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Zimbabwean boxer commits suicide in the UK over deportation

By Pamela Shumba

A Gwanda man based in the United Kingdom committed suicide after his application to remain in that country was rejected and was threatened with deportation.

Bhekitshe Moyo (42), who was a boxer and known as “Tiger” to his friends and fans reportedly left the country for the UK in 2002 on a sports visa, which he renewed regularly as required.
Bhekitshe Moyo (42), who was a boxer and known as “Tiger” to his friends and fans reportedly left the country for the UK in 2002 on a sports visa, which he renewed regularly as required.

Bhekitshe Moyo (42), who was a boxer and known as “Tiger” to his friends and fans reportedly left the country for the UK in 2002 on a sports visa, which he renewed regularly as required.

Moyo studied banking in South Africa before his move to the UK and was studying Law at the time of his death.

He was reported missing on Monday last week before his body was found the next day at a park in South London.

The Zimbabwean community in the UK has since launched a campaign through the Zimbabwe Diaspora Focus Group (ZDFG) for donations to repatriate Moyo’s body.

Reports from the UK say Moyo committed suicide after he was refused leave to remain when he applied for settlement in the country.

“They denied him leave to remain in the country and he was threatened with deportation and kept at a detention centre. On March 6 at around 6.30PM he was reported missing after suicide notes had been found at his friend’s place where he had been staying,” said a close source, who declined to be named.

The source said a search was launched in the area and he was eventually located by a police helicopter which guided police officers on the ground to the location.

“Further notes were found on him, one of them addressed to the UK immigration service,” said the source.

In his last message shared on his Facebook page on March 6, 2017 at 6.51PM, Moyo hinted that his life was about to come to an end.

“I shed a tear as I write this because I will not be there when a new and just world is built. I have to sleep now. I love you all. Now be good to one another.

“My brothers and sisters, those that claim to be in power, and indirectly bully you into maintaining their system that is detrimental to your children, your families, your community, and yourself and the future generations only do so because you are unaware of the power that you possess. Don’t let them use you as the instrument of destruction. Withdraw your consent immediately and focus your energy on building a just world for all,” reads part of his message.

Moyo also mentioned that he really wanted to be a legal scholar and was sad that it won’t happen.

On facebook, Moyo’s friend Lucrezia Giannuzzo-Convers said it was difficult to believe that the Zimbabwean had committed suicide.

“It’s hard to accept this sad news. I will never forget you. Today the Angels are singing because they are welcoming one of the brightest stars. Rest in peace your soul was too pure for this world,” he said.

Moyo was born in the Manama area of Gwanda where he attended Nhana Primary and Bethel Secondary School. He then went to South Africa where he attained a degree in banking.

He migrated to the UK in 2002 on a sports visa (boxing) which he renewed regularly as required and competed in more than 50 professional bouts. He used his spare time to study law and volunteered at boxing clubs, teaching children the sport. The Chronicle

  • Lessons must learnt from this tragedy

  • Mugabe has messed up Zimb. No one wants to go back there its like hell on earth

    • 14 million of us are in Zimbabwe, whats so special about him.

      Hatred of your own country ends one dead

      • mr lee

        we are in Zim and we have never left toshanda nezviripo Mabonds inflation deflation zvinotiwana tirimo RIP

        • tintin

          Very true sir and with mindset ye mukadzi uyu she cannot survive in zimbabwe
          The funny thing is tingatambure but most zimbos are debt free and are not enslaved to working ma shift

    • Why are people in zim so bitter about people who are trying to make a better life in the diaspora for themselves and their families? Saka moda vanhu vangogarira mawoko in zim kusina mabasa?

    • Its a wonder how Zimbabweans hate their own pple abroad, and moreover how locals in those respective countries triply hate the same Zimbos.. Lord have mercy

    • Mother Nature

      Imagine. RIP. Our day is coming.

    • tintin

      Ana norah please….zim is for the survivors and hustlers type dzenyu idzi cant work hard kuno garai ikoko….yes things are hard but its not hell.

  • All became of this shitty Mugabe regime

    • This has nothing to do with Mugabe.

      Learn from this man’s insanity, 14 million people live in Zimbabwe,whats so special about this man from Gwanda?

      • mnnngj

        2 million have left and many taken by croc’s in Limpopo to get away from Mugabe and corruption and poverty. Eating bark and insects.

      • Mother Nature

        Tjo a man has lost his life and you are this cold. I feel sorry for you. Go find ur ubuntu

    • Takakohwa kune maguta… Rip

    • Yes it is because of Mugabe

  • Your life is worthy​ more than England ,anyway who am I to judge ,rest in peace bro

    • You never judge anyone, but you say the truth.

    • These guys are surviving from hand to mouth that side such that it is impossible to invest anything back home . So they get stressed on the thought of going back home .

    • Life isn’t rose in foreign land

    • If we survived from hand to mouyh do u think we cld sustain the Zim economy like we do? Evn the scumbags in Zim want to tax us becoz they knw we are mking an income

  • Sad RIP Brother
    Justice will be done.

  • All because of an old man who hve turned Zimbabwe into hell

  • Ungazviuraya nekuti waakudzoserwa kwawakaberekerwa.kutonzi waakuenda mberengwa wobva wati kufa kuri nani.

    • tintin

      Most of them have nothing to show for their lengthy stays in foreign countries dzinenge dzava nyadzi.
      I will never leave my country because my father taught me to work with whats there and to make the most of it and t has worked for him.. it shall work for ne

  • Sad MHSRIP

  • Blame not the president . Vanhu ava vakaenda kare kuUK before the multi-currency era vakasiya tichikanga waya. Saka pavanozonzwa kuti isu mateacher takazosara tikavaka dzimba nekutenga zviNoah nezviHonda Fit vanobva varohwa nestress. Most of these guys abroad are suffering believe me . I know of someone whose mother died in 2010 but haasati atouya kufuneral . Don’t be fooled by the photos they put on their profiles vakamira paLondon bridge,these guys are struggling to eat and by food.

    • Usanyepere anhu iwe ,do u attend all funerals,

    • Not suffering like u mean, is not extreme, they are driving cars living in pretty house and do have properties. Deportation means you leave your possessions ,that is where the pain comes from

    • Suffering in Zimbabwe and UK is not the same bro

    • Deportation baba kunorwadza coz une mararamiro ewajaira,wongo.zi dzoka.kwa sadza hiwe unofa ne stress. Imagine a malawian in zim ongonzi dzokai khmusha kwenyu kkkkk

    • you are correct!

    • Yu loose everything u wkd for wen deported mmm hazvisi veduwe

    • kusina mai hakuendwe,no matter wht kumba kumba,

    • Akawona kudzoka kuZim zvakafanana nekufa. Hapana munhu anoda kufa hama yangu our leaders must think seriously. Imi muri mu Gvt munowana pay every month my maCompanies vamwe vave nema seven months vasina mari. Mavendors vamwe vanoshandira 50 pamwedzi wose.

    • Rubbish

    • Strongly disagree with this mate , the only thing you don’t know is how Zimbabweans in the diaspora have managed to keep Zimbabwe on its feet through sending monies home . When there is money transfer the RBZ benefits too, musadherere ishe wangu ! If a third of diasporians stop to send money home munokwata imi . Ratio propotion of diasporians vs you guys on building properties might be 70 % for those outside against 30% , all and all hatirambe kuti some are suffering simply cos the issue of immigration depends on individual merit !

    • Zvekupenga

    • Zwekumama

    • Unokuziva here kuLondon iwe datya unongorotomoka kuZimbabwe murikotokanga waya kutaura kudai hautorina kana cent

    • ma keyboard specialist

    • Unofunga kuti pane munhu ari normal anodada nechi Ex Jap

    • You really have to be some kind of special idiot or twat to speak ill of the dead , for whatever reason the guy is dead ? have compassion fir his family, you bastards.

    • He is not lying at all…its true people here are suffering.. The little they live on he /she has to pay rent…bills..and they don’t have .medical insurance let alone life insurance….its not smooth sailing at all

    • Chirukwa don’t what is really causing those pple in diaspora to suffer why are they flocking on boarders and remember Zimbabwe is now surviving with those outside and crossboarders tradings where

    • U dnt understand deportation issues. U wnt evn have time to sell your house ir car. Plus ungada kushamisira neNoah neVitz here? There are better cars bro

    • Mother Nature

      Food is the cheapest thing in UK.

    • tintin

      Matthew you are very right
      Vanhu ava vakanzi dzokai muite a lifestyle svinu mu zim they cannot even manage it.
      Although you are right i feel you have said it at an inappropriate time.

  • Its like following the colonialist to his hole..he will make sure he fixes you

  • Chikiti

    Who amongst us will even do voluntary returning ?

  • big lesson, vakai dzimba chero kumusha chaiko ugowana pokuisa musoro kana tadzingwa muma foreign countries

    • Dzimwe nguva munhu akazviuraya tisamhanyirire kuti big lesson chii chii nemhaka yekuti zvako zvirikufaya think of misery life he/she saw coming in future.

  • Mweya werufu (spirit of death)kuperegwa nekufunga kugwara njere

  • Tragic

  • Kwavo ndiko kwashota

  • Zimbos come home please!

  • Uyu zvanga zvisiri ki fire

  • Its better to die than go to that hell of a place ,may his soul rest in peace .

  • Zvinoratidza pasvika level yenhamo munyika

  • So sad .I’d love to return to Zim but not while there us still such turmoil and destruction caused by one man. So I’m here to stay .

  • Langabi Shakespear Ngomane


  • England is not the only country he could have just relocated

    • Are you serious?Do you know anything about migrating?Its not like moving from Harare to Gweru.

  • Saskam

  • Lol dai kunyika kwake kwaigarika haaizviuraya kkkkkkkkk, zim is like gehena now and it’s burning

  • Anga asina mhuri

  • Eish… Seems a bit of an extreme measure

  • All in the fear of hell in Zim. He chose to die rather than go back to potholes, bond notes etc

  • ini zvangu kufa kwake handinei nako ndozvaada bt kusiira vanhu basa nhmi izvezvi chipatapata kutsvaka kuti ouya sei kuno vanhu vatambura ivava

  • he didnt care to think

  • Deportation makes u a destitute, you lose everything. If the country was in a good state we could have invested home. If diasporians have no money why the ZANU pf government wants to tax them? Diaspora has made Zimbabwe to be where it is now. Think of 98 when ever u want to condemn diaspora

  • It’s better to die than leave in Zimbabwe

    • tintin

      Unopenga 😂😂😂 isu tirimo wani
      Its all about your mindset if you want to survive you will be given the will to live

  • hr thot its better to die than be in zim.

  • Zimbabweans in diaspora must be responsible..they comit suicide because those Gvts denied the stay…are they stateless..kana zvaramba come back home and help to buid Zw….when they pass on sometimes theres no money to take them back home…kana zveku Overseas zvaramba dzokai ku Zw muri vapenhu , ndokumba kwenyu…huyai mubatsire Zw iinde mberi

    • Prince its true ….but they don’t have the money to buy the one way ticket…… Moreover some of them are now on medication ..stress this stress that its a pityy

  • very tru Mathew

  • Nothing justifies taking your own life, weak soul. Coward.

  • RIP bt the truth is vazhinji vonyara kudzoka esp kana vasina pekusvikira or pekuisa musoro apa kutsvinya vanhu vacho vari ikoko

  • And the thought of coming to zim wa horrendous

  • Vakai kumusha kuti kana deportation yauya hauna stress zvino muri kuita basa rekuroora hazvo manje

    • tintin

      Zvino havadi basa kushamisira pama social media instead of preparing for such things….people forget you may stay in another country but if you were born in zim that will always be home.

  • It’s heartbreaking, people need to be sensitive about their comments here. Where is respect for the dead. someone’s child, brother or even father. People commit suicide for different reasons it’s not cowardly

  • unenge wasiya imba ichiita dongo ichiudza vanhu kuti handiuyeko inosvikopinda mumba maani?

  • Pain

    i wish i wasnt a zimbabwean unfortunately i am. Its just pain

  • sherpard

    Its difficult to be sent back to Egypt when Pharoah is still alive people , its not difficult to understand why Zimbabweans do not want to go back home Pharoah is still alive in Zimbabwe

  • Debwe rembutu


  • Allaz

    Zimbabwe has a VERY SERIOUS suicide problem which we really need to sit down and start talking about. According to WHO suicide statistics we are at number 19 – contrast that with Iraq where they have more reason kuzvisungira but they at number 163 in the world. THIS IS NOT NORMAL – IT’S JUST TOO HIGH! We can say it govt that created the situation but i thing we also bear responsibility mukugarisana kwedu and how we treat each other and don’t support each other in failure or tough times. The way we shame people when they fail at something instead of encouraging them to start over. Unowona mwana ofoira ma exams even though we know MOST PEOPLE FAIL O’LEVEL but on the day yaatora ma results, osvika kumba kunotukwa nekurikitwa futi. Even the way people tend to comment about suicide stories tells you vanhu vane problem ye sensitivity and empathy. Lets be there for each other as brothers and sisters. Other countries have high rates too but the thing I’m most concerned about with us is how there is no visible effort to bring this issue into the light. No campaigns, no major NGOs doing suicide counselling or dealing wit depression, no suicide hotline – very little on the ground.

  • tintin

    Ngaabva avigwa ikoko since he is too good to live in zim he should not be buried here.
    Isu wani have stayed here all our lives but mwari arikungotichengeta kutodarika variko kunana uk ikoko….

  • Gudo

    People would rather die then live in Zimbabwe.

  • Janjo No Nonsense

    Wish no ill luck to no one, and you shall encounter none yourself!

    • nevermind

      Really? Where did you pick up THIS nonsense?