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Mberengwa Church appeals for donations to help storm victims

By Rev. M. Spika-Dube

I pray this letter will find you in good spirits.

This letter serves to ask for donations on behalf of victims of floods and storm.  Scores of families in my Deanery have been rendered homeless by recent storms which swept through their dwellings, destroying huts and food storages.

The Majority of them are turning to Lutheran Church for help. We are appealing for any donations to equip us with means to help women and children in this hour of need.  As I write this letter, a window is sleeping in a hospital bed of agony after her only hut was razed down by a storm. She could not stomach the loss and gave in to a stroke.

We would appreciate if your organization could assist us with  any kind of  donations including:

  • blankets
  • Scholastic material
  • Children rain coats, waterproof school bags and gumboots
  • food parcels
  • Beans
  • building material

I hope you will find my request to be in good order.

Yours faithfully

Dean of ELCZ Easter Deanery

Rev. M. Spika-Dube

+263 712778942

  • Ask Bob…he will give you XapNax and Biscuits nemaSweets.

  • A window is sleeping in a hospital bed

  • ndazvatotarisira muma chrch not kungopopota he bvisai zvegumi he tithe mukubira Mwarii pastor idya cheziya mari dzezvegumi dzobatsira nherera nechirikadzi not kuzvitira busimusi rekuparidza chte.batsirai vanhu


  • How does a window sleep in a bed?

  • i hear there z someone givin out jiggies ,biscuits and so on to storm victims.

  • Everyone focusing on a typing error….It’s a typo guys…get over it !

  • i have some clothes how can i help

  • I would ask the pastor he has all the money

  • Mumwe ndopooendesa tonnes of biscuits …really?

  • Be careful the insane 93 year old gona send you truck loads of sweets

  • Mugabe will send them snacks

  • Sabhuku Nhopi

    The role of the church is to feed the spiritual side of the human. The role of the gvt is to meet the needs of the body. Thiss gvt seem to have failed totally.

  • Amen

  • Mberengwa poster nemakuriro ayakaita tinozviendesepi nhai poster?

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