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New, strict civil servants dress code

By Bridget Mananavire

Government has introduced a new strict dress code for civil servants, citing deterioration of dress standards in the public service.

The dress code, which includes barring female workers from wearing tight trousers, sleeveless tops and dresses as well as miniskirts among other, is also being applied to members of the public visiting government premises.

When the Daily News visited the Kaguvi Building, it witnessed inappropriately dressed visitors being turned away.

“The Public Service Commission has noted with concern the deteriorating standard of dress by members of the public service and has directed that the following standards of dress be maintained by members during the course of their duties in order to uphold dignity and formality expected of them,” a circular by the Public Service ministry, stamped on March 15 this year by the human resources department, read.

“Despite the complexity of women’s fashions, women should put on correspondingly high standard of dress.

“The following items are not acceptable when reporting for work: sleeveless tops, sleeveless dresses, strapped dresses or blouses, tops that have low necklines tight fitting trousers, jeans, see through garments and miniskirts.”

The circular — signed off by former Public Service secretary Constance Chigwamba in 2006 as circular 10 — was addressed to all heads of ministries and sought to cancel and replace general letter number 16 of 1980.

For men: “Dress must include collar and tie. There is no objection to wearing of tailored safari suits with alternative dress being suits or sports jackets for blazers.”

“On formal occasions to which members are invited as representatives of their ministries, suits with collar and tie will be worn. Exceptions are only at the discretion of heads of ministries or departments.

“Normal standards of dress may be departed from when public servants are working in rural areas when duties require different considerations.

“It is however, advisable for men to keep jackets in their offices in case they are called to meetings and other formal occasions unexpectedly.”

Those with medical conditions requiring them to put on open shoes will have to present medical certificates before they can be allowed into buildings.

“In the case of men, open sandals should only be worn for medical reasons and it is necessary for the respective head of departments to request for the medical certificates of the affected members,” the circular read, adding that no tennis shoes or sneakers are allowed. Daily News

  • Vanopiwa mari hr

  • Will this new dresscode solve the economic crisis, can the people afford to buy these clothes?

  • Will they get the allowance for that?

  • this dress code is fokol I dnt see the importance of a Tie. It’s a colonial mentality

  • Mari yavo haitengi nduwe

  • Is the govt providing clothing allowance

  • Nxaaah ndo ma policies evanhu vave kuma 90+…what else do you expect? Old brains

    • Hapana chitsva pasi pezuva. Iko kupfeka kwakangonaka kwakaipei. Let’s not encourage night club and pub dressing pese pese. Zvakanaka ngatizvikurudzire asi zvakaipa sehuwori nehumhondi hatidi

  • How are they going to afford it when their employer is not paying them in cash but rather with residential stands #uselessgovernment

  • Bring some sanity back for real. Some of the dressing ayahhhhh

  • This is what happens when you have some who is supposed to be retired 30 years ago as your President

  • Whatever!We are concerned abt the bread&butter issues…

  • Pay them well so they can afford to buy decent clothing

  • Itigwai mahuniform maticha,madhumeni nemadhukadzi nemamwe civil servants

  • pay me and motivate me

  • They must introduce dress allowance as well. With this rotten economy it does not work.peanuts as salaries

  • old clueless madalas. ..

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  • Nxaaa

  • Long overdue.

  • I hope the give them those suits

  • Rubbish, someone is going to make a fortune out of that

  • kwangova kitaura kweashaya

  • Kupererwa

  • Airtym yese $1

  • That was long overdue thanks fo bringing sanity to those public offices

  • This is nonsense fuck this dress code clueless ZANU PF they ‘re good at making useless policies nxa

  • nevermind

    You couldn’t find a picture of a smart dressed BLACK person??

  • munomama chete

  • Vanotenga hembe dzacho nematombo here?

  • Hembe dzacho dzinotemgwa neiko

  • true

  • Dress code pasina mari, to hell with an oppressive government led by people with archaic ideas

  • Inga tapinda. Takupihwa futi ma suit. Lwakumberi saka

  • This is bullsheyt ,,,, those who visit should not be forced to dress in that way, let it be for the government workers only not ordinary individuals , that’s stupid !

    Problem is munhu anouya netumutemo twekumba kwake kuzoisa munyika nekyti iye haafarire that kind of dressing

  • It’s high time our government realises that everything has deteriorated. Bullsh*t!!!

  • totenga neiko hembe dzacho, mari haikwane iyi nhai veduwe

  • A neck tie in a country like ours with such high temperatures…..some colonial hangover indeed. No wonder those high court judges still put on those stupid wigs.

    • There is on hangover in that arrangement and whip put on by the learned HIGH Court Judges are not stupid. Its a sample for great wisdom.

    • Oh yeah putting on wigs with hair like a white man’s, that’s wisdom indeed Ben Mtubuki

    • I wonder why our leaders are so obsessed with a neck tie and a jacket. The British needed those because their country is cold. Imagine teaching in Kariba, Hwange etc and a neck tie on.

    • kusingasungwe tie ndekup

    • I absolutely agree with you bro Gideon Tafadzwa Zamimba

    • Bro John Mashambe do not break our ribs

    • Bana Baba Susa, this is from experience, ndakagara pajoko reuranda. Chandaizvidzipia chokwadi l don’t see it

    • John Mashambe I get u bro once worked in UMP for 8 strong years.I quickly felt your statement.lol

    • Mental emancipation is overdue, the system needs a complete overhaul. Wisdom is symbolized by the integrity of decision making and not donning a wig. it’s actually queer the color is white

  • This is really madness!This desperate selfish gvt have no shame.KKKKK HAA # ZVICHAPERA.

  • They dress according to how much you pay them.

  • That has been norm…since way back

  • Kkkkkkkkkk mati madiiko kkkkkkk rinonzi purazi ramudhara B

  • Ndiko kunonzi kugonaka uku. Vanhu vange vakutora tutsika twemamwe marudzi kwave kurasa dzedu. Vanhu kwavo vange vakazvitarisira.

  • Mina Makoti

    Pane umwe wenyu wavhure ka factory kekusona, nhai!


  • Thats acceptable . What good can be expected from an unkempt guy or a lady mistaken for a sex worker?

  • Gyz its one of the best ideas dressing is key to our up bringing and nation building

  • May u also come with a very strict paydate for civil servants

  • inonzi Dress as u Earn,zvavarikupfeka ndozvinoenderana nemari dzavari kupihwa,vabhadharei zvakanaka vapfeke masuit zvataiziva vachiita kare

  • Strict pay date,Strict dress code,strict green salary in one withdrawal,strict bonus hahahaha kudzingirira mbudzi hanzi dzaba nyama imbwa dzivete

  • I think this must also be applied to students at tertiary institutions good idea.

  • Wiliam Mudyanavana (VaChasura)

    Hanzi new but quoting 2006 and 1980 circulars. In reality nothing new from the 1980 circular. We call it majoring on minor issues and minoring on major issues.

  • Do they have the capacity to buy clothes

  • Asi some1 opened a shop ye hembe

    • Doppelganger

      Only explanation!

  • Ndozvanoziva chete izvozvo. Clueless lot…

  • Pay them good money and on time.

  • Just mere talk, where are uniforms for teachers if we remember that story

  • Just supply e workers with clothes,

  • ndi magaya chete hakuna mumwe


  • Cases of sexual harrasment might end. These women dress like whores

    • everyone these days is like that and even those who are enticed by that are also whores

  • Vachatopfeka hovhorosi nekuoma kurikuita zvinhu

  • Trump

    Please first give me their Bonuses and increase the Salaries. Where do you think they get the money to buy suits from? Toda maSerious !!!!!

  • And later to find out a minister’s wife wil be given a textile contract to supply that dress code just like it is in police and army. Just a plan to fill up their already spilling pockets

    • The same thing came to my mind as soon as I read the headline. These criminals will never stop

  • give them money for uniform/ dressing allowance to buy such clothes. Nonsense

  • Give them uniforms motherfuckers

  • Vanoti_dako

    Ndi Dokora chete hakuna umwe! Saka hembe dzacho dzinodiwa vachatenga nema stands?

  • Silly gvt….yu gv people peanuts and yu xpect them to dress like kings…some of the things that yu impose munenge mafungawo here or it is juss ….do as i say…do yu want them to steal money to buy such xpensive dressing…how can yu punish your wife for not cooking meat whilst yu did not provide her with thr meat…yu need to think yu zim gvt..repair your tattered economy first. Maakushaya zvekuita…nyika mapedza kuuraya…siyanai nevanhu vapfeke zvavanogona kutenga nemari yamunovapa…stupid ……dont show us your stupidity silly ignorants

  • Bullshit

  • That was long overdue honestly.



  • Which government?

  • Shallen Margy

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  • Kuncedani ukufaka u tie abantu behlupheka ezweni. Shame on you.

  • They should provide for free if is for a good cause

  • You wear what you want period

  • The purpose of; (1) putting on a neck-tie, (2) putting on socks, (3) tucking in a shirt, (4) buttoning up the wrist-long sleeves and (5) putting on long trousers was primarily meant to prevent excessive loss of body heat in European countries. But we as Africans took it and regarded it as formal.

  • Even smoking itself, it also started as a warmth-generating practice in cold lands(Europe) to starve off pneumonia, but people ended up getting addicted to it and some regarding it as gentleman’s practice.

  • We need to know how and why some dress codes and other social behaviours came to us before we formalise them.

  • Two Suits for every year for free vanhu musamhanye.Nezvemahara hamudi futi?Ummmmm

  • Vapeyi mari in time.vanoziva kuti vanofanira kuva ne dresscode kwayo

  • zvakanaka izvi

  • gfhj

    Vapei mari ka vatenge

  • Stingray

    This is good dispite the economic situation in my country.people who work in Public office should be dressed with dignity.this is a public place not a night club or Pubs.Chris Magwenzi that’s for your nice contribution.