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How we ‘kill’ our own artists

By Ivy Nyasha Vimbai Chibanda

There has been so much debate over our local music industry, whether we have an industry or not. Some have argued that there is no talent whilst others have said our artists are not fit for the international scene. I beg to differ. Talent is there and our artists are far much better than other artists from other countries but one thing they lack is support, from both the fans and the government.

One cannot dispute the fact that there are some who produce bubblegum music, some are just one hit wonder artists and some are just fly by night artists but just because there are a few of those in the music industry does not mean the whole industry has bad apples. Not considering those who think just because they have a laptop they can produce music.

Our artists are not as wealthy as those in other countries and this can be attributed to us the audiences, who love our artists’ music but we are not willing to spare a dollar to buy their CDs, we would rather download for free and still claim ‘I am your number one fan’, point of correction, you are the number one enemy of progress.

There have been efforts made by artists to make their music available, even competing with the pirate’s prices and selling the discs for a dollar but we still do not support. It’s so unfortunate that we are the one’s that laugh at how poor they are and how we all use public transport with them. We look down upon our own.

A number of artists have also found ways to break into the international scene by collaborating with international artists and they seem to be making it looking at artists like Jah Prayzah. Slowly but surely, our music is becoming international.

I am sure you will agree with me that the videos being produced these days are top notch and can very much compete with any other international music video. Unfortunately, as Zimbabweans, we are not as accepting to the development as much as we should be. We still want those videos where are our artists are standing in First street or at the lake. We are too reluctant to accept change.

About a month ago, social media was awash with people fuming over Killer T’s pictures of him in a coffin. It is funny how we are quick to judge, labeling others as satanists, just because of a simple thing. A coffin is where a dead person is put before they are buried in a grave and a satanist is someone who worships satan. I am still trying to find the link between the two, how one can be labelled a satanist because they have a picture of themselves in a coffin.

It is funny how most of the people who are being judgemental are Christians, for the bible we read teaches us not to judge (Matthew 7:1). It even goes on to teach us to look at our sins first before looking at the sins of others. But no, we don’t follow what the bible says, we do and say what we feel is right. I am sure the producer of the video knew what he wanted to sell to the audiences.

Just a week ago, Jah Prayzah released his Sendekera video in which he featured Mafikizolo. We must agree that he is putting Zimbabwe in the limelight. However, I was shocked at the negative comments that where all over social media. I must say I applaud Jah Prayzah for responding to the negative statements by saying he couldn’t please everyone, which is true. I feel if you do not like something, you just have to ignore and focus on what you like and not try to convince the others that it is bad just because you do not like it.

Art, from my understanding is not created to please all, just as this article will be applauded by some and criticized by others but that’s how it is. Everyone has a right to produce what he or she feels is right for them. And if  one doesn’t like it, they might as well create something better or follow what they think is better than what they have been given

I believe no matter how bad something might seem, the person behind it would have put much into it with the belief that it is satisfactory and it will blow minds away. If you do not like something, then sorry, click next. Amazing how Sendekera video with the negative comments it has got already has over 500k views.

The reason why those international artists flourish is because they have full support from the people from their countries, pity we don’t do the same, we are quick to pull down our artists and it will take time before our artists can fully penetrate the international market. The artists are who we make them.

Ivy Chibanda is a blogger. You can follow her blog on Ms. Resolute

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  • Hunhu hwenyu hamu sapotiki

    • True.kungoita two cents hamuchatomhorese vanhu kkkk

    • Vamwe vanotukana pa facebook vamwe vana Andy muridzo nyoro kunana Bev ndoku suporta zvozvo isu tarwara here

    • Hw can yu suport type dzana stunner nyangwe cd rake handina too much chidofo

  • Artists pull each other down instead…

  • I think its a matter of a lack of sponsorship and a bit of relactancy of the artists n national boardies

  • Musatinyaudze pliz pipo comment on how they r feeling not bcoz song ndeye mu zimba

  • They are not good enough. Most of them are not marketable. Poor lyrics, dull sound quality….etc. Those who are good are regarded as old fashioned. When i want real dancehall i will tune in to an American radio station where they are far much better. What i mean is you have little chances of topping US or international charts playing a genre they created.

    • That is not true. They have good lyrics just that there is 99% of people like you who just hate for no reason hence manufacturing unexisting arguments. If you love western and outside music you just say without raising lies.

    • Well its a lie according to you. I don’t hate them but they are not good enough for ME!

    • hauzive zvauri kutaura iwewe

    • wakatanga kuziva rini kuti ma locals ari poor?

    • Iwe unozivei? Give reasons why your favourite artists are not making it internationally. Im just me and surely i cant pull down the success of a musician. Give suggestions on how they can break the ground and flourish in the world. Remember What tastes good in your mouth may be filthy in another

    • For your own infor im big fan of local music. Im sorry if i offended your feelings but im old fashioned and would die for my music. I like mapfumo’s chimurenga music, tuku music and a bit of sungura. Im just not impressed by the upcoming musicians. Most of them have been around for close to a decade and still they remain poor in my view.

    • Soo true ElandBull Mhofuyemukono. These guys are still far interms of producing gud music. This Zim dance hall kind of music is just nothing but pure noise. They lack creativity thats why it’s easy to pen down a song in an hour

    • I once saw Maskiri performing in a balcony with a few people in attendence in London and i realised there wa something wrong…sometimes I also blame the bad behaviour these youngsters play when they are local and some of their lyrics with a bit of nudity..come on..I like them but they should set a good example locally before they even attempt going overseas..The reason why Jah Praisah is a bit successful than them is becoz he sings with maturity and his lyrics are rich…then lastly but not least..we dont have true producers and promoters with international standards and therefore thus our youngsters flops outside…As much as we might need to support them..they should also impress us first..thus the reason i prefer real music of the likes of Tuku, Mkanya etc..thats my view and hope i didnt offend any one

    • abs

      vanoda ma lyrics ana Emnem nana Nicky minaj ekunzi fuck-fuck vachigutsurira musoro

  • Anyone with a series THE MISSING from season 5 not zvana chidhafu dhunda Nana ita sounononga.nxaa support yeyi?????

  • the problem is that you want to be like Rihanna,Taylor swift,Gucci mane,50 cents..that aint our style..we Zimbabwean n f u want support from us be true n real we don’t want to compare you with them..

    • I agree with this and Mukanya once said this..be yourself..especially our Dancehall artist..very good at copying other artists’ rythms and when it makes a hit here…you cant play it in overseas becoz of copyrights..they can be sued and this affects

  • Zimbabweans are full of hatred and jealous. Satan’s headquaters is in Zimbabwe. Some of his cousins have commented here. Corruption and nepotism , promoting worst artists at the expense of good artists.

  • Its crap, why should i support rubbish. You can never label rubbish as good cause its crap.

  • We have a lot to take care of than to be obligated with lifting “artists” up. Will that bring food on my table? Are artists lifting us up?
    Please musatinyaudze.

  • This Ivy whore sounds like a low life asshole you think jah praizer is international if he is then why doesnt he have a grammy award. I dont listen to his crap cause its crap dont force rubbish to our ears….if he is your star then support him in silence.

    • I agree with you.

    • Guyz Jah Prayzah is talented just like Jay Z or P Square.Jus appreciate goodness guyz kkkkkk.

    • they is no-way Jah can be compared to P.square as long as his english ichiperera pakuti Darli darli…

  • Zvemagitare zvichiri kuonakwa segame yemarombe. Hapana munu ari seraz neku investa mari yake kumagitare. Sisi ava vanoda help in form of what. Ngavaimbe varegere zvokutaira.

  • Massage from tha song we are not south Africans they dance from any song

  • Try to sing in English

    • Mhozi

      The truth is our music has gone from international to local. Mhosva ya Bona ne 70% local content. Mutukudzi, Mapfumo, Bhundu Boys, Stella Chiweshe, that was international, they played and sold international even when zimbos where non existent in those countries. Language is no barrier when the music is good, how many of us understood rhumba but look at the uptake at its peak.

      This young ones dai pasina zimbos in diaspora hapana kwavaienda.

    • Not necessarily an issue of English…even in our own native…have you seen the young man Diamond Platinum…he sings in his language…but he is very creative that one and we need to adopt that

  • Dzimwe nyika they support their music artists no matter what…Us Zimbaz hameno kuti takaitasei…We would prefer to support mamwe ma artists edzimwe nyika even tisingatombozive zvirikuimbwa zvacho..jerasi nekusabatana kanakufaririra kubudirira kwomumwe..I think we just don’t love ourselves enough to appreciate the next person of our own kind.

  • Kunzwa iwo magaba iwaya neruzha ndototi ndiri kunakidzwa nemusic……nxah. Support mega noise iyoyo. Vanoridza zvinotifadza tinoterera.

  • truth iz u dnt have money u want to pay for cds with goats

  • Not only in music though

  • I don’t like their songs period ,but I wish them well

  • As long you sing songs praising #ZANU you will never make it mark my words

  • The problem is the type of producers we ve in Zim. We no longer ve the kind of producers who can come up with ideas wen artist come for recording. We ve the the kind of producers who js want money for their services. Our local musicians lacks creativity u can see from the quality of vedios for their songs..js boring

  • You’re saying this because wakudawo support

  • We don’t have enough television stations to promote our music in a digital way of wich is the fastest way to promote stars of the entertainment industry including sports personalities ,we are behind we don’t have a television station dedicated to the local entertainment industry therefor leaves our stars in the dodrums ,digital way is one of the fastest way to promote music with out digital exposure means less fame and recognition to this talent stars, but lets hope in the near future things may change for good

  • Problem is about poor quality of music , you can’t compare them with old skool ..Chopper ,Dembo ,Nyami nyami sounds ,Devera ngwena ,Mapfumo ;Tuku ,Dynamic brothers ,Hurungwe sounds ,Ephraim joe ,Zim chachacha kings ,Shepherd musekiwa etc

    • XG

      I agree with you. People like Dembo, Chibadura, Macheso, Tuku, Mapfumo, Stella Chiweshe, Lovemore Majaivana, Bhundu Boys, Solomon Skuza and others had all the support because they made sense. I have noticed (one can argue with this observation) that the Zimbabwean audience – apart from good beat – prefers music that make sense, that has meaning (when it comes to local music). Until now, Leonard Dembo still rules the scene (why?) because he was an excellent wordsmith. Solomon Skuza and John Chibadura sang reggae at one point and the songs were well received because they were pregnant with meaning. Mugarandega by Thomas Mapfumo was also reggae and up to now it is still highly regarded. You cant compare Love and Scandals reggae album by Solomon Skuza to most of the reggae albums we have today, regardless of the advances we have in recording equipment.

  • Mike Rook

    One of the most exciting and multitalented Zimbabwean entertainers is Madam Boss. Madam Boss is a class act. A comedienne, dancer and gospel singer Madam Boss has recently returned from a tour of the UK where she ‘wowed’ the public with her performances.

  • One of the most exciting and multitalented Zimbabwean entertainers is Madam Boss. Madam Boss is a class act. A comedienne, dancer and gospel singer Madam Boss has recently returned from a tour of the UK where she ‘wowed’ the public with her performances.

  • If u sing shit u will never climb the ladder

  • Nematambudziko atinawo iwaya ndopatingaswero mhanyidzana nekusupporter maArtists? Api maArtists acho, anoimba chii, chinotibetserei? Kanorwara kamwana aka…

  • Zimbabwe s most artists is rubbish, jah prezah in particular n the rest of zimdancehall band wagon..I will never support noise,

  • tarenda hapana zvingwenjere

  • Tiri busy kutsvaga mari

  • correct

  • I believe there is a problem with music international music channels I don’t know which criteria they use to select music otherwise there is nice music from zim ,Zambia,Malawi but they only play music from South Africa , eg jah prayzer is talented but his music is not given a view on those channels why

    • He is gud to you..nemazivedio ake hondo aya ndipaanoirasa. Look at the quality and kind of vedios wen he is featuring certain musicians and compare the sound quality and vedios kana ari ega.

    • zvimwe zvacho zvinodawo chirungu plizz… This Jah guy is given a chance to record with big artists like Lucciano, Stavo, Diamond, Mafikizolo and he stix to Uzumba language, thats absurd and sad! yu cant be international with vernecular

  • Nxaa how can you call those thousands of zimdancehall artists ?? 1 riddim 68 songs ,some of them translate English songs into shona ,and you expect our support damn, the song is ‘free up black pple’ n some idiot come n sing the same song saying ‘ siyai vableache ‘ suluman! Black,chairman black ,unoda support yechiii pakadai,i had never heard mkanya or mtukudzi doing this shit n their music goes beyond boarders ,

  • First use your real names…second apply message on your songs…stop diss each other like Calaz hakuna kwaunoenda …unomhara faster faster

  • Pamamonya

    Zim artists get a lot of support than what this blogger is suggesting.Zim is in the top 10 when it comes to support of local music .Example like Kenya they have artists like Amani, complaining about lack of support from locals who love reggae so much but have you seen Kenyan music videos???most of them are way better than Zim. Zimbos support their music from sungura to zim dancehall ,gospel etc, which is why they steal and download.The interest is there 100% . Buying music is another subject which even affect first world countries, pple steal from music to movies etc.A human being will always want free stuff.In the west cable companies are feeling the pinch from KODI -an open source home theater software stealing movies .What about music ????To be honest anything you post on you tube is free and other online sites.THE ONLY WAY IS FOR ARTISTS TO BE CREATIVE IN SELLING THEIR WORK .A good case study is Uganda.Local support to Ugandan music is great and they are not even known international.Congo too.

  • lot chitakasha

    Piracy is a challenge indeed, difficult to fight because of of technology. However I have to say Zimbabweans attend live shows and there is no greater support than that..the money now is on live shows rather than record sales