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Church took my goblins, I want them back

By Sharon Chiware

A self-proclaimed tsikamutanda from Mkoba 20 in Gweru who recently confessed to using necromancy drawn from marine spirits to kill people and perform cleansing ceremonies is accusing a Pentecostal church leader of withholding his goblins for personal use.

Musiyiwa Denhere of Mkoba 20 decided to repent from his evil ways by joining a local Pentecostal church
Musiyiwa Denhere of Mkoba 20 decided to repent from his evil ways by joining a local Pentecostal church

Musiyiwa Denhere (46) made the stunning revelations on Sunday when he stormed the B-Metro newsroom in Gweru claiming that he had just had an altercation with the church’s leadership after they refused to give him back three goblins they took from him under the guise of exorcism.

“I used to be a traditional healer using goblins and marine spirits.  I then decided to repent and be baptised so that I can leave my evil doings. He (prophet) sent his lieutenant to my house and they confiscated three goblins namely Chamufodya, Chavasikana and Chavakomana. After the incident they promised to destroy the goblins but to my surprise the goblins returned and destroyed all the riches that I amassed using them. They even started tormenting me and my family. He is now using them in his church and I now want them back,” he said.

Denhere said he had resolved to go back to his old life and would this week be re-accepted and incorporated by the marine spirits he once despised to end months of sleepless nights.

“I do not have any other option except to go back to what I was doing before. I no longer have a social life because my friends are now shunning me, my landlord chased me away from his house and I’m now a destitute.

“I want to sue him for defamation because he uses me in his church videos uploaded on Youtube to advertise his church calling himself Shumba Yevaroyi (foe of the witches) referring to me. This man completely ruined my life,” fumed Denhere.

Efforts to get a comment from the prophet were futile as his daughter who said her name is Precious, working at the church office, asked this reporter to give her the questions which she said would be responded to by 1 PM on Friday last week.

However, Precious’ phone later went unanswered on several occasions when this reporter tried to get hold of her. B Metro

  • #Hezvo!!!

  • Death awaits the evil but everlasting life in Jesus Christ

  • Death awaits the evil but everlasting life in Jesus Christ

  • Anopenga

  • Anopenga

  • For with God all things are possible let bygones b bygones

  • For with God all things are possible let bygones b bygones

  • Msunu wakho tsikamtanda;kudala lirobha abantu u swayini ndenda zikanyoko.

  • Msunu wakho tsikamtanda;kudala lirobha abantu u swayini ndenda zikanyoko.

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  • Hahahahah

  • 2Con 5v17

    • Padte the verses next tim vale, it will help someone than to ist look fo the bible

      17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

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  • Tsikamutandas have been banned by the Ministry of Home Affairs. People do not be cheated by these charlatans and cheats.

  • This guy wanted to retain his ill-gotten wealth after using these goblins but they wouldn’t have none of it. They came back for their property. He never genuinely repented he only wanted to get rid of the goblins manje akanzwa bata…hahaha.

  • u are a very sick man,go 2 hell whr u belong.

  • They must repent

  • Fanny Mbanje

  • Mutsawashe

    Ko kutozobuda papikicha

  • Chikiti

    Ngavamudzosere zvikwambo zvake

  • Genghis Khan

    You people do not get it. The church let him down. In the first place he denounced his goblins and handed them over to the church to be destroyed not so? Did the church destroy those goblins? No. The goblins went back to their former own to seek revenge so for him to have.the peace and mind from torment he has to appease these goblins. You say all kinds of shit because you’re just spectators you judgemental pricks

    • s

      I ve seen many deliverance ministries who are quick to try and help these people but have no grace to go further. in this case they expose the delivered guy without protection and good counsel. the spirit comes back with revenge and this is what is happening to this guy. many ministers have copied tb Joshua and don’t know what grace that guy has and are busy ‘messing things up’. the spiritual world is so complex and one should know the grace they are given before delivering guys like this guy or we lose them to hell forever. I pray for him that the these things become powerless as he seeks them again. I pray the blood of Jesus YAHASHUA to protects him.

    • jocks

      The man let himself down, his gobblins were never taken by the church but he was assisted to take his things and burnt them himself. He is now talking nonsense because he just wanted to use the church to dispose of those things and after that instead of following Christ he deccided to do his own things and those things are now back at him. i am sure he is now mental he definitely needs help. Check the video on you tube where he took his things and sprinkled mealie meal on them instructing them that he was tired of them as they now wanted to kill his son and wife. he then went on to burn them in the presence of church pastor who then prayed and delivered him out there where he had burnt his things. its shocking for him to start saying the Church never destroyed his gobblins when he burnt them himself. People should not be fooled by this killer who actually confessed to killing more than 100 people.

  • Jemhusi Bond

    I said it that this prophet didn’t have the power to destroy that person’s goblins and was going to use them instead and people said I was jealous of the the fake prophet. Hahaha this is what drives people away from God.

    • s

      true. man of GOD should be careful which grace they operate from

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