Mugabe returns home, flies out again

Zimbabwe’s nomadic leader, President Robert Mugabe is now in Mauritius, the fourth country he has visited this month.

President Robert Mugabe slammed for 'empty' State of the Nation Address
President Robert Mugabe

The ZBC reported that the 93 year-old leader arrived in Port Louis, Mauritius to join other heads of state and government, captains of industry and intellectuals for the inaugural African Economic Platform (AEP).

“President Mugabe was warmly welcomed at Ramgulan International Airport by the Prime Minister of Mauritius, Mr Provin Jugnauth, several ministers from the government of Mauritius, and representatives from the African Union (AU),” ZBC said.

“As he disembarked from his plane, President Mugabe inspected a guard honour mounted to honour and acknowledge his presence, before proceeding into a VVIP lounge where the two leaders had a brief conversation.”

The AEP Summit, which kicks off this Monday will be focusing on economic transformation and integration on the continent.

Mugabe is fresh from an expensive trip to Singapore earlier this month which saw him use state resources to charter a $1 million dollar plane for a medical review in the Asian country.

He returned to spend less than 24 hours in the country only to fly out again to Ghana to attend that country’s 60th Independence Day celebrations.

Only this weekend, he was in Swaziland for a SADC summit on industrialisation.

The Zimbabwean strongman returned home and flew out again to Mauritius.

Presidential spokesperson George Charamba, who is part of Mugabe’s entourage, has defended the veteran leader’s endless travels saying “diplomacy did not come cheap”.

Zimbabweans have slammed their leader’s endless travels which draw massive resources from the country’s depleted coffers often with no tangible benefits. Radio VOP

  • again! JEEZ.

  • ooh plz

  • Col Mayihlome Ihlasele

    I strongly believe that he is having his “last days”. I don’t think he will continue after 2018: he will hand over to Ntombizodwa and Chatunga

  • Chikiti

    He must be on superdrug

  • enjoy yo life Mr presdent lyfe iz too short enjoy

  • Maybe they should make him president of travel coz clearly that’s what he is good at!

  • really

  • Iri iducha iri

  • He will die in foreign land

  • Did know why he went their only u talk too much mind yr own business then u can see life is good

    • Yaa it’s none of our business they should talk something else, we’re fed up with Mugabe issues dead or alive , besides what benefit do we get then if they speak of him

    • Do u know zim pple have got rich pple we want to know how they are doing their project how they are help in community .it can help youth a lot .and give hope to everyone l hate nagetive .

  • che

    The problem is not with him but with those who cash in by way of hefty allowances they give themselves for organising and accompanying the old man. They want to amass as much wealth as possible from the Zim taxpayer while the old man is still alive. They are literally holding him to ransom.

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