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‘Rape’ at Barbourfields

By Cynthia Dube

A man has been arrested for allegedly raping a woman at Barbourfields Stadium in Bulawayo on Sunday just before midnight when she was coming from a local bar.

Phillip Nsimbi,

A court heard that Phillip Nsimbi (30) of Barbourfields suburb raped the woman who cannot be named for ethical reasons; about six hours after the Highlanders and Dynamos match that was abandoned just before half time due to crowd trouble.

Nsimbi appeared before magistrate Mr Tinashe Tashaya facing a charge of rape.

Mr Tashaya did not ask him to plead and remanded him in custody to June 1.

Prosecuting, Mr Nkathazo Dlodlo said Nsimbi allegedly raped the woman who resides in the same suburb.

Mr Dlodlo said Nsimbi proposed love to the woman on Friday last week when they were at Emagumeni Sports Bar in Barbourfields suburb having some drinks.

She turned him down.

The prosecutor said this did not go down well with Nsimbi who strangled the woman until she sustained scratch wounds on her neck.

“On May 14, after a football match the complainant went to Emagumeni Sports Bar to have some drinks with her friends. She left the place and proceeded to her home at 23:30PM. All of a sudden the woman heard a whispering voice from her back saying ” stop there prostitute” said Mr Dlodlo.

“The accused person grabbed the complainant by the collar, pushed her and dragged her to a Barboufields Stadium entry gate whilst she was screaming for help but it was fruitless since nobody responded.”

Mr Dlodlo said Nsimbi slapped the complainant several times on her face before raping her once without protection.

“During the act, the complainant heard people who were passing by and screamed but the accused person threatened to kill her if she continued. A man came by to rescue the complainant but he failed to catch the accused person because he ran away,” he said.

Mr Dlodlo said the woman met police officers who were on patrol when she was on her way to report the matter.

He said Constables Zhou and Taruvinga arrested Nsimbi and referred the woman to the hospital.

The court heard that a medical report will be produced in court as evidence. The Chronicle

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    • Malebuho

      Philip Nsimbi

  • Srry guyz maybe I overreacted bt pliz firing each other and calling each other shona or ndebele nowadays I think is being to harsh, our country nw need us to be united come on guyz lets grow and show some maturity

    • Well said Courage!

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      • Malebuho

        VK are disciplined bra,dont discriminate we one

    • well spoken lets unite against tribalism

    • This is very kahle/zvakanaka. Unity is power we are all Africans, Zimbabweans 2 b precise. In SA they call us children of mugabe kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkiest

    • josefa chinotimba

      You are very correct Courage,it’s high time we show maturity now.That of saying shona this ,Ndebele this,is only said by those with small brains.

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  • It used to disturb me when l hear my shona friends call me mundedza.l have a name to cry out loud.l realised this is how people will refer to u if u do something wrong,they will say mundedza aba or auraya.crime has nothing to do with tribe but the evilness of the heart or wrong company etc.All l know lam a zimbo.I qualify to live anywhere in African because lam African period.Let’s stop tribalism and love each other.Let us fight for the same noble cause to live freely in a protected happy environment.

  • Chokwadi

    A woman is not a prostitute because how she dresses, what time she goes home or whether she drinks or not.I am currently staying in a dominantly muslim country, the girls wear modern clothes and even short skirts and they smoke a lot, but you will be very mistaken to assume that they are loose. In fact most of them who aren’t married are virgins. I have never seen a a young girl pregnant outside of wedlock.

    On the other hand in Zimbabwe were women are shamed (and sometimes harassed) for wearing short skirts , smoking and drinking, or dating, the rate of unwanted pregnancies are very high and the HIV rate is astronomical. You can only wonder !

    Whether she is a prostitute or not, of which I doubt she is (she was coming from a football match ) no one can have sex with a another against their will or consent. The most shocking thing than the unfortunate violation of this woman is the comments that the average person is making about it. Most comments are suggesting the woman was a prostitute and deserved it, and the tribalism in the comments. I read a lot of news sites and the most the narcissistic comments are from Zimbabwean news sites. Zimbabwe’s under development is tied to the nature of it’s people and I think Zimbabwe has a long way to go.

  • Turbo

    Sigh… Say alleged rapist or allegedly raped if you have to, that’s fine until he has been convicted. What is definitely NOT OK is putting the word rape in quotes, as if to imply that the actions described aren’t really rape or that rape is a fictitious concept and not a real thing. Worse still, it gives the reader the impression that writer of the piece does not believe the allegation or that rape even exists! Do better, Zimbabwean journalists… I know you can.