Magaya received in Israel

By Arron Nyamayaro

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder, Prophet Walter Magaya, knelt down and took his prayer partners’ prayer requests before God in Israel on Wednesday.

Walter Magaya
Walter Magaya

In an interview with H-Metro, Prophet Magaya’s most trusted lieutenant, overseer Admire Mango said the man of God’s arrival attracted visitors and Israelites who knew him from following his services on Yadah TV.

Overseer Mango told H-Metro that Israelites were shocked by the age of Prophet Magaya considering how God is using him saying Jesus did much at the age of 33.

“It is true that a Prophet is not honoured on his home soil considering how Israelites and visitors here made a bee line to receive a blessing from Prophet Magaya,” said Mango.

“What surprised the Israelites is that Prophet Magaya is 33 years old, the age at which Jesus Christ was hanged at Golgotha.

Walter Magaya in Israel
Walter Magaya in Israel

“Israelites welcomed Prophet Magaya, shared the meal with him and led him through parts of the historic Biblical sites.

“It was at the wailing wall known as the Western Gate where he knelt down and took the prayer partners’ prayer requests to God.

“It is best to live in house of prayers, I felt blessed and my eyes were opened as the man of God wept, praying for Zimbabwe.

“I witnessed the wonder of God as they led us through the Gates, with my feet on the Holy Land of Israel, I want to believe that Zimbabwe will never be the same after the construction of such walls in our country.

“Prophet is busy meeting various authorities that I will ask him to call you later when he is free,” said Mango.

Walter Magaya in Israel
Walter Magaya in Israel

Prophet Magaya left the country with a delegation among them architectures and PHD media team to connect Israel in constructing Biblical sites at the PHD prayer mountain in Prospect Waterfalls.

When completed, the prayer mountain is expected to attract foreigners since the Biblical sites will depict what has been built in Jerusalem Israel. H-Metro

  • Diva Dollar

    “It is true that a Prophet is not honoured on his home soil considering how Israelites and visitors here made a bee line to receive a blessing from Prophet Magaya,” said Mango.

    “What surprised the Israelites is that Prophet Magaya is 33 years old, the age at which Jesus Christ was hanged at Golgotha.

    Ah magaya is not 33 guys!

    • Stanslous Mudekwe

      Help me celebrate a prophet of our time. Mbiri kuna Jesu

      • Diva Dollar


      • Diva Dollar

        Iwe hakuna prophet akadaro iwe, check if in ur bible if prophets used to have girl friends, football teams, adultery scandals, wealth and properties??

  • magaya is a satanist and a false prophet

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    • Ruramai

      You should be ashamed with your words against the Prophet. You should be the one not our Prophet Magaya No Abel Masarakufa go to hell devil.

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    • WASU

      judge not and you will not be judged

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  • Is God found in Israel only? What happened to His Omnipresence?

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  • Hamusati Matanga kutaura muchataura hazvititadzise kunamata PHD izvozvo

  • Jealous Primates.The bible says,whoever visits the temple of Solomon will be blessed.The holy land has history of Christianity,that’s where it started,so what is wrong in visiting those places which have a history of the birth of Christianity.Thousands and thousands of men of God around the world have visited the holy land,it is a problem only when Prophet Magaya visits it.If you can’t go there,don’t be jealous of those who have managed to go there.UNLIKE OTHER PEOPLE WHO VISIT THE HOLY LAND,PROPHET MAGAYA DID NOT APPLY,BUT HE WAS INVITED.HE WENT THERE ON A VIP BANNER THAT WHY YOU SAW HIM BEING ALLOWED TO ENTER SOME PLACES WHERE ORDINARY VISITORS CANNOT ENTER.

    • U can go to those so called holy places but THE LORD shall not count that during the day of judgement. All false prophets shall cry in anguish after our LORD say “I don’t know u ” Unfortunately false prophets don’t tell u that they are false prophets

    • Are you God,if you are not,then who the hell are you

    • Read your holy book right. Read your history good. Above all be level headed wezhira. Im out

    • Who forced you to believe in Prophets,do what is best for you and family

    • You are speaking as who and on whose behalf,and by whose authority.

    • You are not God,no normal person will incline his precious ears to such gibberish.

    • Anything worth of heavens receive attacks from angels of hell.

    • Israel is th only place ine phsycal evidance abt Jesus’s life wether u like t or not Prophet Magaya steped on evry place tht Jesus christ our Lord n saviour Laid his hands and foot he z blessed

    • Israel is an apartheid state that oppresses and murder Palestinians. Jews mock don’t believe in christ. They call him a bustard in the Tora. So what was your point again?

    • John 4:20 Our fathers worshipped in this mountain; and ye say, that in Jerusalem is the place where men ought to worship. 4:21 Jesus saith unto her, Woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father. 4:23 But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. 4:24 God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

    • Varume hey,itai shungu dzokunamata nemoyo wose,nemhuri dzenyu Mwari variko,uye ndiMwari wavose

    • Varume hey,itai shungu dzokunamata nemoyo wose,nemhuri dzenyu Mwari variko,uye ndiMwari wavose

    • Even Judas who was tbe Lord sold out.dont defend man as if you sleep eat and plan with them.this a PR action of the court cases n scandals

    • the bible is irrelavant to Magaya s journey in Israel because Solomon and Magaya are two worlds apart.His journey is just for cosmetic purposes to attract you his followers it has nothing to do with God

    • @blessingchikaka thanx for the scripture reading, it answers everything and proves the truth, and that truth shall set many free

    • MillieK

      Your comment is quite interesting and revealing of yourself. You mention primates the classification of humans, apes monkeys etc together whereas the scriptures do not even do that for in the image of Elohim man was created but I’ll leave you to dig into that.
      I’m yet to see a scripture that says whoever visits the temple of Solomon will be blessed as you wrote having read the scriptures even using corrupt translations such as most English versions especially NIV.
      Having studied the scriptures myself which has led me to do some historical digging I realize Jesus did not exist before the 5th edition of the KJV in 1628 when the letter j was invented and that God is Teutonic ie from the Anglosaxon representing many of their idols and English language did not even exist before the Germans and Danish people invaded the now called England centuries after the death and resurrection of Yahoshua so there couldn’t have been a Peter in the scriptures. By the way there’s no j in the Hebrew language and so before the 1628 5th edition of the KJV whom were they worshipping? Does your so called prophet know all this?
      Do you know that Baal is language of canaanite meaning Lord? Just as Canaan and canaanite was language of the land and time as English is still growing to dominate the world just look how it never existed and still is developing this confused language of Babel.
      So as much as Ba’al was substituted for YHWH Elohim of Yisra’el so now Lord God is the same just check the prefix to the NIV admitting they chose to substitute the Name YHWH with Lord (Ba’al).
      And of the 3 verses that mention Christians none acknowledge they are Christians only that outsiders called them Christians just as Dani’el was called chief of magicians though he never was.
      So long story short Jesus is derived from Iseus check 1611 KJV now readily accessible online which means he is from Zeus like Pegasus and Tarsus etc for all who defend Greek written scriptures which by the way only copies are available not the originals because there were never written originally in Greek.
      Sha’ul an Ivri of Ivrim when Yahoshua spoke to him in Ivri would not have heard ha’Mashiach saying I am Jesus….no way. So instead of contending for Magaya content for the faith as scripture says

    • Shumba Mushirivindi Masilo munotambira zvikiro ripi.Tovera mudzimu dzoka here,kana nyatsimba mutota.Zve bible madii masiira isu

    • Blessing Chikaka vaudza madinga aya they don’t the bible

    • Farai haufanire kutuka vanhu and insult them if they don’t believe in what you believe… Be a true Christian not to defend a prophet who you knew watokura kudai the Bible said vachavako vaporofita Venhema and nezvirikuitika munyika these days nekuwanda kwavaita vaporofita vacho you shldnt insult people vakaverenga Bible ravo and where told of such things… Iwe if you believe he is of God that’s you bt don’t insult those who does not.. The only judge is God ngatimirire nguva yake. Namata Mwari wako mu mweya nemuvhokwadi baba varikutsvaga vakadaro…. Isu tiri kungonamata hapana akambotiendera ku Israel bt God has be so Wonderful

    • Zvekuti kuchava nemaporofita enhema ndiyo yega verse yemu bible,ko verse yekuti ndichatuma maporofita angu sei musingataure nezvayo.

    • It’s not the only verse bt maitero varikuita ma prophets acho I mean most of them make people suspicious of them

    • Kkkkkkkkk,verse iyoyo i associate it with bible who don’t read the bible,vakangonzwawo ichitaurwa.Fake and true Prophets have always been there and they is nothing new about fake and true Prophets,vakagara variko. PROPHET ELIJAH 450 killed Prophets of BAAL and 400 of Ashtorek,they were all fake Prophets.Kana bible rakati kuchauya maporofita enhema,harina kumboti hakuchina vechokwadi.

    • It was not Solomon’s temple,but God’s temple. Solomon was only given the privilege of building it. He even says 2 Chronicles 6:7 Now it was in the heart of David my father to build an house for the name of the LORD God of Israel.

      After its completion the word says 2 Chronicles 7:11 Thus Solomon finished the house of the LORD, and the king’s house: and all that came into Solomon’s heart to make in the house of the LORD, and in his own house, he prosperously effected.

    • Yes,Solomon built it for the Lord.

    • God is omnipresent meaning He is everywhere. He can hear the prayers of His faithful servants anywhere anytime. The importance that was attached to Israel ended when they failed to utilize their favour of showing heathen nations ,the true God. No wonder why Jesus prophesied against Jerusalem saying “Matthew 23:37 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not! This signifies the end of the time of probation given to Israel to stand for truth and reach the world about a true God. The abomination of desolation signifies the ending of Israel as a favoured people meant to show idolatrous nations the true God. They blew their chance and the rending of the earthly sanctuary at the death of Christ put to an end Jerusalem as a centre of worship, hence God’s great commission of ” Matthew 28:19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: 28:20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen..

      So do not be deceived to think that God only heard people’s prayers because they take them to Israel. No.


      • Ninety Two

        For your information one does not need to apply (except for a visa) to visit the holy land. Millions of people have visited that place including a few of my relatives. Trying to rebuild the holy land in Zimbabwe will add no spiritual value to anyone.

    • Chandinoziva vana Magaya mabussiness man They promote tourism ZvaMwari apana KuIsrael kwavanoenda ndikwoxve kwakataura Jesu kt mwandiramba ndaakuenda kugore dema

  • Thought God is ubiquitous. Let the dead bury the dead.

  • Ibenzi iro Magaya

  • For sure they have to recieve him. Thats tourism akuna nyika isingadi matourist

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  • Shifting to higher levels

  • hanzvina basa nyangwe akaenda kudenga akadzoka nemapics to prove I’ll never believe these fake prophets

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  • We are shifting levels

    • kunyepa muchato uya wawakavimbiswa gore rapera hapana chakaita wani apa urikukweshera sechereyi nenhamo vakangwara vachiinda Israel

  • ISU NHAU dzana magaya dzakutibhowa aah,Israel kunongoendwa chero naniwo zvake kwashamisirei nxaa, regai zvikurirane zviyo ne shawi tozoona pagoho

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    • saka zvichemo zvinoendwa nazvo israel here kana kuti zvinopirwa kuna Mwari

  • henry guveya

    Vanhu vanoshoropodza Prophet Magaya ichasvika nguva yavo yokuzotsvaka kuporeswa. Ipa zvichakavanakira. Musatuka munhu waMwari munoparira rushambwa dzinza renyu rose.

    • Murume Mukuru

      Kikiki ane rushambwa ndiwe.

  • To those who might be clueless, here is an interesting FACT for you….Right now in Israel there is only 2.1 % Christians compared to the 16% Muslim and almost 76% of Judaism followers…..In other words there is only tiny bit of followers of the Jesus Christ doctrine …Judaism does not follow the Christian doctrine and neither does Islam….Food for thought there.

    • Islam follows the Christian doctrine but vanoti Mohamed is a later prophet than Jesus saka we cant follow ancient prophets when there are later day ones

    • Wellington Sithole ..The Christian doctrine postulates that Jesus is the son of God as a matter of fact it goes as far as declaring that Jesus is God…Islam does not follow or believe that…and the Jews have their own god Yahwh or Jehovah.

    • I salute you Tapiwa. Your facts are true

  • Yadah kusvika mati sorry

  • 1 Timothy 6:5 Perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the truth, supposing that gain is godliness: from such withdraw thyself. 6:6 But godliness with contentment is great gain. 6:7 For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. 1 John 4:5 They are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them.

  • Mhenooo

  • Touch Nt My Annointed May God Punish yh fr speaking Badly About Magaya that man isa

    • something is missing in your brains gal

    • Read John 4:20

    • MillieK

      Molek- sovereign
      Milkom- sovereign of greatness
      Kemosh- Subduer
      Rimmon – Syrian deity of wind rain and storm
      Ba’al- Lord
      Ashtoreth – Gladness, increases

      1 Melakim 11: (1 Kings 11) 5And Shelomoh went after Ashtoreth the mighty one of the Tsiḏonians, and after Milkom the abomination of the Ammonites.
      6Thus Shelomoh did evil in the eyes of יהוה, and did not follow יהוה completely, like his father Dawiḏ.
      7Then Shelomoh built a high place for Kemosh the abomination of Mo’aḇ, on the hill that is east of Yerushalayim, and for Moleḵ the abomination of the children of Ammon.
      8And so he did for all his foreign wives, who burned incense and slaughtered to their mighty ones.

      Unfortunately God does not do anything just like Ba’al could not answer his followers on mount Karmel because they are all different deities in each of the languages of Babel no matter if you substitute His true Name to your native tongue as king Shelomoh did for his wives. The creator has a Hebrew name and not not Shona Ndebele Moabite Canaanite or English hence all this idolatrous behavior.
      24“And you shall call on the name of your mighty one, and I, I call on the Name of יהוה. And the Elohim who answers by fire, He is Elohim.” So all the people answered and said, “The word is good.”

      25And Ěliyahu said to the prophets of Ba‛al, “Choose one bull for yourselves and prepare it first, for you are many. And call on the name of your mighty one, but set no fire.”

      26So they took the bull which was given them, and prepared it, and called on the name of Ba‛al from morning even until noon, saying, “O Ba‛al, answer us!” But there was no voice and no one answered. And they leaped about the altar which they had made.

      27And it came to be at noon, that Ěliyahu taunted them and said, “Cry aloud, for he is a mighty one; he is meditating, or he is busy, or he is on a journey, or it could be that he is asleep and has to be awakened!”

      28And they cried aloud, and cut themselves, according to their ruling, with knives and spears, until the blood gushed out on them.

      29And it came to be when midday was past, that they prophesied until the time of bringing the evening offering. But there was no voice and no one answered, and no one paying attention

    • 1 Chronicles 16 vs 22 Touch not my anointed ones and do my prophets No harm…….

      Who are the anointed ones and who anointed them.

  • If only he also remembers to pray for himself

  • Ndeloleshafye!!!!!

  • aah ini ndangofarira nhava dzacho dzinoita match t shirt.Munei munhava imomo?

  • Hanzi papa apo vako vakakubereka hauna kana respect kwaaaaa dai Mwari aitira nyasha vanhu vake avapawo maziso emweya kwete enyama

  • Mwari ipai vanhu venhu zivo,,vaparara nokushaiwa zivo ,,zvamakareva zviya kti vachayako ,vana makandigaya kti vachati gomo ibva nemeso avo enyama vachizviona richibva ,asi imi moti ivavo havasi vangu ,

  • Siyai Magaya aite zvaanoda people

  • Shifting to Higher Levels #ZVASIYANA

  • Pray for gullibles

  • Murume Mukuru

    Rova yeurere Magaya.

  • muchataura kusvika moyo yamira

  • So he had to go to Israel in order to have an encounter with God ?
    Rubbish ,
    Is God not omnipresent ? Why play with peoples mind’s ,
    He was just a tourist visiting Jesus’s nativity stories and no links to God here ,
    And that black bag he carried , this Magaya is evil , feeding out of the poor s troughs

  • I have no comment only God knows.. Let’s not judge

  • It defeats me really, being black an saying you are the son of Abraham….worse still, to be black and be a Christian! Study your history and the bible….

    • I dont get u,ndijekeserewo

    • So are u saying us black pple ,we cant be christians,coz Abraham was white,is what are u saying?

    • My sister, what we need to do is look at our history, black history, the missionaries…the slave trade….the mass murders in the name of converting the heathens, our identity etc. If you can fully comprehend, you may start reading the bible to understand it too.

  • Dunce buster

    Mr Editor, please save us from this fake prophet. You are over-reporting on him. If you love him so much, please apply for a post at Yadah TV and you can report on him for as long as you want and see if we care at all. Or at least you could report equally on all the other fake prophets (Freddie, Sanyangore, Bushiri of Malawi, Makandiwa, Java, Mboro of RSA, Locadia of RSA, TB Joshua, Boateng, Java, etc)

  • If you are in top you become a topic

  • Doppelganger

    Religious tourism, been there, done that. I wish I’d also thought up a plan for the trip to fund itself , as a “prayer courier” and not a prayer ‘warrior” kkkk

  • schicco

    “Israelites”? Bible… Hahaha, these are Israelis and Zionists not Israelites.