Mbanje ‘fundraiser’ weds in jail’

By any means necessary Ratidzo Zhira (36) was on a mission to have a wedding of a lifetime.

The scheming woman from Rutenga in Masvingo province started selling mbanje and for sometime she had a good run, until she was arrested just a few days before the wedding.

Who sold her out? Well, the same people with whom she wanted to enjoy her wedding – neighbours.

They tipped off police who arrested her and as such the wedding was postponed.

Mwenezi magistrate Honest Masiyiwa heard that on 8 April, police received an anonymous letter informing them about the illegal business at number 125 NRZ quarters in Rutenga.

Constable Chitapi then teamed up with two members of the Neighbourhood Watch Committee and proceeded to the mentioned house to conduct a search.

During the search, they found 1,3 kilogrammes of dagga in the bedroom resulting in Zhira’s arrest.

She pleaded guilty citing that she desperately needed money and had no option but to start a business.

She begged for a lenient sentence stating that she was left with a few days to walk down the aisle.

However, the magistrate, considering that she was not a first time offender, ignored her plea.

She was slapped with six months imprisonment, and one month suspended on condition of good behaviour from a previous crime, was put into effect. B-Metro

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