Devil worshipper confesses

By Gibson Mhaka

A self-confessed former devil worshipper opened up on his experiences in the Lucifer weird world and blamed a leading apostolic sect for allegedly initiating him into the underworld.

Harare Prophet Michael Sello of Christ Elevation International Ministries.
Harare Prophet Michael Sello of Christ Elevation International Ministries.

Panashe Kuwana (24) confessed during his deliverance by a Harare Prophet Michael Sello of Christ Elevation International Ministries.

He tells of the gory things that happen in the devil’s kingdom saying during his stint with the cult he witnessed the destruction and death of several innocent people, some from his family being devoured by the underworld.

In a video captured during his deliverance and in possession of B-Metro, Kuwana said he was initiated into devil operations when he was eight years old.

He said during that time he was in Grade Two when his father at the instigation of their church leader stopped him from going to school as an “instruction from God.”

Both his father and the church leader (name withheld) are now late and according to Kuwana they died under mysterious circumstances.

During his chilling confession, Kuwana said current leaders and prophets of the apostolic sect were not using the power of the Holy Spirit to perform their so-called “miracles” but were running under the influence of the devil.

Members of that sect, Kuwana said, were also devil worshippers who however, do not know that they were representing and worshipping the devil.

“When I came to Christ Elevation International Ministries I was a devil worshipper. I started to work under the powers of darkness when I was eight years old.

“That time I was in Grade Two and my father stopped me from going to school saying it was an instruction from God,” said Kuwana.

He said as part of the initiation his hair was shaved and put inside a cave at one of the cult’s shrines in Muzarabani.

“From that time I started carrying illegal operations in the name of the devil and I was later rewarded by becoming one of the prophets. During my stint with the sect, the spirit would instruct me to go into the cave with some church members for initiation,” he said.

According to Kuwana, this was a true story, a story that he would live to tell generations to come.

He said the church leader was also a spirit medium who at times commands spiritual torrential rain to start falling at their shrines.

During the gripping account of his enslavement to the powers of darkness he also revealed that the devil allegedly instructed him to kill his father.

“In 2006 I went to Mozambique to have my spirit boosted. When I returned the devil instructed me to take a bottle of water to a mountain near our homestead. While in the mountain it instructed me to destroy the bottle by hitting it against a rock.

“After doing so it was later revealed to me that I had killed my father because he wanted to leave the cult. When I went home I found him already dead,” divulged Kuwana.

Asked by Prophet Sello why he quit being a devil worshipper, he said:

“It was after I received a revelation that my beliefs in the cult were responsible for the death of our family members.

For the past four years it was a custom that between 13 and 23 December of each year one family member would die and that would happen under mysterious circumstances.

“We were eight of us but only two members are left now, that is me and my younger sister. I now feel relieved to have left the cult and to be delivered by Prophet Sello,” added Kuwana.

Speaking to B-Metro Prophet Sello said Kuwana’s spiritual deliverance was a big testimony and demonstration of God’s power. B Metro

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      Mr Tonderai , may be you were born yesterday or last week and you still have to see and come to terms with what is happening around you concerning the ever sprouting fake pastors and their false ministries . Have you ever asked yourself why are we having so many people claim themselves as pastors with powers to do this and that ? Have you ever checked their background to see if he or she was once a member of a particular church ? Have you ever asked yourself why and how these fake pastors become millionaires within a short space of time ? Be very very careful with these ministries or else you will be caught on the wrong side of the road . Since you were born late this month , let me tell you that we had such fake ministries that embarrassingly fell after followers discovered the truth .

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  • bullshit attention seekers

  • bullshit attention seekers


    Paid to utter rubbish . Every time we hear of new pastors becoming owners Ministry churches just for the love of money . This pastor is a rot galoot trying to seek attention by attacking apostolic churches . My message to this pastor is , just follow your devil and enjoy his riches but you should know that JESUS is on his way now . They form a church today and after some months they are already millionaires

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      I respect anyone who helps deliver people from darkness whether true prophet or not. when Jesus was once told that they were people who were healing and delivering people in his name he did not comment against them but said they can go ahead because he did not want to be the judge. dendende did this prophet deliver some one who was held by the devil, yes. is he evil no one can judge him on that, we cant even use other prophets of the past to judge him. that is why GOD will judge people as individuals over 10 billion of them.