US Presidential elections postmortem: Did TB Joshua really miss it on Donald Trump?

By Bishop Dave Chikosi

When TB Joshua’s prophecy of a Hillary win failed to materialize, many hailed him a false prophet. His subsequent attempt to explain what went wrong brought more ridicule than the failed prophecy itself.

Nigerian prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of nations (SCOAN), has predicted that Hillary Clinton will win the US presidential election in a "narrow victory" against her Republican rival Donald Trump.
Nigerian prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of nations (SCOAN), predicted that Hillary Clinton will win the US presidential election in a “narrow victory” against her Republican rival Donald Trump.

Speaking to The Guardian, a Nigerian newspaper, he offered this explanation:

Thousands of people who heard my prophecy prayed to God, they fasted and prayed that God should change the prophecy. That a prophecy was disclosed and did not come to pass does not mean that it is not authentic.

Many, including supporters, thought that was a hard sell which would do nothing to restore whatever prophetic credibility he had.

But did Joshua really miss it? Can shift happen to prophetic outcomes when God’s people pray? Does prayer affect deliberations in the High Courts of Heaven to such a degree?

Apparently so. The video clip below speaks to that issue. It is part of a message delivered by American missionary and prophetic evangelist David Herzog in San Diego ,California on October 28, 2016.

This was ten days before Mr Trump was declared the winner of US Presidential elections.

The message is Herzog’s but the editing is mine. Hopefully we can gain an insight into some of the unseen spiritual dynamics that go into shaping a national event of this magnitude.

The big takeaway for me personally is that no prophetic word involving humans is set in stone. This is because humans have the capability of repenting and appealing against a divine decision.

Our prayer can prevail to the extent that Almighty God has to change His Mind and alter the verdict of a previous judgment made in the Courts of Heaven.

Enjoy the clip.


As the nation of Zimbabwe gears towards its 2018 Presidential elections, the role of the church has never been more critical. The church has more clout in the spirit realm that we sometimes realize.

The church can turn the tide of any national event by a spiritually informed appeal to the Supreme Court of the universe.

But we need all hands on deck if 2018 is to yield something different from what we have seen in the past. We need every apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher to pull their spiritual weight.

We need to pull our weight and not pull rank or throw our weight around at each other in a spiritually nauseating game of ministerial one upmanship. This is not the time for foolishness. Too much is at stake in the realm of the spirit.

Prayers, revelations and insights of spiritual leaders at home as well as in the diaspora must be enlisted. What revelations are the prophets seeing in the spirit? What strategies are the apostles downloading from heaven?

What gathering, shepherding and instructional insights do our evangelists, pastors and teachers have that will take us from the land of “Not Enough” to the land of “More Than Enough”? Whither to now Zimbabwe?

All this can be done without the church getting mired in petty partisan politics. Our goal is the replacement of crookedness in government with righteousness. Not the promotion of partisanship or the exacerbation of tribalism and racism.

Our people are tired of the dog-eat-dog politics. We have had enough of the corruption, cronyism, factionalism and downright incompetence that has characterized this political dispensation. It must now be dispensed with.

We need a new deal. We deserve better.

There is no reason why, on God’s green earth, in a country blessed with abundant natural and human resources anyone should go hungry. Or university graduates sell candy on the street for a living. Pathetic and totally unacceptable.

We have world-class businessmen domiciled outside Zimbabwe and creating jobs and wealth for their host countries. They were hounded out of their own nation by political hounds who pretend to care for the people when their primary motive is to line up their pockets with ill-gotten gain.

These same hounds and hucksters appropriate for themselves that which should benefit the rest of the populace.

The diamonds of Marange have come and now almost gone without any significant development of the area. Will the thieves ever be brought to book?

The church in Zimbabwe must go to Court of Heaven and plead the nation’s case before the Chief Justice. Thankfully Heaven’s Court system is rigged in the church’s favor. The Chief Justice is our Father and the Defense Lawyer is His Son, who also happens to be our big Brother,

Yes its pure nepotism, but you have yours of the impure type. And yes someone is going to get “nikuv-ed” in 2018 except this time around it won’t be Christians!

We have an abundance of Presidential candidates running in 2018. Among them are fraudsters and hucksters. They need to be exposed so that we know who is who in the zoo before we start voting.

We are going to settle for nothing less than righteous government.
We are tired of n’ganga nemasvikiro sitting in Parliament and deliberating our collective destiny as a nation. Vemadhimoni nevemweya yemidzimu rwendo runo hamukwani.

Now it’s time for the Blood-bought, Spirit-filled, Bible-believing church of God to rise, step up to the plate and take the bull by the horns, and make this basket case become the breadbasket once again.

Bishop Dave Chikosi is a founding apostle, pastor, father, theologian, author, entrepreneur and television personality. His book, writings and video messages can be accessed on various web platforms such as YouTube. He can be reached by email at [email protected]

  • That’s shows us he is human just like us, we all thought Hillary was going to the White House.

  • let me try to explain ,the bible says God is not aman who should lie ,God doesnt lie there is man part in prophecy and God’s ,for tb joshua issue may be man of God was overzealous but it doesnt take away his status as servant of God preachers of the word do they not sometimes teach controversies but can we writ them away as fake no we may try to explore the real truth is with God ,and its no a sn if u a prophet when God didnt reavel to u something to keep quiet

  • Im not a TB Joshua fan but if you check ,indeed Hillary Clinton did bit Donald Trump if u check the overal majority votes whereas Trump won basing on state by state counts.

    • Did She Win The Presidency?

    • I disagree with you there.everyone knows usa elections are won through the electrol college not popular vote.Even the polls that were saying hillary would win were based on the electrol college.God the almighty knows usa elections are won through the electrol college.

    • thank u Ronald unoda kutendwa iwe handisati ndawina video but frm what has been said kaa tombodzokera mu bhaibheri mwari vaiti vakataura chinhu through his prophets then vanhu vakatendeuka vakanamata he would again send his prophet kuvaudza kuti mwari vanzwa kuchema kwenyu vakuregererai vati zvakudai soo that is kana pekutanga vanga vatotaura kuti repent or I will do this but kana vangoti I will do this then it was final bcoz God is a respecter of his word all im trying to say is kana dai mwari vaida zvizochinja vaitaura kuti Clinton will win but if u pray then trump will win vanhu vanamata mwari vodzokazve kumuporofita vomuudza kuti udza vanhu kuti zvavanoda zvavainamatira ndozvakuitika kwete zvatakaitirwa na tb joshua that was predicting not prophesying

    • the issue is not on majority the issue is who is president people should wake up prophets do not prophecy unless the event is certain

    • if a true prophet gives a prophecy there are no two ways about it it will happen without fail God vindicates his prophets

    • Chiporofita chemutungamiriri wenyika hachina pachofanirwa kuchinjwa

    • Look what ignorance has. U win by voting not saying in yo house i like.

    • I think we are debating on different issues here. Its common knowledge that Donald Trump won the electoral college , but the fact raised by was TB Joshua lied that Hilary would win against Trump, its a fact she won the majority vote by more than 2million , that on its on is winning. However that victory is meaningless in American politics . Unless there is a person who says she didnt beat Trump then i stand to be corrected, she did beat Trump but on the wrong and meaningless side

    • I think we are debating on different issues here. Its common knowledge that Donald Trump won the electoral college , but the fact raised by was TB Joshua lied that Hilary would win against Trump, its a fact she won the majority vote by more than 2million , that on its on is winning. However that victory is meaningless in American politics . Unless there is a person who says she didnt beat Trump then i stand to be corrected, she did beat Trump but on the wrong and meaningless side

    • If watched the clip you will know that TB “prophesy” was abt clinton winning presidency. he even mentioned that she was going to face challanges passing bills. I suggest you the clip Mhlani.

    • Mhlani Sibangilizwe….you need to let it go hey. Getting the popular vote is NOT winning under whatever circumstances. If I were to ask you, what did she win? The presidency? The senate or the house? I was a Clinton supporter myself but I wouldn’t pedal that kind of spin. What the dear prophet told us was he listens to a god who didn’t know how presidential elections are run in America, as embarrassing as it sounds

    • Acquire more knowledge on such matters @mhlani sibangilizwe
      T.B Joshua’s “prophecy” cannot be justified under whatever circumstances. He was wrong, get over it!

    • According to USA LAW you WIN by winning more Electoral college vote. Trump got more College votes than Hillary. Therefore Trump won. This means TB Joshua prophecy was dead false. Period. Trying to use popular votes to justify TB Joshua prophecy is just sorrowful and trying too hard. This is simply straight foward.

  • Bishop Dave Chikosi’s line of reasoning is dangerous because it insinuates that God can reveal one thing to a Prophet & then do the other leaving the Prophet in shame & at the mercy of ordinary people.This is very wrong & damgerous as it potrays God as unfaithful & untrustworthy to His servants.If God gives a prophecy that can be overturned he makes it clear to the prophet that the prophecy can be overturned if the people do a,b,c.If God gives a prophecy that cannot be overturned He,likewise,makes it known to the Prophet that the prophecy is final & binding.God will never leave His servants in shame & at the mercy of mockful heathens esp on issues of intergrity pertaining to His word.His promises are Yes and Amen,never maybe!T.B Joshua lied,Bishop Dave needs to swallow that,period!

    • You have said it very well my brother

    • First of all Marcus its not my thesis. It’s David Herzog’s whose video clip is in the article. Secondly, how do you explain God declaring His intention to destroy Sodom and Abraham bargaining with God the terms of that destruction?

    • Prophet Isaiah was was asked by God to tell king hezekia that he was go in to die….upon hearing this hezekia cried to God and he was given many more years to live,does that mean Isaiah had lied…

    • Lorraine God have flexible and inflexible judgements and on a flexible judgement if u repent God will sent his prophet to u again to tell kuti vanzwa kuchema kwako and this is what he has said the prophet hambosari achiita kunge murevi wenhema the same on sodom God did not change but he is fair n just it was unfair fir the righteous to be destroyed with the unrighteous

    • Bishop Dave Chikosi it may not be your thesis but by propagating it you not only subscribe to it but water and cultivate it to grow in the hearts of God’s people.The example of Sodom & Gomorrah does not support David Herzog’s assertion at all as in that scenerio God revealed His every detail of what He wanted to do to those cities to his servant Abraham.There is nothing He did that He had not revealed to Abraham prior & neither did He tell Abraham one thing and go on to do another.Why did God wait for the election results to be announced to reveal to TB Joshua that He had changed His mind concerning the American elections.God always defends His intergrity & thats of His servants at all costs.President Mugabe will NEVER instruct his spokesperson(George Charamba) to make an announcement on his behalf and then go on to do something contrary to that announcement.If politicians,who lie a lot,know how to defend the intergrity of their spokespersons then what of God???
      In the case of Hezekiah @Lorraine Bevdivash Siziba the message about King Hezekiah’s impending death came through Prophet Isaiah and the message about King hezekiah’s “added years” came through Isaiah again.God never bypassed the Prophet to leave him exposed & shamed.Another case is of Prophet Jonah in Nineveh.The message of God’s judgement came thru Jonah & that of restoration came thru Jonah again.In the case of T.B Joshua it would appear as though God intentionaly set him up to mockery & shame but we all know that God does not operate that way.

    • So how is the presidency relevant to this? Are you saying having hillary as president in usa would have been a sin? So pple needed to repent from it? Sodoma amd gomora arent relevant to this- they were still s
      Destroyed after Lot was removed. Hezekiah prayed to God on a personal level and God addedto him another 15 yrs. How is the presidency of usa relevant to this? Because then dai vakauya vakataura zvisati zvaitika kuti zvazonzi havachahwini vahillary, nekuti kuzotaura zvatoitika chero anozviita izvo- kana prophecy yakataurwa iri bounding iri yezvekusarudzwa kwemutungariri wenyika inozochinjwa nekuti zvaita seiko?

    • Marcus Lacoste God told Abraham that He would destroy Sodom. Abraham said, “You cant destroy the righteous and the unrighteous.” He appealed against a divine decision and God conceded that if 50 righteous were found Sodom would be spared. Abraham then asked for 45, 40, 30, 20 and finally settled at 10. If these numbers had been there, God would have rescinded His decision. When righteous men pray divine decision can be reversed.
      Prophets are aware of these spiritual dynamics. This is why if you are “seeing in part” (as Paul says in 1 Cor 13:9) it may be best to hold your horses and not say anything beyond a tentative “This is what I see for now.” Others like Uerbert Angel saw beyond the shifting dynamics and got it right. But it doesnt make the one who “saw in part” a false prophet

    • Amana chiporofita chamaakuva obsessed nacho ichika?

    • The Bishop chooses to misapprehend me on purpose,anyway I respect your stance sir

    • but nyaya ye sodom haina kuudzwa vanhu vese kaa yaingova pakati pa Mwari na Abraham so chero dai 50 vanhu vari righteous vaiwanikwa mwari vochinja vorega kuparadza hapana aizombonzi anyepa kaa so sodom yaipindi apa tsvakai paudzwa ruzhinji then mwari vozongochinja mowona kuti vaizvifambisa sei and hiw he would speak pazvinhu zvaichinjika

  • Farai

    Ndizvo mufundisi. We are tired of these thieves. We want true Christians in power now. Let us get on our knees for this desperate nation please

  • The bible states that false prophets and teachers will and shall be revealed thru their works,so in TBs Joshua’s case chimwe chamunoda kuona kudarika this false prophecy and the Church collapse chii !!!!

  • He should not be allowed into Zimbabwe. We already have too many false prophets!

  • Fake men of God .

  • People are always running away from the truth. Bishop Dave Chikosi , TB Joshua and Herzog are are false, their teaching is unGodly.
    A prophecy is not a riddle that needs explanation like the man in the video did.
    Hilary Clinton was not elected president of America, the voting process was known well before the elections, the winner is not by popular vote but by state represantation.
    Marcus Lacoste is right, we have people teaching poison to christians.
    Trying to explain a failed prediction, just like TB Joshua did is a shame.
    Bishop Chikosi, repent .

  • All the things which were prophesied in the bible came to pass even these false prophets were prophesied so no need to explain

  • Thats embarrassing,

  • U have no spiritual eye

  • If I were you I would keep quiet

  • 13 The Bible contains numerous prophecies, many of which have already been fulfilled. Consider an example. Through the prophet Isaiah, who lived in the eighth century B.C.E., Jehovah foretold that the city of Babylon would be destroyed. (Isaiah 13:19; 14:22, 23) Details were given to show just how the city would be conquered. Invading armies would dry up Babylon’s river and march into the city without a battle. That is not all. Isaiah’s prophecy even named the king who would conquer Babylon—Cyrus.—Read Isaiah 44:27–45:2.14, 15. How were some details of Isaiah’s prophecy about Babylon fulfilled? 14 Some 200 years later—on the night of October 5/6, 539 B.C.E.—an army encamped near Babylon. Who was its commander? A Persian king named Cyrus. The stage was thus set for the fulfillment of an amazing prophecy. But would the army of Cyrus invade Babylon without a battle, as foretold?

    This is what is called prophecy no conditions, Eve if you check now Babylon is an abandoned place up to this date,

  • What tbj says comes to pass.he is a true man of god

  • welcome man of god.distance is not a barreir.let thr be light in zimbabwe.

  • Akasekifasa vanhu hameno imi munozvembera kunevanhu .mwari ndiye ega

  • Yes he did

  • Who won the ekections in the states and who was made to have won the elections at leasts by the system?

  • He is a rich thug

  • He is a liar so many stories he said but nothing came out . He must shut his mouth now

  • He didn’t miss.

  • Prophet TB Joshua was right about Clinton wining election,indeed she beat DT,but the people who owns the US did not want Clinton,so they put DT even though he dint won.The US is not a nation as many people think,it is a company owned by UK and the Roman catholic church and they select who they want to lead their company the US.

    • Sit down for you don’t know wat u talk about…wat Roman Catholic nd UK?How so?

    • Sit down and get educated my brother. this is really saddening.

  • Tsvina dzevanhu vese magaya and who ever they call him resistant tb curse me am waiting

  • He erred.

  • Dear God’s people. Let me explain something to you. Most people think that a false prophet means someone whose prophecy does not come true and this has made many people deceived. A false prophet is someone who tells you the truth but while the spirit that is speaking is not the spirit of God. If you do not understand this it means any man that will tell u the truth about yourself is a true prophet and millions of people are following false occultic prophets today because they say the person told me the truth about myself. Beware brothers! There are yardsticks in the bible about how to know false prophets. We must also be careful to be Pharisees of today, who love to just criticise the same way they criticised Jesus and called him fake during his time. I m not at all a member of TB Joshua’s church but the issue I have is that when this men gives true prophecies everyone will be quiet only to now criticise him when you hear one little thing. The writer of this article has enlightened me and I thank him. Many times I have even heard TB Joshua asking people to pray against his prophecy of something terrible that God would have shown him. It means if people then pray, they can alter the course of events. After all God does not give prophecies to prove that this is a true prophet or not but for people to take action on the basis of the given prophecy. Have you ever asked yourself how it shall be with you if the one you call fake is actually God’s true prophet? When Jesus said mang false prophets shall come, he didnt say true ones will stop coming. Therefore to avoid missing your blessings, why not just be quiet because many times many people make comments but with even very shallow knowledge of the bible. Are you not afraid to be like one of those who called Jesus fake, only for him to be the stone which builders rejected that became the chief cornerstone? The writer also encouraged us to unite and alter things in the realm of the spirit, why have we chosen to ignore such a noble idea only to focus on the negative? Please join our Prayer263 page and lets pray for our country. I love you.

    • you are trying to spin us into thinking that he didn’t miss the target. kkkk this was not prophecy but just guess work from TB. a true prophecy should at the end of the day link people to God and eternal life through righteousness.

    • We are not saying TB Joshua is a false prophet, but we are saying he gave a false prophet. I think he was relying with the media too much that’s why he went wrong.

    • False prophecy**

    • For such persons do not serve our Lord Christ, but their own appetites, and by smooth talk and flattery they deceive the hearts of the naive…we therefore are not going to lay back and allow anyone to deceive us especially when Jehovha blessed us with the Bible which doesn’t need to be decripted to understand its messages ,they embody Christ’s major characteristic..clear and light/bright as the day !!!!

  • No need to justify lies tb Joshua lied and that’s final.its only that pole are careless with their souls that they choose to follow a sangoma holding a bible.tb Joshua is leading you to hell BT God gave every body free moral agent ie the right to choose what you want to thoz saying this devil’s son called Joshua is a son of God you are very free to follow him

  • False maporofita ngazotora vamwe vake muno vatisiye toga isu namwari wedu kwete zvemapipi zvavanotiitira

  • God doesn’t lie.

  • These three are one nomatter what comes out

  • Long story short…. God made it happen so tt some people may realise that TB is still human

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  • For such persons do not serve our Lord Christ, but their own appetites, and by smooth talk and flattery they deceive the hearts of the naive…we therefore are not going to lay back and allow anyone to deceive us especially when Jehovha blessed us with the Bible which doesn’t need to be decripted to understand its messages ,they embody Christ’s major characteristic..clear and light/bright as the day !!!!

  • Just wait and see the power of prophecy because GOD talks through his Prophets and he never lies.

  • Romans chapter 2 and the book of jude will help all thkse who are judging …kunyange tichiziva vane dzimwe dzidziso dzisinei ne humambo hwamwari isu ngatiparedzei zvokwadi yamwari izikanwe pasi rese ….

  • PeterPan

    Who cares?

  • His a biggest bull shit

  • Tinovaziva

    So people prayed for Donald Trump Jnr to win the election? And you put all that down as divine providence. Do you people even know who Donald Trump is?

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