Mnangagwa a hallucinating clown

By Jacob Mafume

Mnangagwa’s utterances published in yesterday’s Herald in which he claims that banks are sitting on US$9 Billion are not only insane but prove that he is just but a hallucinating clown.

Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa (Picture by NewsDay)
Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa (Picture by NewsDay)

Political insanity and hallucinations are not our concern, what is terrible and unacceptable is for such a joke to have Presidential aspirations.

This country needs serious leadership not a signature mascot for the state’s cultural events. When proper, democratic leadership is elected they will advertise for the signature mascot’s post if they so require, Mnangagwa will be free to apply.

If the RBZ’s Bank Sector quarterly report accepts that the total amount of money in circulation as at 31 December 2016 was US$6.51 billion, it boggles the mind where a whole Deputy President gets his figures.

The situation prevailing on the ground even shows that despite the official RBZ figures of money in circulating, it is also clear that the money is not real it is a Ponzi scheme of hot air ,the reason why depositors cannot make withdrawals even under the new stringent limits.

Mnangagwa’s argument is that the banks are not releasing any money because there are no viable projects to fund. This is also a fallacy against the background that major industries and companies are closing.

We find the utterances by Mnangagwa not only a sign of ignorance but also reckless.

If you claim to be a leader you need to be responsible, avoid addressing the topics you are not knowledgeable about to avoid deliberate misleading of citizens. The obligation to be responsible is even bigger for a Deputy President, hallucination becomes very much unacceptable.

There is also a responsibility which falls on the shoulders of the editors especially ones working for institutions that are funded by tax payer’s money. The media as a watch dog has a responsibility to expose habitual liars; the article in the Herald does not even attempt to juxtapose Mnangagwa’s utterances with the official financial sector figures produced by the RBZ.

In doing so the Herald vindicated the democratic contingent’s claims that the media house is just but a mouth piece of ZANU PF especially the Lacoste faction of the evil party. A proper editor could have highlighted that this was sensational rally talk as opposed to the truth then provide the public with the actual facts.

The people of Zimbabwe are now fed up of the Deputy President’s misfiring, his lies and misconceptions around Command Agriculture, his attempt to violate the constitution in the appointment of the Chief Justice among other things.

The People’s Democratic Party is however aware that hallucinations meant to mislead the Zimbabwean people are not new in ZANU PF.

The ZANU PF manifesto is Exhibit A to that effect they promised to create over two million jobs instead half a million people have lost their jobs. They promised to build low cost housing units, instead they demolished people’s houses and rendered thousands homeless.

ZANU PF even promised to build schools and clinics they did not build any beyond saying they found a loan to finance the scheme.

The people of Zimbabwe must form a formidable, broad coalition and work on an Agenda to Reclaim Zimbabwe.

Together Another Zimbabwe is Possible
Jacob Mafume
PDP Spokesperson

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