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Highlanders F.C Statement on the abandoned match

By Nhlanhla Dube

Further to the abandoned match, Highlanders F.C versus Dynamos F.C played at Barbourfields stadium on Sunday May 14th 2017. The club wishes to inform as follows:

Nhlanhla Dube

We are aware of and understand the concerns of our fans regarding the almost consistent deployment of a particular match official to officiate at matches featuring our club.

Indeed, we recognize that the goal scored by our opponents during the match raised questions regarding its legitimacy as it appeared to our fans and players to have been scored from a suspected offside position and appreciate that the above stated contributed immensely to the events which led to the match ending prematurely.

Regardless of all these considerations, the cats of missile throwing and pitch invasion as occurred at the abandoned match are inexcusable and as such we condemn the unfortunate behavior in the strongest of terms and dissociate the club from all forms of misconduct.

Highlanders Football Club categorically stands unequivocally opposed to all forms of disruptive behavior occurring before, during and after football games.

Our club regards missile throwing, pitch invasion and other acts that disrupt the smooth proceedings of football matches as abhorrent.

It is our sincere belief that true football fans and genuine Highlanders F.C followers want to see fairness in the game and understand the cost of disruptive behavior even when they do not agree with a call made by match officials.

It is our sincere belief that those who threw missiles and invaded the pitch are not genuine

Highlanders fans we urge our fans to protect the image of their club, interests of the sponsors, and partners and all stakeholders at all times.

We reiterate our commitment engagement with our members, fans and football stakeholders as we seek collective solutions to behavior that soils the image of the club and cost it dearly in fines and sanctions.

Finally, we salute the multitudes of our fans who not only passionately cheered the team on but maintained discipline even as they dispersed after the match had been called off

Nhlanhla Dube
CEO-Highlanders Football Club

  • And your opinion Was it offside

  • Kabiyasi

  • lets say it was offside.does that give them permision to invade the park.

  • You cant be a spectator and a referee/match commissioner. PSL must just put their foot down and set an example to all would be troublemakers.

  • Its not hooliganism but I’m told its Shona vs Ndebele tribalism at the highest level.I’m told Shona referees Shona Police men and Shona psl top officials are making a collectective effort to see Highlanders destroyed and Ndebeles are defending what they call theirs I think whoever wants to solve this must thinks beyond football and probably find the roots cause of this before anything else Otherwise if its Shonas investigating they will just fine Highlanders and get points from them Which will serve as a proof that they want that club destroyed furthering tensions

    • Very true and sad

    • No Hooligans at matches. Kikiki them out.

    • Everything is about Shona vs Ndebele hahahah come on I bet to you those crocodiles that ate the Shona pastor were Ndebeles from Matebeleland

    • Destroy the club for what??

    • What do you suggest?Ndebele referees for all Bosso matches?It’s about tribalism alright.The “Ndebele” most of whom are actually Karangas who have assimilated into Ndebele culture believe in Ndebele exceptionalism.No matter who referees the match against a Harare team they will never accept a loss because they just can’t let those “maswina” do better than them.Tribalism is a two way street and peddling this false narrative of Ndebele victimhood won’t get us anywhere.

    • #Letskicktribalismoutoffootball.

    • Soccer has no tribe. I would like to think Highlanders has had and still has players from Mashonaland. How do they feel when they are berated like this? Hooliganism is no acceptable anywhere in the soccer playind world, in fact in all sports. Highlanders are not special.

    • That was a goal according to.new rules

    • Thus yor own opinion and i dont think some of us will buy it that was hooliganism at its best and some of thoz supporters were drunk yu can easily tell by the way they behaved a normal person cant do that sleeping in the ground instead of seating on the terraces and watch soccer why causing unnecessary abandonment of the game we are nt talking tribalism here bt soccer dont confuse things Bosso must educate their supporters abt things regarding violence period

    • It’s true, and sad though. This all never end and those who choose not to listern to it and play smart, it’s because they were not on receiving end(chinokangamwa idemo). Definately as long as these two teams play they wil never be professional soccer. It needs King Mzilikazi and president Mugabe to break the jinx

    • Todyamarara

      The current Board Chairman is Mr Peter Dube and the Chief Executive Officer is Mr Kennedy Ndebele where are the Shona psl top officials? http://www.premierleague.co.zw/. Question is was the guy offside and if so did it justify the Bosso fans actions? If not then what?

  • Tribalism will never be rooted out in Zim as long as ZANU PF is in power

  • Mr chairman are trying to justify violence

  • that was a peaceful protest guys n e evidence is that they were no deaths and injuries reported.

  • No No No to violence,u are trying to smoothen what is rough already,that kind of shit iz not allowed anywhere in the world.Football is all about entertainment not fighting.A refree is a human being he makes mistakes too.

  • Two wrongs never make a right. Hooliganism has no place in the beautiful game.

  • l don’t get this at all.Violence! Football is just a game.Why violence? l don’t buy this tribalism shit.Highlanders should admit they messed up by overreacting. Period. No one in their right senses should accept this tribalism crap.I know a lot of Shonas who support Highlanders and very passionate about it and some Ndebelezi who support Dynamos so l wonder why the hooligans are playing the tribes card.Shame on you

  • So if you concede an offside goal, you invade the pitch? How many goals have been scored in soccer history by hand, dubious penalties etc but match is played to last minute?
    And lastly, if you were playing against Border Strickers, would you invade pitch too? If not, your reason was tribalism and nothing else!!!!

  • Ndakanyara. Sure kurwadziwa ne goal bhora zvakadaro kunge election. Highlanders must play in an empty stadium in future

  • varume mistake inoitwa even ma ref anoitawo mistake so hazvirevi kuti kana zvadaro mopinda muground ndo hudofo manje coz mangani maoffside anoitwa even iyo highlanders ine ma matches ayakatombo hwina nema offside kana vana maradona vaka mwisa nemaoko wani vakatora world cup even peter crounch akamwisa neruoko pa arsenal but ma supporter ddnt invade tha pitch kusafunga chete kwakaitwa nema supporters ayo panofanirwa kut highlanders ipihwe heavy fine and iwo mastadiums akaita sana babourfields ayo ogadzirwa oiswa fence kuti mboko idzo dzoda kuvhiringidza mutambo unotinakidza dzisa pinda muground pove paine security iri heavy kwete zve ZRP inenge ichitoona hayo bhora instead yekutarisa vanhu kuma terrace

  • Sir, the root cause are not fans, but I think the refree association and the refrees are the problem. I refer you to Uhuru 2017. The 14 May Byo game the controversial ref seemed not be prev to rules. He should have pointed to the sport than foolishly try to consult assistance. Better hire refrees from SA or Zambia for such matches.

  • when there is tribalism in match officials , how can we stop it.