Lovebirds caught sleeping together at PHD conference… Magaya exposes them

Lovebirds who engaged in sex during the PHD Youth Conference along Mukuvisi River were exposed by Prophet Walter Magaya on Friday.

The two lovebirds who were caught sleeping together at the PHD conference
The two lovebirds who were caught sleeping together at the PHD conference

Blessing Madhingo, 24, of Borrowdale and Petronella Mhembere, 26, of Zengeza were caught pants down by PHD security and ushers who were ordered by Prophet Magaya to visit the place during deliverance time.

Ushers caught Petronella and Blessing naked and collected their clothes and took them to a private room where Prophet Magaya met the lovebirds, who begged for mercy.

Journalists were barred from taking pictures of the naked lovebirds until the end of the service after they dressed up.

“We were caught having sex and I thank Prophet Magaya for stopping his security guards who wanted to beat us accusing us of defiling their place of worship,” said Petronella while apologising.

“I met Blessing today and he bought food for me before asking me to move away from other people during the service where we kissed each other and ended up having unprotected sex, forgive me for shaming the man of God by engaging in evil act please,” she added.

Blessing told H-Metro that one of the Ushers clapped him as he tried to get hold of his clothes.

“Ndakwaturwa mambama matatu neumwe wavo pandanga ndakuda kubvuta hembe dzangu kuti nditize,” said Blessing.

“I have nothing to comment brother other than asking for forgiveness, I failed to resist the devil although I had come to church,” said Blessing.

Prophet Magaya could not be reached for comment after he left the place while journalists were busy interviewing the lovebirds. H-Metro

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