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Cleric Mugadza calls for jail ‘sex cubicles’

By Tendai Kamhungira

Activist clergyman Patrick Phillip Mugadza has challenged the government to build special “conjugal rights cottages” in jails to allow prisoners to enjoy intimacy with their partners.

Pastor Mugadza being led away by prison guards
Pastor Mugadza being led away by prison guards

The unorthodox Remnant Church pastor, who earlier this year made a controversial “prophecy” which claimed that President Robert Mugabe would die later this year, has just spent six weeks in remand prison following his arrest on January 19, when he was charged and then denied bail for the “prophecy”.

Although he was finally granted bail by the High Court last Friday, he only gained his freedom on Monday this week, after a clerk of court at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts initially refused to accept his bail money, because authorities allegedly wanted to authenticate the High Court order.

“I have seen condoms in prison and I have seen them with inmates. What does that tell you? It means some gay activity is most likely going on in there, although I am told that one can actually have intimacy with a woman in jail,” Mugadza told the Daily News in an interview yesterday.

“I was told how this can be done and I asked whether my wife could also visit me in prison and they said no.

“I then began to realise that there is a need for the government to seriously think about this, as even president Mugabe says gays and lesbians are worse than dogs, which is not a very good statement from a leader because from my point of view as a clergyman, everybody was created in the image of God irrespective of what they do.

“They could be doing a wrong thing but that does not make them dogs at any given point. The best way is to speak to them so that they know what they are doing is wrong. So, if the president is seriously against gay relationships, what does he have to do?

“He has got to create a situation where he is going to be having what I call ‘conjugal cottages’ in prison. This way, women can visit their husbands there,” Mugadza added.

Mugadza was arrested after he “prophesied” that Mugabe would die on October 17 this year.

He remained in custody after he was denied bail by Harare magistrate Vongai Guwuriro on January 19, on the basis that he allegedly had the propensity to commit similar offences if given bail.

Mugadza was charged with insulting Christian and African traditional religions, with the State claiming that predicting someone’s death is taboo.

His trial has now been set down for March 30.

He first hit the headlines in December 2015 when he mounted a one-man protest against Mugabe in Victoria Falls, during Zanu PF’s national conference at the resort, where he held a placard that read: “Mr President, the people are suffering. Proverbs 21:13”.

In April last year, he also chained himself to a pole while holding a cross in one hand and a Bible in the other, in a daring protest action in Harare.

His death prophecy has caused palpable anger within sections of Zanu PF — which is riven with its seemingly unstoppable tribal, factional and succession wars.

The outspoken Mugadza faces six months’ imprisonment, or a fine of $200 if he is convicted under Section 33 of the Criminal Law.

In making his controversial “prophecy”, Mugadza had also said that the nonagenarian could escape death by praying fervently, fasting and publicly announcing that he did not wish to die.

“I am not saying I am going to be killing him on October 17, so there is no way anybody can say to me what you have done is wrong. I am not going to be killing anybody, I am only saying what God told me, that he is going to die,” he said then. — Read Mugadza’s riveting full interview in the Daily News On Sunday this weekend. Daily News

  • Yes

  • Ah i sex ejele? Fine prisoners hv got rights bt sex ayi its more than rights, most of the pple dont want to go to prison caz there is no sex there.

  • Sex is one of the needs of a normal human being.

  • Sex….wt fr??? That’s bullshits .u gt it wadzoka frm the prison udapromoter upenzi

    • You are mistaken dude. Being in jail does not means you have all of a sudden terminate your libido to minus 1000 and you do not need to have sex. It’s called the ZIMBABWE PRISON AND CORRECTIONAL SERVICE. Correction consider a all aspects of life for an individual. Most Zimbabweans hate homosexuality which of course is a sin, but what we do not see is that we are promoting it in our prisons when we do not allow these people who need some correction of behaviour and character the chance to relieve their sexual desires. By the time they leave prison,most of them would have been sodomized or sodomize someone. That erring in character will not be easily let go. Their wives would have left in some cases and how will they integrate into society which is segregatory and discriminatory towards x-prisoners. It will be tough and to get married is a mammoth task ,so they may end up hooking with those who don’t hedidtate to offer their feacal release outlets to satisfy sexual desires . The room to have sex in prison gives room for continuity of families. Let’s look at people as they will be not as they are. To err is human and we shouldn’t condemn prisoners as unworthy to enjoy sex.

  • good idea

  • Hazvibude, maybe stream iripo iyi kana isisipo.

  • So will it be a jail

  • Uyu Mugadza aoneka ali na nyele baad:!!!!!???? Anopada………m.pamushana!???

  • Rubbish , the day you commuted that crime is the day you through out your right to conjugal intimacy

  • hot

  • gud idea kuitira kuti vasungwa vapiwe mukana wekusangana nemadzimai avo pane kuti vaite zvehungochani

  • Ummmm pastor

  • This guy is A Complete “SHIT HOLE” chaiye,………….. If we hav Pastors like these then the CHURCH has failed.

  • The reason why u are in prison is to deprive u of any right morena. No sex , no everything sorry

  • That’s nonsense, if you want to be in jail live that kind of life

    • you’re a moron

    • The day you end up in there without a crime u will see kuti thats no bullshit,its a correctional service not jail dude

    • Marcus, majority in jail are real criminals only a few number are innocent it’s only unfortunate for them to be found in that place, moron is your mother

    • My brother as long as ua alive,,one day yu shall be shocked finding yoself behind bars and u shall remember these stupid words yu jus uttered

    • Roy if you found on the wrong side of the law you must feel the heat, you can’t it’s only stupid to expect honey moon in prison,

  • One condom could had prevented this bastard to be born.

  • Vharirayi futi

  • So this guy went to prison,Never complained about the poor quality food,Never complained about the unhygienic environment,Never missed the fresh air we all enjoy outside confinement & ALL HE MISSSED WAS SEX!LMFAO

  • Kkkk kutobhadhara maofficers guardin vasungwa whilst they HV sex kkkkkk

  • so u say it’s bulshit etc till the day you will find yourself in there.guys being not in jail doesn’t mean you makatendeka pazvese .Jesus say visit & even pray for these in jail.

  • thats the a great idea, Americans do it and it still holds marriages together and also stops this gay sex on jail

  • All who say bullshit,its a matter of time pamuchanyeberwa mhosva mukapinda imomo u will see that this dude was right,not all pple in there are guilty as accussed

  • Kusunga vanhu hakusi ko kuti vachine hachadadi havachadi

  • Respect Pastors but the proposition jumped the brim of limits putting us to ponder ‘,does the man really belong to Jesus or something went wrong or the he has been imparted with the devil’s machinations of lunacy

    • So quick to judge just because he is a minister, did u even put your mind to it to think first ? Use your half brain boy

    • Mr gift it’s actually a good idea do your research well

    • Something went wrong with you Gift. Read again and understand. Don’t read to answer, then think before posting, it can actually help you a lot in avoiding to post nonsense.

    • Okay let me check ndosaka muripo kugadzirisa

  • That’s a good idea. Being in jail doesn’t mean you are too bad.

  • Good idea

  • He is forgeting that in Zim there are Prisons/Jails not correctional services. He must go AS for somthing like that they might consider it.

  • The mistake we make when we are not in someone’s shoes is to judge and judge wrongly. Being a prisoners does not automatically eliminate your libido. Some have been convicted unfairly for crimes they have not committed. This means their families are already jeopardized . This man is not speaking for himself ,but for prisoners who are not celibate. By denying prisoners the right to relieve their sexual pressure,the correctional services creates the unwanted :HOMOSEXUSLITY. By the time ,of these guys who are serving long jail sentences ,they would have been sodomized or sodomize someone. That pervesion in character caused by lack of gratifying sexual needs will be planted in society when they are finally released. If the ZPCS can offer some education and training courses it can do something to perpetuate families,because as long as one is sentenced to more than a year in prison, the wife/husband will suffer. At least if they are given an opportunity to remain husband and wife in its truest sense ,very few families would disintegrate. Society has this wrong notion that once a criminal always a criminal and your rights should be taken away completely. Some are serving sentences for crimes they have not committed and that’s the fall of their fsmilies. Someone ,somewhere is doing service for the one in prison . Let’s see people as they will be after correction rather than as they are in the orocessvof correction. Let’s pay them a visit and we will understand how tough the life is behind bars. They may have erred ,but to err is human and to be corrected doesn’t mean anyone must be treated like shit.

    • You correct my brother,,that is where these Sodom things emanate from.It is very unfortunate that it cannot not be done in a country like Zimbabwe.

    • Waal it’s true. A very good sense of humor

    • Very true my brother

  • Prisoners should be deprived of anything that make their life complete n comfortable there. The conditions there must push them to reform.

  • Mhata iyi inofanira kuno svirwa kumdidi mujeri fake pastor

  • No to that!! prison is a punshiment so the prisoners should not have conjugal rights. Next time u will think twice usati waita mhosva. Pastor madii mataura zvekuti chikafu chiwanikwe uye mbatya dzirinani not zvemubedroom zvamakutaura izvo

    • Prison is not meant to punish people. It’s supposed to reform /rehabilitate people. So one does not loose his rights when he goes to jail.

    • so u mean rapists, murderers, armed robbers etc should not feel the pain? tozovaisa kurehabilitation centre after prison then tochivapa maconjugal rights. Prison isuffer continue baba

    • Dave I don’t agree with you on that one inmates should not enjoy life as people outside

    • Mr Brown and Ba Kim, did u also consider the wife or Husband, they are people who still out there, Yes the husband is in jail what about the wife she still needs sex to maintain the home?.
      Sex is not enjoyment its still a necessity isent it it food, shelter clothed and sex??,
      and PS conjugal rights are given to married people not every1

    • Is this even true? Remember ari pa wanted ka Pastor uyu so stories will be fabricated to put him pa corner

    • Munya Munyah Munyaradzi , hakuna baba isu takambosungwawo, Ukawana zvese urimusungwa then angazotya kupara mhosva ndiyani?? Asara hatinei naye, kana arimukadzi wembavha or webhinya ngaagarire kana zvanetsa wotsvaga mumwe 😂😂😂

  • The terrors in Gonakudzingwa were living in 5* lodges having their women there, takin a walk in da bush, studying cooking their best meals. Y not Mugadza and Co.

  • Nekuti vakoshei? Ngavarove bonyora.

  • I feel you pastor, think that’s a good idea. Don’t just criticise pple u gotta see the crucial side of it.

  • Gays are not natural born but converted man and women who were deprived of there right to intimacy whilst serving time behind bars ,by our standards its difficult to find a person who was born gay in dzimbabgwe and with the fact that its a crime in our country. this is good news and its going to increase moral among prisoners and discpline

  • Crime is part of life its something that can be commited unwillingly in an unexpected manner ,to you guys blaming this man whom have just raised this idea you are lost think twice because tomorrow its you and are you gonna spend one year without having it while for now you are struggling to spend one week away from your beloved ones .

  • Uku ku jere wangu hakuzi ku purezha

  • Examine his brains in khami prison

  • Good Pastor Mugadza,they should allow us to have sex in prisons but not gay sex.Hypocrites ban gay sex in public but promote it in prisons.Vanozviita vatsvene musatinyebere its either muringochoni kana kuti muringavi

  • Absolutely nonsense

  • this is not America….kuno ku Africa jail must be painful…so painful kkk

  • For them to be in jail it is a punishment therefore no time for pleasure.

  • What will be the different from living outside

  • Zvogona kuita but panotariswa huremu hwemhosva murderers and RAPISTS better vafe ne zemo

  • iyi yakutoda kunzi ipinzwe pamai chisamba ,hantie tese tinoziva pavanokwirirwa here

  • saka hapanazve jeri racho

  • Prison is not holiday, it’s a place of punishment. You want to maintain your rights stay away from crime.

  • not in pur beloved country Zimbabwe, rather go commit a crime in those countries which have those facilities