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“We don’t want to play on Sunday”

Prophet Walter Magaya led Yadah FC are reportedly against the idea of playing their league matches on Sundays amid revelations that the club hierarchy sees the move as against their religious beliefs.

Walter Magaya

Magaya who doubles up as the club’s technical advisor, reportedly went on to air his concerns on Yadah TV.

“Yadah FC are surely against the idea of playing on Sundays. Prophet Magaya has even approached the powers that be at Zifa to let the Premier Soccer League know that they are not comfortable with playing on Sundays,” said a well-placed source.

However, PSL communications and media liaison officer Kudzai Bare said they had not officially received any complaints from clubs on when they want to play their respective matches.

“We have never received any complaints from Yadah FC or any PSL club on which days they are comfortable to be fixture. There is no club that has gave us such conditions,” said Bare.

Interestingly, Yadah FC suffered their first defeat of the season (1-0) at the at the hands of former champions Dynamos in a tie that was played at the giant National Sports Stadium on Sunday 30 April.

Before that famous defeat that torched more technical trouble at the club, the league’s new comers, who had never played on Sundays, came into the DeMbare match with a five games unbeaten run – two wins and three draws.

In the previous years, the now defunct AmaZulu refused to play on Saturdays, a situation that meant opposition teams were awarded three points by default.

Eventually, Usuthu, who were bankrolled by Bulawayo businessman Delma Lupepe and boasted of some of the finest talent in the country were caught in the relegation zone. B-Metro

  • Too late for that now

  • League haisi ye PhD bambo

  • Kkkk izvo hazvisi zvemweya,ndezvebhora,makapinda muleague musingazvizive hre?

  • dzakuda kukura musoro idzo,tibvirwe

  • Zvatanga zvegore riya. Knew it.

  • wher z Amazulu?? if u dont want devil’s ftuits then stay away 4rm devil’s orchard

  • Psl haisi ye yadah ine marules kkkkkk mitemo yako ngaiperere kuchurch kkkkk

  • Zvatotanga so ngavarege zvebhora

  • Yekwedu Amazulu had the same argument over Sabbath games, lets see how this one unfolds!!!

    • Erick Rosen(motor action) waza laye saying I don’t play on sunday , this 1 is going to be interesting

    • Kkkkk yaaa akesibone igoqwa njani ke leyi.

    • Its better Yadah irege zvebhora.no special treatment them.

    • Whoz gonna pay attention to him…do u knw doc Fidza wel wel

  • remember Amazulu saga

  • ngaa fome league yake ega

  • What an idiot

  • Kkkkkk dzakutsvaka reason yekuti dzibude ichochokwadi ndechekuti bhora nemiteuro hazvifambirani plus cash yapera

  • ask delma lupepe thats how amazulu died


  • Tambai mega ,hamuise mutemo wenyu,tochinjira calendar imi ………….

  • hazvinetsi imi gadzirai league yenyu yamunoita zvamunoda musatinyaudza

  • Siyai zvebhora munamate chete

  • That’s it for Yadah F. C

  • Munotaura Izvozvo Phd Kwete Kubhora Kana Muchiona Zvichinetsa Siya Zvebhora Uite Zvechechi

  • U cant control everything wakawana zvakadaro usati wapinda mazviri wakuda kuda kuwanda aftr losing wakuda kupa excuse kuti uri kutamba musi wekunamata ndiko uri kuloser kunyepa, ure after money my friend ure a gambler nothing more, wakatanga zvebhora kuti uite mari u build a hotel ure making bussness nayo fake prophet

  • Mutambo uya watsvuka ropa. Who isn’t religious in Zim. In soccer its one man for himself and God 4 us all. let it play PAPA touch is a move

  • Then why did you join premier league

  • Ndaezvako izvo Magaya stupid idiot

  • Ibenzi this fake profet

  • Matanga kurohwa mave kutaurisa
    When you joined the league were you not informed

  • Don’t worry you are going at the end of season relegation papa

  • Ask Delma Luphephe will tell you the whole story better than us. Football n church is like oil n water mix them. U come up with results on ur own bro prophet hahaha. Washunika shangu. Back to dv1 nxt season.

  • Good

  • so leave the PSL then and form yor own ligi

  • Then leave football and go on with your church business, you can’t change the league

  • Go bek to division 1

  • motobuda mu league macho

  • Akuda kutora mari kwese sat nesunday inonzi tora mari united

  • Kkkwaaaaaa vanhu vaye vatanga!

  • Baba ava vakazvarwa munaNyamavhuvhu mhepo yakanga irizhinji, vaudzei mapipi arikuvarasisa

  • They should ask Amazulu

  • Baba ava vakazvarwa munaNyamavhuvhu mhepo yakanga irizhinji, vaudzei mapipi arikuvarasisa nguva yapera

  • So who must play on Sunday? A Castle Lager Sponsored league is not against your beliefs and religion but playing on Sunday is?Papa apa marasika if you are that Holy why fight for a Castle Lager sponsored cup in the first place?

  • Amazulu knows it all

  • Get out of football then

  • Nxa ndimi matanga kuritamba here regai op team ipihwe 3 points dzayo

  • Ngaasiye zvebhora

  • Delma haaienda ega umwe uyo zvaruma danda kkkkkk

  • Ha ha why he is even going aganist what his bible says.it says Sabbath surteday then is talking of sunday.Ask Amazulu Delma Lupepe he will tell you those things dont mix.You can bribe them like you always do to rape charges.

  • Remember Amazulu!!

  • Here we go again. Have they forgotten Amazulu and the same stance?

  • zvinoshura izvi

  • I support my father in the Lord Prophet W Magaya.

  • Ask lupepe

  • ma home matches avo zvonoita , but away game kwete

  • I was an Amazulu fan bt its history now cz of religion…..apo Yadah ndinoida hangu bt chokwadi ndechekuti haihwinhe

  • hahahahaha tsano walter akomana!

  • Pane team yainzi Amazulu pane achirikuiziva here yeSeventh Day. Yadah yacho irikumbodeiko mutambo weCastle Cup.

  • Matii madiii Back to D1

  • what bunch!

  • Ask Amazulu where are they now

  • Yadah hatitambi Sunday. We are not Amazulu and we are not going anywher

  • Saka siya zvesoccer ungaudza Blaa Phidza zvekubasa kwavo

  • Yadah ngaisandure zuva kana nguva yekunamata

  • Thre once be a Club called Amazulu frm Blwyo owned by Delma Lupepe.they as wel said we dnt want to play on Saturdys n tht affected them to th point tht the club z nolonger in existant.so i think if one feels to own a football club he/she shld b flexiable to play on any dy of th week cz no club shld hve tht special treatment i think for it complicates th smooth running of th games

    • Tel him kkkkkkk

    • Kkkkkk.

    • Anofanirwa kungoona ega kuti hazviiti

    • Delma stood for the true Sabbath for the bible says: Exodus 20:8 Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. 20:9 Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: 20:10 But the seventh day is the sabbath of the LORD thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates: 20:11 For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.

    • But Munyaradzi the question here is not which one is the true Sabbath. Delma took his team into the league knowing full well that games could be played any day especially Saturdays and Sundays. Same thing with Magaya. They can’t make the whole premiership bend it’s back to accommodate them

    • thank u Samuel .Haungati hausati wapedza kana 4 months in a premier league tjat has been in existence for more than 40 years oti change results to suit me

    • Ndokupinda mubhawa wotanga kutukiriria vanhuka uku, isu tinoti anopenga mukuru uyu

    • Delma indicated to them his beliefs and they accepted that they will accomodate his time. As time passed by they changed ,so he stood by what he had told them. Other teams were also a contributing factor and in the end he called it a day.

    • not everyone subscribes to magaya,,haunze mutemo zvee,,anongoita yake league zvee votamba bhora mon,,but manje vanenge vane vistors service futi,tues,wed,thurs,frid,sat church,soo vanozoda kutamba rinhi,,amana nekubhora kwese man of god here,,tese tinonamata,

    • Kkkkkkkkkkķ pakaipa

  • sports is also unholy .

  • Nxaaaas

  • Good luck

  • there is more to christianity than going to church on saturday and sunday…and there are more sins that him magaya does than letting the team play on sunday…moreover maybe non of the players is a magaya..

  • Ahhhhhh

  • The Amazulu crisis is back again. This football is going for the worst.
    #twimbos #263Chat

  • Musakwire mugomo kana musingadi kuona makudo

  • Hehehehehe this statement reminds me of the Amazulu owned by Selma lupepe we don’t want yadah to be in the same book

  • Amazulu went down that same route after it abandoned all sunday matches and points were lost and it never came back into the league again

  • Amazulu yaiti haitambe Saturday because the owner was an Adventist and they lost points and fined because of not fulfilling their fixture. Now it’s Magaya who does not want to play on Sunday. Un football yu don’t bring your own rules but yu have to play to the rules

  • Amazulu once said they can’t play on Saturday and then all their fixtures were shifted to Saturday by home teams.lol

  • They fired Amazulu for refusing to play on Saturdays as it was against their religious beliefs, We want to see what they will do to Yadar. #ASIFUNI BUMBULU THINA He must join the Sunday Christian League its there all over Zimbabwe.

    • Was Amazulu fired or they were just penalized for keeping the Sabbath? The team was relegated and Delma saw it unfit to continue with an establishment that was not making money for him and was attacked by The PSL and other stakeholders based on its genuine observance of God’s resting day

    • Amazulu were deregistered by Psl and not relegated .Yadah soon to follow

    • Munyaradzi Mukwada No No my friend we played in Division 1 for nearly three years and Delma and Mhlauri were behind this and yes Amazulu was relegated but it didn’t mean Delma was unfit to run the Club. He was totaly fired and we have the proof of that remember Southern Region Division 1 used to play on Saturdays so Delma didnt want His team to play, and he instead said he will prefer to play under floodlights after 6pm,and other teams said they wont manage to fork the money for the floodlights. So Magaya must play on Sunday we are Christians we played on Saturday and Sundays. Remember you can praise the LORD anywhere any time and do the same as you pray.

    • Chikwambo chaMagaya chinomboenda ku holiday on Sunday..

  • Why do they compete in the league when they can’t follow the rules

  • Amazulu yakazvisiya bcz mitemo yesoccer nechurch hazvipindirane boy

  • Kubhora kwavakauya vega kunotambwa sunday…bvunzai Delma

  • Jesus speaking say and i quote “can a man serve 2 masters at a time?no you either like one and hate the other” so Papa decide what you want to serve God or serve the club Yadah

  • mupfungwa macho dzinenge dzakutonzvenga

  • Rules for clubs not clubs..

  • Hakuna hapana, rules are rules

  • he wants to be too controversial for nothing…..kick them out

  • Another Amazulu

  • Munobuda muleague vana Delma Lupepe tried the same kana musingakwanise garai mabuda nonsense

  • He must put God first ,and the only way to do it is to abandon soccer.

  • The issue is simple ngaasiye zvebhora, yadah payaka joina legue were they not aware kuti bhora rinogona kutambwa sunday

  • Siyanana nebhora ,kana uchida ita uri kuma terraces hako

  • Ndozvakaendesa Amazulu zvekuti hatitambe Saturday tiri ma7th day Adventist. Not only did it go to Division 1 bt it went straight away into extinction. Be warned Yadah to be forgotten before you are even remembered.

    • Delma lupepe was granted that permission not to play on Saturday even by CAF but psl teams complained about then Delma lupepe opted to quit . He was not deregistered .he chose God ahead of football

    • Have u seen or heard that kind of scenario in Europe. Never mix business with entertainment (sic pleasure). If u wanna do God’s wrk delegate others who are not into that full time.

  • Amazulu fc

  • Ahhhh saka ngaabude muleague macho

  • Keep on with soccer but keep the Holly Sunday and the guys should also on prayer Structure

  • kick off is 3pm mongoenda kuchurch kana mapedza mouya zvenyu kubhora sorted….kana mada zvekupinda church the whole day zvebhora moto siya

  • Delma Lupepe is back!!!!

  • go and create yo own zifa calender ku mocambique

  • Delma lupepe’amazulu once tried it but went down the drain, formulate christian league

  • Handiti irikutamba satarday wani kkkkk

  • ko kungo rega than to confuse soccer loving zimbos and stick church business

  • Kkkkk when in Rome do as the Romans do

  • Now the team has suffered losses he is looking for scapegoat. He knew all along that even before that team was playing in the PSL that games are played on Sunday. Magaya mark my words, common sense dictates that ZIFA will not bend the rules for one team just to disrupt fixtures. Its tough in the PSL and you are finding the easiest way out with dignity. A lot of church goers also watch Sunday games all over the world. As a soccer lover Im sure you watch Sunday games.

  • Ku D1 yaitamba sundae chiii chachinja

  • Khona sizake sibone?

  • Then they should just quit.

  • Its jus the same issue like the one of former PSL club Amazulu, I don’t how this one will be judged

  • Let me think……Amazulu,Delma Lupepe hmmmmmm dejavu….Yadah yorwira mukombe we CASTLE,but can’t play on Sundays,ironic

  • Kkkkkkkk vhunzai delma lupepe aisada kutamba sat kut zvakaenda nepi….

  • This guys feels too big, tht he can get evrythng done his way, someone needs to remind him tht not evryone is his follower

  • Prophet ,kodwa auboni ukuthi you are in a wrong field ? leave the game of football to those who knows the rules and regulations of this game ,hamba uefundisa abantu iscripture .

  • Zvamuremera he is now looking for a way out.
    Good riddance to bad rubbish.


  • And the cup is Castle lager…does it agree with their beliefs

  • Why kuzoti hatidi kutamba on sunday. Makapinda muLeague musingazvizivi here kuti sunday kunotambwa bhora. Musada kungotsvaka attention get away

  • Superstition is very retrogressive and much detrimental for the well being of sport and in particular soccer.Soccer has nothing to do with religious beliefs and churchish hogwash. Success in every kind of sport is based on hard work,strategy and talent.ln soccer employ a good coach too and see what happens.

  • Ngaadzire league yake

  • Hanti comment zvinhu pa Facebook ini kkkkkk

  • remember what happened to amazulu football club beware of going down that path

  • Delma Lupepe, the SDA, Let him tell you how it ends…

  • 2 Peter 3 :8
    ‘ But do not forget this one thing , dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years , and a thousand years are like a day .

  • Not sure if this is still a football team or a congregation

  • Akuda kurasika manje munhu uyu!

  • asi vatambi vebhora vacho ndovaparidzi, mabhaunza ake, interpret, Messiah, uye ndovanoita one on one napapa ? kana akatevedzerwa zvaanoda atonga nyika chiwande

  • Ndezvekumba kwake izvozvo ! Ngaadzokere Ku D1 anonamata kana aineshungu

  • Free advice (star your own Christian league)

  • The football bench and pulpit are now clashing

  • Ha haa Lupepe style

  • Now everyone can see that man is not well upstairs.Please,i beg.get that man and his compatriots to hospital before he gets worse.Do not say i didn’t warn you…Magaya is sick!

  • Abaiwa ngaabude Hautichinjise Life

  • Magaya anondifungisa blaz ainzi Delma Lupepe weAmazulu. Airamba kutamba nemugovera and we all knw what happened next.

  • is sunday a day of worship or the sabbath according to the scriptures?

    • He is confused.he is living a lie.it seems he dsnt read the scriptures.

    • Neither sabbath is a day of worship for gentiles its only for the jews

  • Did the 12apostles have any other business besides spreading the gospel

  • Go you now money maker

  • Yadah yochemera mukombe weCastle

  • kumadivisions kwavakabva vaitamba chinganiko?

  • Why joinning the thugs if you claim to b holy, avakupenga mukuru uyu, pane here asingazivi kuti zvebhora ndezvenyika. Anodeiko kunyika mutengesi uyu

  • Remember Amazulu ‘s Delma Lupepe

  • Heezvo!! So during your endless conferences you will not play again??? You think all other clubs are heathen led???

  • mbiri kuna ma gaya

  • Ko chrch nebhora zvosangana papi nhai papa bttr fi u to decide befor its too late coz zifa wl not tolerate such nonsense

  • Remember Delma Lupepe

  • Hahaha they believe they are loosing bec they play on Sun kkkk pressure or spirir(mweya wavaudza kudaro)

  • Vanhu vekwa Magaya tikwanirei mhani, Zimbabwe haisi yeku Yadah itai mushe mhani

  • Amazulu iripi.

  • Satansm nesports zvinofambidzana siya zvenyika unamate mumweya nemuzvokwadi

  • Is Yadah FC a church or a soccer club ?

  • Football vs religious lkkkk this prophet is total out of order …so PSL must reshuffle the fixture to accommodate his desires? Nooo man you’re not the only one knowing God

  • The P S L and Z I F A must not entertain any nonsense in the league

  • If its true mmmmmm this team might go the same way AmaZulu F.C.did some years ago.The owner had a similar problem were he wanted all his games not to be played on Saturdays as it would compromise his religious beliefs as a Seventh Day Adventist member.It was a sad departure of AmaZulu F.C.The soccer authorities refused to accept their request bcz its a sport with its own set of rules.Yes,we all have different religious beliefs but if you get involved in any sport be prepared to adhere to the rules of that sport.Wakazoda kuita sekufunga kwako or kupikisana nemutemo mmmmmmm panonetsa iri rinonzi bhora uye Mwari ndewedu tese

  • Magaya this is football bra you will play your home games on Saturday ryt. Your away game against Highlanders fc will be played on Sunday okay.

  • Maakuda kuchinja league arrangement. Guys if you cant play sunday then dont play at all. Manewcomers maakuwanza pamuromo. Maakushaya mabudiro.

  • Your idea is good but ask delma lupepe and amazulu. Where are they today. Why do you play in a league sponsored by alcohol ” castle lager ” if you are holy? Matsvagiro enyu mari mkoma walter magaya ari questionable.

  • Then join the Gospel league

  • What’s sunday , its even not in the bibe

  • Ya ngavatiitirewo plan ipapo shuwa totamba mid week ne Srtday…/@@@@@@

  • Kkkkkk,pavaitamba kuDivision league vaitamba nekuhwina arimaSundays ,iyezvino yavePSL hazvichaita

  • They have to play on Sunday. We don’t cater for individual tastes.

  • Ko iyo Sunday mukangoiti Saturday zvine basa reyi. Hapana nyaya.

  • Ko munombotangirei zvamusingagone. . Siyaika bhora racho, apa magara muri kungokwaturwa. .

  • Ngavaregedze….. bhora rinemutemo yaro wo

  • They must create their own football league, … it will be very easy for them….

    So guys, all those players (yada fc) are from magaya ‘s church?

  • No prob. Amazulu is waiting in the graves of soccer history. But your journy will be shorter.

  • ha ha ha ha ha kuseka pachimhene

  • and he has to stop having those zim dance hall to perfom in his mecca

  • Stano ava ngavangotore mari yevanhu vakanyarara vosiya zvebhora izvi

  • pamusodindo ini ndinozvipikisa ndoti nooo. ko isu vanoenda kubhora sunday ? .yadah idya eeziiii nekuti ini ndino kugohwesa kunze kwekuti watindumwaya Holy water kumagaro

  • Sunday is not Sabbath

  • So to sum it up; ” If u ar in Rome do what the Romans do “. A precedent was already set in the case of Amazulu no divergence as this may cause chaos in our most beautiful game.

  • Kuita Delma lupepe here

  • what message of salvation r u passing in soccer..

  • Pakawona ask delma lupepe you get answer

  • Nothing wrong with playing on a Sunday Sir.

  • Just Ask Delma Lupepe im sure he will give u a bit of an advice

  • Mbewa inogara mumwena kwete mumba rinenge ratowa gonzo kana wada zvebhora woita mitemo yeko

  • Then Yadah will go the Amazulu way coz they can’t dictate to PSL.

  • saka tikatevera zve religious pane mamwe mateam atinoziva anoita zvemashavi and anoita zvemashavi zvavo pama sutardays and iwe urikuda kuti sunday hautambi saka pamuchasangana muchitamba mose muchadiyi ? iwe sunday hautambi ,iye surtaday haatambi ,ita mushe shamwari rega zvenhabvu or utsvage zvidhakwa zvichatamba nesunday

  • What about playing for a cup sponsored by a beer making company?? Is that in line with their religious beliefs??? Kubvunzawo

  • Hahahahahahhaha pavakapinda vasisaziva here

  • Uyahla kkkk

  • Uyahlanya

  • Hakuna mutemo uno chinja ma fectures constution ye zifa inotii .makunetsawo imi .league muchirikure kuitora .

  • Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk do you have the qualities to be a Zifa boss if not get into the tune

  • magaya dont be dhodious ok?

  • Imi vanhu mungazvinetsa nemhata yekuromba iyi mashayo zvekushaira hope

  • Carbon copy of Amazulu

  • Football is competition and its evil so true christians will never get into competetive sports

  • Vachindo joiner zve bhora vavasingazivi kuti rotanbiwa Sunday here or mari ndoyavaona kuti inoendera mahara

  • Low Autobrake

    Simple. Don’t fulfill Sunday fixtures. Points docked and kicked out of the league. This gangster profit knew games are played any day of the week at the PLS discretion.

  • Kkkkk regai tione. We are looking forward the same decision yakapiwa Amazulu

  • zibenzi remunhu iwe magaya

  • “Ndashaya anditi tokonyo ndiwane mafambire”……… PSL inovava iyi vakushaya mabudiro. Kuda kuzoti takanzi titambe pataifanira lunge tiri Ku church.

  • ” we don’t want to play on sunday” no comment,no question that is that sadza repaboarding school,we need to put God first thats all ,Yadah the praises that pushes away darkness therefore sunday we will be praising God mutambo kuguta ,kuguta kupihwa hupenyu naMwari therefore hapana chakaipa timbopawo nguva yedu kunamusiki kana motida motichevedza after tamboita zvedenga first.

    • Hmmmmm get away denga ripi roita zvenyika uri kabiyasi sa papa wako nonsense

  • kanti wangena engakwazi yini ukuthi kuyadlalwa nge sunday?

  • Yadah Fc keep the sunday day Holy

  • Create your own league mukoma,then play Mondays

  • Ndozvakauraya Amaluzu izvi, chrch haienderane nebhora

  • That was the first thing u were supposed to say day ramapinda mu premier League kwete nekuti njuga dzakurema makutaura this and that.

  • Boss Fidza muripi muudze uyu hameno kuti anonzani kkkkkthis is football not PHD

  • Siyai zvenyika vashe muite zvatenzi

  • Magaya sabata mugovera

  • Ooh get off the glue Magaya

  • Dats wher ppl mistaken u don’t mix buzness nd beliefs that z the he was supose to consider bf he get on dat industry.u cant go wher the z exists policies already nd expect to change it fo ur own favour u wil be causing problems cz we hv a team alrdy which lost their status in pls bcz of this.

  • He might as well open a beerhall and worega kutengesa doro,why start a soccer team thrn if it cant play on sunday?

  • Fall of the giant, cmg soon

  • PSL can not but arm twisted from its set schedule by one attention seeking new boy in the frey

  • Manje so! Haa! Its over for Yadah FC just in the same manner Amazulu FC of Byo went under.

  • Its like a Moslem enrolling at a Christian school and later complaining of the religious teachings, and vice versa.😂😂.Kwanayi semari ye Zupco imi!

  • Ngaarege zvebhora

  • Chikiti

    Reminds me of Delma Lupepe who also didn’t want his team to play on Saturday achiti iSabata

  • Chikiti

    Reminds me of Delma Lupepe who also didn’t want his team to play on Saturday achiti iSabata

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