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Tsvangirai soars as 2018 beckons

By Mugove Tafirenyika

Former Finance minister and leader of Mavambo/Kusile Dawn (MKD) Simba Makoni yesterday became the latest prominent politician to throw his weight behind opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai heading the planned coalition alliance which will take on President Robert Mugabe and his warring ruling Zanu PF in the much-awaited 2018 national elections.

Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai
Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai

Makoni is a member of the Coalition for Democrats (Code) — a grouping of smaller opposition parties — which is also engaged in the ongoing grand coalition talks, which are reported to be nearing conclusion.

The MKD leader told the Daily News yesterday that while Code had not yet settled on who should lead the proposed coalition, it would be “foolhardy” to ignore the popularity and experience of the dogged Tsvangirai — the only politician to ever beat Mugabe hands down in an election, in 2008.

Makoni said he would like to see Code making concerted efforts to woo the MDC leader, whose party belongs to the National Electoral Reform Agenda (Nera) — a grouping of other opposition parties that are not part of Code.

“I am on record saying we need everyone, and in the case of Tsvangirai, we all know the value that he adds, having been in the opposition trenches this long.

“He is a respected leader with popularity and I only hope that other leaders in Code realise that and will also want to have him.

“The position of Code is that we would like all leaders working for change in this country to be part of the coalition that will bring solutions to the problems the country is facing,” the former Treasury chief added.

Code has not always had a solid relationship with Tsvangirai, with matters coming to a head in November last year when its members met in South Africa without the former prime minister in the government of national unity, as well as former Vice President Joice Mujuru  to advance the scope for an opposition alliance ahead of next year’s elections.

This triggered a row with both Tsvangirai and Mujuru after the leader of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Tendai Biti, made unflattering comments about the duo’s snub of the Cape Town meeting.

But speaking later, on behalf of Code, Makoni made conciliatory remarks towards Tsvangirai, maintaining that all opposition parties were working with the goal of uniting ahead of the eagerly-anticipated 2018 elections.

“We are not enough as the 13 of us, hence the need to engage others.

“We gave ourselves up to before the end of this year to come up with a structure and working strategy for the coalition. We are committed to doing what is necessary to achieve this noble objective whose time has come for the benefit of Zimbabweans.

“Nobody was left out. This is what the facilitator told us saying he made three trips here and met every one of us including Tsvangirai and Mujuru’s representatives. But each of us took a decision whether to attend or not to attend.

“Our meeting was meant to explore the prospects of working together and we hope to have engaged each other in all the areas that are necessary. Numbers are important in any election . . . ,” Makoni said then.

The MKD leader’s latest sentiments resonate with those of a large cross section of Zimbabweans, including other leading politicians, analysts and civic groups, who all say that Tsvangirai is the only opposition leader capable of giving Mugabe and the warring Zanu PF a run for their money in next year’s polls.

Recently, former Cabinet minister and caretaker leader of the Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) Didymus Mutasa praised the former labour union leader, saying he had persevered against all odds in his push for a more democratic Zimbabwe, including taking on Mugabe and a Zanu PF that often behaved thuggishly when challenged.

“For me, Tsvangirai is the natural leader of the coalition because of who he is . . . What the Nera is today stands for what Tsvangirai and the MDC built. The rest of us are latecomers in this game.

“We want a leader who will do what we thought Mugabe would do, but failed to do, and as ZPF we want to have discussions about who should lead the coalition because when we wanted to do it while we were still with Mujuru she prevaricated,” Mutasa told the Daily News.

“As a party, we cannot accept a situation where Mujuru leads the coalition having proved her lack of capacity with ZPF, although she is welcome to be part of the coalition because we need everyone.”

This week Biti also made an impassioned plea to Tsvangirai and other opposition players to act decisively on the mooted grand coalition, warning that any further delays could gift Zanu PF victory in next year’s make-or-break polls.

Biti also warned that the opposition could face a different Zanu PF candidate in Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa whom he said was a shoo-in to succeed Mugabe.

“Mugabe is now history. We have to talk beyond him, we have to be scientific and look beyond someone who would be 94 next year, and if we look at Zanu PF it is Mnangagwa who has one hand on power right now and as the opposition, we cannot allow someone who has violated human rights during the Gukurahundi to lead the country. We have to stop him,” Biti told the Daily News.

“Our failure to come together and our permanent state of fumbling, blundering and mediocrity is making Mnangagwa’s take-over inevitable,” he added.

Mnangagwa has publicly denied that he orchestrated the Gukurahundi atrocities, saying he was being unfairly targeted by his political foes.

“Electoral reforms and rebirth of the opposition through a grand coalition are necessary. A grand coalition is a necessary but not sufficient. Same as electoral reforms, they are necessary but not sufficient on their own.

“Code is already there . . . the leadership of Nera must come together with the leadership of Code and discuss immediately about forming a coalition,” Biti added.

Analysts have also previously told the Daily News that a united opposition, fighting with one purpose, can finally bring to an end Mugabe’s long rule, especially at a time that the nonagenarian is fighting to keep his warring Zanu PF united.

They also say Mujuru, whose liberation struggle nom de guerre was Teurai Ropa (Spill Blood), and whose late husband Solomon was the first black post-independence army commander, could provide the much-needed bridge that opposition parties have been missing to ensure the smooth transfer of power if they win the 2018 elections. Daily News

  • We all want Tvangison, but he need all those technocrats to assist.

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  • Simba Makoni is a prominent figure of CODE,he has just done the honourable thing of throwing his support and suggestion that the MDC T leader should be the leader of the coalition of all the willing opposition parties.This is exactly what Zimbabweans need to increase chances of the opposition winning the Presidential elections.If Biti and Welshman Ncube can throw their support behind Tsvangirai including the other smaller parties then we have one United opposition party.Yes there will be always a few planted opposition parties who will not join the coalition or they join and try to cause divisions so that the process fails.These parties should be carefully scrutinized and excluded from the coalition.The opposition bigger parties are slowly moving in the right direction.

    • come electon he’ll pull out from the coalition stand alone and course confusion,that will favour zanu ,believe me this guy is a zanu pf puppet

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  • If zimbabweans are serious about bringing change to our country, what doctor makoni has done is the final solution to the predicament zanu(pf) has put us into. All opposition political parties must come together and speak in one voice regardless of how many potential voters stands behind them. The fact that we have a united front under the leadership of president tsvangirai gives zimbabweans of all walks of life the ammunition and determination to give zanu (pf) and president mugabe a final political blow that will see him and his party going to the dust bin of political history. Lets unite behind president tsvangirai and bring our suffering to an end

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  • Shona people since its only your vote that matters u are the majority electorate have u seen Noah Manyika. I know you don’t know him since your choice is only limited to Mugabe and Tsvangirai. Please consider ,Noah he makes sense, with Makoni the only shona candidate i cud possibly consider if i wasnt voting for Mqondisi MRP (Mthwakazi Republic Party)

    • why are you commenting when you know you are going to vote based on tribal factors.

    • Noah Manyika should come and join the coalition he do not have grassroots support

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    • Ah u people. …just check him on You tube. He is the only shona politician who makes. Grassroot support!!! U mean tyranny of the majority! So u people will never choose a leader based on his capabilities, wisdom to revive wat is a dead economy and decaying social fabric than a thin brain leader huz has grassroot support. No wonder for 37 yrs u hv been pulling back to the stone age.

    • Ah u people. …just check him on You tube. He is the only shona politician who makes. Grassroot support!!! U mean tyranny of the majority! So u people will never choose a leader based on his capabilities, wisdom to revive wat is a dead economy and decaying social fabric than a thin brain leader huz has grassroot support. No wonder for 37 yrs u hv been pulling back to the stone age.

    • I read about him sounds good. But you know what, I am from the rural area which is where majority of the voters resides and where ZANU PF distribute corn from donors and tell the people this is from Pres. Mugabe. Ok. These people don’t know all these jus come lately opposition leaders. The only familiar faces are Robert and Morgan. And with what people are going through now they come to realize that Zanu has nothing to offer. Morgan is the only one so far that is know by majority of the people. We need that to defeat Zanu. The more the better let all of them join together. Like what Makoni did you can see that he is not selfish he is looking at the bigger pic. Once we change the Govt. There things that we can do regardless who is the leader #1. Change the constitution Atleast limit the number of terms a person can run for the office. Like Ghana and USA. 4yrs 2 term limit. That’s my thought

    • i agree with yu milly, pipo will not vote for someone who just popped out of nowhere nomatter how sensible he maybe. bsdz Zimbaz have trust issues these days.yu have a common enemy try to remove the enemy then we take it from there

    • Okay…..sad though that this guy Noah Manyika’s ideas wud go to waste. If it’s about numbers and and not content and substance then…..

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  • Yes Tsvangirai can win then what? How many times did he won? He can not still be trusted in terms of leadership because he will be given a handsome package and forget about the people who voted for him.

    • Practise your English first before you start writing.

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    • What we need first and foremost is to get rid of ZANU PF. Just like what Lameck we cross the bridge when we get there. All these other opposition leaders no one knows them in the rural areas. So they are most likely to vote for Mugabe if he is still alive by then. So if you go to the villages where majority of the voters resides and you start talking about Chinja maitiro. It will make sense to them. That combined with what people gone through in terms of hardships there is a chance. Jus my 2 sense

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    Wade was in opposition politics for 27 years but he finally got it in Senegal.

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    • But we need him. He can be adviser to the Pres. Or Finance minister. What we lack in our politicians right now is vision and intergrity . Yes where country is right those that have good education are needed more than be4. We also need real business minded people this will slowly bring invester confidence. No One will bring their money in a country that is run by makororo


    CODE FOR 2018

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    biti does not like Tsvangirai. he is the guy who will disturb the coalition. he hates him more than the way ncube hate him. three who don’t want Tsvangirai. biti, dabengwa, ncube. all these guys cant believe a tea boy can do better than them. dabengwas pride cant take that.