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Mugabe ‘not asleep just resting his eyes’ – spokesman

President Robert Mugabe is not asleep when he closes his eyes for long periods during meetings but is resting his eyes, his spokesman says.

President Robert Mugabe
Time to Rest: President Robert Mugabe sleeping in Nigeria in this file picture from 2015

“The president cannot suffer bright lights,” George Charamba was quoted as saying by the state-run Herald newspaper.

Mr Mugabe, 93, has been seen apparently sleeping at several events, leading to speculation about his fitness.

He intends to stand in presidential elections next year.

The president is currently receiving specialised medical treatment for his eyes in Singapore.

Mr Mugabe most recently appeared to fall asleep during a discussion panel about “fragile states” at a World Economic Forum meeting in South Africa earlier this month.

There he stated that Zimbabwe was ‘one of the most developed countries in Africa’

“I feel like a failure when there is this reading that the president is sleeping in conferences – no,” Mr Charamba said.

He then compared Mr Mugabe to the anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela, whose eyes were affected by years of working in a limestone quarry while imprisoned on Robben Island.

“You were not allowed to even use flashes whenever he was in the room,” Mr Charamba said. BBC

  • hahahahaha no man

    • Wake94

      Pamhata penyu munoda kuti azororire kupi kumba achishushwa nehure

  • He is our president but idzo ingonono chaidzo

    • TSM Season 6


  • he must rest home not somewhere in durban

  • maromo arembera ayo kutorota uko

  • This bootlicking spokesman does he know q

    • TSM Season 6

      rinonanzva kana mukosho zirume iri

  • Does this bootlicking spokesman knows how viral his utterance has gone ? .he forgets it also spills into independent media housese .he thinks pple are fools .In some parts of the world old and tired pple like Mugabe are normally kept @ Old Pples’ Home unfortunately we are Africans we dont’ despose our loved like that

  • Iyeeeeee!!!! I think Mr Spokesperson is slapping himself behind our backs after having said such a humiliating statement. I might need to remind him that my ‘Uncle’ really needs some sleep!!! Balema Amdhala banga, simungabasiye bapumule chabe!! ???

  • total sleeping , action and environment reports full details. Tactical backing

  • The fact that he needs to rest his eys in a meeting means he is now unable to carry out his duties. Does the spokesperson realize the implication of his statement?

  • does dat looks like resting eyes??? Iwe charamba ita mushe wanzwa here?

  • Lie. Mr spokesman must be joking just like his old oupa.Shameful Two big liers.

  • Nice to know

  • How on earth can some1 send a 100 year old to work?I think some1 is pushn . Abuse

  • research euphemism lap dog Charamba

  • No kuvata uku

  • Charamba wazvionaka kuti haisi nyore kuudza vanhu kuti iyi itambo ivo vachiona kuti inyoka mhenyu

  • He might be true African like leader but time taken and gone are the days

  • Rigging is done on Elections but not on age

  • Kuvata kuvata hakuchinji

  • Ridiculos….why does he not rest at his house.Resting in meetings is a sign of something

  • its not only his eyes that needs rest but his body as well.Why does Charamba take us for fools.He thinks talking about Mugabe’s eyes only will change the fact that he is 93 and not in good health. He should step down and close his bright light fearing eyes forever at home.

  • Tongoitwa vana huku vata kusvika riinhi kkkk,mwari haanyeberwi baba

  • Sleeping on duty is dismisary ,this baboon is asleep finish

  • Its like you are telling kids

  • My father retired frm wrk at the age of 60 why is Mugabe stll clinging on to power. Zanu pf leadrshp is abusing this oldman its not him who stll wants to wrk the body is tyred he needs to rest and relax at hom

  • Kkkkkkk umlomo wakhona hobe chaiyo mandevu kkkk

  • Kkkkkkkkk Charamba is like Dokora. Thinks like a goat. What is there to explain about sleeping and not sleeping. These are the guys who are making our old people suffer in that agony. The man is tired but can’t rest because of useless and thoughtless people around him. Sorry for my President and unfortunately he can’t rest because of useless people around him.

  • FromTheHip

    Asked to comment on Charamba’s flirtation with and seduction of the truth, the man himself had but one word; “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

  • sleep is rest in a reduced state of consciousness …. meaning he will reduced in thinking … achasura oneday muchanyara

  • Leave Mugabe alone he us old and he needed to rest,even in your family there are old people nxaaa

    • Mhata old people in our families don’t lead or chair any meetings they let the young able bodied people do work for them while they wait to give advice kuvadiki zvino uyu mwana wehure rekwa Zvimba haatodi kana kupa Chatunga mwana wake basa hanzi ndofa ndichibata gejo.. ndokuromba kwatisingadi ikoko munhu ngaazorore kana akura.

  • But what matters is his age he’s nowhere now

  • Joke of the year. Please stop insulting our intelligence we are not KGs

  • Pamamonya ipapo kudherera

  • Official& actual points are chosen purposefully to confuse the people

  • Yes indeed he is clearing avoiding the light and dodging the flies as u can see πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Charamba toda kukukanda kuChikurubi when Zimbabwe is free next year πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚

  • Sleeping or resting his eyes no difference just like wheelchair and massage chair

  • Really?

  • resting his eyes and head also

  • Its an embarrassing statement from a well grown men

  • Saka kana munhu achinzvengana ne light anoridza magwiriri here??

  • Looks like he’s also resting his left side.

  • We were not born yesterday, we can be fooled, even a 2 years old child can see this man is sleeping.

  • Resting eyes πŸ‘€ is what is called 😴 sleeping Honorable Sir

  • Charamba, you take people for fools, mind you next year is not far from casting our votes. Who on earth can shoot himself on the foot knowingly?

  • #leavemypresidentalone

    • muzvindapanyo

      pamwe akungoda famba kana kuita meeting usiku haachadi light kkkk chifambausiku

  • Goerge,George,George we know you like to sing for your supper but here I think you are singing in discord. Bob sleeps and if he does it to avoid light why cant he put on special glasses that reduces light I’m sure the devil can afford to pay a Chinese company to make those special glasses.

  • Well, most us rest our eyes when we sleep.

  • kkkkkkkkkkk

  • lolest

  • There are two things in life which you cannot run from that is old age and death. Today u may wish for Mugabe to die but that same death will visit you.Today u can call Mugabe old man but as time ticks you are also going to that old age. It may takes long to reach there but u will reach if death didnt find you on the way going to old age. If i reach the age of Mugabe i will thank God for that bcz nower days most people are dying b4 reaching 40. I am 41yrs old now to reach the age of Mugabe i want more 52yrs but i dont know if i will reach there only God knows.

  • Could be true

  • He must rest Fover ever

  • TSM Season 6

    kusanyara manyepo murume mukuru

  • Mukanya

    Ichokwadi Charmba kuti motokari yako inofambiswa neweti!!!

  • It’s funny!

  • makhurane

    A ghost is better because it is active during the night but our own ghost mhhh its now a retired professor of vampires and skeleton ghosts,The first nation to be led by a vampire

  • Lets hope he rests his eyes for ever

  • How can one rest whilst surrounded by cremora men.

  • Kti bwada bwada nehope kkkk

  • Charamba is just an idiot paid to bootlick the dictator.

  • What a spin-doctor! Squealer of Animal Farm!!!

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  • No ,he is praying????

  • Wat abt the wheelchair kkkkk

  • Kkkkk ndokurara kwacho zve

  • Give the old man rest be man enough and say as it is Mugabe was my man but now you are making him look stupid let the old fella rest motherfuckers

  • Kkkkkkk he was dosing nothing wrong everyone should incuding u bravo

  • Mungagotii nhai ma asslicker

  • Aaahaa

  • Kkkkkkkk . Eish

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