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More mass graves discovered

By Blessings Mashaya

More mass graves have been discovered in Gokwe, where scores were allegedly killed in the post-2008 election violence, Midlands senator Morgen Komichi has said.

This comes as Mashonaland East MDC Senator Jane Chifamba in February this year told Senate that government must exhume bodies allegedly buried in a mass grave in Marondera.

At least 200 people linked to the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) were reportedly killed while 200 000 were allegedly displaced following the violence that erupted after President Robert Mugabe was defeated by long-time rival Morgan Tsvangirai in the historic March 2008 poll.

Komichi urged the Senate to set up an inquiry in light of the recurrent reports of grave violations and the discovery of the mass graves.

“This past week I was in Chireya and I was shown 12 graves,” he told the Senate.

“From there, I went to Nembudziya where I was shown 12 graves,” Komichi said.

He said residents of the areas are now staying in fear.

“When you talk about political campaigns or elections, there is fear in them because they associate it with violence.

“We also know that there are some people who are denied food hand-outs which come from the State because they are labelled as people who belong to a wrong party,” Komichi said.

“This is structural violence because it is engrained in the procedures and administration.

“This can be removed from our society if we all agree that we are denouncing violence.”

He said violence was being used as a tool to maintain grip on power by intimidating opponents.

“Why should you be elected into power through violence? Getting into power through such means is very bad and has no respect. Our country has no trading partners because it is known as a violent country and hence everybody shuns it,” he said, adding a stop to violence was crucial to the lifting of Western sanctions against Mugabe and his inner circle, a move that would allow Harare to normalise relations with international financiers.

In her Senate brief, Chifamba said: “We have a mass grave in Marondera where people were buried in 2008. The people were buried in this unmarked grave.”

“We are saying political violence is a scourge. I remember during those days if you were to go for whatever reason visiting Marondera mortuary, you would feel the pain and be terrified because of the bodies thrown around,” she said.

“Some of the bodies had some pungent smell and a lot of maggots. These were the bodies of people who had died during that political turmoil,” she said.

“As a result, we are saying as human beings, let us respect each other’s political beliefs because it comes even to a case where we have some street kids fighting. As a person, you must be touched by that.” Daily News

  • So who is gonna pay for that?

  • Those that kill by the sword will die by the sword.God will have the final say because their souls will not die in vain.

    • Nomusa Garikai

      Meanwhile MDC should have implemented the reforms so the nation does not have to fear this happening again.

  • Had you people dealt decisively with past atrocities committed by your government like Gukurahundi, for instances, then you would have roped in ,if not put an end completely to political violence in your country but your reluctance in dealing with it has resulted in there being a continuation of this vicious circle of violence by those in power on the very same masses they are supposed to serve..we are seeing the same thing in our country through our failure to address the race issue after the fall of apartheid of which those in power are continually using it as their trump card.

    • Nomusa Garikai

      I agree with you there!

  • Ende futi

  • Vakazviita ngavasungwe

  • Nomusa Garikai

    These are tragic stories in their own right but what makes them even more heart breaking is that the culture of political violence has never been dealt with and therefore there is the potential that if Zanu PF is ever squeezed ever again, the party will resort to violence again. The naivety of the MDC leaders themselves has not helped end this culture of violence.

    “We also know that there are some people who are denied food hand-outs which come from the State because they are labelled as people who belong to a wrong party,” said Morgen Komichi, MDC-T Midlands senator.
    “This is structural violence because it is engrained in the procedures and administration.
    “This can be removed from our society if we all agree that we are denouncing violence.”

    MDC were the GNU set up following the 2008 elections and they were tasked to implement a raft of democratic reforms designed to end the corruption within such State Institution such as the Police, Judiciary, etc. who have turned a blind eye or even assisted Zanu PF thuggery resulting in all this lawlessness and violence. MDC had five years to implement the reforms but failed to get even one reform implemented. It is easy to see why!

    Instead of getting on with the task of implementing the reforms these corrupt and incompetent MDC leaders thought they only needed to negotiate with Zanu PF and agree to denounce violence! Even today, with the benefit of hindsight, senator Komichi still talks of agreeing to end violence and not implementing the democratic reforms and free the Police, etc. to do their duty of keeping law and order.

    Senator Komichi and his MDC friends are dragging the nation into elections next year with not even one reform in place. With such naïve political leaders it is hard to see how this cycle will ever be stop!

    There is absolutely no reason to have the next election until reforms are implemented to stop this cycle of vote rigging and violence.

    • s

      I think people in zim are too sleepy and zanu is so happy to see that. they don’t stop blaming mdc. they will blame mdc more that zanu. people our enemy is zanu and it is good at using divide and rule. that is why we fall into the trap of blaming the wrong. we are only to blame mdc when we have risen to do better than them. at present we either support them in their fight against this hard enemy or we come with something better. some of us blame this party did not even vote in the last election saying nothing will change. thing have changed if you thot there will not. there no cash in the banks. your cash. stolen. don’t vote again and things will chnge. shame

  • This time they must take DNA and find the relatives!

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  • s

    but how, how, how when people still sing praises to mugabe and you guys stay away from elections

  • Wasu Pa Internet

    The Zimbabwean story is now like a broken record! elections and violence are like inseparable sisters! ZANU PF just don’t intimidate, THEY FOLLOW UP ON THEIR PROMISE!! If they promise to come back at night and torch your house, they will! If they promise to come back and bury all your siblings, THEY WILL COME BACK AND BURY ALL-YO!!

    MDC knows too well, they have no chance in 2018 elections, ZANU PF has long instilled real and palpable fear in to the rural folk. THE ONLY WAY TO REMOVE ZANU PF IS BY RISING UP AND CLAIM OUR COUNTRY BACK. that issue of waiting for elections is tantamount to a dog chasing its own tail!!

    Same people are still presiding over the election, still the same Tobaiwa Mudede with the voters’ roll, still the same biased police that will arrest you for being beaten-up by ZANU PF! Still the same soldiers who will pay you a visit at night and torch your home! WHY IN GOD’S NAME DOES ANYONE THINK THE ELECTION OUT-COME WILL BE DIFFERENT FROM THE 2013 ONE?! Are we that naive?

    • Fatso Murapa

      Very well said. There is surely no need to wait and see when we already know what the outcome is gonna be. It’s amazing how the SAME people have been allowed to lead us and we are still carrying on as if EVERYTHING is ok.
      They are sharpening their teeth to spill more blood in 2018 if we continue to sit around and wait.
      I wish the opposition leaders were stronger than they are.
      Election is not the way forward.. it doesn’t work for us and we now know that. Let us find other ways of dealing with these murderers and reclaim our country.

  • Cc

    how so when they are not the ruling govt!

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