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Teen sues man over marriage promise

A promise is a credit! Rufaro Muchibwa (18) from Gweru took her heartbreak to court where she’s now demanding $5 000 as compensation for breach of promise to marry by her ex-lover Handsome Mugavazi (28).

According to court papers filed at the Gweru Civil Court, Muchibwa and Mugavazi met in 2015 when she was doing Form 4 studies at Thornhill High School.

In November that year, Mugavazi allegedly seduced Muchibwa who was a virgin and they had sex and he later promised to marry her.

In January 2016, while Muchibwa was doing Lower Sixth, Mugavazi asked her to stay with him as his wife.

She agreed and even dropped out of school.

The defendant then told the plaintiff that he was no longer interested in her and he started seeing other girls prompting her to go back to her parents.

Through her lawyer, Tatenda Kamwemba of Tavenhave and Machingauta Legal Practitioners, she claimed that she suffered emotionally following the breach.

“The defendant seduced and breached the promise to marry the plaintiff causing the plaintiff to suffer emotionally, embarrassment of being used as a spouse under the pretext that they were going to wed at Gweru court. Due to the seduction and the beach to marry by the defendant, the plaintiff is claiming damages in the sum of $2 500 and sentimental damages for breach of promise to marry in the sum of $2 500,” read the submissions.

In his defense, through his lawyer Arnold Sakuinje of Pundu and Company Legal Practitioners, Mugavazi told the court that the plaintiff was not wife material as he had caught her on several occasions cheating on him.

” do not dispute that I had promised to marry her, but I later realised she is not wife material as she was cheating on me with other men. At some point I found her talking on the phone, and when I demanded to see the phone number of the person she was talking to, she chewed the sim card. I also found nude pictures of a man in her phone and she never gave a satisfactory explanation. She had also sent the same man her nude pictures,” read the defense statement.

Magistrate Elizabeth Magomore dismissed the matter on the basis that the defendant had customarily paid $500 for damages.

“The defendant had paid $500 for damages to the plaintiff’s family, therefore to claim again will cause unjust enrichment to the plaintiff. The breach of promise to marry does not stand because the defendant had a just cause to repudiate the promise as plaintiff is of loose morals,” said Magomore.

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  • ngakaende Ku chikoro,compensation yei kuda kutsvaga kupfuma

  • Uumm ndosaka vasikana vasisiri kuramba vakomana, kkkk kumuroora unobhadhara, kumuramba unobhadhara futi, heyi ma1 akuda kutangwa aya

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  • 😂😂😂😂 ichiri revenge here iyi or forced marriage

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    • Lio let the man face the music😄😄 mamwe maface anobhaizawo futi

  • Move on you still young so nothing to lose there unless kana wakaita tsime raJacob rinoitwa ada anwa

  • marriage promise and courts inga zviri mu heat mazuva ano.

    • keith

      yaa ndozviri muheat mazuvaano

  • Thats sound desperate.

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  • Nyasha ChigamaMalvern Chipomasi Chipoyera

  • Typical mukomaz

  • anyanya kuita mudiki adii ambomira zvemba aite zvechikoro

  • Fox

    Hey girl, move on. This nonsense of suing men for not marrying is ill advised and ridiculous.

  • kachinyanya kuda muchero wepakati

  • Mmmm ko bvuma kurambwa ka ko ndiwe watanga kurambwa

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  • Don’t ever promise hahaha u still young baby sweetie18

  • Pihwa Mari I we aimbokunyengerei achiona kuti urimudiki

  • scheme to run awy frm poverty

    • you are right its a scheme but men too shouldn’t take advantage of poverty yevana ava if you know you can’t deliver zvaari kuda stay away from her,zvino no they promise them the world apa achingoda sex for fun wozoda kumusiya waguta.its not nice coz she’s young probably poor and vulnerable

    • hp iddnt touch u smwhr dip,Amai……?

    • not even im agreeing with you and also adding to your point kuti varume vachowo vanokonzeresa kuti mateens ave desperate they promise you the world apa anenge atoriwo mupoverty machowo havataure shuwa unobelieverswer zvekuti wopedzisira wakupenga

    • Amai Leossa makumbo haavhurwi munhu asina kuroorwa. Ndopanozobuda kuti wandishandisa. Unenge wakuona kuti ndaisadiwa asi zvatoitika. Chero ukazopiwa mari yacho the pain and hurt still sticks. Mati inopera nokukasika especially yerudzi urwu.

    • you are right munya.makumbo ngaavharwe kusvika munhu aroora manje vamwe vanoti handiroore munhu wandisingazive makumbo ake ndoda kutanga ndambonzwa kuti zvirisei

    • “ndoda kutanga ndambonzwa kuti zvirisei”

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    • Kwahi “nhanha”!

      Izvokwadi. Good advice

    • she’s young hanzvadzi. young and beautiful I wonder kuti vabereki or guardians why would they let mwana achipindana nezvakadai a daughter is a jewel parents must safeguard their kids from emotional and sexual predators.this is sad and what a waste of the girls future a lot of teens girls are falling into this trap and their life is messed up.they start chasing zvinhu zvisina basa its time for school now not marriage

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    • oh yah some parents vanotochovhera vana to earlymarriage nekuoma kwaita hupenyu society yedu has lost some important values

    • Ngaatowanawo mari aone pekutangira. Achadiwa nani iye asisina kanonaka. Woshaya chaunacho, chikoro neumhandara

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  • Unless we teach our kids that it’s education first, career second and marriage at last. Our generation will suffer. 18 years she should be at school studying hard.

    • exactly but vana vacho vane nharo as a parent you have to be on the lookout and give them no chance to see these guys who take advantage of them you protect your child

    • It’s so sad hey

    • i tell you that some narrow visioned women do that order in reverse , get married , realise the mistake , go back to school and find a career later

    • They are now being taught by magazines and movies. Street education leads their life. They imitate everything stupid and Western. The other day I had to disappear as fast as I could when our adminstration organized a modeĺing show on civics day. Unoshaya pokutarisa. Vana kuuya vakashama and you wonder kuti abuda mumbs munevsbereki here. Cases of drunkardness and sexual intercourse are on the increase and with the laws of our nation you just look helplessly. Ndovanozoona sokuti kumanikidzira rudo is a must. Kungodiwa odyiswa majiggies ,makumbo bhenen’ene humhandara hwaenda. Otoita bonde kudarika vakaroorwa. So panorambwa mhando dzakadai ndodzinorwadziwa msningi kana dzarambwa. Akuona kushandiswa asi pakuita zvaizipa. It’s a pity.



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  • Dear lord what’s the world 🌎 coming to. Should every woman who’s unhappy sue even their husbands like this . Lord Courts will have time on their hands. I wish you luck in future

  • Asi kachiri vhijasi hako kanowana mumwe

  • Yep that can be enforced provided there was legal agreement which satisfies all the required elements. Clever gal

    • Uyu achenjere kungozoitiswa vana zvichipera zvakadaro. Kunemaboora ngoma anotoda vanodziya musoro seuyu

  • Akanyoporiwa mahara? $5000 for gambi?

  • At 18 waakutosungisana nevakomana kuti warambirei kundiroora? Chikoro waisepi? True love is never coerced,unless maingovatendera kurara nemi ndopamunogwadziwa chaiko, asi kana makangodanana chete life goes on. Its better to break a relationship than marriage. If this is not gold digging hameno kuti chii.

    • wataura chokwadi iwe .relationships are just relationships tikadananawo zvikapera ndiyoyo it mustnt hurt unless pane chawakataimira

    • But if u promise to marry her and you don’t, then that’s a problem. .

  • 10 years younger true ndinhanha chaiye

  • At 18 ko ukarwadziswa at 23 noita murder iwe

  • this is the business in town guys. machinda be careful with what you say kurudzi urwu. and kucourt kwacho hauhwinhe

  • At 18 years of age! Wanga wadanana kwemakore mangani. Nhamo kana yabata shuwa vanhu vanotsvaka mari nenzira dzerima. She knew she will sue him for money. Akaziva kuti $5000 inobhadhara ku University or college kusvikira apedza. Shame on you sister. Tsvakai mari nenzira kwayo.

  • Rufaro Muchibwa shame on you.

  • Kahure uchida kutsvaga mari find onether way.nxa

  • Thats why mugabe is stl president at 93 mayouth matiregerera stereki nungo dzekufunga


  • Kkkkkk f

  • May GOD bless the magistrate who presided over this case. This so called Rufaro Muchibwa wanted to extort Mr Handsome Mugavazi. The man had really married the girl and later broke up after the girl’s extra-marital affairs with other men, and the husband paid $500 to the in-laws as damage. Saka vavakudei futi. She should learn to move on with life kwete zvaakuda kuita izvi.

  • If u ask her kuti unovhotera ani unonzwa kachiti mugabe ari right

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  • Bieng a woman is big business in Zimbabwe.

  • Are you that desperate nana come on get a life

  • Smoothy1

    Kana mface akamutsa ngaangoti fine let’s marry obva akanhumburisa osiyana nazvo obatirwa zvake maintenance. She is too young for that.

  • Kupusa

  • Miz Kue Kd

    • Akarwadziwa shuwa. Kuitwa gara ndichauya

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    • Twunotanga bonde at 14 by the time patwunosvika 18 twadhakwa naro. Vana pamakore but in terms of sex vanodarika madzimai akaroorwa. Zvinototyisa nokunyadzisa

  • Murume Mukuru

    Ka kongi

  • Go back to school. You are too young to get married and making headlines on social media for the wrong reasons! Wake up from your slumber girl.

  • Hohoodo

  • Aaaaa imvana ngani dzakaroirwa dzikachata hooobho bechembere dzapedza kuzvara kutoroorwa semhandara . Iwe uchine mukana mukufuru kwazvo wekudzidza uye kuroorwa kana kuzoshanda .

  • Funny world we live in.

  • 18 years and fighting for a man??? Idiot. Go to school

  • Kkkkk desperate woman

  • Pasi neZimra

    a contract is a contract, breach u pay damages simple

  • We should be carefull with these ladies

  • Pihwa, mari vajaira kubhaiza vana vevanhu.

  • Zvakatangwa ne kasikana keku high school ku Blues last year makamganwa here

  • Hakuna nyika yakareruka kudaro

  • She is right that man must pay