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My Open Letter To Febbie Musuka

By Jean Gasho | JeanGasho.com |

Dear Febbie

Yesterday I was made aware of a video going viral on social media about a man called Lameck. He gate-crashed a funeral of a woman who had been a mother in law to his daughter. He stopped the whole funeral and chose to speak ill of the dead, declaring boldly that the dead woman had a cruel heart and was wicked to his daughter and grandchild. He poured out his heart about a particular dehumanising treatment of his beloved daughter by the deceased where she urinated in a jug and poured the urine on his beloved child. He expressed that he was angry that the evil woman had died and that he would have loved to finish with her whilst she was still alive because God had taken her too soon before his precious daughter was vindicated.

Jean Gasho
Jean Gasho

When I watched the video, I did not laugh like what some are doing, but I thought of you Febbie. It was that moment when I wished I also had someone in my life like Lameck. The video brought back some deep painful memories of not one year, not two years but of 12 years of my life.

I was raised in a culture where when you get married you are at the mercy of your in-laws, especially the mother-in-law. So I was at your mercy for 12 whole years. You had the right to treat me however you wished, and no one challenged you. I had to fight for your love, and praise you in public even when you were cruel to me.

But when I watched Lameck and his anguish over his mistreated daughter, I realised that there are some scars that can never fade. The pain may dimish over years, but the scars will always be there. When Lameck was pouring his heart out, telling the whole world that the woman who was dead was indeed an evil woman.  I said to myself that I will not speak ill of the dead.  But I will speak ill of the living according to their deeds and proclaim on the rooftop what they did in private.

I know you come across as the most God fearing woman on earth. You go to church faithfully every Sunday. You speak in tounges. You love to give testimonies of how much you fast. You are always boasting about how much tithes you pay.  But today I want to speak about those little things you did to me when no one was watching. The little things that made me think life was not worth living.

When I came to Zimbabwe to get married, you refused to welcome me into your home. Instead, you ran away,  saying you could never face me and left me a white chicken to kill and eat. Some say it’s voodoo, but I do not know why you gave me that chicken or what that was about. It was surely spooky. The day I was supposed to do the customary rituals of cleaning your house, you woke up at 4 am and told me never to touch your broom, your pots or anything that belonged to you.

I went back to the UK and thanked God I did not have to live with you.  But my freedom was short-lived, for, within months of coming back to the UK, you left Zimbabwe and migrated to England for good. This was to mark the beginning of living hell on earth, where a week would not pass by without me curling into a corner to cry.

Febbie you are the most wicked woman I have ever known. You hated me with a vengeance and I will never know why. You took advantage of your mother-in-law status and used it in full force on me. Even the environment of modern England could not protect me from your claws. You had your whole family behind you and that gave you power. I lived this reality for 12 years. I was only 19 years old when I got married. I was only but a child, but you had no mercy. The way you treated me was as if you had no daughters of your own or you did not know the pain of childbearing.

You often called me ugly. You said I was too tall and you hated tall people. You would often refuse to eat my food, accusing me of being a witch, even though I was just but a child. Where would I have learnt to be a witch? At my graduation, you told your relative to slap me, remember? Your daughters would turn the whole community against me. If I had a friend, within weeks the friend would be best friends with your daughters. You would even get close to my friends and turn them against me.

I was forced to go to family gatherings where I would have no one to talk to. I would cook and have my food shunned. I would be forced to listen to you throw abuse at me in front of everyone. I was mocked and laughed at by your daughters.

You called my children ugly, your own grandchildren.  Each time I gave birth I would dread you coming to see my new-born because you would not have a single kind word to say about my children.  That hurt a lot because my children are beautiful.

In public, I made out you were the best mother-in-law. I would praise you and buy you gifts. I hoped that if I did that, you would accept me and love me, but that was not even enough to soften your heart towards me.

After 12 years of dehumanising treatment from you Febbie and your three daughters, which almost took me to the grave, I got to the point where I said enough is enough and had to fight back. You got a shock of your life on that day, because I was no longer the timid girl that you could say anything to. I told you to your face to leave me alone. Remember that day Febbie? I know you remember it like yesterday. You didn’t like it, did you? And you called me a witch again. I thank God that was the last day I ever saw you.

You then called the ambulance with your daughter Gertrude. You told the British paramedics that I was mad and I should be sectioned under the mental health act.  You did this to humiliate me in front of the whole church just because I had stood my ground. But the paramedics saw through you that day. You wanted my children to be taken into care, and they saw what an evil mother-in-law you were. As I sat there, they told me never to trust you, or leave my children unattended in your care. I took their advice, that is why from that day you called the ambulance you have never seen my children again.

Febbie  I will not wait till you die to say this. There is no Lameck to vindicate me on your grave. Let those who worship Zimbabwean culture throw stones at me, but even in your heart you know what you used to do to me, and those things I could not even write, remember the night you visited me?

I write with freedom because today, my children are loved by a people who are not even their own. Oh, how blood is overrated. The children you used to hate are adored by a woman who has a heart of gold. Today I have a mother-in-law who cares about my children. I have a mother-in-law who calls me to cheer me up.

I have brothers in law who will defend me when someone dares speak ill of me. I have a sister-in-law who puts my picture as her profile picture because she is so proud of me. Today I have a people I belong to, who have accepted me and the beautiful children you hated and despised. Oh, and how they are now thriving in an environment of Ghana love.

So when I say I love Ghana, and I am no longer Zimbabwean, I say so boldly because Ghana is where my broken heart was healed.  In Ghana I have found rest for the soul you tormented for 12 years.

So yes, I will not wait till you are dead Febbie, for I have no Lameck to vindicate me on your grave.

I did shed a tear or two when I was writing this, but at the end, I am smiling, almost laughing.

Who knows maybe this is the day that my scar will not hurt anymore. Maybe that lump on my throat that comes every time you come in my memory will never come again. I don’t ever want to have nightmares of you Febbie. So woman to woman, I have sang the song loudly of what you did to me, it is my song too,  and I know you will read this.

Oh and by the way, I know you think that I am. You always said I was, but I am not mad Febbie, I am just a woman.

Yours no longer at your mercy

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  • Wafa wanaka nomatter how cruel,its up to God to judge.

    • Hakuna iyoyo chokwadi ngachitaurwe sezvazviri

    • Ndiyani akadero???????

    • Lameck wants money

    • Phiri watanga futi

    • uku hakuzi kuita judge. Lameck haana kuti amai ava vakuenda kudenga or kugeyena. akangotaura hunhu hwavo and it’s still up to God to judge. know the diff between judging and telling the truth veduwe

    • Yes anoida mari
      Kumusha kwenyu hakuna inonzi damage ne maintainance

    • Munhu akafa asina kuroora hazvirevi kuti haacharoori ,anotoroora
      Mhosva hairove

    • Mukwasha wacho ngaaroorezve hanti ndiye akaitisa mwana wavo mwana here ?

    • But kutaura chokwadi hakuna kuipa

    • Mhuu

      the law allows to sue a deceased, saka hapana afa anaka.

  • Powerful

  • Hmm touching story.

  • Ko aidii kuenda achiri mupenyu omuudza kuti agadzirise hunhu hwake.

  • I think that guy was ryt and why pretend muroi muroi chero afa

    • she cant defend herself so whats to stop him from lying?

    • Is he not guilty of the same crime/sin?

    • The relatives tried to pacify him they knew the truth/that what the gentleman said saw true. Let the truth bd told and others learn from it i say!

  • when an evil man dies we mourn the death of man and celebrate the death of evil..for man when he came from God he was clean and only met evil on birth..

  • Forgive and you’ll be healed.Leave everything in God’s hands.

  • Eish some women are evil.

  • Febbie you are evil

    • Mukaranga wekwa Gutu

      the loudest thing in this statement is your silence on the role the person responsible for your defence (your husband)

    • Mukaranga wekwa Gutu

      the loudest thing in this statement is your silence on the role the person responsible for your defence (your husband)

  • I applaud this man who called a spade a spade ,there is a social norm that promotes hypocrisy at funerals why speak good about a person infront of people when inside u are burning with anger,well wavhura vanhu maziso Lameck .why shower the dead with praises as if they hear them .#respect#theliving#not the dead#

    • True

    • Kubva pawakazvarwa apa ndipo pawataura chokwadi

    • Have you bothered to hear the womans side of the story?

    • What am simply saying is people have a tendency to portray dead people as saints when in actual fact they were monsters ,why shud we be afraid of the dead .well on the other hand Lameck shud not have waited to show his anger to a corpse whilst he cud have resolved the issue when she was still alive .well l just loved his bravery breaking the so called chivanhu which is mere necromancy worshipping of the dead .why wait for my death to praise me when u can’t do it when am still alive .no dead person will be reading all those l miss u notes#burial of hypocrisy @ funerals#Lameck #game changer kkk

    • memo.i hear u but ukafumura munhu afa how do we know its true?

    • Joanne Joanne it takes a lot of guts for one to stand and say a lie in front of all those people ,and if it were a lie l believe he cud have been pushed away ,and no one dared to challenge him coz they knew of their sons and late moms shenanigans

    • @ Joanne even zvikwereti zvinorehwa wani parufu tichibvuma asi anonga achiziva chokwadi ndiani

    • Chikwadi ichokwadi ,chero chikagwadza asi shoko harivhikwe ,munhu anoenda nemabasa ake saka mabasa ake ngaamuperekedze kwete zviya zvokunatsa afa kana Jesu akarovererwa achipomherwa nemha uyu hake afa ega ngachitaugwe sezvazviri handiti akazviita pasi pezuva naizvozvo ngazvitaugwe pasi pezuva kudenga ndiye anenge atanga kutungamira saka kutofana mukanganisirwi achisara ,dai vaienderana kudenga taiti vainopedzerana kana kuti dai akatanga kufa ari iye mukanganisirwi taiti ainofanomumhan’arira kuna Mwari ,zvisinei to my bro nyakutadzirwa ngavakangamwire kuregerera chinhu chakanaka

    • still if accusing someone of something u have to hear the other side kana afa it seems u r taking advantage cause they cant defend themselves

    • Lameck kutvsaga mbiri either arikuda kuenda kubig brother ,or ane kasong kaakanyora kakuda kuburwa or kadrama nekuti nyaya yake ndeyekutsvaga mbiri chete imagine nhasi kukadzi new drama rino Lameck ndiyani vanhu vese varikuti lameck ahwinha kkkk

    • Zvishoma izvi

    • They is nothing wrong by so doing.he was hurting for so long. He wanted to be free. I salute such bravery


    • Lameck is ryt.

    • ngaende ngaende nekuti idhodhi dai achifa rwepiri angadai lameck ataura zvimwe sekut vairoya munhu kudira munhu weti zvakaoma musati vafa vanka kwete kuti chete kubasa raaita rapera zvapera afa hatichamuoni ndosaka achinzi akanak mo noo or nomore

    • Ndiri hure zvangu asi nyoro handitange.Lameck’s daughter has another child whose father is not known.She needs some sex education that lady.Unosvirwa mahara,nyoro,haugutswe uku wopihwa mimba inozorombwa.Hure ndiani iwe unosvirisa mahara neni hangu ndinopatengesa ndichiwana mari?Kusvirirwa Thank You here asikana.Aihwa ngatingwarei.Iye murume angakurespecta here kana wavakuita wekuteera kumba kwake vamwe vachibvisirwa pfuma.Haana mari,haagone kusvira uku anokuhurira.Ndokunzi ndine imba ikoko?Zvirinani ndive wacho waanohura naye achindipa mari pane kuva wacho waanohurira.Mwana waLameck ngaauye kuno atijoine kutengesa mhata pane kuswera achigovera mahara mhani

  • Akatadza kupedzerena naye achiri mupenyu ozoda kuwawata munhu afa zvobatsirei manje

  • Col a spad a spad

  • Even vamwe unonzwa achiti mugabe ari rite hee west asi iye achitambura chinjai maitiro maitiro chinjai vote Morgan R Tsvangirai 4 oresident

    • Marasika big Mike tirikutaura nezveuyo parufu

  • Following…

  • Mind Adam achiri ega akañga asina chivi bt coz of eve

  • Mind Adam achiri ega akanga asinà chivi chivi chakauya navahosi Eve
    .so if àll women were good God would have 1 like u

  • Lameck chimdara

  • It would be interesting to also hear the mother in law’s side of the story. After all Jean Jane Gasho did cheat on this Febbie’s son with her pastor.

    Either way if the Febbie did half of the stuff she did then she’s a nasty piece of work. Perhaps that’s what drove her daughter into Masocha’s arms?

    • How do u know that????

    • She bedded Masocha.I used to belong to the church

    • The subject is the relationship between a daughter in law and a mother in law; nothing else. This mother in law failed big time. She 100% qualifies to be called a witch.

      • Mhuu

        Who determines and restricts matters to a subject. don’t try to subdue others when they say what they know. pple are free to speak out..leave the cheap mentality of restricting pple to topics…if its a fact Jean and Masocha did it let it be be publicised……

    • Nikkuv you tagged the wrong person….please check and correct. The author of that piece is Jean Gasho, not Jane Gasho….please check and correct

    • Thanks I updated it. My apologies Jane Gasho

    • @ Hiltom how was she her mother in law when she didn’t accept her

    • Hede..interesting!

    • Am not surprised that whenever a woman publicly speaks of the abuse she suffers there is always that one person ready to drag her image and dignity down with a bucket

    • With a bucket of accusations distracting people from the real problem

    • Siphosethu isn’t familiar with Gasho’s attention seeking ways.Did you read the article?

    • Yes

  • Lameck told the truth, the woman was wicked. Zvenyu zvekupenga izvo zvekuti afa anaka. Anakiswa nani? Your deeds will follow you to the grave.

    • he should have exposed her arimupenyu kuti azvi defend!

    • But there he says vafa vasati vapedzerana meaning he cud hve talked to him when she was still alive.

    • Mukoma Nyika mataura idi chairo apana munhu anonaka afa mabasa ako unenge unawo ,ndivo vanozobaka zvipoko

    • to me i think he did it at a right tine coz hama dzemukadzi uyu dzaivapo dzese including maParents ake saka that was the right time & he showed the whole community kuipa kwamai ava. chaakasiya was kudirawo wet mai ava yawaidira mwana wake kkkkkk.

  • He is right…..i support his move not kuita zinatsa afaa….that woman was wicked

  • but pakuzotinyima lumo apa isu tachera guva manje

    • Kwaaaa apa manga matanga kuchera na5am,pavhu rakaoma futi…hakuna munhu akadai 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Some mother in law are evil, ini zii zvangu mxxm😕😕😡😴

  • anayo video yacho ngaandpo..0783669509

  • We won’t take one side as the gospel truth.Never.Some people are just looking for attention

    • Hauna mwana iwewe dai wakabereka wainzwa kurwadza kwazvo sa Lameck .vana vaunavo ndofunga vakauya me mukadzi

  • Learn to let it go

  • Lameck is wrong.He was the one who chased his daughter away when she fell pregnant.Aida kuti mwana iyeye ayende kunogara mumba mani??Aida kuti ani atambire mwana waakadzinga?We are told kuti musikana nemukomana vakagara musango for a week before Lameck took his daughter back in.Kugara musango kwemusikana uyu kunoratidza kuti ayitya kudzokera kumba kwavo.You can not just pitch up at another woman’s house uninvited uchiti ndauya kuzogara.Lameck was not at the funeral to have his say on the mother in law.He was there to embrass the family and hopefully pressurize them into paying him damages.Why didn’t he bring up this issue when the mother was alive so that she could defend herself??We can not hear one side of the story and take that as the gospel truth.Once Lameck recieves damages all will be forgiven and forgotten.In this day and age haudzinge mwanasikana just because abata pamuviri.He is bitter kuti mwanawangu akaiswa asi ini hapana chandakawana.Why did he give that family 48 hours and threatened to kill them after that??48 hours to do what?

    • Monobvepi mkuru ?

    • Munhu akakudira weti unoita sei? Kana kuweterwa nemunhu mutoilet deliberately kwete zveaccident?? One side one side one side chii chacho? Ndimi monyepera vanhu parufu muchiti mufi anga akanaka iye yaiva mhondi inozivikanwa.!!!!! Urikunzwa tsitsi asi ndiwe umwe wevakadira mwana weti?

    • Saka mwana akaita nhumbu pamba unongotarisa? Unoziva chinonzi kutizira here iwe?

    • Phiri sit down

    • Ende washaya.asi une hukama nevekwaTumba.

    • Wakaipa phiri

    • Phiri why did the boy also spend a week achigara mupark, what was he doing he doing there with the girl adzingwa nababa vake kumba kwavo as you are saying?

    • Unotizira mukomana ane pake kwete kuda kunogara pamba pemumwe mukadzi by force.Hapasi pamba pake kana pemukomana wake.Mukomana akanga akatochengetwawo.The very second she was told to leave she was supposed to leave.Manje iye akaita nharo ndokurarapo.Amai kumuka kuseni wanike iya ari kutorambira pamba pavo.Ndokudira wet and told her to fuck off.Kana baba vako vasingakude saka unoti isu ndisu tingakugone.Lameck had no right to decide on a home that was not his.The mother did very well and defended her territory from nzenza dzaida kuita zvemahumbwe.Well done.Afunga zvenyoro ngaitire pake aine twake not in someone else’s home

    • Masvikiro ayakaita pamba paamai ava nekuda kurambirapo aive ekudherera.

    • Phiri mai vako vakaroorwa zvekutizira and your language tells a lot, there should be a mixture of different sperms on you meaning kuti that Phiri surname is not yours. You know chihure chaizvo because you started seeing it uri mudumbu raamai vako and until now you are surrounded by whores, your mother, sisters and the one you live with semukadzi wako. The kids you have wakapomerwawo saka allow them to go find their fathers. If I’m lying then you are also lying..sit down

    • iye paakarara nemwana wevaridzi aifunga kuti arikunyenga pasi. Burashit wake namai vake .Lameck wakagona.

    • Kkkk Richard Mudyanduna wadzikisa gejo

    • Phiri ndakuona…uriPHIRI zvechokwadi….

    • Phiri you have some issues beginning to think you might have some mummy or daddy issues

    • Amai was fair.Vakadzinga vese.Vakadzingawo wavo madzingirwo akaitwa musikana kwavo.Kudzinga kwakatangwa naLameck

    • kkkkkkkkk Richard sando dzako 👊

    • Phiri mira zviitirwe mwana wako ndokuti uzvinzwisise kurwadza kwazvo

    • phiri mangwana chiri kwako ko vakamudirirei weti ,lameck is right anga tambire mimba ngaende kumuridzi la.aphiri anabwela munaproblem lol

    • Kana wadzinga mwanasikana wako uchiti haudi zvechihure pamba pako unenge uchiti anoda zvechihure pake ndiani??The days of chasing girls away just because they fell pregnant are long gone.Dai ari mwanakomana amotisa Lameck angadai akadzinga here.Mommy followed his example.Hoo wadzinga aihwa nesu tinodzingawo.Kana wati haudi tsvina kwako ufunge kana nesu hatidi tsvina kwedu.Lameck is a bully who thought the family would dance to his tune and do what he wanted.The mother showed him that we fight fire with fire.Maaitiro ayakazviita ndeekudherera.Ukuuya kuzowawawata parufu Minister of Defense vashaya.Mbwende.He couldn’t do that when she was alive

    • Amai vakagona wena.Kana wadzinga nesu tinodzingawo.Unozochemei kuti akadzingwa uriwe wakatanga kudzinga??

    • weti yemukadzi yakazara ropa then wodira mumwe munhu then someone support it without shame. kana ukahuraya mai apa zvonzi wahuyaraya mai or muroi

    • ,l think Phiri ndewehukama namai vewet avo

    • Phiri please stop justifying yourself coz urikutowedzera kutaura dondo kkkkkkk

    • I don’t think kuti Phiri James Gordon you understand how painful it is kumitisirwa mwana, maybe you’re just a teenager involving yourself in adult issues

    • Haungatsvairire marara ako mudandare remumwe and expect that person kuti anyarare.These days kumitiswa kwevasikana is so common zvekuti hapana chinoshamisira pana Lameck apo.Tit for tat.Dzinga ikoko.Zvika svika kuno tinodzingawo bhururu.Mwana paakadzingwa kwake haana kuita nharo akazoda kuita nharo pamusha usiri wababa vake

    • Dr Mbombalo

      Kudzinga mwana because she is pregnant is primitive.I agree with you 100%.Yes ndatizire asi akasatambirwa tora welcome her back.

  • Lameck poured out his proper Eulogies 😂truth must be told ,a Spade is a spade not a Big spoon

  • Akashaya anomuzvambaradza mhani…..gwara remunhu akatadza nei kuvaudza vari vapenyu.Dai akambouya kwedu mungadai murikunyora zvimwe

    • Ndozvandaona
      aifanira kurohwa Ndofunga aivatya Mai ava ,ndivo vavakidzani vaya vano chiva zviri pa next door vototuma vana vavo kuti roorwa kwa nhingi tigodya nxah .

    • Inga zvripachena wani kt ndiye akauraya mai ava

    • imi hamuna kuitirwa zvaakaitirwa saka its hard to understand his feelings..to me akataura nehasha.when u are angry u can say anything..kunyarara kwaakaita pakutanga aida kuti mwana wake azvare zvakanaka.pamwe aida kuzopedzerana nawo pawaizouya wachiti mwana wedu uyo akazvarwa.only God took her before it happens.

  • Lameck ndomurume maswera taura shit akatokwana pama monya ipapo udza vangu chokwadi kwete kuswera kutenderera

  • Sando kuna Lameck .ndorufu rwekutanga pataurwa chokwadi pamusoro pe mufi .kwese kwatinoenda kunongonzi mufi angaakanaka

  • Phiri James Gordon taura chokwadi usakuridzire zvakaipa #Lameck akarwadziwa dayi uri iwe wayi fara nazvo kumitisirwa mwana wako mai ava muroyi

  • Aripo here pa Facebook Febbie Musuka 🤣🤣🤣

  • If you really watched the video you could have noticed that the guy actually went too far when he said” muchapera mese kana musakandiripa” as if he had something to do with the woman’s death. At least saying the truth about inhuman behaviours of some people isn’t bad but making some death threats in the process isn’t a good idea. I ended up having some thoughts that maybe the guy practices witchcraft and the woman was aware of it thats why she didn’t aprove the relationship between her son and the girl in question but the girl because she new of her father’s wizardry she bulldozed her way into the family. Taunting the woman so that if she retaliates the father would intervine and fix the lady. Of course that is my view

    • Ndati kuda ndini ndega ndakazvinzwa
      anoda kuroorerwa mwana wa Lameck ndiani ?ndiswere zvangu ndakupiwa 48 hrs ane kudyire Lameck uyu ,mai ava kuramba muroora vaiziva hunhu hwa baba vake.

    • hez double stupid y ddnt he withdrew hz daughter frm da abuse

    • Weather ane witchcraft or its just karma, amwene was wrong…… munhu kana amitisa shld take the responsibility….tanzwa nekuchengeteswa vazukuru vananababa vapenyu….Amwene was wrong, she did not behave semukadziwo akaroorwavo mumusha mevamwe

    • Amwene vaita sei ? Where was murume wacho why not take musikana mono loja.

    • Muone kuti vanoku vingaiikoko here?

    • Just because musikana aita nhumbu does not mean amai should take responsibility. Iko kamwana kake kahure kaivhurira makumbo munhu asina pekugara kozoda kundopa ani mutoro. Kaifanirwa kugara kupark kwakakaitira nhumbu. Although wakatadza pakudira weti but she was right kuvadzinga pamba pawo.

    • Tsano ndibvunzewo mune mwana musikana kana hanzvadzi here???? Ndirimurumewo how many good girls watinorara navo tivmchivanyebera kuti tinovaroora…..kubata nhumbu out of wedlock does not mean ihure n nhumbu haiitwe nemunhu 1….stop supporting wrong behaviour…..amwene deserved the disgraceful funeral she received….I wish all vanatezvara vaka behaviour saLameck…..ana amai vanopembedza hunhu hwakaipa hunoitwa nevana vavo vanosvota….kana munhu amitisa ngaatakure responsibility including dzinza rake rese shld help out bcoz muzukuru achazvarwa ndevawo

    • Amos Chikonde you on point. Tsano Trueman Ngwaru Madzivadondo varikuti rasikei. Vachiri kuona sepwere.

    • Wataura trueman Lameck uyo anezvaakatakura Zvekuzotuka munhu asisagone kupindura izvi tinova suspicious. As Zimbabweans we suffer from one of the most evil diseases that can afflict a human being…we always judge people based on 1 version of the story. Thats just so stupid, since Every story has two sides. In this case the other side is not here to present its version.

    • Kana munhu anyeperwa haana kubhinywa. So munhu wese is answerable kumhosva yake. So mai ava wanokwana papi panhumbu iyi. Are you guys implying kuti mubereki anotongerwa mhosva ye mwana komana akura here? Kana mwana akaita misikanzwa yake ini ndambomuyambira kuti asaite anozvionera ega. And i stand by that. Mwana wandinotongerwa mhosva yake mwana ari a minor. And point of correction hakuna musikana akadzikama asikateerere wabereki. Kusatoteerera wabereki kutaridza kuti inhubu. Haikona kudya poison nekunyara hama warume.

    • #truemam mai havasi kutongerwa yemwana asi yavo….ye weti.saka asara ari mai wacho ane ‘weti case’ na Lameck,waona manje??

    • trueman dont justfy evil deeds with death amai ava vanga vasina moyo wekubereka dai vakatora mwana vakamupa pekurara ,vangani vatorwa vatinogamuchira mumisha yedu tichivabata zvakanaka but vari vapfuuri what more uyu anouya achiti ndave wemumusha muno .zvavakaita its inhuman lameck has the right to be angry

    • #AmosChikondeBlessedMutoti thank you so much varume…zvakaitwa namai ava kana chiri chokwadi yaifanira kuitwa police case…kudira munhu mutundo hahahaahaha guys musanyeperane manzwa

    • the most important thing kuti vana vanodanana here ….it does not matter kuti mwana adanana nemwana wemuroyi,mbavha,e.t.c…..this lady went too far

    • Lameck kana ane huroyi ngaafambe, ndoo nzira bedzi yekugadzirisa mapenzi. Toita zvakaipa toda kuzoisa chinamato mukati nenzira yekuda Kuregererwa. Kusvika varipa mhosva ngavaende 1>1. Ndo chivanhu chedu ungadire mumwe munhu mutundo. Vaifanira kuita wekuudza kuti pano haugari, that’s why tine vanhu vakawanda vanozviuraya nenhunhu, kuvabereki kunenge kusingagarike kweakupa nhumbu wodirwa mutundo.

    • Trueman Ngwaru Madzivadondo mai handiwo wanoramba muroora. Waifanirwa kudzinga mwanakomana. “Muchapera mose kana musakandiripa” was said out of anger

    • Trueman Ngwaru Madzivadondo you are 100% right I agree with u.Lameck une chokuita nefuneral yamai ava

    • Guys ini zvandinoita kwangu ndeizvi. I tell my son kuti go to school siyana nevasikana because ukamitisa musikana isikashande unozvionera. Ndikaona kuti mwana komana wangu aita musikana despite my warning ndinoenda kumusikana wacho ndomuudza kuti kana wadanana nemwana wangu don’t expect me to be responsible of your pregnancy if it occurs without my approval. Ende iwo wasakanditeerera wanozvionera kana zvaitika saizvozvo. And i put my foot down. Because kune twusikana mumisha umu twekuti mukomana wese arikudzidzira kunyenga ndipo paano tangira and in some cases vakomana they end up as care takers of such social misfits. Chakashaishwa namai ava kudira musikana weti chete. Asi zvimwe munhu unoita nehasha. Zvakangofanana nekurova munhu haungotangi nekurova munhu asi nekugumbuka unoguma warova munhu.
      Panevarikuti ndiri wrong pane asati amborova munhu mbama here?

    • Trueman pama comments ese andaverenga ndiwe wega uri uri spot-on👏👏👏👏👏👏. In as much as he did right by pouring out his heart he went to far ipapo pama threaths and it now seems as if its now a financial matter ndiri kuinawo sekuti he is now extorting.

    • Chero kwakaitika zvinengei kuzotaura parufu hapana zvazvinobatsira. Uye muiti wacho hapachina. Kutaura kana kunyarara zvakafanana.

    • pachokwadi mai ava vanga vasina kunaka ungarare hope pane munhu akatakura nhumbu yemwana wako panze kwaedza womudira weti yawarara uchiita mubucket then wafa poita vanhu vanopupura kuti anga aine mwoyo wakanaka hakuna zvakadaro

    • Ahh Nancy Mhirizhonga watii? Kunyarara? Hama ndidzo dzinoripa…a certain man died and he was into debt the people said it at the funeral that he owe us money…they did not keep quiet because he was no longer there. They said it live so that all the relatives know what happened… The wife later paid all that he owed.

    • Chokwadi ngachitaurwe zvachiri..wafa wanaka kuita sei kwacho vanga vane huiipi mai ava….wel done Lameck wadzidzisa tese nevechidiki kuitira mangwana pachaitawo boyz dzedu mhosva..mutundo haudirwe munhu maya

    • hezvo ko munongoona hunhubu hwemusikana ko hwemwana wamai ava waitwa newachoam aita vese mahure mai vafanira kuvasiya vazvionere kana vachidzinga vodzinga vese

    • If he practiced witchcraft the Lady angadai akafa long back, check that muzukuruzs age..Lameck was just a bitter man and some of the words just came out

  • Vanhu vavekunganwa hunhu vakomana. Yes I know kuti Lameck was very bitter nezvaakaitirwa mwana wake but pachivanhu chedu we don’t speak ill parufu no matter what. Chivanhu chedu we respect the dead no matter what differences or grievances we might have had pavainge vari vapenyu. Blazo ava vakadii kumira kuti Mai vavigwe zvakanaka then after that vozotaura nyaya yavo kumba after the funeral. Muchinda uyu akatotaridza hubharanzi hwake. Don’t encourage such bevahiour hachisi chivanhu chedu.

    • Imbomira iwewe chakaipa chakaipa

    • ahhh ukutii ko iwe nxa

    • Asi chivanhu chinotendera amwene kudira muroora weti here…kwanai hama

    • Akaona achidirwa weti ndiani?

    • Msikana anogona akaona kuti kumba hakuchaindiki akati regai ndinyepe anoziva kuti baba vake i benzi.

    • no he was right vanhu mastupeti

    • Ndosaka Mugabe achirikutonga ,inyaya idzodzi dzekurova imbwa takaviga mipini,let the truth be told,I’m also a victim of child abuse,mkoma wangu akarohwa nebanga na mainini mumsoro akafamba from kwekwe to gweru ane 8years achidya shiri muroad , whole week achitsvakwa,women are wicked

    • Ko kudira munhu weti chivanhu chedu here?

    • He was going to talk to her but instead she died.
      What was said seems to be true so should Lameck commit suicide because of his grievances.
      The truth should always be said no matter where that’s the reason people have to mind boundaries on abusing someone’s child. If she was not happy about her why didn’t she tell her son not to propose her. If it was me I could have done the same. If a person wants respect that person should also respect others.

    • Guys we don’t really know the full story. Ehe vamwene kuzodira mwana weti nekuvararisa panze apo vakashaisha. Asi iye Lameck wacho he is no angel hanzi akadzinga mwana kumba akamborara musango. Kana ari munhu kwaye zvii izvozvo. We just don’t have the full facts kuti tizive nyaya yose in full, the woman is not with us to tell us her side. I’m no saying she is an angel though.

    • Chivhanu chedu also dictates kuripa mhosva kana matadza. 2 years no effort of communication on their part maids kuti tezvara vafambire mari yedamage? We can’t choose to be cultural when it suits us. Lameck agona chose.

    • Again pachivanhu chedu Lameck was correct kudzinga mwana vake kuti aende kumuridzi wenhumbu…..amwene was 100% wrong…….munhu kana amitisa ngaatakure mutoro wake

    • Mwari pindirai vanhu vaye vatanga timene hatingazvigone.

    • Chivanhu chipi iwe lameck akataura chokwadi

    • Mwana wako akadirwa urine unofara here .ipapo parufu ndopanoita

    • Chivanhu chinoti ripai mhaka ipere,Rameki akapa vanhu more than enough time vakati izengenene ivo vari ivo madzenga.apa ngavachiita chivanhu vasati vapera rumwe rumwe.two years hadzaitosvika dai Rameki asina kuvanyara.Aya anonzi MARECOVERY anoitwa yese yese,bhurukwa rebenzi.kutombofunura ganda rekumeso,pfeee muhomwe,WOMIRA PAMAMONYA IPAPO ! Its payback time,kana mufirimu chaimo,recovery inoforongonya kunge Rameki.

    • chivanhu munochidakurarisa munhu panze nekudira munhu mvura dzemukati medumbu chivanhu to hell

    • Rameck imboko anorambidza vanhu sadza nekutaura munhu afa,monya inorwisa munhu ari mupenyu,ndaimupa sando dai akaendera mai ava varivapenyu

    • Receive Mutandwa clearly u have brains that works…thank you!

    • Dai ari wako akadirwa urine waipa speech yokutii,tiudze in brief.

    • I wont respect “chivanhu” if it doesnt respect the truth. Why would pple queue-up to say “Mai ava vaiva nemoyo wakanaka”, idzo dziri nhema. A lying culture is a bad culture and has to be changed. Munhu ngaavigwe nemabasa ake. We need a culture that encourages the truth. We need to learn from other pple’s lives if we are to be better pple. We learn from the good and the bad, given the consequences.

    • Pasadza chete ndipo paakakanya. Vamwe tanga tatofa nenzara kare. Otherwise munhu ngaangotaurwa chero afa.

    • Akatoita bhooo mu face uya coz haunga dire weti munhu just image iri sister yako yadirwa weti wainzwa sei iye she was accepted paakarorwa but iye anoda kurambidza vamwe she was was bad person l believe

    • chivanhu chipiko unenge hama yamai awa iwe..kuchine chivanhu mukore uno.ivo vakatadza neyi kuita chinhu chekuramba nhumbu than kurarisa mwana panze nekuzomudira wet after..ini ndakararirswa panze ndatizira mhuri yeyese iri mumba yakarara..mbavha dzichipfuura ..ko dai ndakapondzwa..only kuti it was not amai wemurume wakadaro.zvorwadza izvozvo..my mother wakapenga wanditora wakandichichengeta nenhumbu iyoyo.

    • Chivanhu ichocho chakadhakwa and must fall

  • Lets bear in mind there are vana amwene frm hell,and there r daughter in laws frm hell too,but wht im very sure of,nothing drives anybody into someo es arms except plain freaking lust,

  • hez 100% correct

  • Sharon Gutu- Ndebele

  • Lameck is right… Iye akati kana munhu akafa u have to talk abt zvakanaka chete zvaaiita ndiyani…. Ngazvitaurwe. Zvese nehuyipi hwemunhu…. Kana amwene vaiva ne hutsinye ngazvifumurwe vamwe vadzidze

  • yes yes akagona mface uyu

  • He chose the wrong place to put his complaint. He was wrong

  • Chivanhu cheyi handiti makati tirikuenderana nenguva.mutakati ngayende achiziva kuti mutakati

  • Wicked woman

  • Team Lameck

  • i respect dat man ,he is a true gentleman ,

  • alex katsane

    just read the first 5 lines then my guise was right – you always turn everything to be about you

  • Febbie is an evil woman

  • Shona culture is strange to me

  • Thats animal behaviour. My condolences.

  • Pane chimwe chokwadi chisina hunhu don’t forget the saying which says afa anaka. He aired out his grievance at the wrong place. Even kuchirungu vanoti respect the dead. Dai akamira munhu aka vigwa then ozotaura nyaya yake

    • There is nothing to respect at all my friend

    • Munhu aiva atovigwa paya cz aitonongedza guva

    • Saka kudira muroora weti ndoo hunhu

    • Respect e dead chii ivo vaidirei mwana wemumwe weti.ipapo panhamo panoita i salute lameck

    • Vakamudira mutundo nekuti ndizvo zvaakanga ajaira zvekutundirwa

    • Zvinonzi musapupurira zvakaipa kuti zvakanaka zvaiitwa nemufi nemiwo muchatongwa nazvo

    • respect lol wangu hapana respect yaidiwa apa

    • Nxaaaaaa wamanikidzwa kunyora here.nyarara kana usina chekutaura

    • platform iya ndiyo chaiyo Lameck did the right thing he was not on program bt akakumbira kutaurawo he jus make the record straight thts all

    • Iwe hapana chokwadi chisina hunhu. Ndotoenda kugehena because ndasimuka ndikanyepa kuti mufi aive munhu akanaka Never, chokwadi sezvachiri. Zvakaitwa na Lameck hazvina kana Satan mukati. Instead of respecting the dead ini i say respect the living

    • Ndiri hure zvangu asi nyoro handitange.Lameck’s daughter has another child whose father is not known.She needs some sex education that lady.Unosvirwa mahara,nyoro,haugutswe uku wopihwa mimba inozorombwa.Hure ndiani iwe unosvirisa mahara neni hangu ndinopatengesa ndichiwana mari?Kusvirirwa Thank You here asikana.Aihwa ngatingwarei.Iye murume angakurespecta here kana wavakuita wekuteera kumba kwake vamwe vachibvisirwa pfuma.Haana mari,haagone kusvira uku anokuhurira.Ndokunzi ndine imba ikoko?Zvirinani ndive wacho waanohura naye achindipa mari pane kuva wacho waanohurira.Mwana waLameck ngaauye kuno atijoine kutengesa mhata pane kuswera achigovera mahara mhani

  • Vasina vanasikana vanoona sekuti Lameck was wrong, but atori right murume iyeye coz some people treat vana vevamwe vanhu kuita sekuti ivo ndivo vega vakazvara. Thumbs up to Lameck!!

  • thumps up to lameck. the truth sets us free!

  • What goes around comes around

  • Very sad story but I’m happy now you moved on.

  • I think this speaking ill of the dead applies if what is being said is false accusations or meant to deliberately alter the deceased’s image. However, in this case there’s no way of telling how true the comments uttered were. So on that note, I can’t say much

  • A man of wisdom should always be careful what to wish for and pray for in case his prayers gets answered. Period

  • Lameck haana chaakaresva mhani

  • sando dzako mwana wa Stembeni wakagona

  • I hope Febbie reads your letter. I am happy for you and how your life has turned out. Please never stop holding your head high

  • Ini handioni chakashata kutaura chokwadi

  • Ndokutaura chokwadi ka maida kuti anyepe kuti mai ava vaiva vakanaka ivo vaiva nyoka inorumira muvhu??

  • The truth should be said, i am sick and tired of people who say good things about the dead when they were evil. Well done Lameck. Those are the people we want in the world.

  • lameck was gud ..vanhu vanekatsika kekut kana munhu afa vot anga akanaka chero yaiva mbavha n that bulshit glorifying sin…

  • Lets call a spade a spade musatambe nekudirirwa mwana weti imi

  • Your deeds shall follow u t e grave…..let everything be said

  • Zviripachena kt mudhara uyu ndoakauraya mai ava paati muchateerana makatevedzana

  • Mudhara uyu anenge anoteerera music yeMaroja

  • Lameck akagona but haana kupedza nyaya, angadai akataura chokwadi chake chese asi pekupedzisira obva ati zvisinei nekurwadziwa kwandakaita ndavaregerera dai mweya wavo wazorora murugare. Ndinodaro nekuti Jesu akati varegererei baba nekuti havana chavanoziva. Dai amai ava vaiziva vangadai vakazviwanisa mukana wekukumbira ruregerero semunhu mukuru, tese tinokanganisa. Amen

  • Zvakaoma shuwa

  • Judy-Nca Joshua

  • zvakanaka zvaakaita akabuditsa chokwadi uye nechidzidzo kuvanhu kungoti chokwadi chagara hachigamuchiriki.

  • The process of healing began the moment he poured out his heart. Akaita zvakanaka

  • those with the video,my you send to me on whtapp 0774439731

  • Please send lameck to my number +260950199222

  • Simbi dzaLameck. We kniw vana vanoitisana nhumbu but kana mukomana abvuma imi mai munorwei. Chokwadi here kudira mwana wemunhu weti? Apowo bodo

  • Aah Lameck was Linient! Kudira mwana wani weti iye enenhumbu yenyu! Ini Ndaipisa imba! As much as i know that i will personally deal harshly with anyone who illtreats my daugther i also pray to God that when the time comes i will respect my son’s choices in life! I also know that the way i am raising him will simplify my life later as he will do good just like a well raised boy. Meanwhile vamkulungai to be, please raise your own son well because i got my daughter’s back and i am ready to go to jail for her! #PROUDMOTHEROFABOYANDAGIRL! #Wetimustfallshame

  • Kana unayewo mwana musikana kana hanzvadzi ikadirwa wiwi unonzwasei pamusoro pekumitiswa kwakudirwa wiwi uumn kunyarara handikupusa vabereki ngatisadaro

  • I wonder who he is going to kill next mhuri yese ichafira wet isina akaona

  • God is in control

  • Kana pane akandidenha…..I’m sending Lameck even pawedding, kuchurch dzenyu dzana…nhingi or when u bathing. Lameck knows no boundary.

  • The guy was right to tell the world that amai Ava vaive neutsinye because vanhu varikungoenda kuma church vonoti hareroya! Hareroya! but kana vadzoka mudzimba vatoshanduka. Kuti uti ndomai veruwadzano unozvishaya. Vazofa vanhu voti anga akanaka zvikuru. A spade is not a shovel.

  • I dnt think Lameck had intentions of saying all he said. It’s just that maybe he got ticked off by praises this inlaw was being showered with akati fukufu

  • The truth must be said

  • U talk of the bad things Hitler did why not this woman

  • yaa that’s being angry fr sure,it happens ukasadzora kutsamwa,it once happened 1991 kwedu kumusha munhu akatorova chitunha chaicho

  • This Jean Gasho woman washes too much of her dirty linen in public.

  • marikos

    As much as I sympathise with him he should have challenged her whilst she lived. Going to a funeral and doing is/was meaningless. She is dead. Gone. Pamwe ndiye akadzinga mwana pamba aita nhumbu then cries foul zvapressa. Nah I do not condone what he did. She might have been nasty to his kid but she probably was viewed differently nehama dzake.


  • Zhou

    Ko yaNick zve Jean. Wakambo nyangarika licking wounds nenyaya yako na Mangwana. Some of us haven’t forgotten. Zanu shoot

  • Ya don’t lie always tell the truth about the deceased if the deceased was a thief tell it to the world

  • Hoo nhai ibo

  • Uyu Lameck hasha dzake aidai akadzipedzera pamushakabvu. Kuita mimba kwemwanasikana wake aikuona kusvika pakubarwa kwemuzukuru wake. Izvo zvema threats ake ekutopa vasara 48hrs kupinda nemwenje mudziva. Vaifanira kumbovanzarika vakamirira nguva yake iyoyo kana naiye aizoudza vamwe pekutambira

  • Long live Lameck !!afa anaka?..thats rubbish,i dont think varikugwauta avo vaizviiita dai vari ivo vakadirirwa mwanaskana weti wembwa iyo.akataura chokwadi pa right time dai jerenyenje rekukupira mwana wake weti rakafushirwa ari zii aifa ne bp.haaputike dundundu anyerere zvareva kuti unlike vamwe vanyori pano,haasi dutye,mkono,karikoga gumi remiseve.mhosva hairove,vasara ivavo take take navo Lameck,call me kuma recovery.people should not take vana vevamwe for granted.dai ari wako wainyinurira uchiitirwa tsvina pachipande?? Ndikakuti wakazungaira pakadaro haurambe,ndinga kuchazaura nedimuro..but Lameck kuzoisa jecha muchikafu kuwanza mhani,Vim iri nani baba.ndini Samaita ndadaro,ehe! !!

  • Lameck ndofunga ndiye mwana waStembeni.Ko iye aitadza nei kupedzerana nemufi achiri mupenyu….

  • Kana usina Tan Boot hausati wakuchengetwa , mwana wastembeni ambonyararidzwa yangova pama Tan Boot iwawo 👞

  • musachenese wakafa muchisvibisa vapenyu musakambire zvisi zvenyu

  • Pane asati anyoregwawo tsamba here natete avo?
    Always wallowing in self pitty.

  • lameck wrong or right… maKristu nekuzara kwedu muZimbabwe should start loving those our children marry or who our siblings marry… “…wore unto you Pharisees”

  • HashTag#Lameck the revealer.. Kkkkkkk let the truth be told

  • He must learn to forgive.He insinuated that he caused her death and more would follow her. Is he a wizard?Having said that the father of his son in law was a good man he still goes on to humiliate him with his threats and obscene allegations.Some people have borne worse things and forgiven or at least found better ways of expressing themselves. Lameck you need Jesus!

  • This leaves Lameck to be the guilty one alive despite the bad things done by the late. Lameck should have aired his differences with the late before she kicked the bucket. Simply Lameck is taking law into his own hands now & otherwise there are no witnesses to his claims because he waited until she departed so its just your word against the dead, tough luck Lameck coz wafa wanaka as they say…and you don’t disrespect the dead at their funeral unless you wanna be the talk of the time & be called a fool by those watching & listening. You will get her in hell,just wait till you also hit the road. And just remember nobody’s perfect .

  • Ini i jus wonder kuti Lameck aiva kupi mai ava vari vapenyu akamirirei kuzotaura nhunha dzake mai ava vafa. Zvichabatsirei. It would have been better dai akavaudza mbune varivapenyu kana achivakupirawo weti oita saizvozvo cz honestly kumirira kuzotaura parufu handioni chakunobatsira ini.

    • Akagona Lamizha nokuti hapana aizonzwa nhunha dzake

    • Akagonesa madzimai vanoitira varoora hutsinye vachikanganwa kuti varorwawo

    • Listen n understand thingz chakaita kuti Lameck ataure ndechekuti vanhu vaitaura vainyepa kuti mai vakanga vafa vaiwe vakanaka yet she dd evil to her daughter in law vanhu vaisazvitaura izvozvo ini ndoti Lameck akagona koz kana usingadi muroora dzidzai kuramba zvakanaka nt kuilltreater munhu

  • Endai kughana munyerere imi

  • The living vs the dead, pakaipa

  • bhurujena

    in my sincere opinion ..Lameck is a coward. You can not wait 2 or 3 years to come out at a funeral and wawata. I have daughters too and if my daughter was mistreated I would like he did … get my child and grandchild and look after them… Lameck wants compensation for looking after his grandchild and daughter… if was a good father …his daughter should not have been impregnated outside marriage.. kutizira is a sign yekuti someone was naughty..

    Lameck just needs to grow up and look after his daughter and grand child in peace … he is starting a war he can not finish

  • Lameck spoke confidently of his murderous intent, Lameck insinuated that he had something to do with the lady’s death, in fact he went as far stating that fellow neighbors were shocked that amwene waye has the guys to illtreat Lameck’s daughter – Lameck is a certified witch – by his own words.

    • ati pple were shock kuti sei akanyarara after that ..he even said pple might be shocked kuti anotaura kudaro.otherwise kunyarara kwaakaita aito avoider zvakawanda ..coz kana munhu une masimba ekudira weti mwana wemumwe huroyi hushoma..vakatadza neyei to follow maprocedures ekuramba nhumbu mune zvakanaka…pane ma channels anotorwa akanaka pakuramba munhu.that family was suppose to do that simply.than to do things to force the girl to go nenzira yakadaro..

  • Lamevk imonya

  • Aimutya mukadzi wake y akozo mupopotera afa ari muguva

  • Lameck haana yake uyo. Akadzinga mwana wake ega aida kuti ani amutambire. He should have been a loving father. That way mwana wake aisaita nhumbu achiti baba vangu vanondida handidi kuvarwadzisa. Tozoti it has just happened his daughter should not have feared kudzokera kunoti dady sorry i betrayed you. Manje mwane wake chose kugara panze pane kuenda kuna Lameck. He was n he is an equally bad parent savamwene vatisiya ava. He was cursing himself as well. Chaimupa hasha ibitterness. Lets accept vana vedu chero vatadza vasatitya that much.

    • Murume Mukuru

      What nonsense you have written ….you heard Lameck took back his daughter and is taking care of the grandchild as well.Isn’t that a forgiving father? The boy’s monther should have known that it takes two to tango…..at least acknowledge her son’s poorly informed actions which resulted in the pregnancy….and then accept her own grandchild and contribute to her upkeep just like what Lameck did.And yes the daughter knew her father would not tolerate her having a street corner pregnancy hence her attempt kutizira…only to be watered with an old woman’s urine….My God!!

  • Well done Lameck ma Zimbabwean tine hutsinye husingaite. Apa tichinyebera kuita senge tinonamata. Kubirana ,kusadzosa zvikwereti, kutengesana,godo everything. Amheno kuti takazvidzidza kupi. Munhu angaita weti odira mwana wemumwe munhu. Dai ndiri ini raitodyiwa rine jecha for sure.

  • Lameck haakwanise kutanga political party yake here ari we opposition I think we need him

  • Guyz the speach as from my side wasn’t bad but,he really went way too far its only that he did it kune vanhu vakatyora kuri kwedu dai akakwana mucarry bag

  • Kkkk Lameck akajaidzwa uyo ungadire sadza jecha isu tine nzara haa kunyepa paifiwa

  • I agree with you 100% vanhu ngavaudzwe huipi hwavo vachiri vapenyu why wait until they are dead ?Im one person ndinotaura handina kuti mangwana .

  • Lameck chibaba chokwadi ngachitaurwe

  • Anyone with a link to the video. I haven’t seen it yet

  • Lameck did the right thing but he must forgive.interestingly people are not commenting about Jean’s experience. seems like there are now tired netunyaya twako .

    • ehe uri pano mwanangu tell me what charges that woman would have faced if she were alive nekudira munhu weti and is witchcraft charged in the court of law

    • Jean ndiyaniko iyeye, Zim UK Ghana haaaaa ini handina chandanzwa panyaya yake. what specufic issues were done to her? plus uyu anenge ane cash dzake zvake.

  • Hanz he gate crushed a funeral asi vanhu vanokokwa kunhamo or u jus go kunobata nevamwe

  • Lameck is 100% correct ivgot the vedio whatsapp 0027842370754 , weti here aaaah no mhani dont surpport dirty xaaaa

  • Well said Jean

  • Comfort Dondo waiona here iyi

  • Mbuya munotorwara.You blamed Masocha’s cult for the collapse of your marriage now its your ex mother in law?Hanzi you poisoned people against me kkkkkkkkk.Can good friends be easily turned against you kana kuti hunhu hwako ndihwo hwaiita kuti usiiwe neshamwari?What do Ghana and Zimbabwe have to do with your problems with your in laws?Kwese kwese there are terrible in laws and good ones.

  • kudira mwana wangu weti hahaha chembere iyo maremains ayo aiwanikwa between my teeth toothpick….u did good mdara dai watanga watozvuzvurudza mai iyoyi ichirimhenyu

  • call a pad a pad

  • Murume Mukuru

    Jean, it seems you went trough some emotional trauma back then and may still be understandbly bitter about it….have you tried to get psychological help…for your new Ghana husband’s sake?

  • Baba munhu akaziva kuti akakanganisa and showz respect ko imi amai zvamava kudira mwana wemumwe weti pavakasangana maivapo here l remember Tongai moyo’s song kuti ko zvino zvamuri amai mochizova here mudiwa weimba yangu ndarambana naye

  • how can one gatecrush a funeral as if there are invitation cards

  • Lameck vakatoipazve chero mukati too far ko iye akafa haana kusiya aita too far here , I hate pple who intervene chivanhu but tikutiii indai morova makuva moti timachristians but pakataurwa truth moti pakanganiswa chivanhu Dats Crap

  • Akagona Lameck nekuti kune vanhu vakawanda vanoda kupindira pakudanana kwevana. Kana ada bofu kana chirema zviri kwaari. Dai asina kuzvitaura vanhu havaimboziva hunhu wamai ava.

  • Even the bible says “the truth shall set you free”. Lameck akataura chokwadi asi dambidziko nderekut musociety chokwadi hachigashirike.

  • Dee chimboverenga ma comments pano just for a different perspective and maybe you will see what i meant

    • Lemmi read! Pane ati Jean cheated ndosaka! Iniwo I don’t like her but amana abuse of any kind is not acceptable

    • Shuwa abuse is unacceptable, but at the same time, let us not play the victim card when it suits and yet unotogona uri abuser as well. Just because others have the gift of garb and can sell their stories better does not make them any less innocent. Or guilty. I reserve my judgment in this matter as i dont have the full information.

  • but musikana wekudirwa weti akavata chaizvo, ndiri ini ndairova munhu ipapo ipapo, kwete kumurira mudhara kuti vapopote parufu, nada ndaramba ini. kudirwa weti, ndirimupenyu, kwte hazvibviri.

  • Lameck was right. In ChiShona culture, Zezuru in particular, one is allowed to say exactly how they feel or if owed by the deceased just before laying them to rest. If one doesn’t say it then, then they must be silent till their death

  • Lameck was spot on,if I was him i could have done worse cos hw can a mother do that to someone’s daughter lyk really thats ill

  • He did Justice#gaya uriwe

  • Fiso

  • What surprises me is when daughters-in-law become mothers-in-law they mistreat their daughters-in-law. So for me its a circle.

  • Bekezela Moyo akuzwe ezenzakalayo

  • kkkk lameki wakapenga lameki

  • Thumbs up Lameck

  • ѕσмє ρєσρℓє ¢αи вє ѕσ ¢яυєℓ


  • I think tese pano tavakungo fungira kuti nhingi akaita chokuti nokuti yekera akanga aita zvakadai. The truth is Lameck did what he felt needed done. His actions are neither a good nor bad example as to how we should deal with our own experiences. When you are in a moment of high adrenaline drive, everything is different. Let us judge not this man in a good or bad manner, but let us just be observers cause the deed is done regardless of what what our feelings and opinions are. All I advise is to chastise our children and mouths and hope that our efforts bear admirable results in future.

  • Nyarie Chikara-Madamombe saw it digesting it I took Lamecks thing in a different light as a woman also attacked by my racists in laws I’m sure my dad would Lameck them up

  • Stingray

    In Shona we have a saying which goes wafawanaka meaning that all the dead people are good and perfect.when it comes to give ( humbowo) people are expected only to say good things about the dead’s life not what Lameck did.I think it’s good to say the truth and the laters life instead of telling lies.

  • Lameck ari right chaizvo vanhu ngatidzidze kutaura zviripo mai ava Mwana wavo ndiye nyakupa Mwana was lameck nhumbu pamusoro penhumbu vomudira wet nxaa saka murikutsigira here kuti vanakomana venyu vamitise vachisiya mochengeterwa Mwana mongozotora akura pamusoro pazvo modira wet munhu akatakura Mwana wenyu, dai mwari vainzwa kutaura kwa Lameck neni mai ava vaifanira kusaripinda denga ndivo mamai asingadiwi mu community ,instady yoku displiner wavo Mwana vodispliner wevamwe in such a way ,which is very bad .munhu ava nechikwereti chomunhu chinotaurwa wani,ko ivo vazoshamisira chii Good Lameck tinotoda vanhu vakaita so murume uyu munyika

  • Pamberi na Lamee

  • vincentchingwaru

    Here is another attention seeker, everytime when she writes it’s always her sad story, what happened to her 5 years ago 10 years ago etc. My sister try and write something positive, tired of that negative vibe that u bring. At the moment we are talking abt LAMECK, u had your time wen we talked about you and masocha. Give us a break pliz

  • Anzi moms yakaitira wet mujug and then poured the urine on Lameck’s daughter then what do expect Lameck could have said? That dead evil woman doesnt deserve any last respect if it was me i was going to do my worse by beating the shit out of the dead body

  • I

  • Sister avo sei vasinga chinje hembe kana musoro kkk. Is that the only picture?

  • Zvagara zvriko kt baba vanotaridza hasha kt mwana amitiswa zvavanga vasina kutarisira ska vanototi aende kumuridzi wemimba.mushakabvu akaresva imagine ari mwana wako achidirwa weti hakuna mubereki anoda kt mwana wake aitirwe utsinye neumwe munhu.mushakabvu uyu aiva muroyi chaiye nyangwe kuchinzi munhu anoramba muroora this is too much

  • Garai pasi hama dzekwa Tumba

  • Truth sets us free and should be declared even in funerals. If a person is evil then let their truth be exposed .No one will be castigated for telling the whole truth but lying about evil and evil deeds is as good as advocating Satan’s kingdom.

  • I was very happy coz most of the people they good things when you died not bad ones sando kuna Lamerck vakaita zvakaipa mai ivavo

  • Rosie Muvirimi Kambari

  • Vana vangu handidi navo
    I personally was going to kick that woman the very same day she poured the urine,once again the boy was going to regret his deeds of playing with other people’s feelings

  • Civil Servant

    Some attention seeking hogwash from Jean Gasho as usual.
    Jean you used to be Zimbabwean, you are now Ghanaian … so what??!

  • Civil Servant

    Some attention seeking hogwash from Jean Gasho as usual.
    Jean you used to be Zimbabwean, you are now Ghanaian … so what??!

  • Chete vanhu havadi chokwadi kkkkk uyo akarutsa chokwadi chake kana munhu akashata regai kungoti angaakanaka

  • Don’t ill treat other people’s daughters and expect the fathers to keep silent!!!!!!Kana munhu uri muroyi …unenenge uri muroyi chete even in death!!!! Ivo vaidirirei muroora weti!!!! Basa rekuita utsinye mozohwanda neyekuti ,DO NOT JUDGE…!!!!DO NOT JUDGE!!!! We need to see more and more people like Lameck

  • Ungamudiiki lameck ..makwiramiti hapana hanzi ane nharo ngaauye pa corner apo hapana kana akateera…kkkkk

  • ndo size

  • Many corpse are crying in graves cause even their killers speak nice of them you don’t have to lie about the diesesed tell the truth

  • Good yemwana haisi good yako sarudzo yemwana haisi yako kana usingade mwana sikana weumwe atorwe nemwana wako usatombozvara zvachose nekuti ndiye chete anozvisarudzira iwe want or not yu have to live with that …otherwise makwairamiti vanoramba zvemadhisinyongoro ukapiwa 48 hours dzako dzekugadzirisa hunhu hwako…..

  • Gukash Kukash

    VOTE Lameck 2018

  • Gukash Kukash

    VOTE Lameck 2018