Man sires 9 kids with 3 women in three years

By Cynthia Dube

A Bulawayo magistrate has ordered an unemployed man who allegedly boasts of being a ‘super dad’ after siring nine children with three women in three years, to pay $120 per month for the upkeep of one of his children.

Mr Tinashe Tashaya heard that Kudakwashe Maregedze (35) of Harare`s Glen Norah suburb has four children with Ms Rachel Lunga, four children with Ms Jesca Rudzayi and a child with Ms Sophia Jiri.

Ms Jiri (21) of Entumbane suburb dragged Maregedze to court seeking $206 for the upkeep of their six-year-old child.

She said Maregedze has never contributed to the upkeep of the child.

Mr Tashaya ordered him to pay $120 per month for the upkeep of his child starting from this month end.

“You have to deposit $120 into the applicant`s bank account. Maybe if you pay this amount you will stop impregnating women. I wish these other women can also drag you to court claiming maintenance because you are not behaving like a responsible man,” he said.

“You have to look for a job and maintain your child. Failure to do so you are going to be arrested and we will meet in criminal court”. Ms Jiri said Maregedze was irresponsible.

“Your Worship, l’ve been struggling to maintain this child for the past six years. The child needs food, clothes and money for medication. Kudakwashe has never assisted me. He always hides when l go to Harare to look for him,” she said.

In response, Maregedze told the court that he could afford $10 per month as he is not working.

“Your Worship I have four children with Ms Rachel Lunga and four children with Ms Jesca Rudzayi and the other one with the applicant. All of these children need my support and I’m not working,” he said as he handed over nine birth certificates to the magistrate. The Chronicle

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