic crisis in Zimbabwe bt it will worsen it

    • Did you see what happened during the land grab in 2000? that’s how Smith payed for what he did to our parents. When it comes to Gugurahundi my friend there is no hatchet that will be buried just like because the most painfull this is that it was blacks killing their own that’s where the big problem is

  • Lucky them they still have wounds , some of us would love to bury our parents, so it would help if they at least tell us where the mass graves are. That’s all.

  • No no , stop talking shit wena Chinoz ndevu zakho .People need to be told the truth as u know the truth wl set u free , they wl be no healing wth out telling the truth . The government mst jst admit ad apologise .

  • Wounds not yet healed and they will never heal ;as long you are running away from truth.What do you say about tribalism in the country. This is what will keep wounds new they will never heal.Zanu pf there is no nation you are building in Zimbabwe.You divided Zimbabweans and it will not be a surprise to see Ndebeles fighting Shonas or Shonas fighting Ndebeles ;Zanu has been encouraging this since that time of gugurahundi and I’m happy if this is coming to table; let be a solution and those who were behind this be charged .

    • Actually started during stoneage times when Lobengula fought and conquered the Rozvi state

    • wounds r fresh look at dynamos vs highlanders at bf the matches r always high emotion with tribal violence!

    • In other ways;Zanu is saying Shonas must be forever leaders and Ndebeles be assistance but we both fought for the land.We can be leaders. They are failing to build us to become one nation a peaceful nation;I’m not a tribalist I love my brothers and sisters but Zanu the way they do things is dividing us.That’s why I always say we need new govt ezakwazi ukuxazulula lenkinga.

    • @ Mxolisi but u are ignoring Kalangas,Vendas and Tongas yourself

    • If i talk of Ndebeles i talk of nation not a tribe;Kalangas ;Venda;Tonga;Pedi;Xhoza in Zimbabwe are belong Ndebele nation.A nation than was formed by Mzilikazi the king I don’t if I’m putting this straight ;but that’s where Ndebeles nation come from.

  • Makaponda vanhu mandebele ka nanhasi

  • Yibumbulu bonobu.

  • Lawmaker wei mhani. Its not about lawmaking but the fact is zvegukurahundi should not be a yardstick to measure conjecture in this broken state. Hazvitipe life. Vakafaka vakauraiwa vacho and debating about it will not do the messed country any good. Infact anyone one who still focuses their mighty power on Gukurahundi are themselves a primitive clone and reduntant. Bvisai chidhoma chiri kunetsa nyika ino kwete zvenguwa yakadhakwa yaifa vamwe nemapfumo vachiti magidi anobuda mvura kunyanya aifunga kut tsvigiri inotapira asina kuziva tsvigiri ndeyekunazva kwete kuzoisa chigunwe se signature asingazive hazvinyautse mkanwa kwe 3 minutes asina kuzoti tapambwa. Fuck off

  • Do not try to distract us from the current urgent issues here.

  • Until when??????

  • Zuva Ramuchaisa The Story Of Gukurahundi Musaisa Hondo Yemadzvit Pasi Petable Put It On Top Of The Table Also

  • Mugabe feared insurgency led by Nkomo which gained plausibility after arms were discovered on a farm its alleged S.AFRICAN AGENTS WITHIN THE C.I.O PLANTED THE ARMS & ALERTED MUGABE, THE AFTERMATH IS PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE. Debating this in the next 100 years wont resurrect the casualties

    • s

      that is why we need the truth and reconciliation thing. it will bring everything to light and there will be no questions asked after then. people say nkomo and mugabe spoke. what did they say. we the people with our dead relatives want to know what they said about our being beaten and the death of our relatives. we want to know what the moment of madness is and why it came anywhere. we want to make sure it does not come again since it seems like it puts its argly head up often during election times.

  • who was fighting who?? were the so called dissidents fighting any one or the newly formed government???

  • This bill was a good bill. Its not about being Shona or Ndebele, but seeking disclosure,openes,confession, forgiveness, justice and healing for both perpetrator of violence and the victims. Even those affected by political violence in Mashonaland now understand the cruelty of political brutality. These Chinotimbas just have to wait one day when they lose a close relative to political violence then they will learn that everyone has a right to justice and healing.

    • zimbabwe is were it is now because of those killings thats y the current gvt doesnt want to lose their grip of power they r afraid to be held to account but for the country to move on we have to face that issue

    • It is so bad,whenever a wrong has beent sponsored by the state machinery, it becomes a big wrong which needs correction via the same state apparatus that initiated the atrocities.They only Shona people who seem to understand this issue are those that witnessed state sponsored violence and brutality during election time before,during or after 2008 Mashonaland experienced political brutality,violence on a scale never seen before.It is only these Shona brothers and sisters who experienced or witnessed the sheer cruelty and brutality of politics who can understand what the people of Midlands and Matabeleland went through in the early 80s and the pains they still go through in their hearts.

  • You Ndebeles are always the suspects. (1) You ran away with Shaka’s loot from Mzanzi to Zimbabwe (2) You tasted the sweetness of sugar from Cecil Rhodes and decided to sell the whole country in exchange of a 2kg of sugar. (3) You were hiding the dissidents in your homesteads during the day and let them during the night to terrorise innocent people but you don’t see it. This was the primary reason for gukurahundi.

    • Mdidi wakhp

    • Wakho

    • Why arm carche on a farm after independence

    • You Ernest Musvaire no point talking to you. You Think with your ass you are a witch like your grandmother mbuyanehanda futseki


    • Msunu kanyoko

    • , you belong to psychiatric institution…. If yu hv nothing to say yu shut up….. This country belonged to e bushmen….. Where did yu originate from…… Burundi…. Kenya… Masai pple

    • I am a true Shona bro. Where are the bushmen you are talking about and which part of Zimbabwe do they control. Point of correction i don’t belong to a psychiatric institution but to a Shona tribe found in the area of Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe. Its you Ndebeles who destroyed our Rozvi Empire. We want our beautiful women which you took

    • Shut up moron. Shonas also came to Zimbabwe in 15th century from Tanganyika. You failed us in 1896 uprising by not closing in because you have always been cowards. No wonder you always claim things that were done by the Zipra forces like downing of viscounts and bombing tanks as you have done shit all.

    • Ernest Musvaire just open your eyes and uvale umdidi wakho lo onukayo when Zim took independence in 1980 your so called might tribe gained all the power you needed from white people everything was functional 30 years later instead of improving and taking the nation to greater heights your so called might and holly tribe has made that country a laughing matter in the eyes of the whole world. Not so long ago I guess its one of your uncles who wanted school fees to be paid by using goats come on man then you stil think that your tribe is perfect?? Let me tell you something your tribe isn’t better or holier than any, with assholes like you stil alive in Zim, that country will never ever recover.

    • What e fuck

    • You are talking nonsense

    • It is quite evident that yu have never been a victim of political violence. Yu have never lost a loved one in front of yo eyes. Well you have right to uo opinion

    • He is a stupid zanu supporter who is spoild by a 2kg seed pack in exchange of his vote..You are from Tanganyika thus why in shona a country is nyika.Your grandfather chose power and money instead of solving real issues that affect black community.Dr Nkomo chose land instead of power thus why he was nikuved,remember zapu was mostly supported by shona people with functional structures countrywide..

    • Kkkkkkkkk And the Ndebeles are now responding in the way they know best…. mdidi; msunu ,mtshaza … I don’t know the reason why Zanu pf spared some of them they should have killed all of them they are a bunch of nonsense these guys.

    • ass hole!

    • Maudziwa chokwadi kkkkkkkkk muchaziva zvokwadi ne zvokwadi ichakusunungurai

    • Sheunesu Mpofu kkkkkkkkk

    • Wena ungumgodoyi straight

    • kkkkkk Sheunesu Mpofu … kkkkkk vakarohwa vanhu ava tarisa ma comments acho kkkkk

    • this is shiiiiit dude revenge still in the pipeline ndakaurayirwa hama ndonyarara NO

    • We need to rename the whole Matebeleland region to Mashonaland South because hamugarikike nawo vanhu imi.What is Mthwakazi Republic here in Zimbabwe. Full of tribalism you people.

    • Sheunesu do you even know why your parents gave you that name and what it means? The devil is with you and not God? You are an evil person ruled by the devil instead. There is no God in you.

    • Shut up son of a notch . what do u know about Gukurahundi.Stupid fool!! You think using your backside

    • Uyanya wena thula maungazi uyinja

  • Yanano ,kuregererana ,kunzwanana nerugere zvinhu zvakakosha dai Zimbabwe iri a Christian Nation hayairamba kuti bill iri rishande nekuti hakuna ruregerero munhu ava muguva ,hakuna reururo kana muteuro seri kweguva vapenyu ndivo vanotaurirana vochive neyanano pasi pe
    zuva chaitwa chasiya shoko pamuromo kana muhana zvakagwadza vakasara vakafigwa neropa risina mhaka zvikagwadza vaishungurudzwa nawo ma disdents acho ,June vakaparadzirwa hama dzakanga dzisiri idi zvinoda yanano kune Iwo hurumende yainge Yoda kuunza rugare yaiita zvinoita kuti mugadzikane munyika so by all these zvinotoda yanano nekuti kutarisa pamatauriro nhasi tribalism itoripo haingaperi inodzokera kumadzviti munhoroondo off which idi zvinoda both sides back to the table-non conflict resolution till everyone is back to God’s table of creation.Therefore its good not to just look inside the box but also beyond for our future

  • Who are thy to tell us who shld address it???nx

  • After that Gukurahundi,why didnt u go bck to South Africa since dis is nt ur country.Just go bck and leave us in peace please.Why do u want same share wth the owner,u ar foreigners here.Evn in ur bussiness.,us Shonas must get 51%.

    • Who says that honestly

    • There is nothing to be proud for in Zimbabwe ruins

    • Your reasoning capacity is embarrassing

    • kkkkkkk serious

    • Kkkkkkk ive never new that stupid pple are are still existing, if u are holdng a zim id u are a zimbabwean.

    • People lyk u ar the reason fo the shrinking economy dnt devide us otherwise u wll spill the beans

    • We are all zimbabweans,kalangas,ndebeles,vendaz and shonaz.Lets learn to accept and be tolerent wth each others regardless of our tribal inclinations.Lets resolve our problems within the confines of knowing that we are one,& btw us noone is more zimbabwean than the other.Gukurahundi was a mercy,yes the dissidents were there killing people and distabilising the country,i dont know weather it was mere coincidence or it was by design tht former Zipra combatants were diserting the army.So obviously out of suspicion the govt gathered a purely zanla force and formed th 5th brigade to thwart the dissident activities in matebeleland.Unfortunately some inocent people were killed in the process bt thts war,ndo inonzi hondo.

    • And then they continue spreading the fallacy that they are educated, when they can’t even interprate the simple meaning of an identity document!! How is your ID different from those of Ndebeles??

    • If you say the dissidents were killing people l beg to differ because we the residents never witness such,only the 5th brigade carried out the killings.No one in our locality can attest being raped or let alone has a relative killed by the army deserters mistakenly called dissidents.

    • Tangisai Chidzenga you are very very very Wrong and very very EMBARRASNGLY DULL too.Seems you did not even study basic thorough history at school or just having an open,fair, wise mind wise mind in general life.During those days there were no borders and no civilisation and every nation,chieftainship, kingdom raided and fought battles with other tribes, races,kingdoms etc.It was very very very normal during those times. A kingdom would invade and raid another kingdom/people and battles ensured and the stronger side won and would capture and take over or take prisoners and property. That’s how nations were built all over the world through raids and invasions and assimilation of the defeated people.The Ndebeles and Lobengula came they were not many but he had strong, skillful warriors who could fight very well and they crushed the Shona tribes and ruled them in an orderly and fair manner with organised lifestyle.That was the life during those times. There is totally nothing that Lobengula and his Ndebeles did wrong. I’m a pure Shona and I confidently believe that Lobengula and Ndebeles did not do anything wrong. Also you should learn more on the BANTU people migration.Zimbabwe and most countries in the Southern Africa naturally and originally belong to the Khoisan (the San) people we call The Bushmen. The San are the original inhabitants of Zimbabwe and other Savanna Southern African countries like Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. The Shona people came from up North and trace their origins from Burundi and Rwanda etc.Even the Rwanda/Burundi dialects are so similar to Shona dialects. Even internationally countries and nations were created and born through raids and invasions of other races. In Europe the Vikings from Nordic countries were fearless skilled fighters who enjoyed raiding England and came with their norms and cultures to England and other nations they raided.In Asia the Mongolian Empire conquered other Kingdoms and expanded contributing to modern day China.The Roman Empire brought civilisation and modern architecture and the plumbing system to the world via raidings, invasions and battles and took over.That was life. Even the Europeans came and defeated the Africans but brought modern lifestyles and Developments.All I’m trying to say is that its a big lie that Zimbabwe belongs to Shonas,that’s an embarrassing disgusting lie.

    • You’re busy mentioning of us going back to SA what about yours going back to Malawi ?

  • #Ubumbulu Asibufuni

  • As long as Zanu is in power zve gukurahundi ma jokes not now kutipedzera nguva.Let’s face current crisis.

  • ZANU Pf will keep on killing and say let’s 4get about it .The perpetrator s of these massacre s must confess same as thoses of 2008 madness

  • i stilll wonder how will the wounds heal? can confesion replace the lost ones? can apologising bring back those who were killed? what is it that will make these wounds heal?

    • Yes it can, just the word ‘sorry’ on its on can heal u my friend.

  • Chinotimba and his partners in crimes against humanity 2008 want a clause included in that bill which entitles them to compensation for injuries they sustained whilst killing their victims and for their blood stained clothes. Like that,the bill will sail through smoothly. Seasoned killers .

  • Stupid. Nxa

  • There is no rest for the wicked

  • Nonsense Zanu pf members who are not want the eshue of Gukurahunde

  • Must tell us what happened and the eshue must be descused by NPRC

  • Gukurahundi was “a necessary evil”

  • He who live with a sword will die with a sword make no mistake about this one.

    • I did not know we still have people of Enerst Masvaure school of thought. Its a shame. God forbid.

  • Ummmm, PAKAIPA apa

  • Compensate the families because you’ve caused the untold suffering to the Ndebele’s.

  • Who is saying it should be buried,perpetrators or victims?

  • Kuurayana kwakaipa kani,tinoda kuguta hatidi hondo just singing zvangu

  • South africa mustn’t complain about the flock of zimbos to Sa, sibantu abanye coz we got their brothers and sister here in zimbabwe ,and are sef all,

  • Ignoring the issue is folly as well govt needs to compensate us.I am surprised that we have stupid MP’s in our party Zanupf chinos takes the crown.Mpoko keep on trying God is on your dide

    • Ndlovu the first thing we need yizihlobo zethi ezanyamalalayo ngeGukurawundi before compasation. Lokuthi kwakutheni sibulawo nguhulumende omnyama weZanu leyo eseliyiphilisa labanye bakho. Izihlobo zethu amathambo azo ayaphenduka egangeni awakutholi ukuphumula. We need to give them proper burial. Lithini bantu bakithi abakuZanu?

  • The Ndebele pipo must be compasated for their lose n comfesion must be made we seek answers #Asifunibumbulu

  • Doc

    Actually you are wrong…if you read the report by the Catholic commission…as I have ,they agree that:

    1.Dissedents were real and played havoc .
    2.Some of the dissendents where just plain criminals who took advantage of the disturbance

    3.Initially the Catholic commission had placed the figures at 8000 ,but under pressure from other parties had ESTIMATED it might be 20000….the truth of the matter is no one really knows.This figure is a mere estimate.

    4.The major NGO I’m aware of that really made a concerted effort to know and investigate was the Catholic commission,most of these governments you mentioned of took cues from the Catholic commission.

    • s

      so lets have truth and reconciliation thing so that we all know the truth.

  • Doc

    Your assertion to ask the victims is as fascinating as it is dumb.

    How do you ask victims,who were tucked away in their beds hidding from guns and Marauders.

    Are you saying these people, victims,would sit and sternly observe as Soldiers with menacing guns ran amok?

    The trueth is victims only know their own portion,which is they were victimized.But cannot answer what really happened.They are as clue less as most of us.They can only recant the horrors they went through,no more.

    And even those horror stories by now most stories have been spruced up and are a mixture of fact and fiction,as is the norm with oral accounts.

  • Y not? ZANUISM must decline.

  • Doc

    Lol,and I guess Ndebeles are not part of this cocktail of bad governance?.

    Bulawayo is empty,it’s industry is crumbling,HIV is very high, illetaracy is high,most Ndebeles keep kids that are not theirs Because the men are not always their but living as South Africans in Jozi

    You are the laughing stock baba… Ndebeles.

    Just go to Harare or anywhere were the shonas are majority…we are industrious.

  • Doc

    Nkomo lost because the people chose Mugabe, plain and simple.

    Stop glorifying an imbecile just because he lost.

    Which Shona people mostly supported zapu..

    Ndebeles are very exaggerative and full of lies.Look at election results they will tell you

  • Doc

    To you ,but to us we have something to be proud of in ZIMBABWE

  • Doc

    Who told you SA is a good example?

    Why is Ramaphosa not president,why is this Dhlamini Zuma put forward ahead of Ramaphosa or manthlsnte.???

    SA has the worst of problems.

  • They are obviously protecting their jobs because if they say anything to the contrary they will all be fired with immediate effect!!!! It would be nice to hear what Jonaa is saying on this one!!!

  • Doc

    Hahahahaha …what you want is revenge not closure.
    So if I say sorry after killing your mom you will get closure.

    Give us a break.Zanu should provide IDs to the kids affected and birth certificates and also provide free education from primary to tertiary level for those affected and close the issue

  • Chikiti

    Mhosva hairovi

  • From the deepest part of my heart. I sympathise with the innocent victims of any war. In any disturbances be it justifiable or not casualties are inevitable. Crucify me if u want to but honesty speaking Gukurahundi has been there for time immemorial but in different forms and names. The introduction of this debate by failed legislators is a recipe for another tribal war. The only time which was conducive to successfully deliberate on the issue is during the leaders of the times life. Pharaoh carried his, Tshaka did, Mzilikazi did and Mugabe did. Crushing of perceived political oponents will always be there . The bottom line is in our case this is just a political gymic to gain political milage as we near 2018. The only way to heal is to address issues of bread and butter and sleep on full stomach then all hallucinations will go. By the way was there anything done in as far as Rhodes and Smith’s actions are concerned I have scars from that era but have moved on.

  • The Gukurahundi genocide must not be addressed by
    the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission Bill
    (NPRC) as it will open old wounds,

    NdiChinos ari kubhuya chingezi icho yere?umm I vote him #President

  • lot chitakasha

    Address it honestly,apologise and compensate,that way,it will not keep popping up and those with political agendas will not use it .

  • Can someone tell me if u can. What does MUSATHANYOKO mean. Honestly asking.

    • Kkk ayas it means asshole

    • @,Lawrence,you are wrong my brother.Msathanyoko means>He who fucks his own mother.. it means a man who has sex with his mother. Satha means sex,nyoko is another Ndebele/Zulu/Xhosa word meaning mother.

  • why now.nd those dissident they manufactured belong 2 us ie. omkhulu .obaba obhuti our mother sisters all Matabeleland was affected .if they bring those killers 2 book nd get arrested whilst are alive .shame on you law makers .when it suit u start

  • ZANU PF IS FULL OF MURDERERS they will never accept the bill cause they will be exposed

  • s

    mp amos chibaya said something very important and those ignorant of the spiritual control in this country told him to apologies. how I wish there were more Christian mp who understood how demons operate. most mps who enter that house are demon controlled that is why paul in the bible asks us to pray for them. we want to bring and everlasting solution to our tribal and healing issue and some mps say no, wanting to sweep things under the carpet.

  • s


  • s

    Ndebele is not a tribe but a kingdom. please note that.

  • s

    no because mugabe used tribalism which is starting to affect zanu now. what goes up always comes down . nkomo was better than mugabe but the later used the ignorant shonas like today to get into power.

  • Kkkkkkkk isaid that to davide coltart the bulawayo burnised mp and former education minister how do we pay ‘uzulu/ povo politians an apology or ukukhumisana umlotha kungenziwa but thina the grass that suffers when ephants locked or clash?

  • KI

    IF these guys do not want to hear of it take it to a higher levevel goodness stop wasting winging about it even if it means taking out abroad

    • Doc

      Lol, You lack understanding sir .For them to take it abroad they also need the government’s approval.

      Remember the outside world Doesn’t rule ZIMBABWE…so they will never impose decisions in us , ZIMBABWE, as long as the government stomps it’s foot.

      The ICC is voluntary, most bodies are voluntary and the government can just pull out if it doesn’t like the decision,and hence protect the officials.

      And Remember it’s all Politics at play here.No country is without its skeletons in the closet.Without it’s excessive abuses.

      Zimbabwe will simply call upon its fellow friends and they will veto any such decisions.

  • DrDotito

    Mugabe called it a moment of madness. What he hasn’t said is who was made. This is what TRC must uncover. Don’t bury your heads in the sand like these STUPID parliamentarians!

  • You can’t conquer what you won’t confront. It’s a crying shame that some people are so quick to say “get over it”. Placed in the same situation where their own relatives disappeared or were murdered just to set an example I wonder how many would follow their own advice smh

  • Ini hangu ndaive ndisipo paGukurahundi. Ndanyarara

  • Kkkkkk why u a playing fire u ndebeles cz this country waz belongs to us and now u want us to apologize why u didn’t tell your uncle Father Zim 2 apologize for the people who were killed in 18th century u took our ladies to be your wives now u a talking shit makapedza mukatengesa nyika yedu futi gukurahundi waz a revenge imi ndimi makatanga mhani verengai history

  • By so doing you are cutting deeper the wound . I dont want to sideline with a certain group of people but speak things generaly . The government did a very wrong thing to do as if nothing has happened whylist they 100% know everything. People died , went missing till to date they are no of there whereabouts . As afar as we know it was politically but after independence nothing was done till to date as i said before. As africans when our loved one passes on we bury them with dignity and that on its on heals the bereaved , but that never happened which means some pple are still mourning. If our government did something surely surely believe me this issue was gonna be history today but yooh its still current like it happened yesterday .

  • mastadon

    By them telling others to Bury the subject will only keep reminding us of their own Guilt.So in other words,they are prolonging it themselves.Murderers will never hide forever.

  • If you never saw your father, mother, brother or sister being slaughtered like a goat ,yes,you can easily forgive. Children of matabeleland are flocking to south africa coz they were robbed of their bread winners to educate and give them a decent future and you will hear someone quacking like a hen which lays one egg per day and yet make the loudest offending noise. . Abaphansi abangeke bavume ukuthi igazi labo lichithwe nje. Bazoyidel ‘ inkani. “sorry” is a very powerful word. It can calm down the gukurahundi issue but pride will fuel hatred. and keep wounds fresh until Jesus comes.

  • nyikayapera

    Hezvo vakomana mujiba uyo wotizve?? Gukurahundi hai tsvairike kunge sauti Vamwe vanoto fanira ku Daira panyayaiyi 2 zve kuti kwakazo ita Gayikusi na Tambolenyoka yaiva way yekupida nayo Kuti va uraye vanhu. kuto tawura kuti THAT WAS MADNES. from ako Kassawoneke rudzi kunge BLACK

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