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Magaya’s demons revealed

Prophet Walter Magaya has sensationally revealed he seriously considered relocating to South Africa last year in the wake of the battering he was receiving on a number of fronts in this country where he felt he was no longer wanted nor appreciated by his countrymen.

Walter Magaya

He said he only decided to stay because he felt such a move would have sent the wrong signal that he was fleeing from the legal woes that were stalking him, including accusations he raped a student, a charge which he strenuously denied.

The student later withdrew the charges.

In a candid and wide-ranging interview with our sister newspaper The Herald’s Senior Sports Editor, Robson Sharuko last week, the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries leader, who is set to hold a crusade in Cape Town this week, said:

– He toyed with the idea of turning his back on his motherland and going to settle in South Africa where he felt he was loved and appreciated.

– The battering from a cocktail of accusations took a huge toll on him and he ended up feeling the best way out of it was to leave the country and resettle elsewhere.

– He was held back from pursuing that line of thought by the realisation that it could have been misconstrued as an act of fleeing from his legal challenges which he felt he could conquer with the power of prayer.

– South Africa was a good possible base for him because he has always felt loved and respected by the people in that country who offer him more respect than the one he gets here at home.

– His ministry has more members in South Africa and Zambia than those back home even though he considers PHD to have the biggest membership here when compared to other ministries.

– He felt leaving Zimbabwe would be a betrayal of those who have stood by him, in good and bad times, and could effectively signal the end of the ambitious projects, including his beloved football club, which he had started.

“I wanted to relocate at some point, l think last year, l wanted to relocate last year to South Africa,” he said.

“What stopped me was that, maybe, people would think l was running away from something and so l didn’t relocate for that reason so that l clear the conscience of the people.

“But l really wanted to relocate.

“There were times that l felt neglected, there were some times that l felt unloved or just unwanted in my country and l felt like l had to relocate and those were serious thoughts and l actually planned over it but the few people that showed me love made me stay.”

He said to escape the battering of negativity that he usually receives, he finds a lot of refugee in a number of things, including prayer and sport, and they both came handy in his decision-making to stay  here.

“One of them is sport (which he uses to find strength in the eye of the storms), you see, when you are sponsoring a young man who is played by football and is 16 and you see his talent and you are very certain that if you are not there for him this talent will be wasted, you see, l get a reason to wake up tomorrow to see that young man pursuing his dream,” he said.

“When l do sport, l am also creating my own encouragement, l am also encouraging myself to go on because, to be honest, a lot has happened and a lot has been said and a lot has been planned and a lot has been planted, a lot has been debated and l have been accused of doing a lot of things.

“But l have made myself remain strong because of the young man and the young girl who are doing well in their sport and l would wish them to pursue more and more and l can see, 100 percent, that if l am not there, they are doomed and so l would like to be there for them.

“In other words, l am here not because of me but because of people.”

He said he has always felt more wanted and loved in neighbouring countries and he has started some football clubs in South Africa, Zambia and Botswana.

“We have got some few clubs that are already running in Botswana and South Africa. I’m actually bigger outside Zimbabwe than in Zimbabwe in terms of ministry, in terms of numbers, we have more members outside Zimbabwe than in Zimbabwe.

“South Africa, Botswana and Zambia we have more people that follow me there than here and we keep our statistics through the social media sites that we have and the follow-ups that we have on our phone calls and when l go there for service there are more people there than here in Zimbabwe which has actually pushed me to create my own teams there and my prayer and my dream is also to compete in the ABSA Premiership Soccer League because l have the people.” H-Metro

  • hausi nzira yekudenga iwe, Magaya HAUNA BASA

  • Unonyanya zvikwambo mukosho wako

    • Ko nhai shazy unovatukirei vaMAGAYA hauzvioniwo hre kt uri kshandiswa nadhiyabhorosi

    • Ko nhai shazy unovatukirei vaMAGAYA hauzvioniwo hre kt uri kshandiswa nadhiyabhorosi

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  • Kuno compettion yema church is taf Ras Magaya Simbi yebasa ndi Bushiri Zvako zveku Vatisa Vanhu Muchurch woto kanda kuside

  • Ngamire mahure chete no need to move to SA

  • Nxaaa why didn’t he go then

  • competition in South Africa is stiff kuna na Bushiri uko nevamwewo!

    • Prophet Magaya is the only Man of God who can fill any Stadium home and away.Bushiri came here and he could only hold his servise in a 15 000 seater City Sports Centre.2015 Prophet Magaya went to Pretoria Show grounds where Bushuri was having his service some metres from where Prophet Magaya was, Bushiri akawacha.

      • Fatso Murapa

        Fatso Murapa
        6 minutes ago
        Ndikanzwa panoti ‘ Magaya’ ndinotomerera…. ‘man of God or ‘man of demons’ .. zvinhu zviri pachena chena kudaro.. No rocket science pane vanhu vana.. they are after your money full stop. Only lazy people who don’t want to study the Bible and pray to God to reveal the truth to them will fall for their antics …
        seek Him who made the heavens and the earth.. not prosperity.. for all of this will perish. .. ‘what will it profit a man …….’

    • Prophet Magaya cannot have his service in City Sports Centre it’s too small.He went to Botswana and filled Bahlokwa Stadium,over 100 000 CONGREGANTS attended and we had to pull down pre cast durawall for free movement.

    • Church business


    • So now you are saying that when someone fills a stadium he is a man of god?Wow i cant believe this!

    • hazvinei nedenga mhani ndezvepano pasi kudenga hakuendwi nemasaramusi manzwa mukai

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    • Asi zvatova zvemakwikwi kani

    • Don’t forget Pastor Mboro.

    • I wonder how many churches can remain standing if the tithing part was scraped.

    • Gwaringa the bible didnt left magaya also parakati the wide road ndiyo yevazhinji nokuti vanoda zvinofadza nyama nekuudzwa zvavanoda kunzwa vanotevera shoko razvokwadi havasi mhomho magaya anoziva kutsvaga mari nezvikwambo zvake he knws weakness yevanhu vatema, kuda kuudzwa ramangwana nekuda kuziva kuti ndiyani enemy yake wats wadaro wagona munhu mutema ur church get full kusvika vanhu 100 000 zvamareva kuchishona toti kwadzinorohwa matumbu ndiko dzinomhanyira

    • kudenga hakuendwe nekutengesa magaka $10 each,green cob $10,annointing cooking oil $10 each 10ml kana newe

    • Filling the stadia?? Does that have any heavenly implication? Ka Macheso kwakuseri zve


    • Pano panyika zvirikukuitira magaya na gwaringa muchishandisa zita raMwari kuwana cheuviri apa muchiparadzira makwai asina mhosva nekuvabvisa nedzidziso dzenhema rimwe zuva muchamira pamberi pake musiki muchapindura sekubwaira kweziso


  • Aguta ka Mari dzenyu akatora nw kwane bond zvadhakwa akuda kutiza tinenge tichikuzivai

  • Magaya is stealing from poor people

  • let him go. Vanhu vekuSouth Africa vanoda kunamatirwa nexenophobia yavo.



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  • What the fuck is yadah . Singing praise to satan? Zimbabweans wake up man inga makadzidza wani kudyiwa makasvinura sematemba i feel sorey for satan anokutambudzai nenyaya yekuda zvemahara sehonyi ditch walter magaya anoshandisa mweya yevakafa munamaye Mwari nguva iri kupera

    • There is no darkness that can pushes away è darkness bt light cn pushes away è darkness Prophet W Magaya is a true man of God pple cnt travel from overseas just for nthng after they cum bek with there testimony i encourage to watch Yadah Tv and u will witness the power of God

    • Vana Cuthbert Mutambe what spirit are you using to discern that walter magaya is a true man of God asi ndiwe unomutsvagira varikutambura vekuravo nyoro kkkkkkkkkkkkkk unonyadzisa munin’ina musaparare nekushaiwa zivo ndiwo mazuva ekupedzisira atave kurarama watch the signs and wake up the bible foretold of these very fake and false prophets vachatsautsa even the elect nekuti vachaita minana isakamboonekwa time is not on your side young man

    • There is dought that magaya is one of the devil worshipers the way he operates if u read the bible is very simple to see the real devil

    • true ipapo Van.panoda dzokororo



    • Mnxxxxxx what is magaya

    • Mwari varikuzviratidza nenzira inoshamisa he is exposed very soon

    • Van Der Merwe what the fuck is That kind of name for a Shona speaker?U want to be a Boer/Afrikaner huh?

    • Wacho Mwari chivapazve pane kurambidza vanhu kutevera Prophet Magaya

    • Sansole Chikanga Munya hakuna varungu vanotaura other languages whats special about tsumo nemadimikira you zimbabweans munoda kuzviita muri close too much nevanhu you teach them your languages netsika nemagariro amunoita kana nadave kunyora your mother toung woita zvaipa ???? Ndakadzidza kubva kwamuri imi mazimbabweans be like nigerians they keep deep language secretes among themselves . Ndakazvarirwa murodesia hapana shona yaunotaura yandisinganzwe unonti mabwidi ekumalawi vaishanda papurazi pababa vangu havana kundidzidzisa chewa here ? Wake up young man languages its a must for anyone akazvarirwa muRodesia ;uchakasara

  • Pastor magaya not prophet mhani.

    • Ok.What does it change kkkkkklkkl nhamo neman’a hazvisiyani.

    • Anenhamo ndiwe gwaringa unoziva chokwadi asi u still go and secrifice hama dzako kuna satan nekuda mari, moyo wako wakaipa wakaora chose, hauna tsitsi kuzadza homwe dzenyu nekuteura ropa revanhu

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  • ngariende zimbavha

  • Prophet W Magaya is a true man of God i feel sorry for people who criticise him .God is still speaking .pamberi ne Phd.we are shifting to higher levels .

    • We actually feel sorry for you

    • Kkkkkkk uri zidofo

    • 😕

    • Priscila keep your mouth shut.Waita mutete isu tisu tine information yose.bata murowo wako.Ziva zvekuimba nekuridza mhururu chete kana shoko radarika nepauri

    • Why always talking about shifting to higher levels handisati ndambonzwa kana mumwe wenyu achitaura zveruponiso, Jesu akavimbisa Nikodimus akati zvirokwazvo zvirokwazvo ndinoti kwauri kana munhu asina kuberekwa kutsva haangavoni Vushe waMwari, come on man why are u let the devil wasting ur tym

    • mune dzungu amai #mbuuuuud ziiiiiiii

    • Screaming “I receive,I receive!!”receiving shiit!!!!

    • Koo nhamo zvadzakaenda ku Israel zvakazodii ????

    • we are shifting levels in all angles spiritually n physically

    • Fake prophets,,,stupid people are following them n making them rich.

    • wakapusa iwe

    • Prisca unotevera chausingazive hanzvanzi saka ichochi urikutevera usingazive ndicho tiri kuedza kukubatsira kuti buda mazviri magaya muparadze akauya kuzobvisa vanhu pana Mwari

    • panoda devine intervention apa ndokuzungaira uku

    • kkkkk ayas vanhu imbudzi chaidzo vanoenda kwaMagaya.kwadzinorohwa matumbu ndokwadzinomhanyira.ndimi makanzi mubible zvine maziso as iazvioni.pray that Lord to open yr eyes n see my sister

    • Dai Jehovah wemasimba ose akuwanzira nyasha hanzvadzi. Ini ndichatevera Jesu oga iye mweya mutsvene kwete munhuwo anozviti muporofita.

    • Go to school , work hard, hustle hard or else you’ll be SCREAMING ” *I RECEIVE* ” at church for the rest of your life

    • As im speaking ryt nw therz a prophet ari kujucer used airtym recharge cards , ladies are flocking in numbers , little children all over looking for used recharge cards, i feel pitty

    • Yeukai Makwindi are you saying Mwari imbudzi nekuti munhu akasikwa nemufananidzo wamwari.Kusaziva kuti whatever you say about God’s image also applies to God.Saka wati mwari imbudzi.i don’t think unotombovhura Bible iwe.

    • True man of god anosvira vana veaangano nevakadzi vevaridzi asi haina nzeve . Ukaona uchiri kuti Magaya is a man of god ziba kuti mwari akakutadzawo mdosaka akaita kuti usaone nemuziba chinonzi Antchrist

    • Ko zita rako zvarakanaka zve ko zviripai.Man of God unomuziva iwe mhombwe zvayo naMagaya wako

    • Magaya is a Gold digger arikutotamburawo uyoo anoita team yebhora muZim imwe kuSA zvirimubhaibheri here izvoo nonsense go to hell with your prophet

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    • Marine Spirit


    • Vengai Kurisa unotauriye munhu asingaverengi bhaibheri.

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  • Jesus knew he was gonna be killed in Jerusalem but he went there… Paul knew he was gonna be arrested and later be killed but he went instead…. when u ‘re with the Holy spirit u don’t run away even on imminent death

    • Kkkkkkkkkkkkk wabaya

    • Ukaona monya rinotiza fight ndere fake

    • Alfredy MaAlly Midzi,Prophet Elijah knew that JEZEEBEL wanted to kill him,so he fled into the mountains.The holy spirit was with him but he fled.

    • No the holy spirit was not with Elijah thats why he fled Jezeebel.its one of his weak moments as a prophet.fear z not from the Lord.if u are really fighting the devil,u dont really expect u to give u a hug now do u?

    • Expect him

    • well said bro. and to answer Farai Raison Gwarira, in the tym of Elijah, there were no prophets left. he knew if he gets killed there will be no any other prophet in the face of the earth. the reason why he fled was not fear over Jezeebel but to motivate and annoint the fourthcoming prophets

    • Tendai Learnmore Denhere hauna kana chawataura kkkkkkkkk.Why did he ran away if the holy spirit was with him.Why didn’t the holy spirit protect him.Kkkkkkkk Hapana kana chenemusoro chawataura.Uri kutaura zvemusoro wako kwete zviri mu bible.

    • Tendai Learnmore Denhere,the question remain unanswered,if he was a true PROPHET with the back up of holy spirit,why did he fled.Handiti mati ane mweya mutsvene haatize here.

    • Zvauri kutaura izvo zvakanyorwa papi mu bible kuti aida kuzoita anoint other Prophets ndo chikonzero akatiza kkkkkkkkk.You want to write your own Bible kkkkkkkkk

    • Farai, remember what happened in the old testament was fulfilled in the new that’s why I didn’t take illustrations from the old… read Acts! there are many examples there

    • Kkkkkkkkk Ayaa in acts there were times when the apostles could flee.

    • The issue of Prophet Magaya was not fleeing,but relocating to a better environment where he is appreciated.Even Jesus never did a single miracle in his home town,not even one.Fleeing and relocating are 2 different words.Jesus couldn’t do a miracle in his home town coz of contrary environment which was against his spirit.The apostles were found in Cities mostly outside Israel.He never said i wanted to flee,but to relocate.

    • In Israel there were so many widows,but Elisha never visited even one,only to visit the widow of Zarepath whom Elisha blessed with oil until she ran out of containers.Elisha was not appreciated in Isreal

    • it’s very clear that u love ur magaya more than God Farie, if Jesus didn’t do any miracle in Nazareth why the magaya is doing in zim… beware of having two gods

    • I have checked ur timeline… huh brother u re into magaya akakupeiko??

    • It is very difficult to convince one that you are being fooled, its not easy to free a happy slave


    • Muregei aende vanoshanda vakapusa vachimupa mari yekudya nekugara nemhuri yake ikoko imi muchitswanya inda muno

    • Do you know why Jesus was killed? Jesus made a terrible mistake of disturbing traders and damaging their wares in Jerusalem. If he had gone about fooling people in places like Galilee no one would have cared. Try it my dear boy, go to Mbare musika, tell people that you have been sent by some spirits and destroy their goods and see what will happen.

    • Until the whole world include YADAH in each statement.sometimes you rejoice in the Lord unknowingly. Thats our mission.#YadahTV.LetThereBeLight

    • Hanzi Elijah fled to the mountains and the spirit was with him.. Did you read the convo he had with God when he fled..? Read the word for yourself and not just shout preach it papa..

  • Good magaya bag raita now chivasiya woitawo zvemusoro come and invest here. Find land in Cptown a built a 5 star hotel for your kids wangu thanks nekutora zvegumi zvavo use it wisely wangu. Ndiwe une skiri tora cash chete. Akotsira ngatsikwe wangu. Make a better future of your kids neBag ravo. Ko they are not gud at building the future of their kids using chegumi .dakuto vhura rangu sangano.

  • Fuck walter man

  • As long u are saying yadah u are praising the praise that pushes away darkness

    • Ure doom if u dont knw the meaning of the wrd yadah nyarara coz unonyadzisira pavanhu, the wrd yadah means rumbudzo and it can be rumbidzo to any god so why is it so hard kuti kana rumbidzo yamagaya iri yaMwari ibude pachena nyika yoziva kurikuenda rombidzo, it can be Yadah Jehovha nekuti ndiro zita raMwara it can be Yadah Jesus coz ndiro zita romuponesi wedu akatumwa kuzoti ponesa

  • Being accused of raping one girl doesn’t necessarily mean that every citizen will sue you.

  • Dollar is not easy ”’ kkkkkk

  • Kkkkk even here in South Africa they will end up chasing you away

  • Kkkkkkkkk vana Priscilla Tahwa mungarege kurumbidza munhu anokusvirai achikupai mari dzaari kutorera vanhu nehukopokopo i wonder how much he pays you after a round

  • The people in Zimbabwe are slowly seeing that wat they are promised to get after seeding is not germinating year after year now they are tightening their pockets
    Mari haichabudi zvekumhanya they’ve been coned more than enough.
    Better find new targets

  • Akange anzwa kuti kuri kuuya bond note last year so he was nw chasing rand, huya kuS.A akashaya wekutengesera ma anointed cucumbers

  • Mbwa iyi

  • saka wakutya vanhu pane kuti utye mwari ayas

  • Nanga nanga ne muporofita tswee zvamugabe achemberera pachigaro

  • vakutiza mbudzika vakuenda kurand vhaya xaz wakaita cash kare mbuuuuuudziiiiii

  • mazimbo apepuka haachabuditsaka kwaks

  • Wapedza mari dzevanhu kuZim kkkk Vapera havachina mari chigadzira anointed cabbage .Here in Mzanzi competition .

  • manje CEO vakaenda company inosara ichiranwa nani kkkkkkk votiza bond nembudzi kkkkkkk

  • Bunch of fools including the story maker,lol

  • Admin utaure kwawaswera PWM havafi vakabuda muno. Zvavo zviri kutofaya vari muno bond or no bond note zviri kuhumhaniwa nevamwe. He is doing a lot in Zim why leaving his homecountry.

  • Watever you may say people are being healed ,delivered ,blessed thru that man,you may say he is fake but his results are real,the healing,deliverance thru him is real.You can question him but you can’t question his results.

  • he considered moving vakazoona zvisingaiti hez stil here so wt u tokng abt.Yadah kusvika ndafa

  • He should have F’d off to South Africa

  • we aint moved by yo stories chero Jesu chaiye vakamuramba

  • Relocating would have been a bad business move. There’s already more than enough prophets tapping in the S.African market.
    Good move staying in Zim, Prophet.

    • Good business analysis bru… He surely has to consider making you a spiritual father

  • mark

    These magicians masquerades as phophets are just chassing After money. The truth of the matter is people in Zim are getting poorer by day and there is no money anymore in Zim thats why he wants to relocate to SA.

  • Dont critisise man of god, or phd until yu are dead a curse wll follow upon yu

  • We have thick pple who have been brainwashed Big time

  • What makes Magaya thinks SA was going to accept his asylum application with more than 20rape cases pending against him.

  • s

    its not about people prophet its about GOD. so your decisions should be based on what GOD says. a prophet is of no honour but in his own country and that is where he will be crucified.

  • magaya wanonoka kuenda venhemha vangatapudzike plus wakutiza bond iri kana shungu newe

  • prisca wakavimbiswa murume namanje ahuna une dhiza iwe

  • Ngaangoti ari kuda kumbohwawo mababe maQosa nemaZulu chete

  • Let him go

  • Akazorera vanhu maDemon havachaoni ukuru hwaMwari asi ndinoti kwamuri hokoyoi imi nezvimwari zvenyu nokuti anokuitirai zvinoonekwa zvasatan zvisingabvi kunaMwari …Dzeveko n’anga dzaita mashura muEgypt dzikakanda tsvimbovo dzikaita nyoka mapipi naMwari ..asi tsvimbo yaMoses yakadziminya ..vaiveko vairapa nechipo chaMwari uye dzimwe dziriko asi zhinji dzazvino dzakaromba…namaprofita enhema inguva yavo ino ..vakagamuchira luciefer varikuita mapipi munhu achifamba ko ndiyo hwe simuka uende apo rakataurwa;vachaita zvishamiso asi iwe ramba uripana Kristo ..vakati ariuko usaenda …munodada kuudzwa sei kristo akamuka muviga zvisakaruruma zvedu asi tinodzekera kumarutsi sembwa nokuti watambura pai..panyama nokuti uri murombo …satan anosevenzesa nambudziko rako kuti akunde ndinokunewe sira zvose uteveri kristo mupenyu.

  • Handishore kana kushoropodza asi mawandiro aita maporofita pasi rose ARIPO ENHEMA.

  • Nhema idzo….zvakuri kuona kuti Zim haichina mari akuda kunotaimira ma rands kkkkkkkk

  • Admin mune mweya werufu chiwo zvedu zvikufire.yadah yadah​ yadah.chenjerai kupa vana bwadzira nekudya mazambiringa mambisi mhai kana baba.love you my spritual father Prophet W Magaya

  • Saka atove clean clean here? ?????

  • Contradicting himself

  • News from the devil

  • Magaya anofanira kuzoenda kunogara ku SA kana apedza kutora Mari kuma zungairwa emuno muzimbabwe

  • kuno ku sa vanoda zvinhu angaita chibag chemhando

  • Kutaura kwamusina kuswera Prophet WMagaya is going to do what he was sent for by God we are shifting to higher levels in Jesus name

    • Wadii kuti akatumwa nasatam

    • Kkkkkkk

    • Fatso Murapa

      Keep going up but the truth is you will surely come back down in Jesus name.. Sent by the real God who made heaven and earth or some gods from under the sea? .. coz kwese kungotumwa waona the truth shall be revealed at the fullness of time.

  • maya akutiza mbudzi idzo ne huku mu chechi mungazare mbudzi ne huku dze offering kwaaaaa

  • Wakadii waenda iwe

  • Yes shifting yekusvira vanhu ka iys makashifter sua kubva pahumwari kuenfa pahusatan bcz theme yenyu ndimi munoziba pamuku shifter muchibva kkkk

  • Why do you call him a prophet? Do you know what the word prophet means in religious terms??

  • All I have to say is Pastor Mboro! What will he be when he goes SA? Pastor mbeche? Yes I said it 😎

  • Whatever

  • Kkk akauya S.A vanonza nekurarwa nemudiro zvinhu unoita ma sasko kkk.Magaya Tora Mari United viiiiìvaaa.

  • Akutiza Bond Paper uchanzwa hwai dzake dzichiti “Amen Papa”

    • Fatso Murapa

      Taura zvako.. he knows where the money is… hapana zvaMwari zvaanotaura uyu.. business chete but vamwe vedu havagone naye.. hanzi ‘man of God’…. put your trust in God not in any man.. for ‘the arm of flesh will fail you’

  • Fatso Murapa

    Ndikanzwa panoti ‘ Magaya’ ndinotomerera…. ‘man of God or ‘man of demons’ .. zvinhu zviri pachena chena kudaro.. No rocket science pane vanhu vana.. they are after your money full stop. Only lazy people who don’t want to study the Bible and pray to God to reveal the truth to them will fall for their antics …
    seek Him who made the heavens and the earth.. not prosperity.. for all of this will perish. .. ‘what will it profit a man …….’

  • whatever you call yourself Van De you love Magaya but you don’t want to admit it you can question 1+1but you can not question 2 becoz is the answer ungataura tsvina pamusoro but his result you will never question it still writing nonse kana usina zodzo haulume

    • Wat zodzo urikutaura nezvayo kuti wakaudzwa kuti mai vepanext door vanokuvenga nokuti ndiro basa rake kana kuti wakapihwa crocery aftr warara naye shut up dont talk like uri mwana wamugabe wanzwa, that fake prophet he can stage a healing kuti vanoudza mari vawande muchurch

  • Fatso Murapa

    He is looking for money and he has figured out how to make it.. Mixing a little truth and loads of lies iwe wavekuteera uchiti wawana Jesu….
    the Bible says’ by their fruits you shall know them’ .. Tarisa life style yake uyo.. . prayerfully consider EVERYTHING and work out the conclusion..

  • Hamunyepi tsano

  • Makandiwa relocate to SA nhasi magaya planning to relocate ahhh vanhu svinuraiwo mhani munoda kurohwa mambama

  • Magaya akada kuita zvemari anourawa

  • Yes he is robbing the poor

  • Kkkkkkk

  • N’anga wo idzi

  • Ku SA ukada nyemba sezvaunoita iwe Walter unofira pakati pemakumbo. Ko, hautaure kuti God vakatii nepfungwa yekutiza nyaya dzako. Usade kusiya kuudza vanhu kuti ichokwadi kuti wakaita upombwe naPetronella Donhodzo ukazomuvhara nemari yakawanda

  • The only way to know if you are in good direction and being successful is the number of people who are against you. Keep watching #YadahTV. The Praise That Pushes Away Darkness

  • no dad those were jst test of the dark kingdom you were born to deliver zimbabweans and others to follow

  • Ndazo ine mari ndoyaari kutera😂😂😂

  • I really don’t give a damn about these so called “prophets” but I think Magaya is a good chap.Humble down to earth not showy like Makandiwa.I’ve watched these two men preach on TV and NY conclusion is that Makandiwa should be the one who should think of moving to SA and we won’t miss him or lose sleep at all.That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  • Zvaita… Kikikikii.. muchinyanya kugotevera

  • Nehanda uyakupenga

  • The devil is a liar zvasiyana#wadzva

  • Let the dead bury their own dead

  • Yadah Yadah Yadah

  • Kkkkkkkkk appreciation for stealing from ignorant people.Let him relocate to RSA coz here there are also people who are as blind as the ones from whom he is milking.

  • Pray on your own.Why uchida kuti vamwe vaite maSpokepersons ako pakutaura namwari wacho.Vaporofita vacho vobva vati tipei mari toopa mwari.Unotoshaya kuti mishonga dzacho dzekupusisa vanhu kudaro vanodziwanepi.Kutorera vanhu masaka emare kuendesa kudenga kkkkkkkkk.Transport mahara!!!

  • It’s stupid to prey to such thugs Bulshit
    Daylight robbers

  • Gara zviya vanonzi pastor ani vakabatwa last week mu SA vakasungwa vanhu vechech yavo vachizviramba ndozviripano

  • Its a lie my father won’t relocate never not now.u will talk and talk and talk blah blah blah.magaya this magaya that.hatife takasiyana ne PhD ministries .zvototisimbisa Yadah Yadah Yadah Yadah Yadah Yadah Yadah Yadah Yadah Yadah Judah

  • Van Der Merwe dai watikwanirawo paruzhinji

  • Ini ziii hangu sendisiri kuona

  • T_Bagwell

    Relocate on what VISA?