I commiserate with Charamba but we also need closure – Patson Dzamara

By Patson Dzamara

I learnt with sadness about the death of Mugabe’s spokesperson, George Charamba’s wife, Idaishe. I wish to extend my sincere condolences to him and his entire family on the passing of his wife.

Dr Patson Dzamara (Picture by Mail & Guardian
Dr Patson Dzamara (Picture by Mail & Guardian

Notwithstanding that, my mind is still inundated with cold and crass words uttered by Charamba regarding Itai’s abduction. Charamba persistently made fun of Itai’s heinous abduction by ZANU PF.

It is unfortunate that despite our efforts to engage the government and to find closure, Charamba continued to make fun of Itai’s disappearance.

Several times, he stated that Itai’s disappearance was fake, alleging that he is hiding in Tsvangirai’s house and that Mugabe is too busy to pay attention to such a trivial matter.

Charamba’s crude remarks irked me together with many other Zimbabweans because we know they were not only irresponsible but untrue.

We know that Itai’s disappearance has everything to do with the political party Charamba belongs to, ZANU PF. However, we remain confident that the truth will come out one day.

Inspite of that, I commiserate with Charamba and his family. I know what they are going through although they at least have some sort of closure. They have a body.

Losing a loved one is never an easy experience and I am sure Charamba feels exactly how we feel about Itai’s abduction and continued missing.

In our case, whatever they did to Itai, there is no closure to talk about. Everyday we grapple to answer a myriad of questions rubbed into our faces as a result of his disappearance.

Individuals like Charamba must help us to locate the truth for the sake of closure. If they can utter such irresponsible and inconsiderate statements, they surely can help us locate the truth.

My family and families of many Zimbabwans who were abducted and killed by ZANU PF operators also need closure. I hope this serves as a stark reminder to anyone, especially our brothers and sisters in ZANU PF that what goes around comes around and that there is just but one God.

This God has a way of making sure that people reap what they sow. We are human before we are anything else.

Patson Dzamara

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