Pastor trying to prove how Jesus walked on water gets eaten by crocodile

By Richard Hartley-Parkinson | Metro |

A pastor has been killed after he was eaten by three crocodiles while trying to walk on water.

A pastor was eaten by a crocodile in Zimbabwe

Jonathan Mthethwa was trying to show his congregation how Jesus walked on water by crossing what is locally known as Crocodile River on foot.

However, he did not make it across the river in Zimbabwe.

The pastor, from the Satin of the Last Days church, managed to get around 90ft into the river before trying to climb onto the surface of the river.

All that was left of him was his underwear and his sandals.

Eyewitness Deacon Nkosi told the Daily Post: ‘The pastor taught us about faith on Sunday last week.

‘He promised he would demonstrate his faith to us today, but he unfortunately ended up drowning and getting eaten by three large crocodiles in front of us.

‘We still don’t understand how this happened because he fasted and prayed the whole week. They finished him in a couple of minutes.

‘All that was left of him when they finished eating him is a pair of sandals and his underwear floating above the water.’

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  • some pastors though

  • Makarwe acho akatotenda mwari nekuti ayitochemawo nzara kuna musiki

  • Crazy and stupid doesn’t deserve to be called a pastor.

  • kkkk vachinyanya

  • Ehee mabasa ake akamuteera 1 down mumwe muporofita wenhema ayenda uyu, next.

  • These fake pastors, think they have super natural powers……he got what he wanted. Sad, but I’m just being honest. That’s what happens, when you want to prove the impossible, why endanger yourself like that, let alone it’s a river/lake, infested with crocs, ready to devour any prey they can readily attack. Even if he had to walk on waters, without any crocs available, the possiblity would be that; he would drown, get swept away by the the waters, or maybe get assisted by his congregats, if they’re brave enough to assist such a nonsensical incident….knowing how naive, brainwashed, desperate people are with these numerous fake pastors, that are just emerging out from the blue. End of times, for sure. I’m not surprised. My foot!!! ….SMH🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    • You said it clearly Sarah. Our world is so sick and unbelievably desperate.

  • dont try god

  • kkkkk don’t take chance

  • Good for them

  • Dont ever ! Play with the of God,its like you want to break a stone with your teath its impossible, Becareful also you pastors of annointing oils you are the next

  • Jesus performed miracles where it was neeeeded most to save life not attention seeeking so mazambiringa haangatanwi parukatoooooo

  • “thou shall not tempt the LORD thy GOD…”

  • The crocs are still wondering how it happened

  • Silly little puzzle cat,idiot.

  • ..they dnt know that every miracle Jesus did,he did it for a special reason not for show of!!

  • Practice makes perfect but on dangerous things. You endup like my Congolese to the family. He died on duty.

  • …killed after he was eaten! Are you are journalist?

  • Dats faith wthout god ,he deserve ,dont temper w god ,usatambire apo pane makarwe yoda kubilivisa mafanes kt anyatsobusa bag ,manje akabaya ,to hell ,munhu asina hanya neupenyu kutsanyira kufa shame on u

  • Good, he thought he can do swimmiolgy on crocodiology

  • dnt try this at home

  • NewsWorldAfrica
    Pastor eaten by crocodiles after trying to ‘walk on water like Jesus’

    ‘They finished him in a couple of minutes’

    Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith 2 hours ago

    Click to follow
    The pastor had been attempting to demonstrate his faith, a member of his congregation said Getty
    A pastor in Zimbabwe has been eaten alive by crocodiles after he attempted to show his congregation he could walk on water.

    Jonathan Mthethwa of the Saint of the Last Days church, in White River Mpumalanga, died after walking 30 metres into a crocodile infested river, the Daily Post reports.

    The pastor walked into the river, known locally as Crocodile River, and attempted to ascend above the water before walking across it, according to Zimbabwe Today.

    Crocodiles maul tour guide to death at farm in South Africa
    He was attacked by three crocodiles and drowned, in front of his congregation.

    “They finished him in a couple of minutes,” Deacon Nkosi told the newspaper. “All that was left of him when the finished eating him was a pair of sandals and his underwear floating above the water.”

    He later told the Herald Zimbabwe the pastor had intended to “demonstrate his faith” on the day he died. “We still don’t understand how this happened because he fasted and prayed the whole week,” he was quoted as saying by the Daily Post.

    Emergency services arrived at the scene 30 minutes after the incident but Mr Mthethwa had already been declared dead by locals.

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  • Saharawifoxx

    Dai tamboedzawo kuremekedza nature. These animals are not intelligent but have super-effective, evolution-sharpened survival reflexes, in their territory, they rule. Seems these monsters couldn’t stand that underwear too. Anyway RIP

  • Proof that religion is fake

  • One story says in Zimbabwe Mpumalanga, the other says what what

  • Which river is called Crocodile River in Zimbabwe?

  • Stupldty

  • Good one!

  • Tsvatu!!

  • Let’s preach the word only not to do the impossible

  • KKKKKK kkkkk

  • Good

  • And ngwena inotanga kudya machende.

  • Bvepfepfeee too much kutambira kunonyudxa alongside Ngwena hausundi .

  • FAKE NEWS… Where? When? How?

  • These stories hai Agh!

  • ohoooo good rest in hell

  • what a fake pastor

  • experiment gone rong kwaaaakx

  • I feel sorry to those women whom he was having sex with to whom he was trying to show off . These days the only faith left is going to Ghana and Nigeria to become an occultic pastor or occultic prophet where they are given the power to confuse stupid miracle hungry Zimbabweans who flock to these false occultic pastors and prophets . Good riddence to fake rubbish and remember fakesters dont you ever fuck with a crocodile . Wese akaromba haakwanise kupinda mudziva rine ngwena akabudirira ; inga wani ukabata ruwoko rwemuroyi avekutorwa nerwizi rwakazara munofa mese . Shingirai chirume iwe wave kuzviti emmanuel makandiwa you are next i cant wait to see the brutal end of you and All false fack and fucking occultic bloodthirsty pastors and prophets

  • Kkkkk kuseka nhamo kunge rugare

  • Hitler Walked on water,mugabe has to try it too.

  • Kkkkkkk

  • Well that was bright……

  • These so called pastors are coming up with all the silly behaviours, another one was buried alive & died of suffocation last week.
    End times for sure

  • Shame rest in peace

  • Usatambe naGod

  • makhurane


  • God is tired of being taken for a ride


  • One down

  • Why didn’t he try that at home when he was bathing í ½í»� to make sure…, kwaaaks

  • Nxaaàa akamama ngozi dzaimuporofitisa

  • kkkkkkkk

  • The devil is a liar

  • Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Fake News

  • nyaya yacho inenge yenhema iyi.


  • Pakaipa vaporofita ava

  • were was his congregats

  • Kkkk,kk akamama uyoo….adakuzvita jesus hre

  • Jesus is God who came to earth in form of human being that’s why he rose from the dead so let’s not mislead people by telling them you can be like him

  • big

    1 Colithians 10:9 We should not test Christ, as some of them did, and were killed by snakes.

  • After fasting and prayers? Ohmy

  • Tau Rai

  • Kwaaaaaaa inhlanya kazipheli emhlabeni

  • Nyaya dzemaprofita idzi inzwa zvinotaura Johane pana Zvakazarurwa 19v10

  • Kkkkkkk Jesu avapedyo nekudzoka sure kkkk

  • Iwe NEHANDA don’t just copy and paste, inonzi Crocodile River in Zim ndeipi, which part of Zim is that?

  • Let another prophet try it

  • Some of those pastors get carried away with they faith

  • kufarisa chaiko

  • Ngavaite samagaya namakandiwa vanongopura mari vachipisisa mapenzi vakanyarara …ko anga oitirei zvee asi mapenzi anga oramba kubuda mari

  • Garwe rinodya nehembe zvese nezango kana unaro

  • Remember when Jesus said it is written” thy shall not tempt the lord your God” Luke 4 vs 12. Jesus never did miracles to show off.

  • Lord of justice

  • kkkkk ndi pastor vekupi ivava vanopenga kudai.mazuvaano kunamata kumba zvirinane minana irikuitwa mazuvaano with these so called fake man of e cloth ma1 chaiwo

  • Anzwa butter

  • 😢😢😢😢😢

  • Wat a fool

  • Magaya should have a go at the same spot

  • Uuuuum hope the news is true

  • It is written, “do not put your GOD to test”.

  • good riddance,i wish all false prophets,and pastors follow suit,and perish in the same manner

  • fake pastor do not put God to test

  • …so now maybe he will be like Jonah and get vomited out three days later.Preach the Word pastors,the Word.

  • This sounds like a fake story….about a fake pastor, from a fake church trying to walk across a fake river.

  • Kutamba na mwari regai zviende

  • Thou shall not lie is commandment number what??????…..

  • im wondering why it didnt eat or spat the pastor’s undies?

  • Very silly indeed

  • Uyu done uyu kwasara wamwe wake kkkkkkkkkkkk hatichemi vanhu wakadai towiga kunze kwemakuva

  • Killed after he was eatean..????? Nxaaaaa lies

  • Kkk his underwear was floating?

  • Emmanuel Moyo

    N’anga yake yakamunyepera

  • Kkkkkkk zvimapipi hazvimhanyirwe

  • Kkkkkkk

  • the village idiot is no more

    lol, this is some funny sh!t, what a stoopid guy

  • Oh oh

  • Good

  • Mukotami

    Fake news!!!! No such thing happened in Zimbabwe, No such river in Zimbabwe, These are alternative facts!!!! Not TRUE

    • schicco

      “locally known as Crocodile River”
      Crocodile River is not an official name but locals call it that way

  • Murume Mukuru

    Fake news! “Crocodile river”? “90ft….” some story written by a troll in America.Even sounds like comedy.

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