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‘Just let me hang’: Convicted robber, rapist slapped with additional 50yrs

By Tanaka Mrewa

A vile robber and rapist serving 20 years at Khami prison on the outskirts of Bulawayo, yesterday demanded to be sentenced to death after he was slapped with an additional 50 years in prison.

Xolisani Nkala (30) – described as a drama king by State-certified pyschiatrists for feigning mental illness – was convicted of two counts of robbery and two rape counts by Regional Magistrate Mr Chrispen Mberewere due to overwhelming evidence.

“For each of your two robbery counts you will serve five years. Two years out of the 10 will be suspended on condition of good behaviour for the next five years. For rape you will serve 20 years for each count. This court will set aside 10 years of the combined 40 years on the same condition of good behaviour. Your effective sentence is 38 years,” said Mr Mberewere.

A seemingly perplexed Nkala shouted that the magistrate should have sent him to the gallows.

“It’s best that you just let me hang. These years are too much for me. I’m serving already and you give me such years. Just condemn me because I’ll spend the rest of my life in prison,” he said.

Mr Mberewere heard how Nkala recorded a sickening sex attack on one of the victims on video and also raped the other victim thrice with her seven-month-old infant strapped on her back.

Nkala made headlines last month when he demanded that the State avails Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko, Mr Temba Mliswa, Ms Dorcas Sibanda, Mr Prince Sibanda, Dr Joice Mujuru and Advocate Nelson Chamisa as his witnesses.

On another appearance, he hit the magistrate with a frog before asking for his case to be moved to the High Court claiming that there was bad blood between him and the magistrate.

The State assigned three psychiatrists to examine him and they all certified him sane, describing him as a drama king.

Yesterday, he employed his drama stunts again during mitigation when he told the court that he had many children.

“I have many children Your Worship. Everyone who believes in God is my child. Before I got arrested, I used to source clients for magistrates, I would go to prison where I would find them inmates who wanted to get bail and directly link them,” said Nkala.

Prosecuting, Mr Simbarashe Manyiwa said sometime in 2013, Nkala, who pretended to be a tout to lure his first victim, led a woman to a vehicle in the Bulawayo city centre on the pretext that it was bound for Gwanda.

“The woman got into the vehicle and the driver drove off along Harare road. The driver told her he wanted to collect a spare wheel from an undisclosed place,” said Mr Manyiwa.

“He drove along Harare Road until he reached Fort Rixon turn off. He then asked Nkala and the woman to disembark.”

He said Nkala took the woman to a nearby bush and demanded her phone and money threatening to kill her if she didn’t comply.

“In fear, the woman gave Nkala R400 and her Nokia phone. He ordered her to undress and wore a condom before raping her once while recording the attack with a cellphone,” said Mr Manyiwa.

The woman walked back towards Bulawayo and was picked up by a motorist in Ntabazinduna who took her to the United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) where she made a report at the police post.

On the second count, Nkala met a woman at the City Hall in the Bulawayo Central Business District. Mr Manyiwa said he asked for her cellphone number.

“He called her the following day claiming he had second hand clothes for sale. He asked her to meet him in town so that they could go to Ntabazinduna where the clothes were,” he said.

At Nhlambabaloyi, he allegedly led the woman, who was carrying a baby on her back, into a bush.

Nkala allegedly forced her to kneel and raped her three times from behind. The Chronicle

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    a. How did he get caught

    b. What was the overwhelming evidence against him?

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    • Lovington and then what? He will suffer but that comes at a price – he eats,he gets medical attention,we get people to guard him who are paid,he uses water and electricity. And all that for 70 years at the taxpayer’s expense. Why should the workers pay for someone to feel the pain? They should just neuter him – saves us a lot of strain!

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    • so i u saying all prisoners shld be killed, bcz even if this one dies u will still pay tax for other prisoners Mudhara Chekman?

      Moreso we don’t hv a provison for passing death sentence in our constitution, so your arguement becomes usesless

    • So to u taking care of 6 children is the same as taking care of 5 because even if one dies u still got 5 more to feed? I would like to meet your primary school teacher! Who said there’s no provision for death sentence in our constitution? Isn’t it we now have a lower and upper age limit to how can be sentenced to death? Besides – I’m not a judge,and this is simply my opinion,I’m not arguing as u put it. I didn’t say I don’t wanna pay tax,I said I would like my tax to be used to feed a criminal for 70 years. If he stays in jail it doesn’t benefit anyone. If he dies he dies. He’s willing to die so let him die!

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