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MDC-T says “devil” Mujuru is not wanted in coalition – she once was the linchpin

By Patrick Guramatunhu

One of Tsvangirai’s senior advisors told the Daily Maverick, speaking anonymously: “We know we need to work with Mujuru. But it feels like we are dealing with the devil.”

Tendai Biti and Morgan Tsvangirai
Tendai Biti and Morgan Tsvangirai

Nonsense, many people said Joice Mujuru was the linchpin that gave Zimbabwe’s, otherwise directionless and confused, opposition camp some gravitas and a sense of purpose until the wheels came off her ZimPF party following the party’s defeat in the Bikita West by elections three weeks ago. The same people who praised her to the high heaven as a great leader, sweeping her tarnished Zanu PF record as a corrupt and incompetent leader under the carpet, are now calling her the devil.

When Joice Mujuru was booted out of Zanu PF in 2014 the opposition camp welcomed her and ex-Zanu PF colleagues with open arms for two reasons:

  • It is no secret that both Morgan Tsvangirai and Tendai Biti were pulling all the stops to woo Joice Mujuru into a partnership. The two gentlemen were after her hand because she is a filthy rich widow, from all the wealth she and her late husband have amassed from all the looting and plunder during her 34 years at the heart of the corrupt Zanu PF government. The two gentlemen need her money, desperately; their respective parties are stone-broke after they were deserted by all its donors in disgust for failing to implement even one democratic reform during the GNU.
  • After squandering their chance to implement the reforms during the GNU resulting in allowing Zanu PF to blatantly rig the July 2013 elections; the opposition was at a total loss as to how they will stop Zanu PF rigging future elections until Mai Mujuru and her ZimPF friends’ joining the opposition camp gave the answer. Everyone thought ZimPF, being ex Zanu PF members, will have inside information on how Mugabe rigged elections and will thus device counter measures.

A grand opposition coalition bringing together Joice Mujuru and her ex-Zanu PF members with their extensive knowledge of Zanu PF vote rigging tactics plus her financial clout and Morgan Tsvangirai and his huge MDC crowd of yesteryears, if it is still there, would be unbeatable.

However, the 21 st January 2017 Bikita West by election showed that Zanu PF was still able to blatant intimidate the voters, to buy votes, etc. Senior ZimPF members like Makova, an ex-Zanu PF MP, did not do anything to stop or counter Zanu PF’s vote rigging tactics. The Zanu PF candidate won the by election with a convincing 78% of the vote.

Sadly, the by election defeat triggered the self-distract gene in ZimPF as the members traded accusation of being corrupt and incompetent resulting is the party splitting into two. It is the same gene that is behind Zanu PF’s own on-going implosion which resulted in Mai Mujuru, Didymus Mutasa and 150 other Zanu PF big-wigs being booted out in 2014.

“Alex Magaisa (former Tsvangirai adviser) argues that the big winner is Tsvangirai himself, because Mujuru’s case to be leader of the opposition coalition has been substantially weakened. In fact, the MDC-T may no longer feel the need to include any elements of ZimPF,” reported Daily Maverick.

Alex Magaisa’s opinion must be taken with a shovelful of salt; he is the man who advised Tsvangirai and MDC leaders not to implement even one democratic reform during the GNU landing us in this mess. On this occasion Magaisa’s opinion is once again completely off the mark because, as long as nothing is done to stop Zanu PF rigging the elections, Zanu PF will blatantly rig the next elections and win regardless of how many opposition parties Tsvangirai fits in in his “big tent grand opposition coalition!”

It was people like Alex Magaisa who advised Tsvangirai not to worry with implementing the democratic reforms during the GNU as MDC was certain to win the July 2013 elections “regardless the Zanu PF vote rigging shenanigans”, as Tsvangirai latter admitted.

It is clear the same dodgy advisers are at it again; this time they are telling the gullible Tsvangirai that forming any opposition coalition, even of recycled corrupt and incompetent politicians, is the silver bullet! Before ZimPF imploded they told Tsvangirai he need Mujuru in the big tent and now they call her a devil and pretend as if they had always advised against her joining the coalition. These so-called advisers are nothing but a bunch of utterly useless nincompoops!


  • Vote for a change

    • wilbert

      You must be the only who has not heard that Zanu PF rigs elections or have heard it but still do not understand what that means. In simple terms my brother; because Zanu PF rigs the vote, it does not matter how the people vote, the party will still WIN! In the March 2008 elections, for example, Tsvangirai got 73% of the vote but after ZEC was order to recount the vote, after six week, they announced that Tsvangirai had 47%!

      We need to implement the democratic reforms and stop vote rigging only then will your vote count! Only then can have any hope of voting for change and get the change they voted for!

      • Muvhitori

        Very correct Wilbert but i for one think the gun can do the trick. Look Mugabe is a tsotsi. He gives all his cronies money and i mean big monies to silence the opposition including Zec. Lets fight fire with fire. Period

        • Nomusa Garikai

          The last liberation war costed many lives and failed to bring about the democratic change because war favours the tyrants and not democrats!

  • True dat Mujuru is not needed in the coalition her hands are full of blood

    • What ever percentage of the electorate that she has Wil ensure MDC won’t any election anytime soon. So ya, they need her, more than anything else of they are to be of any relevance come election time

    • Remember Joice is still working with Zanu pf ,some things you don’t know .She can not be be trusted its better to lose without her

    • I agree with you there Gladman , Mujuru is another spy.

      • wilbert

        She is too incompetent to be much of a spy!

  • Is the headline correct?

  • Is this a change of heart or what?

  • The headline is wrong. Mujuru’s problem is of not even making her impact felt. Even her supporters vaakurobwawo in the rural areas so its making her weaker by day. I hoped she wld square up wth her exparty in both physic and mentality in her support base but oops thts not the case at all

  • I believe it was all over every print that the mdc-t’ position was that they were willing to work with Mrs Mujuru!When did this moral factor against her kick in?

    • wilbert

      Mai Mujuru’s party has imploded, she is not of much value now as a coalition partner – except if she is willing to help fund the party with some of her looted millions!

  • Lest we forget. Morgan has been and is on a consultation with the PEOPLE. THE PEOPLE have spoken.

  • tee cee

    if the writer magaisa adviced tsvangirai not to worry about reforms he/she will be lying they put all the effort trying to work on reforms but zanu pf was frustrating their efforts wen they were buzy trying the zimpf spokes person mawarire went to court asking for election to be held without those reforms

    • wilbert

      You clearly do not understand how the reforms were supposed to be implemented
      during the GNU, you would not say “Zanu PF frustrated MDC efforts” if you did. Allow me to educate you, tee tee.

      The democratic reforms of ZEC, for example, would have started with parliament discussing proposed reforms on the appointment, funding, etc. of ZEC the body and all its staff to make the independent again. Not even one such reform proposal was ever submitted in parliament. Why?

      Mugabe bribed Tsvangirai and his MDC friends with the trappings of power plus the $4 million Highlands mansion for Tsvangirai in return for MDC kicking reforms into the tall grass. MDC leaders sold out during the GNU that is not the same thing as Zanu PF “frustrating reforms”!

  • She is not wanted, yet we hear the MDC was formed from her house.

  • CIO statements

  • Kana pasina kubatana munyika vhotai mega we don’t want a split vote greedness

  • I like de headline kkkkkk

  • urikutaurawo pfungwa dzako saMagaisa

  • wilbert

    Joice Mujuru, Didymus Mutusa, Rugare Gumbo and all the other ZimPF people brought to the opposition camp something that certainly had been lacking – someone who knew Zanu PF’s dirty game, who would play dirty too and beat Zanu PF at their own dirty game! Tsvangirai and all the others in the camp had been a push-over for Zanu PF. To go into new elections with not even one reform and no one willing to take Zanu PF head-on was therefore daft, to say the least.

    Sadly ZimPF has proven to be totally ineffective as the Bikita West by-election showed. The mess break-up of the party means there is very little hope on the party being put together ever again.

    With a imploded ZimPF, the opposition camp, will be back to square one with there three possible routes:

    1) Plan A is to go ahead and contest the elections with no reforms. To create the impression that they have a fighting chance, the opposition will push the coalition issue even harder to drown out the calls to honour “No reform, no elections!” It is almost certain Zanu PF will rig the elections with an even greater degree of ease than 2013. All those opposition politicians who contest the flawed elections this time know they will be accused of selling out and, this time, the label will stick

    2) Plan B is to go back to “No reform, no election!” and risk the upstart opposition contesting the elections and win the few seat Zanu PF throws away. For a party like MDC-T who sold out during the GNU and then in contesting the 2013 elections they will be gain little over the upstarts since they will all be sell out anywhere. Still there is hope in a repentant sinner than in an unrepentant one! The greatest challenge for MDC-T will be stopping its own members breaking rank and contest as independent candidates.

    Still, the implosion of ZimPF has brought the headache of damned if you contest and damned if you do not back in the opposition camp. The simple-minded opposition members may not see the problem but that does not mean it not there!

    • John dombo

      Some of yu are juss gud as commentators do u think its soo easy to reform Zanu out of power??? I think that ‘educated ‘ tag being given to zim is destroying us. We all gud at being commentators if we dig deep u never did anything fo the democratization of Zim except being a commentator. I dont have experience in politics bt from the lil i knoe i think to have meaningful reforms u have to change from the headmen in Uzumba up to Zec which is not an easy thing at all. Rather than lashing out at Mdc -T u shud juss applaud Bob that out of all these 36+ yrz in power he has managed to make a well oiled machine machine which is difficult to dispose . It needs more than electoral reforms to bring change in Zim

      • Nomusa Garikai

        Well you clearly do know very little because we have been talking about democratic reforms for donkey years and still have no clue what we are talking about! None!

  • coalition or not if cdeMugabe is going for the election Zanupf will win without doudt

  • Nomusa Garikai

    We cannot have a meaningful discussion on Zimbabwe politics with someone who still fail to understand the negative impact of failing to implement democratic reforms and the role people like Alex Magaisa and the MDC leaders played in that failure.

    There are those who think the country will have good leaders and prosper even if the majority of the people remain ignorant; they are deluding themselves. Knowledge is important and as long as the majority remain ignorant, the country will blunder from pillar to post.

    It is now four years since the rigged July 2013 elections, enough time for the majority of the people to have figured out what went wrong. MDC promised free and fair elections and they failed to deliver; why!

    MDC are now promising the people that they will defeat Zanu PF in the 2018 elections. If the people had figured out that MDC lied in 2013 it would be clear they are lying again this time! By failing to pay attention to detail, the people are making it easy for MDC to cheat them again!