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Grade 7 pupil sets up church, mass hysteria ensues at school

By Leonard Ncube

Christ Authority Ministries in Victoria Falls has said it is investigating how a Grade Seven pupil at Monde Primary School where eight girls fainted under unclear circumstances ended up starting a church with a similar name at the school.

File picture of Monde Primary School (Picture by LionAlert.org)
File picture of Monde Primary School (Picture by LionAlert.org)

All the pupils who allegedly fainted last week at the primary school just outside the resort town were holding a “church” meeting in preparation for an all-night prayer when the incident occurred.

A Grade Seven pupil allegedly founded the church and named it Christ Authority Ministries before recruiting other pupils from the school and held services without the knowledge of teachers and parents.

Christ Authority Ministries of Victoria Falls has since distanced itself from the girl’s activities and is keen to establish how she ended up using the same name at the school.

It is alleged that after forming the church, the girl assumed the position of bishop and other pupils were given positions: pastors, elders, and praise and worship representatives, among others.

All those who became members fainted on Monday soon after lunch at a meeting they had organised.

Mr Valentine Maphosa, who is founder of Christ Authority Ministries, said they were not happy that their church’s name had been dragged into the mud.

“We are not aware of any Christ Authority Ministries church besides ours,” said Mr Maphosa.

“We were shocked when we read the story because we don’t have a branch or members in Monde. We started this church in 2013 and we have four branches-here in Victoria Falls, Sizinda, Chisuma and Hwange.

“We are going to investigate as a church to get to the bottom of it. These girls could really be used by Satanists or could have been sent by some enemies to deliberately tarnish our image as a church.”

Pastor Shelton Sibanda from the same church said they were going to engage the school and community to establish how the girl ended up using the church’s name.

Parents have called for a cleansing ceremony at the school. Pastors from various denominations teamed up for a prayer session on Wednesday last week at the school. 

Some parents suspect the girl was being used by satanists to initiate other pupils into their world. The Chronicle

  • The girl, as a minor (and the other girls) , needs help, not bombardment from a society that can’t differentiate a child from an adult.

    • Zootopia Kakara Kununa

      Trie Blessmore … this is a serious spiritual issue here probably needing more than merely being prayed for but deliverance

  • Chikiti

    Ah!! Kkkkkkkk! Mashura chaiwo

    • Mthunzi

      hazi mashura mhan! They only went into a trance.

      • Chikiti

        Mashura ekuti vana vadiki kutanga church, goes to show you how the next generations view church

  • XG

    Well when they faint in prominent “Prophets” churches, it is the Holy Ghost, when they first in a grade seven Bishop’s Church, oooohhhh it has to be investigated. Its either everyone who has church members fainting in their church has to be investigated or let the free for all Church formation and fainting spree continue.

    • Mthunzi

      True dat @XG. I agree with you.There is nothing wrong with these children organising themselves into a religious organisation – infact it is very noble indeed. Christ said “Let the children come unto me”. Where does the so-called “satan” come in here. Leave the Girl Child alone.