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Zimbabwe to engage South Africa on ‘special permits’

By Freeman Razemba

Home Affairs Minister Dr Ignatius Chombo is set to travel to South Africa on Friday next week to engage his counterpart Malusi Gigaba on how best to assist Zimbabweans in that country under the Zimbabwe Special Dispensation Permit (ZSP).

Home Affairs Minister Dr Ignatius Chombo
Home Affairs Minister Dr Ignatius Chombo

This comes after South Africa last month announced that Zimbabweans who acquired permits under the special dispensation will have to follow the normal channel of applying for work and study visas when their permits expire in December this year.

That means about 200 000 Zimbabweans in South Africa face deportation when their special dispensation permits expire on December 31.

They will have to return home to apply for new permits.

Addressing a Press conference in Harare yesterday, Dr Chombo said the ZSP was introduced in April 2009 after Zimbabwe and South Africa signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

The ZSP was meant to facilitate the regularisation of Zimbabweans living in South Africa without requisite documentation.

“The current dispensation is expiring on the 31st of December 2017. Indications from our embassy in South Africa are that the Minister of Home Affairs in South Africa (Malusi Gigaba) is expected to announce the cabinet position on the review of the ZSP and expectations are that South Africa is most unlikely to extend the ZSP and holders of these permits will be expected to apply for alternative permits/visas whilst in Zimbabwe,” he said.

Dr Chombo said currently, 197 790 Zimbabweans hold this type of permit and are living and working in South Africa.

“As the Minister of Home Affairs, I will be travelling to South Africa on the 17th of March 2017, where I will engage my South African counterpart with a view of finding solutions to problems facing our citizens who are currently living in South Africa,” he said.

In February, Minister Gigaba confirmed speculation in mainstream and on social media that ZSP holders wishing to extend their stay at the expiry of their permits would do so under the conventional immigration laws.

He said when the South African government introduced ZSP in August 2014, it had no intention of conferring Zimbabweans with permanent residence status.

The special dispensation allowed Zimbabwean holders of the special permit to work, conduct business or study in South Africa for three years.

Meanwhile, Dr Chombo said following the commissioning of the Passport Production Centre by President Mugabe on April 8 last year, the Registrar General’s Department was now capable of producing an e-passport also known as digital passport.

“This passport has enhanced security features as it combines both the paper and electronic passport, whereby the biometric data of an individual is also stored on an electronic chip embedded within the passport.

“This e-passport is compliant to International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards, which guarantees the integrity expected of travel documents. Preparations are on course to launch the e-passport,” he said. The Herald

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  • why engage South African officials instead of Robert mugabe . the right place to start is at home not South Africa

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  • Why dont you address the real issues of Zimbabweans causing people to leave the country first before galivanting to SA? Its just a waste of money to fly to SA and ask your neighbours to extend the period of visas for your own children when you should be improving the conditions of your own house so they dont go stay where they are not wanted. That should be the number one priority and not this going to beg for extension. South Africa should just start reading the riot act and tell Zim to get their house in order and not listen to this rubbish. ZANU PF just has no shame. Where do they get the nerve? Sort your own mess Chombo since you are one the chief architects of people running away from their country!

    • If you are aware in 2008 Mugabe lost to MDC and Mbeki ordered a GNU. This is a geo political problem in which SA is very complicit.

    • how disgusting to negotiate with your neighbor to take care of your children because you have failed to look after them

    • Musha warire Nyongo

    • Oswell Jeranyama and yet the father still charters a plane for a million dollars just to go on useless trips

    • u r very right lungani can u negotiate with your neighbors to takr care of your kids? r u not a man rubbish they must now renew we need to fix our country!!

    • hey if they dont renew these permits next year ! there is going to be war in zimbabwe i tell you . the big “bosses” will run for their dear life i see

    • have not seen since dawn of mankind where imigration has been non existent some of the coments, they expose lack of economic trends, you cant do without immigration

    • Job the kind of wholesale migration which we are seeing is too much and unacceptable. Its on a huge scale with millions of people rushing to SA, Namibia, Zambia and Botswana. Thats why the citizens of these countries now resent us the same way they hate Nigerians. We are straining their resources which do not cater for the extra Zimbos now flooding into their countries. Obviously there is something very wrong in Zimbabwe given the big numbers involved. There is voluntary migration and then the forced kind which is whats prevalent these days. If things were normal and functioning properly here at home i am dead sure that you would be here at home. Why would any sane human being force himself to stay in SA and risk being killed by the locals when its clear that they dont want you there?

    • job more than 3 million zimbos left their home cause of economic collapse and persecution and u talk as if its a good thing suka

    • Job is the one who doesnt follow economic trends here! how do you explain that Zimbabwe does not have her official currency and is not even on the International currency exchange data ? its bcoz all is not rossy at home .! I believe we are far much better than this Job ! Whats happening in zimbabwe is not normal for a country so endowed with natural resources, human resources and just about anything a country can need ! something surely needs to be done to make sure Great Zimbabwe gets on her knees again

  • What help is he going to give. All along South Africa has been helping Zimbos without him or them with permits. His main agenda is to make sure the ppl in SA wont come home for elections otherwise if they do Zanu yaenda. They are many and most of them against zanu. They are the ones who are critical of this regime on social media

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  • Malema rightly said these comrades are cowards. No one can stand up against their leader to say please GO. This move is an acceptance that they can’t do anything about Zim’s situation.

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  • and Zuma cant question Chombo why is there some millions of Zimbos in SA. what do they want if Zim is ok. iye Chombo wacho haanyari they are the one who told america , Britain, Australia etc to keep their nations. why dont they tell south africa the same way. Matukirwe akaitwa vanhu variku diaspora nemkuru pa bethdae rake has a lot of questions than answers

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  • Fix the your leadership so that people may come back home how can you negotiate with a neighbour to have simpathy with your children then you stay alone.

  • If political ground was not so rough I would want one on one with mugabe himself I am sure I will convince him with my ideas the solution to our problems is close to us

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  • Stupid clown,they must find ways to fix the real reason why people are leaving Zim in the first place!

  • These fellows have no shame

  • Fucken zanu pf n all shona pple are assholes

  • so that we shud continue giving a helping hand to both sides, here and there

  • Kwanele why insult shona pple?

  • So he thinks Zimbabweans are better off in S. A than in their motherland? Leaders of today.

  • Why would a Gvt beg another gvt to keep and employ its on citizens. Why cant our gvt create jobs for us so we dont end up economic refugees in every country

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  • What assistance would Chombo give to Zim refugees who fled the country because of violence unleashed to them by his cabal?.. Just crocodile 🐊 tears 😭.

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  • The real motive is zanu pf fear of the fact that if diasporians in SA return to Zimbabwe they will be voted out….
    Dziri tsitsi dzei ???

  • Politics is a dirty game.

  • They must step aside and give a new government way to revive the economy so we can come back home not working in SA

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  • The problem is the with leadership. They have totally failed the nation. Young blood is needed with new ideas to turn around this situation.

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  • Encourage every1 there to come home and register to vote in 2018

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  • We are going to renew our permits zim people don’t worry

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    Every country has the sovereign right to protect its boarders including SA. Let Zimbabweans go back home and vote Mugabe out. ZANU Pf does not want these people back they will otherwise vote for MDC

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