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Killer T fails to interpret song

By Praise Masvosva

Hot Property spokesperson Kudzai “Supa” Biston has leapt to the defence of his boss Killer T after the latter stammered and failed to interpret the meaning of the track Bvunzwa Tinzwe in an interview.

Killer T interview with Dj Edu on Destination Africa – BBC Radio 1Xtra
Killer T interview with Dj Edu on Destination Africa – BBC Radio 1Xtra

An audio clip of Killer T who struggled to make an English translation of the popular track’s title, is already circulating on social networks with many poking fun at the chanter’s command (or lack thereof) of Queen’s language.

However, Supa defended Killer T saying there is no need to poke fun at the chanter since English is not their first language.

“English is not our first language and everyone is not fluent in the language that’s why there are different types of languages.

“Problem yemaZimbo vanoti munhu wese anofanira kugona kutaura chirungu yet that’s not it.

“As the manager I managed to explain what had been asked. The questions were asked randomly so to answer such questions might be difficult that’s why he stammered.

“Let them talk but we are different but the good thing is Killer T is winning hearts of many.”

He added: “We held two successful shows in UK on April 29 and 30 respectively. Everything went well, it was more than what we expected.

“Killer T is so creative and he sings what people like. He had not prepared for the interview and he never thought he was going to be asked such a question.”

Meanwhile, Killer T has been holding series of shows in and outside Zimbabwe. H Metro