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I’m God’s number 4: Harare ‘prophet’ claims

Controversial Prophet Talent Madungwe is at it again.

Controversial Prophet Talent Madungwe
Controversial Prophet Talent Madungwe

The controversial prophet claims there were only 60 righteous people in Harare in the month of April on his city’s righteous chart which ranked Paris as the least city with 25 people.

He claims only a few of the country’s popular clerics were among the righteous.

The self-proclaimed God’s advisor claims to be the fourth influential figure after God, Christ and the Holy Spirit and the biblical angels Michael and Gabriel come after him.

Prophet Madungwe said he was with God on April 30 but it was not possible to have pictures with Him.

“You can’t have pictures of God, the cameras will not function. He came to me in physical form on April 30.

“Only 60 people were righteous in the month of April and among those only a few of the popular prophets were among the list. I cannot reveal the names

“I came fourth because I performed better the others. Performance is judged monthly. In April I saw God and he ordained me to be his advisor, told me when the world will come to an end,” he said.

The controversial cleric claims he has been told when the world will come to an end.

“God told me that if all people repent, the world will come to an end in 300 years but if it is not the case then it will be 100 years,” he said.

He said he has been tasked to be God’s monitor on the earth.

“As I have said, I’m God’s advisor and I will have a meeting with Him and tell him if people are repenting. This will be in five years,” he said.

Madungwe who claims to have seen God in 20 times described what Heaven look like.

“Earth is the photocopy of heaven. The only difference is that heaven is built in gold. Heaven is like New York City only that it is built in gold,” he said. H Metro

  • Crazy attention seeker fake prophet nxaa go to hell where u belong *** u bloody thirsty moron frm the dark kingdom

  • Crazy attention seeker fake prophet nxaa go to hell where u belong *** u bloody thirsty moron frm the dark kingdom

  • Crazy attention seeker fake prophet nxaa go to hell where u belong *** u bloody thirsty moron frm the dark kingdom

  • Fuck you satanist you went all way to Ghana in april to see your occultic god and you come back and talk shit to people ? Fuck you . Go to crocodile river and bath all dirty crocodiles when and only if yoi come back I will believe other than i say fuck . I challenge you to send me an sms and tell me my mother’s maiden name

  • Fuck you satanist you went all way to Ghana in april to see your occultic god and you come back and talk shit to people ? Fuck you . Go to crocodile river and bath all dirty crocodiles when and only if yoi come back I will believe other than i say fuck . I challenge you to send me an sms and tell me my mother’s maiden name

    • He can easily do that and even your Date of birth and telephone number .

      • Jesus is Lord

        and the colour of your bedspread, duvet, name of your lover, and your address etc. Know wonder many people are flocking to these people, to see magic.. Prophesy does not proves God Almigty Jehovah presence, but gods (note the small gods) which is prevalent these days. This guy is talking of the one of the gods they pray to!!!

    • aaaasaaaaa Mathew Chiruka! ndanyara

  • Fuck you satanist you went all way to Ghana in april to see your occultic god and you come back and talk shit to people ? Fuck you . Go to crocodile river and bath all dirty crocodiles when and only if yoi come back I will believe other than i say fuck . I challenge you to send me an sms and tell me my mother’s maiden name

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    • Be careful here, this type of comment can be an insult to people who are on ARVs treatment.

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      This is the kind of mentality that idiots like Tinashe Teez Tsanganyoka
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      at people affected or infecting, yet we have people like Tinashe (and
      there are lots of them in Zimbabwe) who believe that HIV is a death
      sentence. It just shows how most Zimbabweans are so stupid, and ill
      informed, no wonder their coountry is in a mess. Tinashe stop and think
      before you make a comment. You are exposing your idiocy. Tell us how
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  • Learning from the the fake Magaya……..these prophets are parasites, who sells a cucumber for $5 in a country that’s facing cash shortages….I buy mine for 40c at local vegetable store……

    • Dnt compare na Magaya there is big difference

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    • An error added to this story ,the story is not of Prophet W.Magaya kurasika pachena nyaya iyi ndeyaani? Iyi yatove anebhora ndiye akamakwa

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  • fuck, not yet justified, we don’t want self justification 2 Corinthians 5:10 [10]For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad.

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  • He is Number 4 from TB,,,J Pastor Chris ‘Magaya then this Nyoso ‘ not bad they are full filling the scripture about these false prophets & unti~christ or the Dragon ‘their punishment will be severe coz on the day of judgement ‘lets cry for those who are already deceived our brothers & sisters ”””’

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  • I have seen this guy being interviewed.He is not a fake prophet.What he needs is a good mental health rehabilitation centre.

  • Farai Mteliso Emmanuel Zhou Tinashe Delroy Gherezha

  • When ignorance goes on rampage like this, then we surely get concerned. No wonder God Himself said, “My people perish (they are crushed, they suffer) because of lack of knowledge.” Righteousness is a gift which everyone who receives Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour receives. This is explicitly stated in the Word of God, Romans 5:17.

  • Mental illness is a serious disease people. He needs help for real

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  • Warning: Remember the bible says; In the last days, they will come false prophets, who do magic, miracles but they are not with God, be careful. Jesus says; Don’t believe to all the spirit, becoz you don’t where they are coming from, but put your Faith on Jesus Christ

  • DontLieToUs

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