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Could Olinda be repeating the same mistake?

The pain Olinda Chapel, ex-wife to rapper Desmond ‘Stunner’ Chideme was feeling a few months ago could be felt from the other side of her Facebook live videos.

Olinda Chapel with Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa

Stunner had allegedly been cheating on her with a younger woman, while according to Olinda, she had been breaking her back at her base in the United Kingdom trying to ensure her rapper husband lived comfortably back home.

There is nothing she didn’t do for Dezy, as she repeatedly referred to him during her Facebook videos.

According to Olinda, she bought Stunner luxury vehicles, designer clothes and sponsored the rapper’s lavish lifestyle only for him to bite the hand that was feeding him.

Deservedly, Olinda was hurt and could not hide the pain her husband had put her through.

From an observer’s point of view, Olinda was madly in love with Stunner and the rapper had hurt her deeply.

Whether or not Olinda’s pain warranted her Facebook rants or whether or not she should have shared her marital woes with the rest of the world is a story for another day.

But she did and she is now remembered largely as the woman who wanted to commit suicide over a failed marriage.

Olinda poured her heart out to the world via social media and somewhat drew the sympathy of scores of people from across the globe.

She invited people from all over the world to be a part of her life and share her pain and it has become difficult for many to resist being commentators of the decisions she makes.

But forget the heartbreak.

A few months down the line, it seems Olinda has picked up the pieces and moved on with another man, an afro-pop artiste, Tytan of the Mukoko fame.

Lately, Tytan has been flaunting his ‘new love’ on his Instagram page, @tytantheone.

The other day, Tytan posted a picture of Olinda captioned, “My Woman Crush: #QueenMukoko”.

A few days later, he posted another picture of Olinda captioned, “Beautiful inside and out. Thank you @leechapel”.

A lot of Tytan’s followers responded to the post largely condemning him for being involved with a turbulent, volatile and possibly still fragile woman but his response was ‘she makes me happy’.

One user @eddigovs commented, “Are you guys dating? This is getting exciting, but I won’t say much since I don’t know exactly what’s happening.”

Some of his followers were supportive of the relationship with one @fifie7087 saying, “Make it solid, critics will always be there. Zari and Diamond have a bigger age gap but they are a couple to die for.”

Tytan is scheduled to perform in the United Kingdom alongside Heavy K in August and Olinda already has plans to host a lavish High Tea for him in London.

But the flourishing relationship has left the lines blurred.

It is not clear whether Tytan is in a relationship with Olinda or if their ‘relationship’ is purely a publicity stunt meant to boost Tytan’s career.

The afro-pop musician recently released the track, Bho off the album Tytan EP which he will soon be launching and says is dedicated to Olinda.

The ‘relationship’ could be meant to help draw attention to Tytan and consequently his upcoming album or it may just be a genuine one.

If it is genuine, Olinda must heal pretty fast.

Of course heartbreaks have no healing timelines; people react and recover to emotional distress differently but if Olinda and Tytan’s relationship is beyond ‘platonic’ as he chooses to describe it, we could be in for another round of Facebook live videos from Olinda in the not so distant future.

If Tytan plays his cards right, he will be getting a car from her but if he screws her over, she will be on social media again telling the world of how she made him.

With Stunner, Olinda also organised various gigs to boost the rapper’s career and did not hesitate to share this with the world when there was trouble in paradise.

After her drama with Stunner, one would think Olinda would go for a different grain of man.

One who would be showering her with lavish gifts and not the other way round.

It is difficult to expect a different outcome from the relationship when Olinda, from an onlooker’s point of view, is making the exact same mistakes, a mistake many women make.

They keep dating the same kind of man but expect to be treated differently.

When Tytan is well on his way, it will not be surprising if he found himself a ‘Dion’.The Chronicle

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