Essex Dad claims that drinking his own urine has helped him to lose eight stone

By Rob Waugh | Metro |

An Essex Dad reaches for a glass of his own warm urine every morning – and then splashes wee onto his face.

Father-of-two Dave Murphy, 54, drinking a glass of his own urine, from Basildon, Essex, Thursday 4th May, 2017. Dave has drank nothing but his own urine for the last five years and believes it to be the elixir of life, holding it responsible for his astonishing 8-stone weight loss, youthful looks and tip-top health. Dave Ð who went from 20 stone to 12 stone after drinking his own wee Ð also believes that the practice of urine therapy could be a means of solving the world food shortage Ð and slashing peopleÕs grocery bills. As most days, Dave survives on little else besides one grapefruit and two glasses of his own urine. His only indulgence is a small portion of chips from his local chippy three times per week. In fact for thirty days in 2012, Dave subsisted on nothing else but his own urine. Dave also uses his urine to moisturize his face and wash in. He maintains that wee is the ultimate anti-aging product. … SEE COPY AND VID É PIC BY NEWS DOG MEDIA É +44 (0)121 517 0019

Dave Murphy, 54, says that ‘urine therapy’ has helped him to lose eight stone, and keeps him in tip-top health.

In 2012, Dave survived for 30 days just drinking the yellow elixir of his own urine – and says that while he started by putting it in the fridge, he now gulps it down warm.

Dave – who has a 25 year-old daughter and 21 year-old son – explains: ‘After drinking my urine, I feel healthier and fitter than I’ve ever done before and I’ve lost 8 stone in weight.

Dave says, ‘Additionally, I don’t need much money to survive anymore. Because of all the wee I drink, I don’t need to eat very much food at all.

‘As humans, we don’t actually have to consume that much. Urine can help us reduce what we need to eat – as it contains everything humans require.

Dave also uses his urine to moisturize his face and wash in. He maintains that wee is the ultimate anti-aging product.

‘Urine therapy is not just about drinking it, you can also wash in it and moisturize with it. It’s the ultimate anti-aging skin product – my lines and wrinkles have disappeared since I began using my wee as a moisturizer.

‘You can even use it to alleviate aches and pain and as an eye wash or a footbath.

‘Urine is a cure-for-all. If people could just change their mentality and preconceptions about this therapy, then anyone can feel the huge benefits.’

Dave began his unique practice in May 2011 after he hesitantly attended a talk about urine therapy.

‘When I jokingly wandered in to a talk about urine therapy at a festival with my mates, I was truly skeptical. But by the end of the talk, my friends and I came out saying that we got to try this out!’

The very next day, Dave began drinking a glass of his own urine twice-daily. Despite his open-minded attitude now, he admits he was initially apprehensive about consuming his own wee.
Dave says: ‘Initially, I was a bit cowardly and squeamish about drinking my own urine.

‘The idea of ingesting warm pee was off-putting so I put it in the fridge so that it was ice-cold. And for the first few weeks, I would mix it with grapefruit juice.

‘But eventually, I began drinking my urine straight-up and it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

‘Within a matter of minutes of consuming my first glass of pee though, I felt the benefits. I had lots of energy and my bowel movements improved.
‘During the course of the following year, my weight began to drop off.’

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