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SA police minister Mbalula backtracks on comments about criminals from Zimbabwe

By Lincoln Towindo

South African Minister of Police Fikile Mbalula has backtracked on the comments he made last week concerning ex-Zimbabwean soldiers whom he accused of illegally entering South Africa to rob and kill.

The minister claims his statement was taken out of context.

25/04/2017 . Minister of police, Fikile Mbalula at a press briefing, SAPS Tshwane Academy.
picture: Jacques Naude

Mbalula raised fears of igniting xenophobic attacks after informing SA journalists that Zimbabwean army deserters were responsible for violent crimes in South Africa. The statements drew widespread condemnation.

But in an about-turn, Mbalula’s spokesperson Mr Vuyo Muhanga told The Sunday Mail last night that the minister’s statements were taken out of context.

“The statement was taken completely out of context,” said Mr Muhanga.

“When the minister was speaking he was speaking to two specific issues.

“The first being about the crime in an incident involving the five men who were responsible for robbing a jeweller in Johannesburg that happened recently and this was only an isolated incident.

“The other issue he touched on was that of the many educated Zimbabweans we have contributing to South African development, which is one of the attributes the Zimbabwean Government is praised for.

“Basically, it was not a blanket statement and needs to be properly qualified in its proper context. He was simply referring to one isolated incident.

“We have many Zimbabweans living here in peace whom the minister said are more educated than some South Africans.”

Mbalula was widely quoted in the media last week after claiming that “Zimbabweans enter the country illegally and they just come here not to promote goodwill”.

“There are people who come here from Zimbabwe, and they cross the line here. They run away from military in Zimbabwe and they come here and promote criminality here in South Africa.

“There are Zimbabwean ex-soldiers who are in this country, robbing banks and promoting criminality.“They are running away from uncle Bob (President Mugabe) there,” Mbalula told journalists in Pretoria.

“In Zimbabwe once you are a soldier, you are a soldier for life. You can’t get out of it. So to get out of it they run to South Africa, then they come here and rob banks.

“They are on the payroll of criminals and we can’t trace them. If a South African steals, it’s easy to trace them because I will find you somewhere in the forensics because I have your fingerprints. I’ve got you all covered, South Africans.”

South Africa is home to thousands of Zimbabweans living and working there. Widespread xenophobic violence often breaks out in South Africa, mostly at the instigation of political leaders. The violence is often targeted at African migrants. The Sunday Mail

  • Minister Mbalula is a moron and a political imbecile.Political imbecility is however unforgivable and my guess is his foolish utterances about Zimbabwe’s ex-military will sooner or later cost him dearly.He deplorably lacks very crucial instruments when you are going to be Minister of Anything…… common sense,knowledge and wisdom. No need to apologize dear Minister the damage has already been done.

    • Its true he was 100% correct Zimbos are committing crime seriously in SA which is not good go to Botswana and Namibia same same ,my self if a Zimbo ask me for a transport I dnt give ,pliz behave human being

      • Benedict

        l think u are out of yor mind like mbalula

      • Aqua Champion

        George Wedzera go to hell i know you personally dont talk bullshit here

      • Civil Servant

        Uriduzvi George… you can’t justify Mbalula’s xenophobic comments.
        Criminals are found everywhere i.e Botswana,Lesotho,Namibia etc
        Most Zimbabweans are hardworking and law abiding.
        Yes, there are some misguided Zimbabwean nationals just like any other country BUT don’t generalise and criminalise all Zimbabweans.
        Lets not encourage hatred.

    • Zimbos are quick in attacking foreign leaders,yet they can’t raise voices against their abusive leaders

    • Zimbos should stop their animalistic behavior

    • Zimbos should stop their animalistic behavior

    • Crime z done by every nationality hama in S.A …bt to say Zim solidiers ipapo he lost it cz he does not hve proof.If der wz enuf proof frm Zim we wld be quite all of us..rmmbr one can easliy get a fake Z.N.A card or Z.R.P card n pretend as if he z a ex-soldier or watever…we even have fake south africans frm all the world…so by pointing out Zim soldiers he waz wrng…wld rather act inteligently as a police minister so as to avoid chaos to other nationalities.Remember no one z supporting crime here!

    • @ Mary Munemo which animalistic behavior are you referring to exactly.

    • I think Mary is referring to prostitution and robberries done by our country men in foreign land

    • George Wedzera you cannot monopolise transportation, people will always travel whether you give transport or not.

    • Wedzera famba nemota yako woga handiti ndeyako here .asi musi waunokwira mumuti nemota yako usakumbira rubatsiro

    • If you read my comment carefully you will notice that l did not deny outrightly that some Zimbabweans are of a criminal disposition but to assert that those who are committing crimes in South Africa are army deserters is reckless and misguided.South Africa is a nation of crime since time immemorial and who doesn’t know that?Mbalula is living in denial when he knows preety well crime is crime is inherent in the South African society. South Africa is the Cradle of murderers such as Oscar Pretorius and other white supremacists who still brutalises black people way after apartheid.lam sorry to say this but who doesn’t know that South Africans are violent by nature.How many political assassinations do you hear of being committed in places like KwaZulu Natal etc

    • There are statistics used not facebook comments

    • ZIMBOS are the ones escalating the situation in SA in the sense that some of them can not be traced because they are undocumented that was Mbalula assertion.

    • The Minister was correct to say Zimbos are some of the people causing problems in SA society. They involved in bank Robberies .airport robberies, prostitution, fraud taking advantage thst some of them their finger prints are not in SA systems.

    • Mdara Darlington you are on point. Sisi Mary musati zvamuri kubika mapoto naTruck driver muno muS.A and you think you have made it in life.It’s tough out there.Not only Zimbos commit felonies here in Mzansi.Just because he they caught 5 amateurs who were on the prawl doesn’t mean that we all here to commit felonies.Some of us are helping the Economy if this nation let alone helping them to stay afloat.Fikile Mbalula and the other okes from their Cabinet need to have ppl who will prepare speeches for them. Clearly because there is no facts being presented when they take the stand at a press conference.Rather they all think of who to mock instead of providing the ppl with useful information.

    • But Mbalula is very very correct i only disagree with him on the Zim soldiers issue.Yes SA has always been the cradle of criminal activities from way back,but its also very very true that our fellow Zim brothers and sisters are into criminal activities daily.Even Zim women are into big prostitution and Zim women are the biggest WHORES in South Africa.

    • Tinovaziva

      He is a member of the ANC a revolutionary party where stupidity is a requirement.

  • the dullest and most stupid minister in the whole of Africa

    • God of War

      Are you saying he is worse than Dokora? In that case you must be the dull one.

  • The Zimbabwe military personnel is a highly disciplined force. .. in high demand in international peace keeping missions around the globe. …very dependable professionals. …GET that into your watery..slim small brain. .Mbalula. …..DON’T TAMPER WITH THEM!

    • Hanzi ex baba

    • @mukomo an awolist is that a disciplined soldier read before commenting

    • I support that, if the majority of criminals in SA are Zim soldiers then our army barracks must be empty by now, Mbalula shut up.

    • Army desserters on the ZNA wanted list are enough to cause havoc in any country. Besides, even here in Zim soldiers are always involved in robbery cases. The minister was spoton.

    • Nelia

      kkkkk kindly understand before u comment

    • Yes bad elements are everywhere. ….But to paint the WHOLE ZNA IS UNACCEPTABLE! ….Why did he apologize?

  • No Raymond the dullest n lazy politicians are from Zimbabwe thus why we found ourselves in this sorry state muface wangu kkkkkkkk

  • kana munhu akabva muzimbabwe oenda kusouth Africa a svika oshaiwa basa, chimwe chaangaite kunze kwekuba chii . kana varivakadzi they resort to prostitution, saka zvakataurwa naminister mbalula ichokwadi.

  • This minister is too hasty in all he did. While i dnt suppprt criminals bt from anywere he was suppose to indicate that with evidence. South Africa is known world wide even during apartheid era for being a country infested by criminala and the situation never improved since then. Reason being that civilians have guns in their possession. I remember in 2015 just to mention one incident a stabchart bank in a plave called Marblehall was robbed. It was later discovered that the robbers were serving SA army with the help of an Saps policeman based at Marblehall police station. So as long as South Africa blames those beyond its borders for everything. Their ppl take adbantage of it. There are many places in SA where ppl are robbed daily by locals whom they know bt nothing is done abt it. Mbarula fight crime not other nations if u want to be of any relevance. Down with criminals whether locals or foreign. There is no better criminal anyway.

  • THE minister was very correct in his statement most of the major robberies and high heist are done by Zimbabweans according to their statistics. I’m not sure about the soilders part

    • True bro they are some companies which doesn’t want to employ Zimbos

    • What statistics and figures did he use and present to accuse us Zimbos? Did you even see the Mbalula video or you just guessing and commenting for the sake of making a contribution to this article? South Africa has always been a criminally violent country from the days of apartheid and way before foreigners started trooping there. They have a culture of violence which was foisted on them by white regime who supplied guns to the different political parties like the Zulu Inkatha Freedom Party to fight the ANC while the ANC also had weapons. These guns ended up being used for commiting robberies and crime. Dont forget they also have guns coming from RENAMO rebels in Mozambique. Am not saying Zimbos dont do some of the crimes in SA. Everyone and South africans do crime. Mbalula just wanted to humiliate us Zimbos thats why he even mentioned our doctors and engineers who are highly educated and working there as maids and gardeners. Mbalula always gets excitable when in front of a crowd and cameras.

      • Civil Servant

        Totally agree with you.
        Deep down Minister Mbalula has a REAL seething hatred of Zimbabweans that explains why he was specifically targeting and humiliating our people.
        You can actually see how excited he was when he was telling lies about our Medical Doctors working in their kitchens or about our soldiers.
        The majority of Zimbabweans are hardworking and law abiding.
        I don’t condone criminality by misguided Zimbabwean nationals in SA.They deserve the full wrath of the law.
        Does Minister Mbalula imply that if a criminal has NO fingerprints they are automatically Zimbabwean??
        The man has a small brain and a big mouth.
        He was telling fantasies NOT facts.
        Fantasies based on hatred of neighbouring fellow brothers and sisters.
        Sadly for Minister Mbalula NOT everyone hates Zimbabweans.
        I am actually surprised that there are some Zimbabweans who are justifying Mbalula’s comments.
        As Zimbabweans we must learn to distinguish between Party Politics and National Interests.
        This is NOT about Zanu or MDC.
        Its about OUR national image as a people.
        We must NOT allow a stupid, a foolish Uncle Tom to talk nonsense about our people.
        I personally think the SA government needs to reprimand Minister Mbalula and he needs to publicly apologise to the people of Zimbabwe.

    • So you have statistics about that?

    • U r a lier my broo .its only racisim but not to say Zimbos they robbed .

    • yes he is correct but careless nonetheless. you do not say such things in a country that is prone to xenophobia

    • How is he correct Panganai? Back your statement with facts not hearsay and rumours. Have you ever been to SA let alone stayed there? Crime is commited by everyone and not just Zimbos. The problem in SA is that there are too many guns in the hands of civilians in that country and some of the guns are sold by police and their own army personnel. Just the other day a military barrack was robbed of guns by armed gunmen with the assistance of people who work in that institution. Even the violent drug trade is run by the Cape coloureds, Russians and Nigerians in Cape Town. And the political assasinations of councillors and mayors in SA. Do you blame Zimbos for that too. There are just too many guns in the wrong hands in SA.

    • The Minister did not say Zimbos are the only ones committing crime. HE SAID ITS DIFFICULT TO trace Zimbos because they are not documented and their finger prints are not on their systems which is very correct.The fact is Zimbos are on The high list of deadly criminals most high profile robberries Zimbos are there

    • @lungani you want to behave as if you work at mzansi statistics department, minister might apologize but he used his statistics to say that,since 2004 many soldiers deserted i large numbers, you might base your argument on street talk but it’s a time bomb that will haunt Zimbabwe one day when these guys come back

    • That’s true Innocent Lungani l can agree with you as l am a victim of the violent armed robbery that left me in theatre and spent six months recuperating …..South Africans are very lazy people every cash heist that happens here the information comes within the them …..The OR Tambo heist the police were implicated ,ATM bombings its them it’s just Zimbabweans caught in the middle are the ones who are hired by the locals to assist but who are the perpetrators South Africans there is too much corruption in the Police force ….Drug loards work with police some are even Cartels working in the police force ….Mbalula is just an attention seeker this is not Sports he must walk the talk

    • Some ple talks as if they ar in toilet

    • Fact remains you are not wanted there come home,nharo why?

    • Please provide the statistics. If you dont have stop peddling lies

    • chokwadi imi mnoranba kana mukazo sangana nazvo vachikurobber live uchatenda kuvamwe vedu dzavamhuka chaidzo munyika ino

    • Okunye okungabantu kuyagula,Zimbabwean s are the worst political illiterates on this continent so I expect some blind regurgitating of any statement said by anyone put in a leadership post,no matter how stupid the individual is

    • Most people who are commenting here are ZANUPF Idiot bunches who are doing a lot of rotten things in Zimbabwe

    • Saviors i am not behaving like i work in statistical office at all. I am against this popular view that people have that ”MOST” Zimbabweans in South Africa are engaged in crime. Yes ”SOME” do crime for a living but the majority work hard. Why do you want to paint all of them with the same brush just because of a few bad apples who are ruining our reputation? If you want to be taken seriously please come with facts backed by figures and dont rely on rumours and hearsay Saviors. Its easy for someone to accuse you of crime but in a court of law the judge wants nothing but facts and the truth.

    • Socif not sure beta shut up .here we are talking of solders nt odinary zimbo .nxa u are an idiot understand befo u vomit

    • Mr can u prove it, if u are one of those tsotsi u think dat al Zimbabwe are tsotsi

    • So even those who have numbers like 26 and 28 are they Zimbabweans

    • Saviors Magwaza!Zimbabwe inyika yedu,nyika yechipikirwa.hapana munhu asingadi kudzokera kumusha iye achidya nehochi kuno kUJoni,furu,zvikukwa nemadhorofiya zvirikudzinga vana mumba,tsikidzi nezvinhata tabayiwa.

    • Ari kugaya achapihwa permanent res nekutitsigira tsvina dzakadai!Hauzivi crime shamwari yangu weeee!MuMosken chikwadaso pakutsabvura&anouraya ipapo ipapo!Hauna nyaya iwe

    • Did you see the Zimbabweans rob or u r assuming?

    • Nonsense shut up u poor lady

    • What say you now Innocent

  • wanya tsotsi

  • yo were right

  • He Sayed Ex, Still Zvaakataura Takazvinzwa, Fact A Stabn,

    • Its true muzimba ukamuona muSA anototyisa matsvagiro acho emari ndeeropa chaiwo asi havasi vose

    • True that

    • Zimbos are always in denial,some believe in sanctions some don’t

  • The minister is too microphone excited. Remember he is the same guy of the infamous ”
    Bunch of losers” referring to Bafana bafana. He better stays clear of the microphone

    • He is correct no need to hide something bad,why supporting crime ini ndataura chokwadi ndozvandichaendera kudenga izvozvo mumoyo menyu muri kuziwa chokwadi ,

    • Was he wrong when he said that?denial is our zimbos sickness thanx to ruling party

    • He was wrong, what statistics was he looking at, I’m beginning to doubt this guy’s sanity

    • Wena George Wedzera denga ngugogwakho,there is such Disney world in the sky

    • Saka nhai George manumber avanopa mbavha ana 26 ne 28 maZimba chimwe chamunofanira kuziva ka munhu weku Maliwi akaita crime muSA kunongonzi muZimba vamwe ndeve Moza zvezvichingonzi Zim

    • Guys lets try to be realistic. The minister was not wrong because he mentioned that they have arrested the criminals and no doubt, after background checks, established that the very same people were on the ZNA wanted list for dessertion.

    • Was trying to figure this out..indeed he is a loose verbal canon.

  • Ndopanotangira Xenophobia ipapo

  • Mukataurirwa zvokwadi munoramba thts y trikutambura, moo than 3million zimbaz ar living in Sa especially Matabeleland masvingo manicaland pple vazere ikoko

    • True Eddie coz those are the most oppressed people in Zim

    • Whole of zimbabwe mr register general

    • Ndati especially

    • Iwe waitoda kunzi eddie mbalula pfungwa dzenyu same same

    • Hamudi chokwadi mazimba thts y muchiroya

    • those pple u said from those provinces are they ex soldiers or ,,man dd u read the article or u just comment from ur mind

    • Kuflooder kwakaita mazimba ikoko hazviti shamisi izvozvo kunzwa kut vakuita robbery

    • Zimbabweans are not united thats why Zimbabwe is so cursed hamusati mati baba nekutambuta

    • Read and understand the topic first bro.

    • now i see pple just comment bcz others are commenting wether u understand the topic or not

    • Hey Eddie,is it about tribal insults now?.Where do you come from in Zimbabwe?Masvingo this, Matebeleland that.What sort of heartlessness is that?.A certain minister in a neighboring country accuses innocent migrants of crimes they have not committed and you jump into conclusions that they come from Matebeleland and Masvingo.What about the Midlands which is strategically closer to Bechnough Bridge? or Manicaland or any of the Mashona provinces?.your attitude towards other people is quite revolting and frighteningly absurd.

    • chi ed icho hachina nyaya,gara ikoko usarwadziwa,asi waida kuuyawo kuno zvikaramba kani kikk,mad man

    • I came from masvingo ndikatoviga vafana vakafira ikoko vauraiwa nevamwe vavo ikoko, minister iyeye haapenge ndizvo zvaanenge aresercher so hapana chaurikuchemera, plus f u read my comment properly uchaona kuti hapana pandamboti vanhu vekunanamasvingo, blues etc ndivo varikurober vanhu ikweyo I just say vaflooder sa

    • Eddie you just being yourself mate we won’t mind you. We have better issues to point out attention at.

    • Is midlands strategically closer to Berchnough bridge. Ndakatotsva zvangu ini

  • The fact remains, how many ZNA members have deserted and are living in SA, can they be cleared so that they can be formally employed in SA or at least apply for a work permit. These rank less guys with no other useful skills other than specialising in human rights abuse and brutality, what exactly are they doing there? Truly they are not wanted in SA and are on wanted in Zim and that qualifies them as criminals. Fix Zimbabwe and everything becomes normal again. Get out of denial and face reality.

    • I like you comment zimbos we tend to think we are super humans,and very intelligent you hear some saying we are the ones who built south africa,if so why not go and bulid malawi or Mozambique?

    • You should also be able to answer you question backed with facts and figures. Exactly how many soldiers have deserted the ZNA and are now making a living doing crime in SA? I have two friends who honourable resigned from the army and are now working in a factory in SA and they went there with their entire families. Its very iresponsible to say soldiers are not allowed to resign in the army and all end up deserting to go and commit crime there. Dont forget Mbalula also said our doctors and engineers are also employed as maids and gardeners in their houses in the same sentence. What tomfoolery is that? Is that a fact or he just wanted to humiliate us? I know things are bad in Zimbabwe and people have left enmasse to go overseas and to neighbouring countries but Mbalula just went a step too far.

    • You talk of 2friends,army is not made or was not made up of your friends, mbalula might have errored in saying they don’t resign but on the other issues his correct unless uri statistcs general every country has statistics don’t get emotional if you are not involved in the awolist guys

    • You talk of 2friends,army is not made or was not made up of your friends, mbalula might have errored in saying they don’t resign but on the other issues his correct unless uri statistcs general every country has statistics don’t get emotional if you are not involved in the awolist guys

    • I agree with you on those who resign and go to earn an honest living, there is quite a handful, but deserters ring alarms. On the issue of professionals doing odd jobs there the guy has a point and it’s sad we have our graduates reduced to that due to our situation at home. I did an odd job for a year while working on my papers to join the teaching profession and it was bad. That’s about being a foreigner​ anyway.

    • Mdidi wakho Svina hambofela kude nja

  • What statistics and figures did he use and present to accuse us Zimbos? We do have foreigners and Zimbabweans in particular who make a living from commiting crime but the majority work hard for their money. South Africa has always been a criminally violent country from the days of apartheid and way before foreigners started trooping there. They have a culture of violence which was foisted on them by white regime who supplied guns to the different political parties like the Zulu Inkatha Freedom Party to fight the ANC while the ANC also had weapons. These guns ended up being used for commiting robberies and crime. Dont forget they also have guns coming from RENAMO rebels in Mozambique. Mbalula just wanted to humiliate us Zimbos thats why he even mentioned our doctors and engineers who are highly educated and working there as maids and gardeners. Mbalula always gets excitable when in front of a crowd and cameras.

    • mbalula didnt say ‘violence” lyk u stated…he’z talking about criminal activities done by zimboz yeah dats true go to messina broo zimboz are conman doing robbery n evrything….Go to jorbug zimboz are doing prostitution..You cant talk of violence coz zimboz cant stand against the zulu ha ha haha,,,IM A ZIMBA THOUGH

    • Siphuma i dont dispute what you saying for a second. The crimes you are talking about is whats done by ”SOME” Zimbos not by ”MOST” of us. I have been going back and forth to South Africa from the 90s and not once have i done criminal things and so do a lot of other people that i know. I have also come across Zimbos i know and heard of some who do specialise in crime only for a living. The question is should these few bad apples be used as a judgement for the majority who work hard for their money?

    • kkkkkk nah only a few work hard. most of zimboz in SA are criminals,prostitutes, conman etc the list goez on….i dnt blame mbalula for his words he knows that zimboz are desparate

    • Zimbos are crooks guys,everywhere you will find Zim thugs and thieves,especially from Messina to Jo’burg they rob and con people badly……beware oooh!

    • Hamusi kugona BT u are tarnishing the image of innocent zimbos

    • This guy thinks he is a Mr no nonsense you can hear how he is fighting his fellow Ctizenman his common medular is somehow infested with mind brain boaror and blood is soaking away his mind.

  • They always say that

  • minister of microfone and media.

  • I see a lot of guys wearing Zim national army uniform Especially around Johannesburg , we’re are those guys getting military clothes, They are ex soldiers,

    • Imitation army wear is available in clothing shops in SA and lots of people wear this. Am not sure if its legal or not.

    • Innocent Lungani the one I’m talking about is the original, If you look properly there is a difference between the imitation army regalia and the original Zim National Army uniform

    • Ok am not 100% sure of that one boss . But wouldnt someone stick out in a crowd if you were to wear an original army issue uniform? The police would be very suspicious and arrest you am sure. Wearing original army and police issue uniform requires prior approval from the relevant authorities otherwise its illegal.

    • Crime is crime and is done by everyone not only Zimbabweans

    • a trained soldier or police officer does not wear his or her uniform coz that will jeopadize everything….

    • and he doesn’t want to be identified

    • Kkkjjkkkjj they security guards

    • Lungani it’s not a full uniform, you find some guys wearing the jackets or the army trousers, we’re are they getting those millinery clothes,

  • Mbalula was 100% correct, most Zimbabweans in SA are ruthless criminals

    • Its abt our defence forces here..though others commit crime…he shld hve zimbabweans then,than to say zim soldiers.. pointing one particular department z wrng ndokuzosvika pakuda kuedzana masimba..its jss my option!

    • SOME people are involved in crime not MOST! Where are you getting your facts from? Stop painting everyone with the same paint just because of a few bad and rotten apples.

    • Mbalula must die.

    • Kana zviri zvauri usat tese

    • I have been going to SA from the early 90s and not once have i commited a crime there or in Zim. Speak for yourself if you are a criminaly inclined. Those who do crime deserve to be shot.

    • Pple the minister was very clear that SA criminals can be traced but as for Zim criminals it’s difficult. He did not say all ZIMBOS are criminals it’s about tracing the crimals using their finger prints and DNA

  • Racist minister

  • In Durban I was nearly robbed by fellow Zimbabweans and only managed to escape by the grace of God

  • He said ex soldiers not serving members

  • This boy is overy excited my ears heard him very well, silly.

  • Kungoti hake haana proof.. Asi we all knw tt he is correct

    • How can he be correct when there is no proof? This doesnt make sense because even in a court of law you need facts and evidence in order to convict someone who is accused of a crime. If your statement was correct then i can also accuse you of all sorts of things without providing any proof just because i dont like you. Would that be right boss?

  • I agree with him to a certain extend but i really hope he is not concerntrating on Zim criminals leaving his fellow criminal countryman unattended coz he they are going to commit crim knowing that you will say its Zimbabweans , fight crimr from all angles not from one side . Zimbabweans were nevr gonna be able to excute their crime if there was no South African involved . the guns being used . they got them from South Africans ,you will be surprised to know that maybe those Zimbabweans who commit those criminals . thrit big boss is South African . crime is a disease it need to be fought from all angles , Zimbabwean should stop crime coz its painting every Zimbo in a bad way

  • Shop dambu ndoimwe yemaZimba uhmmmm 60%+ yevanobatwa ne kusimudza zvitoro maZimba ( shoplifting)

  • Never mix bad wOrds with anger because you will end up spittiNg bad wOrds of which you won’t be angry forever but you can never have a siNgle chance to replace the words you have said

  • He is right even though I hate to agree. It’s not those ones who ran away from the army alone. Zimbo good in fraud. Those who engage in activities they team up with South Africans and the combination in deadly. Weapons are readily available from his corrupt police officers who sell those confiscated guns. Minister must blame his people because Zimbos don’t cross into SA with guns but they are readily available from his people

  • Mbalula is just a fool

  • Kkkkkkkk.Ndihwo hunhu hwevanhu vakabva ekuYouth League! Hapana zvinozikanwa,look with our own guy ane surname yaKwachu-Kwachu!Same order, they just vomit words

  • The comments by bra Fikile the way I see it he is not worth to be a minister in any way.

  • fuck u mbalula.ask yourself why does UN prefer zim soldiers than SA wn it comes to peace keeping

  • So if this is true y is he apologizing

  • Mbalula needs a spokesperson to lead him

  • You know this issue has been blown out of complex the truth is that when a Violent Crime is committed the South Africans they hire Zimbabweans because of our situation for cheap labour after the loot they don’t demand too much …now here comes the problem when they are caught in the act the South Africans they have got connections to bail them out or pay huge bribes to the police living our brothers with the case that’s when we are caught in the middle but who were the perpetrators South Africans ,guns are being stollen from Police stations who is doing that south Africans ……mwana nherera pamusha ndiye anopomerwa mhosva dzese nedzaasina kupara this is the situation we are in yes Zimbabweans they committee crime like in Park station and other areas but South Africans are dangerous they don’t want to work …biggest hijackers Cape flats is owned by drug Cartels for years but what is he doing…..Mr Raz mattaz this mission is impossible

  • we must engage minister first before we rush into conclusions ,he might be correct or wrong too.

  • own up honourable minister . you were too excited on being appointed minister of police and puffed up with the power of the post. just say that was your grand entrance statement . it was not taken out of context . youu made it ou of context flexing your muscles . a straight apology will not hurt you . be mab enough and apologise .

  • Murume uyu anoda Zimbama reKUNZE KWERUOKO

  • I support Fikile Mbalula.He meant every bloody word he said about Zimbabweans i only disagree with him on the Zim soldiers part,on Zim soldiers he showed ignorance and lack of informed fair knowledge. Also Zimbabweans should learn to behave well when they go to SA.its true that quite a lot of Zimbabweans are involved in criminal activities,this Minister was very correct, he does not need to apologize to anyone.Its also a true fact that any Zimbo who gets murdered in South Africa most times that person would have been killed by a fellow Zimbabwean.So why are we complaining?#WANYA TSOTSI#

    • Where did you get those statistics from…has it been proven to be true?

    • some Zimboz here in Durban are conman some of them go around advertising that they are business man they advertise that they put retaining walls, paving, driveways etc .So when a customer call or when they get clients they convince them that they can get the job done within a few days , one wasn’t lucky though they changed their contact # but still the client was not that biased he was caught n got bitten he almost died (ie Mobeni heights In Durban) the other one got away with 35grand in Ridgeview last week they robbed a minister in that area then all Zimboz in that area were caught by home affairs they said your fellow brothers are thieves so all of you are thieves too

    • True Zimboz we are thugs,crooks,thieves murderers and Zim

    • You sound right bro

  • Mbalula is an idiot.if u watch enca news,u will realize that murder cases are the slogans of the news rooms.these killings are commited by south africans.South Africa has always had a history of high crime.go to hell mbalula.becareful your wife will cheat u wth a zimbabwean soldier…m

    • He was not referring to murder cases but robberries

    • I am reffering to murder cases…if they murder each other everyday wat stops them from commiting other crimes.

  • Leave our ZNA alone

  • Iiar

  • He might be Correct , but Vazhinji vanoita izvi are South Africans

  • Sorry former sports minister.

  • Minister uyu anodaLameck!!!!

  • Whenever the so calledminister of Police is appointed to a new job makes a bad statement so that he gets famous he just wanted those who dont know to know he is now the#Gupta Minister of Police

  • But if u go to jhb the ones who s doing robberies there are zimbabweans but the fact that ex soldiers are criminals its a disgrace towwards the good job done by the zimbabwean soldiers in helping other southern african countries

  • You are a Minister because of Zimbabweans who worked hard to end the evils of apartheid.South Africans enjoy freedom in Zimbabwe ,they are our brothers & sisters .
    High crime rate is caused by the type of settlement ,over crowding in SA is the major cause,you people have no enough land ,just share the farms for resettlement .
    How can people stay over crowded like music on a Compact Disc (CD).

  • Kkkkkk taken out of context by a trigger happy Afrophobic SA Minister.What do you expect from loud,acerbic Minister who serves in foolish,illiterate Zuma’s Cabinet?.

  • This sorry excuse of a govt minister last tact and finesse, all he needed to do was table statistics and let the public draw their own conclusions but the language he used at that press conference sounded like SA was the garden of Eden before those Zim mercenaries descended on his country. For a fact the Zim soldiers are upping the game by going for bigger stakes as compared to the 1000 shop robberies carried out by the crime loving South Africans daily in joburg alone. He spoke like he was talking to kindergarten kids, and his foolishness is coming back to haunt him.

  • Mbalula to hell that’s rubbish. You terrorist. Ok if it is our ex-military let them kill you .you dog

  • Tarnishing image of my country …..terrorist let them kill you

  • Our ministers r way worse than this guy,why we even worry bout a certain SA minister buffles me

  • He is right about soldiers but there government must fix the situation in Zim

  • They tried xenophobia recently against Nigerians at realised they played with fire. Now they are turning against zimbos a soft sport. Can he make such utterances against nigerians who are bizzy selling drugs & running brothelz..he can’t coz he knowz the consequences!!!

  • all the politicians are the same, they always say something and when there is a public outcry, they claim that their statements were taken out of context kkkkk wanya tsotsi

  • Crime is everywhere in SA coz its a free gun state,and ZIM & SA guys team up.

  • Very silly !!

  • He is crazy

  • Soldiers and members of the police who abandoned the service during Gideon Gono bearer cheques are in South Africa. What do think they are doing there? Harvesting grapes?

  • at one time our own caretaker president comented and said us the Kalangas are the ones who comit crimes in SA and some of u labelled him correct. now the SA gorvenment has made its investigation and the outcome says Zim x-soldiers are the ones who desert their military and go to SA to comit crimes and it is labelled morons and foolish . Why crying you foolish people. coz that is reality. you all know it and you are a theiving bunch of hooligans stealing from their own pple. kalangas are peacefull pple they cant even steal a teaspoon.

  • I just want to know if OR tambo airport was robbed by Zimbabweans are who killed that 12yr old boy,The minister must stop pointing fingers and do the right thing which is to fight crime,Thez no need to be a drama queen and just deliver the best results for South Africa

  • That’s why l said l wanted to know

  • Thats what happened when you are just appointed at night when you are sleeping. By the way which ministry did he run successfully

  • Minister in your statement you said you CAN’T TRACE THEM ,my question is if you cant so who told you they are zim ex-soldiers be spesific if you are suspecting .

  • Nothing new here, Zimbabweans are thieves n its thw the truth. Well done Minister. M also from Zimbabwe n i dont feel safe whn m among my fellow country men especially un joburg. Imbavha.

  • Munataura zvamunoziva……busy kumagobo nxa

  • Zimbabwean soldiers are murders. They are only trained to abuse and kill defenceless citizens. They have no regard for human life. Now if they live force its difficult to make a living. My only problem is the minister making a puplic statement as if every zimbabwean is involved these armed robberies. So people will think as if every zimbo is a criminal,not knowing that criminals are only those who once worked as mugabe’s anus lickers.

  • Why is it South africans try to put blame on foreigners when it comes to crime and whatever breaks the law….Mbalula do not try to cover your big mouth……u said it clearly___inja lomuntu

  • Tazz

    My opinion I don’t think there is an issue to call zimbabweans here or which national because we got all nations are thiefs Anenge abatwa nemhosva dzake ngaasungwe chete zvipere government yemuno ngaiite mapurazi vanonoshanda chaiko zvinoitwa kumusha

  • Like all politicians their statements are always taken of context. From Trump, Zuma, Tsvangirai, Zille and many more. Words said wrongly cannot be gathered and boxed.

  • I’ve been and I’m still a fan of RazzMatazz I hope he came to his senses.

  • Diplomatic pressure bearing fruit ?

  • Why backtracking, stick to ur words.

  • Xolani bakwethu uphethwe sishudo somlomo qha

  • I think he smokes nyaope or some other highly intoxicating substance. He is trying to hide behind a finger and blame all the crime in South Africa on Zimbabweans. He forgets that at one time South Africa was declared the most dangerous place on earth outside a war zone. That was way back even before Zimbabwean economic problems.

  • The minister should prove to the zim government with proof and proper statistics. Names should be supplied fo zim gvt to verify at kg 6. or else let him face the law fo tanishing zim image. Moreso , Mbalula is not SA mouth piece…minister of information or minister of foregn affirs

  • Bishop Lazarus – The issue of criminality in South Africa is historical just as the issue of poverty. Black South Africans are poor in a country of plenty and that is the source of criminality not the Zimbabwean army.

  • MukarangawekuMberengwa

    Mazimbo imbavha mhani paJoni hapana damage control yaanofanigwa kuiita enda paHillbrow , Diepslot , Alexandra , Soweto uwone rinokuvuraya sei . Anokuvaraya mavanhu usatamba nawo ronyepa joni zvirikufaya richivurayana munhu . Kunyanya vapfana vakakura vupenyu hwuribho nyika ichakanaka vofunga vaenda kujoni vanonorarama vupenyu hwebling bling hwavaita bambo namai vachishanda

  • Particularly those ex soldiers…..l overheard other Zimbos bluntly lashing out some harsh critics over Mbalulas statement actually he had pinpointed the major factor concerning the issue

  • Ex-Zim military pers a highly professional&continue to b so even in retirement,Many a erking an honest living in e private security sector,demining,farming etc to add on their monthly pensions,as well as international long haul drivers.SA has bn&remains a violent country top in Africa what with reckiless police ministets lke Mbalula,who cant devise methods to curb criminality by playing childish blame game,that chair z too hot fo hs pants,shld resign or better stl b fired.He z a non performer-keep reckilesly running hs mouth,nuff respect to Zim ex-soldiers…..

  • Mbalula go en ask PV Sibanda about his soldiers you know nothing about zim soldiers

  • We are quick to attack the minister ,but in reality there are more Zimbabweans who are in for robberies,murder and many serious crimes in S.A prisons than even S.A citizens that’s not cool, but the minister need to address why are we running away,sevanhu vanotambura dzidzai kunyarara muchatidzingisa,

  • Nxa I hate this Fikile Mbalula

  • He just backtrack cz of his high ministry but he already say de truth those who hv got ears herd arivikwi Shoko in every 3/4 of armed robbery hpn here u find a zimbo there,OR Tambo cash heists der was a zimbo der,Hyde park robery in Jozi cbd dey was zimbo ther den dat one of roodeport dam park wher dey tie two man nd throw them in de dam nd rape their woman they was zimbos der here I just gv exmple of those crime wch caught de public eye wat mo those wch go unnoticed or not reported nd de statics on the SA prison it seems zimbos have got high nmbr than any other foreign country,lets face de truth guys so dat we grow up not just to deny ssmthing we see z true

  • But to be fair,some of us zimboz need counseling.we seem too eager to speak out against what the south african government says or does,kwaaaa.come on guys let’s sort our own economy and leave this Mbalula alone.we got no rights in SA

  • He does not qualify for that office confused man

  • Mbalula is just a can full of worms,if he is saying it ex Zim soldiers robbing banks,wer do they get those guns from???? Lastly empty tins make a lot of noise and all we need is results not noise Mr Minister of sports and police

  • And it’s happening in our own back yard yet we continue to deny

  • Imhata iyo

  • Mbalula is supporting crime out of his words, he must just do his work & fight crime. A lot of South Africans have been caught in drug smuggling into other countries can the minister say its Zimbabweans?

  • Uneducated & useless minister