On the West ‘forgiving’ Joice Mujuru: Was she just a political pawn in a patriarchal Zimbabwe?

By Dr. Thompson Chengeta

Following her expulsion from ZANU PF, forming her own party and removal of European Union travel sanctions, former Vice-president Dr Joice Mujuru has been travelling to European Countries and giving a number of interviews.

Dr. Thompson Chengeta is a Harvard International Law Scholar
Dr. Thompson Chengeta is a Harvard International Law Scholar

In all of her interviews, Dr Mujuru claims that she is not responsible for the human rights violations committed by ZANU-PF during her Vice-presidency and that in fact, hers was a lone voice that was drowned in the ZANU-PF Sea of Evil.

Adding on to my 2016 article entitled ‘Joice Mujuru, Didymus Mutasa, Acie Lumumba and others: I know what you did last summer!’, in this video I discuss the following points:

  1. Why did the European Union remove travel sanctions against Dr Joice Mujuru? Does that in any way indicate something about the truthfulness of western policy in Zimbabwe?
  2. What does Dr. Joice Mujuru’s story say about the role of female politicians in Zimbabwe, particularly ZANU PF government which is characterised by male chauvinism?
  3. What exactly did Mai Mujuru do wrong during her vice presidency and what can be learned from her mistakes?
  4. What is the impact or potential impact of Mai Mujuru’s recently formed political party in the up-coming 2018 elections?

The video is available here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgP6lwmWGfQ

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