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‘Use Mugabe’s birthday cash to fix roads’

By Blessings Mashaya

Zanu PF must channel the large sums of money budgeted for President Robert Mugabe’s 93rd birthday bash towards rehabilitation of Zimbabwe’s derelict roads, Chitungwiza North MDC MP Godfrey Sithole told the National Assembly.

President Robert Mugabe marked his 92nd birthday with a lavish party and a huge cake in a drought-stricken area of Zimbabwe on Saturday
President Robert Mugabe

The nonagenarian and scores of guests are expected enjoy the usual unrestrained feasting at the Matobo holiday resort on February 25, amid widespread grinding poverty and high unemployment.

Traditionally, Mugabe’s birthdays — hosted by the 21st February Movement, which was set up in 1986 to raise funds to celebrate the leader’s birthday each year — are filled with profligacy, pomp and fanfare.

But on Wednesday, Sithole argued that it was irresponsible for Zanu PF to blow large sums on partying given its legacy of underfunding and the siphoning of road maintenance money into other projects.

“The (Local Government) deputy minister (Christopher Chingosho) has stated that some of the problems which caused non-repairing of these potholes is because of finance.

“We have been told that Chitungwiza roads need an amount of $9 million to repair the potholes but at the same time, we are going to hold a birthday bash for the president using an amount of $9 million. Is it not possible for government to divert the funds for the birthday party to the repair of the Chitungwiza roads?” Sithole asked.

National Assembly speaker Jacob Mudenda said the issue of Mugabe’s birthday had nothing to do with roads.

“The birthday bash is not being held in Chitungwiza,” Mudenda said amid laughter from other MPs.

Last week, Zanu PF youth secretary Kudzanai Chipanga declined to reveal the total budget of the bash, saying every province is going to cater for its people.

But insiders said they were hoping to raise more than $1 million.

Mugabe’s birthday parties have become an annual pilgrimage for loyalists and those seeking favours from him.

In 2015, Mugabe’s birthday celebrations were held in Victoria Falls while last year they were held in Masvingo.

Last year, the party raised nearly a million dollars for the bash with more than 50 beasts were slaughtered to cater for 50 000 people.

The annual celebrations have been hosted in the country’s 10 provinces on rotational basis.

This year’s will be the 31st edition of the 21st February Movement. Daily News

  • Or to help in health sector…..Patients are dying in hospitals…Sad!

    • You are free as a citizen to collect donations and help the health sector.

      I personally donated towards that Birthday why should my money be diverted towards the health sector?

    • nevermind

      mugabe isn’t!

    • Thats why the country has gone to the dogs . U cannot expect a country to prosper nezvigure

    • Iwe Chenhamo day raucharwara zvipatara zvisina mishonga ndopauchaziva kuti unofunga nekumukosho.

  • Naked truth

  • On point!

  • Under what obligation should ZANU PF use private funds for road rehabilitation?

    Isnt that breach of common practice?

    Money for donations cannot be diverted for issued it wasn’t intended for

    Its a stupid article again which only an ignorant person can take seriously

    • My brother mungati vana vasina chekudya kumba, mopiwa mari muchinzi ndeye hari yedoro mototi maita henyu. Motenga chikari momwa nevamuinavo pandari paya. Moenda kumba muchiimba nekudzedzereka. Mungatoti muribaba vemusha here?Zvimweso itai muchisvoda vakomana

      • Thisbachi

        Nemonemo mzaya ,nailed.

    • Z68 yenyu isvutirei kwenyu Blaz Chinhubu Chamutengure

    • Tawanda everyone has their own biological parents and hands to take care of themselves.

      For once grow up and be an adult.

      We donated out of our own pockets for that birthday,not to feed the poor or road rehabilitation.

      No one is stopping you in the opposition to raise funds and donate to any underprivileged group you choose.

      Hant you say you have a lot of supporters.

      Why should we divert money our members donated for the birthday for other uses?

    • If Zimdef money can fund zanu pf functions what stop vice versa

    • Gee you need to provide evidence.

      You can’t say EVERY function us funded by state money because Zimdef did.

      Evidence should also surface like what happened with Zimdef.

      Why assume?

    • Hayi ma one , dzimwe pfungwaka?

    • That’s were your prioritisation is misdirected my brother. If you honestly believe that it’s ok to spend that much on a president’s birthday in a country like on its knees, I am sorry to say that our hearts are totally in two different places. I hope you and your family a also benefiting from the looting. On the other point, it is the responsibility of the government to create an environment suitable for a better livelihood for its citizen. If it fails another government should be given a chance to shaw what they can do for the people. We don’t owe anything to ZANU.

    • Tawanda I earn my own money and I celebrate any birthday,Easter,Christmas if I want to with my family and I believe the President also has similar rights especially given he is not spending YOUR money.

      If I choose to donate for his birthday why should I be treated as some form if a criminal ?I don’t owe you or anyone who us said to be suffering anything.

      Tawanda do I owe you anything?

      Black people just don’t get it, you have no right to dictate how someone should spend their own money. It will only be a problem if I knock in your door and demand you pay for it.

      Why can’t people understand such a simple concept?

      President Mugabe’s event is a private ceremony which people who love him,his friends,colleagues decided to raise money through fundraising programs and collected money for this.

      What sins have they committed iri what wrong have they done.

      If you angelic holiers than thou believe you are so good why don’t you come together,raise foodstuffs and money and donate to the underprivileged?

      Fuck off

    • As for giving a chance,we will have an election in 18 months were success iri failure us there for all to see.

      Wait for elections and give people the opportunity to decide for themselves.

      Where you ever heard the shit you are talking about that u should just hand over someone the chance even after they lost the election.

      Add to that the same person called for sanctions on the same economy.

      Why should I step down.Let Tsvangirai get his sanctions removed and maybe we consider your proposals

  • Yaa pakaipa

  • kuzim

  • I support this one there is no roads so fix the roads with that money

  • Perfect Pat

    Sad but true Harare now looks like a growth point because of the potholes while this old geriatric parties mnxa mhani

  • Mugabe must step down now

  • Chikiti

    I don’t think Mugabe still enjoys these celebrations, the man is just waiting to die in office

  • Fund raise money is not from tressury Mdc can also fundraise for anyother perpose even road rehabilitation.The perpose of the money raise is for birthday bash not road mantainance

    • Fundraising…..ur ass. Isnt it the shared 15 billion that u r returning

    • Its purpose not perpose

  • ZANU is obliged simply due to the fact that wen they voted themselves into power they promised to better our lives,isn’t it the whole purpose of leading..they owe it to us the same way they constantly remind us that they liberated us…we should never find ourselves trying to justify if they r obliged to do or not.
    They have stolen too much since 1980..cancel the birthday put the money to good use

  • The cake is provided for by the party(Zanu) and NOT the state(Zim government)

    These are two entities that have distinct responsibilities.

    People should stop political grand standing and let HE president R.G Mugabe enjoy his birthday on peace.

  • Is the money from government??

  • he can’t even control a spade kkkk now a spoon

  • haaa imi ana mhata mugabe mugabe chii chacho tsvagai mabasa uko

  • mogona kudonator mari dzema birthday muchitadza kudonator dzekutenga mishini muzvipatara, masapota acho kutocomenta nechirungu kudzidza ka uku, pamwe makatopfeka nemagirazi, asi makapusa kudaro. dai Mwari vatipawo wisdom, knowledge yawandisa. ma professor, ma doctor asi vakapusa zvavo.

  • Icerevita iri kudyiwa apo here

  • Ma suporters eZanu imbezo dzoga dzoga ,vanongovezeswa chete kana vagomra vorodzwa vofarira nyambazve varikupera vasina chinhu

  • birthday proceeds are donations and the gvt does not rely on donations