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Barack and Michelle Obama memoirs to fetch $60 million

By Samuel Osborne | Independent UK |

A record-breaking auction for Barack and Michelle Obama’s memoirs has reportedly reached more than $60m. While the Obamas are writing separate books, they are selling the rights jointly.

Barack and Michelle Obama
Barack and Michelle Obama

Multiple people with knowledge of the deal told The Financial Times bidding has already passed $60m in what has been described as “the most hotly anticipated publishing deal of the year”.

Several publishing houses are after the books, including Penguin Random House, which has published Mr Obama’s previous three books and is reportedly leading the bidding.

HarperCollins, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp has expressed an interest and has been joined by Simon & Schuster, which is owned by CBS.

The record offer would trump previous book deals given to departing presidents.

Bill Clinton was paid $15m for his memoir My Life, while George W Bush was given an estimated $10m for his book Decision Points.

Mr Obama previously published best-sellers Dreams From My Father and The Audacity of Hope.

The former president has kept a relatively low profile since leaving the White House.

He was pictured kite-boarding with Sir Richard Branson while on holiday in the British Virgin Islands and was spotted with his daughter Malia on Broadway, where they watched a revival of Arthur Miller’s The Prince.

There is currently no release date for either of the memoirs. 

  • lot chitakasha

    Wow..amazing. This is what President Mugabe should do, write his memoirs, I say so because many have tried to unravel his personality, to understand his childhood and how that shaped his life..but the man remains a mystery. If he writes his memoirs,all will be revealed but to do this he needs time and being President gives him little time. It would be a good retirement package for him and his family.

    • Brad

      Too late. No one wants to know him anymore.

      • lot chitakasha

        I agree ,it is getting late,he better do it now . He is still a subject of interest the world over, a 93 year old whose relentless grip on power shows no sign of slackening…how is that possible despite the obvious dire state of the country..it is a mystery. He might be able to tell us.

      • GORIRA

        Speak for yourself.

    • Gorira

      Ngivumilana nahwe

      • lot chitakasha

        Gwinyiso mfowethu…why does he hate white people so much, what did they do to him, I know he spent 10 years in jail but Mandela spend 27 years, was able to forgive…why can he not forgive..a memoir will reveal his deeper thoughts and I think it will be a best seller the world over…the President is sitting on a gold mine!

  • Chikiti

    Backed and controlled by the global elite whilst in office, stupid puppets