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Bosso challenge PSL

By Sikhumbuzo Moyo

Highlander’s have challenged the Premier Soccer League’s statute of only punishing the home team every time there is crowd trouble arguing that all stakeholders involved in the game must bear the burden of bringing and maintaining sanity during football matches.

Nhlanhla Dube

The Bulawayo giants believe punishing the home side alone will not help solve the problem of crowd disturbances as long as other partners are not involved since they all benefit from the presence of supporters at the stadium.

Addressing the media during the club’s weekly press conference yesterday, Highlanders’ chief executive officer Nhlanhla Bahlangene Dube said clubs are only a vehicle for bringing the fans to the stadium which then benefits other stakeholders.

“I think all stakeholders have a role to play. We all want fans to come to our games; we want them to come in their numbers because ultimately they affect our bottom line. So if you look at all stakeholders that are involved whether it’s Zifa, PSL or SRC, they earn something from the fan, therefore it is important as stakeholders to come together,” said Dube.

He said the club acknowledges that there were missiles thrown onto the pitch, that there was pitch invasion during their blockbuster encounter against Dynamos on Sunday in which more than 20 000 spectators came into the stadium, but what was important was the issue of stakeholder participation after the disturbances as the fans protested a Dynamos equaliser.

“It’s not to justify that it must happen or it must be forgiven, certainly not, but I think we need to look at it and say if you then blanket the whole of Highlanders because there are 20, 30, 40 people out of thousands that misbehaved, that can’t be encouraging good behaviour and growth in terms of attitude. It’s also important to note that while the other stakeholders earn what they will earn from the regulatory percentages that they get from the paying fans, its only Highlanders that gets fined and they lose revenue, but the fan belongs to all of us. Highlanders is only a vehicle for bringing the fan to the stadium,” Dube said.

He also questioned how missiles find their way into the stadium when the club hires security personnel to prevent those missiles getting into the stadium.

“We understand that the responsibility of controlling the fans rests with the home side, but using what equipment, what tool? How does Highlanders control someone that is on the terraces? We don’t have arresting powers? If you look at the missiles that were landing on the pitch on Sunday, five litre containers and little illicit alcohol containers. How do they come into the stadium when we have got policing mechanism, explain that to me? They are let in and Highlanders is supposed to say don’t throw them, so all stakeholders need to come together. Persecuting, punishing or charging Highlanders is not going to solve it,” said Dube.

Bosso are set to appear before a PSL disciplinary committee next Tuesday to answer charges of violating Order 31 of the league’s rules and regulations. The Chronicle

  • Mad like your supporters Zvatanga nhasi here kana kuti zvatangira muZimb here

  • Mandebele kusadzidza so saka arikuda Dynamos ipihwe punishment yekunyarara kuti sei musina kurovawo maref nxaaaa gibberish

    • I don’t know who exactly is not educated here, the one who thinks Highlanders is a Ndebele club, or a Club that’s just trying to defend itself. It’s people like you who are tribalistic who have destroyed our beautiful game and country, pathetic!!

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    • Misinformation, no.

  • Now we see who give blessings to thoz holigans!

  • Bosso deserve to be punished because whenever they play in harare we don’t experience any violence hence automatically it means bosso supporters are responsible for what happened.

  • Vane dzungu mafans ye bosso manje ichatorerwa ma points

  • Ur supporters ur funeral.

  • wen they see Shonas they see an enemy. Dembare yakadyiwa zuro hatina kumbonzwa musindo. Caps same thing.

  • Mandewere so ka

  • im a visitor at your home and if your children didnot behave then you cant say me should be punished.it means you will be supporting holiganism.same if you visit and there is holigansm the home team shuold be punished

  • At least highlanders should educate their supporters that soccer is all about winning and loosing . psl plz punish them cause they are still primitive hooligans

  • very good point,Bosso fans have the ability to stop a match be it at BF,Mandava or Mucheke

  • I think hooligans themselves must be arrested n punished. Look at it this way, wat if Bosso haters wear Bosso jerseys n go to games to disrupt. Teams shud jus educate n urge their supporters but its nt fair fo them to be punished fo the anti social behaviour of some hooligan who came drunk by his own senses! teams have no control over adult human beings.

    • Highlanders is not hated but we hate anti social behaviour as you rightly said. It is not new in the world of football that a team whose supporters causes chaos is punished for the behaviour of its followers (vicarious responsibility). It is the responsibility of Highlanders to educate its supporters that soccer is governed by rules and ethics which in this case were violated. Each team must be accountable for the behaviour of its supporters before, during and after the match. Dynamos was fined last season after its supporters became violent after the match which it had lost in Rufaro stadium. So tough for bosso.

    • I agree with you. Bosso case is being handled according to the current rules and regulations. What i am simply saying is that these current rules are not fair. Why should Bosso, Dembare, or any other team be punished for the unruly behaviour of malcontents be they supporters or other wearing its regalia who just came to disrupt the game? Police must just arrest the hooligan and “urge” the team to encourage responsible behaviour at games. The PSL or Zifa must not go all the way to punish the team by makibg them pay a fine or such. That is unfair. Nomatter how teams may channel resources to educate fans, munhu hamumugoni! With or without education a person will do what he likes and mob psychology has driven this point home several times. Once you put munhu in a crowd iri pamafaro, his senses lose as well. Dont get me rong, im not even a Bosso fan. Im advocating for all teams here. I think rules need to change.

  • Haa,please stop ambarassing us.Foot ball rules are made by FIFA not ZIFA/PSL.Lingasiyangisi bakhithi!

  • Asifuni bumbulu thina

  • PSL made the laws not only for highalnders so what is he talking abt? these laws are simply a deterrent so no cryn plz. its rather u fly a kyt than to heard complaining as club for failing to behave. Just behave pls!

  • What is this man trying to say ?I cant get it and is he serious with what he is saying?I think he will have another press conferance and tell us that it was a joke.For him to suggest that all stakeholders must be responsible for mabhinya eHighlanders its a joke.We dont want jokes toda vanhu vari serious.Highlanders is responsible for its supporters, period.Dynamos supporters will never be Bosso supporters.So swallow it Bosso and educate your supporters that its a game.There is no war in Zimbabwe so what makes them carry Nduku to the stadium?They want to fight who?Its everyone’s responsibilty to stop weapons getting into the stadiums.There is no going back PSL,Bosso must be punished and if they dont want to be punished for their supporters then they must be out of PSL. We expect rules to be followed by all teams.

  • Why isn’t he apologising and condemning violence instead of crying fowl and suggesting that there should be shared responsibility for what their supporters did? Isn’t this an indirect way of condoning violence? This is irresponsible and the most stupid excuse I have ever heard from an official of any football club.

  • It will be unfair for visiting teams to get involved with security arrangements at a venue far away grom them

  • Highlanders fans should know that we go for football matches to relieve stress not to end our problems. They should stop politicising this beautiful game

  • You want Dynamos to control your hooligans in BF at Soweto stand

  • bosso supporters were responsible for wat happened that day so why trying to create stories out of nothing the club must pay for that period

  • teams should be responsible for their supporters actions at all times .if Dynamos Mpilo end supporters had started noise the way highlanders fans dd.were they going to accept responsibility.