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Zimbabweans blow $206 million on DSTV subscriptions

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Dr John Mangudya yesterday expressed shock that Zimbabweans blew a total of $206,7 million on DSTV subscriptions paid through nostro accounts between July and December 2016.

This brings the nation’s priorities to question at a time when the country is experiencing a crippling foreign exchange shortage with the productive sector struggling to meet foreign payment obligations to different suppliers.

In his 2017 Monetary Policy Statement the central bank chief said the $206,7 million “should have been settled locally and thus preserve foreign exchange for raw materials and other foreign payments that include education”.

He reported that DSTV card transactions – which require pre-funding of nostro accounts -“ were the second largest user (after fuel) of foreign exchange during the second half of the year.

“Use of hard earned foreign currency in this manner is not sustainable for the economy,” he said.

Dr Mangudya called on market players, especially banks, to exercise discipline and rationality in the distribution of foreign exchange among the competing needs of the economy.

“Spending more foreign exchange on DSTV subscriptions than on raw materials to produce cooking oil, for example, is not only counter-productive but also illogical,” said Dr Mangudya.

“Similarly, Zimbabweans’ appetite to externalise foreign exchange to foreign banks puts unnecessary pressure on the country’s balance of payments.”

He said the Bank of International Settlement (BIS), a bank for central banks, has reported that deposits held by Zimbabweans in offshore accounts stand at above $600 million.

Dr Mangudya, however, said statistics of deposits held by Zimbabweans at other banks that do not report to BIS were unknown.

“Externalisation or capital flight of this nature, which may be attributable to the use of mobile capital (foreign currency) as a medium of exchange and the lack of confidence within the domestic economy, has a net effect of robbing the country of its hard-earned foreign exchange and deprives the country of jobs and growth in output.

“This calls for greater introspection among those involved in this practice in order to bring back jobs,” he said.

The Governor said preservation of foreign exchange in nostro accounts by enforcing market and institutional discipline and domesticating the settlement of local card transactions on international card switches was crucial.

“This measure has been necessitated by the need to ensure that nostro accounts are used for foreign payments and that domestic transactions are settled locally through platforms such as RTGS, ZimSwitch, VISA, Mastercard, local mobile banking and/or cash and bond notes.

“Utilising nostro accounts to settle domestic transactions put unnecessary pressure on the country’s foreign exchange reserves that should ideally be used for international or offshore payments,” he said. The Chronicle

  • And people waste our time telling us how much they are starving yet 200 million is spent on pay TV.

    This is hardly a sign of a country wallowing in poverty

    Assuming every pays the premium bouquet for 12 straight months it translates to 190740 households

    • Tochiregera kurarama here? Its their money to spend,unlike a few individuals who blew 15 billion isiri yavo futi

    • Lawrence those 2 are unrelated issues and I don’t have problems with DSTV subs,hell I watch DSTV myself.

      However you cant tell me people have poverty in Zim as they spend 206million and this article even says in 6 months.

      Meaning in fact its 381000 households

      • forest isk

        Kindly note that Zimbabwe does not have povety its only problem of mismanagement of the country which is causing suffering and this is artificial.our problem is the GVT.

      • Sugarfoot01

        Chief that number includes ministers and their relatives, this is petty from the governor.People even spent more on alcohol. Its noone’s business

    • No one wants to watch Zanu pf on Zbc everyday baba,its better to be paying for entertainment than watchin campaign that u dnt need to knw of

    • Anoshamisika nezvisingashamise….if they open up local airwaves that money will be curculating locally but instead they force pple to use forex on things where bond notes could have bn used

    • But you can’t talk of poverty when 206million is blown on DSTV

    • How many ppl are ther in zim???those dstv subs also include bars,hotels,lodges,schools,companies etc.individualy very few pple are affording even the minimum of eleven dollars which is the reason why iyo dstv yacho yakatodzikisawo maprice to an extend of even giving an extra month toa person who has made an eleven dollar account.yu first hav to find out what percentage it is of the general population befor yu talk of poverty here.i personaly dont trust those figures from the rbz.the bottom line is unemployment is real,failure to pay shool fees is real,unpaid salaries are real,poor service delivery is real,potholes are real,food for work is real.we cant say ther is no poverty jus becoz a handful of th elite are able to pay dstv.2 percent of 15 million is next to zero my friend

    • @Chenhamo, watching Dstv is not a sign of wealthy, it just shows how bad our local TV station is, it’s not as if we have any choice. IT’S THE SAME AS TELLING US TO STOP GOING TO WATCH SOCCER AT THE STADIUM, BECAUSE WE ARE POOR.

    • Elites when 206million translating to 380 000 households assuming they are paying Premium buqoet is not an elitist figure.

      That translates to about 10-15% of the population.The figure triples when we use Compact as the mean figure.

      That’s about 40% of the population.

      Now this is hardly an elitist figure

    • Fred poor people don’t have money to waste on pay TV.

      380000 households assuming they pay premium, figure that can triple when we use Compact Buqoet?

    • Have yu yoself verified to check whether those figures are acurate.those figures can be made to justify a point my friend.if those figures are real then why has dstv reduced its prices and as if that is not enough why is dstv giving an extra free month fo only a month’s subscription?something they hav neva done before.bear in mind that they enjoy a monopoly in zim.i try to resist the notion that zimboz are taking long to become politicaly concious and mature but one of these days i wil hav to eat my humble pie and admit

    • Until you give us the actual figures we will use these ones

    • So wats point?z it of n significant importance or shud concerntrate on sensitive issues whch are crippling our country whereby doz elites squandering,looting nd stealing wat suppoz to be benefiting d country

    • What have they looted?

      Who has looted?

      How much has been looted?

      Where is the evidence they looted?

      • mau mau

        When you see a dog flying, arrest it, it has stolen wings. Do you need to see where it stole from, or who it stole from? A dog flying is evidence enough.

    • Dstv is not a luxury for Zimbos. I spend 10% of my nett income to pay my subs, its nt even a premium bouquet. Elitist notion iyi dont know where its coming frm

      • sindoooraaniket

        I agree with you. Subscribing for a Dstv facility is a good stress mgt technique. It is just like taking hypertension medication. You won’t feel restless.

    • Victor the guy said only the elites are paying these subscriptions.

      Are you an ELITE Victor?

      I know I pay DSTV and I’m not an elite

      • sindoooraaniket

        I agree with you. Subscribing for a Dstv facility is a good stress mgt technique just like taking hypertension medication.

  • Mutunhu Une Mago

    it shows that your national broadcaster ZTV is no longer popular among citizens becoz of your old, irrelevant and pro-Zanu-Pf programmes. Another show of defiance proving the despotic regime led by the notorious African biggest living ape Robert Matibili Mugabe has failed the once promising nation of Zimbabwe

    • forest isk

      i agree with you there.Its very simple explanation,people prefer DSTV more than ZBC TV its not about the appetite to externalise funds.and he should be reminded that we use USD as a local currency not a foreign currency and this was their arrangement.

  • dis co wntd 2 set shp in zim 1st, it ws frustrated and it settled in sa,e gvt shln’t cry coz dey drove dem awy wen pple lvd it

  • Saka u want people to watch stupid zbc

  • One report says 45mil. So who is telling lies here? I think its Nehanda Radio.

  • shock we dont have space for Zanu pf broadcasting cooperation .

  • It’s their choice

  • Whatever is being spent on pay TV ndikoko what do you want us to watch ?

  • Coz there is nothing to watch on zbc

  • he watches dstv full brochure

  • why not

  • Even iye akabhadharawo. Same same

  • $206million spent by a nation, 1.4% of 15billion lost by a handful of pple..msadaro soo

  • It happens in a country whose pple’s hearts are completely broken down. Who are just living in a country but with their souls outside borders. The misery, stress, disgusting propaganda, one sided reporting and daylight campaigning by zbc for Zanu on tv makes the channel not worthy an option. Its better to eat Matemba and pay 11usd and spend the whole month entertaining our poor souls. Thts wat happens wen u force pple to like u even wen they clearly voted u out many times.

    • Well said

    • Well said

    • We are under siege, these guys are tormenting us mentally, politically, socially, financially and spiritually

    • Rubbish..Its called the global village where entertainment is now international.

      Everywhere people watch DSTV but I wonder why it gets political once its Zimbabwe.

      What about Ghanaians,Nigerians,Zambians,Kenyans,Tanzanians,Angolans all spending millions on DSTV.

      Even in South Africa almost everyone watched DSTV

      People just want to watch Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi and their favourite teams like Manchester United on TV.

      Whats that have to do with politics?

      People want to listen to their favourite music of Trace and watch series like Game of Thrones.

      What’s that got to do with politics?

      How is it when its Zimbabwe reasons are attributed to politics yet people from as far as China and Singapore will pay millions in Cable TV to watch the programs they want

      • Ngozi

        On point. And is the honourable governor shocked at the cost of foreign travel by Mugabe? The foreign currency he gobbles up on a single trip? Does he think that is sustainable for the economy.

    • Well said dstv is a stress killer. Cant live without it…lol

    • Chenhamo Mutengure you’re also right on your analysis, but what EnCik said is true. People are stressed

    • Luke everywhere on earth people have stress of one form or another.

      Stress is not a preserve of Zimbabweans.Across the globe people are stressed.

      So we cannot try to create insane arguments for Zimbabweans alone when everyone faces similar issues

    • Mangudya is offside on this one.Private denizens have a right to spend their hard-earned peanuts whichever way.I fail to see the relevance of his announcement in the bigger scope of caring for the national purse.
      It’s not illegal to view satellite TV.He is just being unduly alarmistic!

    • He is nor being alarmistuc its the reality on the ground,that magnitude only shows that pple donr want to view the local propaganda even for free of charge

    • well said 👏🏿

    • a thousand likes for that statement

    • Its about the poverty in Zim compared wth the way they are spending on TV. As poor as our country is even Mangudya wldnt expect us to spend tht much to watch Dstv. So dnt compare us all those better economies, even wth Somalia coz we are the poorest and are expected to focus on using Aerial to catch Zbc signals. Now my point was Zimbos are finding it easier to entertain themselves wth Dstv for 30days while eating vegetables because of stress emanating from extremely poor governance. Zbc has the guts to criticise Opposition movements everyday but they reported only once, the missing 15 billion worth of diamonds. After all they are already campaigning for 2018 b4 doing any thng fo the pple who thry say voted them in 2013? Zbc is following Zanu pf and screening everythng they do at the expense of other programs.

    • chenhamo other countries have their reasons we cant relate but in zim its your stupid party zanu pf !!

    • Tell us what their reasons are

    • Encik…..

      You have made a long comment yet said nothing.

      Fact us you can’t talk if a country were everyone is suffering yet 206million in 6months is paid on TV.

      Don’t use the word EVERYONE in a country were possibly 1 million households pay just to watch Television

    • @enCik.well said.

    • Kante chenhamo chiri kuside ripi panyaya iyi. Ndazvishaya ini, pple are spending their money watching what’s worth not dead bc

    • Ukanyanya kudzika dip nezvinhu zvisingadi tsvakurudzo
      U endup wakurasika
      Tatambura bt dstv ndobhadhara kuti ndiwane kunyevenutsa pfungwa pane kudzwa ngano ngano ngano

    • Godfrey DSTV haionekwe nevarombo vanotambura.

      Even in USA the poor don’t watch cable TV

    • Asi Chenhamo Mutengure hamumuziye here?Aripo pese defending his beloved Zanu pf

    • Well said

    • Chamuri kuita nharo naChenhamo ndochishaya ,varipamwe chete na Mangudya chirikuvarwadza ndechekuti dene mari yawira muhomwe dzavo votengera magirlfriends avo mavalentine edzimba kkkkkkkkkkk muchenjere kuti vachange vakuda kuita partnership neDST .Saka mbavha dzirikurwadziwa

    • Hona kunyeba kwaro Chenhamo ,vanhu vemu SA havana intrest nezvatofarira kuona isu havafariri bhora rekunemamwe maleagues zvatinoita isu ndirikubasa kwangu paBp ndaida kuona Livepool ne Man u vakaita kuvava vachida kuona crecket .Chimwe SABC inobudisa maprograme avanoda kwete zvemusangano weZANu anobuditswa padead bc .

    • clear message dat ZBC s bullshit

    • Bravo Prince!!!!

  • Iye aripowo ipapo. Hand it I vakavharisa free to air

  • Its simply a sign yekuti our own broadcasters arent simply gud enough

  • rubbish are his kids watching zbc,watch yo mouth mudhara after a stressful day i sit and watch tv with my family.no 2 zbc.


  • What abt 15 billion?

  • Not surprising considering the junk we are subjected to on ZBC.

  • U want us to watch Zvevanhu on Ztv ohhh no

  • Shock??what obout 15 b spent by few individuals at the nation’s expense? Go home u are drunk Manguhla

  • That same amount of money can be spent internally if the airwaves are opened to more local players who can bring satellite TV with quality programming. TV is not just entertainment in this era, it’s big business and by closing airwaves to all but ZBC expect that figure to rise this year Mr Mangudya

    • By the way recently they blocked mr masiyiwa who wanted to bring satellite to to Zim. He has since gone to Uganda and Rwanda and was received with open arms.

    • Ngozi

      Kwese tv for example

  • ndabva ndafunga 2008,operation dish rese pasi…hurumende ino yedza nepese painogona kusungirira vanhu vayo,varungu vaive nani pane Zanu

  • watching quality programing not tsvina dzinobuda pane chimwe chitv station

  • What’s shocking there kana pasina basa rovha roswera paTv Governor.

  • Even those government ministers hardly watch Zbc,they watch full brachure on Dstv

  • Nokuti murimadofo evatungamiri.

  • He is subscribing as well .they have no better choice of tv .

  • If local broadcasters spent a tenth of that figure on content we wouldn’t be having this issue

  • Arikuchema kuti yakamupotsa aida kuyiba iye Mangudya

  • Zvineyi naye imari yake here

  • Is it a criminal offence to subscribe to DStv

  • It should not be a shocker rather it should serve as a pointer that people would rather pay exorbitant dstv fees rather than watch Tiripagwendo

    • Hahahaha tiripagwendo 😃😃😃

    • Ichiriko tiriparwendo?

    • Farai ndeip kkkkk its still there saw it this other day when i flipped through ztv kkkkkk ndakafa nekuseka…i think i repeat ye yakudhara inotoita during prime time kkkk

  • What is ZTV ?

  • magudya do u watch zbc? i dont think so pliz worry about corruption and not dstv subscribers

  • Give us quality programmes we won’t blow that and also how many people blow that when just one gvt official can blow it

  • Y not, African movie.. action..discovery..world news etc todonakigwa hedu

  • Becoz of rotten ZBC zanu instrument of oppression.

  • You say no ⛔to kwese TV Zimbabwean company let us pay DSTV we don’t care. ZBC TV inenge ichingoimba torai minda murambe makashinga chete vanhu tinodzidzei pazviri izvozvo.

    • especially on the denial of kwese tv my heart broke coz we could have benefited more as a nation

  • Is he also going to be shocked on the amount to be spend on the 21st february

  • ” Use of hard earned foreign currency in this manner is not sustainable in the economy”. Hard earned by who ?

  • Yet they ban local kwese tv…🙄

  • how much has the gvt blow from its people by giving us bond

  • this guy also subscribes to dstv..what the hell is he talking about ..you think people can sit and watch rubbish on ZTV..

  • Yes why nope Dead BC is crap

  • Chimari chidiki diki icho nxaaa

  • Its because yu monopolized the broadcasting business to yorself sabotaging potential competitors by not giving them a chance.

  • KKK wat shld pple watch then cause wen l last watch ztv it was all about Hondo yeminda

  • Saka iye Gavhuna haana here Dish kumba kwavo? Kana vanaro vanobhabhara ne mabond notes here? Ndatenda hangu.

  • Ko iko kumba kwavo vanoona ztv here or sisonke pama sub acho ?

  • What about someone spending $1,5million on a ring should’nt you be shocked about that?

  • Why is he shocked judging by wat ZBC screens.No sane person will watch that!!!

  • Its sounds as if its just a hoax but that’s the reality. If there is proper accountability you will be shocked very soon when they are going to blow up so many thousands of dollars on an old man’s birthday while the whole nation is suffering. There is maladministration everywhere in Zim,I wonder when this kind of leadership is going to end.

    • How can you tell me the whole nation is suffering yet the same nation is spending 206million on Pay TV?

      From now on people must shut their mouths about the President’s birthday especially after spending 206mill in 6 months on pay TV.

      Starving people don’t do that

    • The whole nation is struggling but there is a handful thugs that are controlling everything in a wrong way. Why are they monopolizing TV channel?Now the nation is losing money unnecessarily to foreign TV station. We are not comfortable to subscribe to multi choice but we are forced bcz of our situation.

      The birthday gala is not even necessary especially when we are in a situation like this. Roads,health, education and industry have deteriorated to alarming levels.

  • This figure means we have 528,205 dstv subscribers Nyangudya included nechibaba baba chacho Robert Mugabe. Siya vanhu vawone TV iwe getaway mhani

    • Now let’s assume every household has 5 members that’s a massive percentage if the population.

      This us a country said tovve starving to death

    • people watv TV because they are stressed and i blame it on Mugabe, they killed zbc.

    • killed everything

    • muparadzi mukuru

  • if u do the math. 206000000/6months =34 333 333 per month. lets assume on average pple pay for DSTV Compact bouquet /32 = 1 072 917. Does the Governor mean to say we had over 1 million subscribers of DSTV per month? According to Naspers, the parent company of DSTV there were 5.5m subscribers in SA in 2016. Compare that to Zim with a working population of less than 1m people. I call up the Governor on this one, i dont trust his numbers

    • Yes..People in Zim are doing well to the extent they watch expensive pay TV is what it means

    • Problem is he makes an assumption that Zimbos are semi-literate or ignorant of economic math.

    • Many are not formally employed but are lving gud

    • Accountant vaita Maths dzavo….. varamba

    • I agree pamaths apo….atinyepera….Gavhuna

    • Many Zimbabweans subscribe to the Cheaper Multi choice SA bouquet and it’s the reason why card payments are going out to pay MultiChoice SA not Multichoice Zim. That’s were the issue is

    • So Tendai if that is the case then the figure is actually bigger than that cos those who pay in SA are regarded as SA customers.

    • So Tendai if that is the case then the figure is actually bigger than that cos those who pay in SA are regarded as SA customers.

  • What’s shocking is someone bought 1.3m of hard earned forex as an anniversary ring

  • I think its not a shock but a wake up call that if we develop our intertainment and news industry we wouldn’t be loosing our foreign currency to that imagine what it would have done to develop the local broadcast not mentioning ads revenue generation what a pity….

    • kwese tv was denied licence to operate while in other countries like tanzania ,kenya and ghana was recieved with open arms ,so foreign currency will continue to run out.

  • The is something wrong with this figure. The subscriptions are for 5 months and assuming an average subscription of $50 per household which works to 1.3million households on dstv. We assume each household has an average of 6 members then it means close to 8 million people are on dstv. This figure means 70percent of Zimbabweans are middle class that affords luxuries such as dstv

  • chete , what more vane maS.A accounts

  • Who’s money??? And on who’s benefit

  • Tiri tose nagovernor ava in paying these DStv subs. It’s actually unnecessary to express shock over it coz zvatova normal izvi…!

  • Uyanya lowo

  • Zeeworld telemundo ann7 supersport 1-12 are billion miles ahead of zanu broadcasting corporation zbc

  • who knows that it was $15 billion maybe it was $100 billion nxaaa this mother fuckers

  • He can’t account for fucking $15b which “just vanished” but fucking tell us how we should fucking use our fucking hard earned bloody fucking money. Shut the fuck up Mr Charlatan.

  • Including himself so what’s shocking.

  • He thought vanhu mabharanzi anofunga kuti iye ndiye ega ano bhadhra dstv

  • Nxaaaaa very good at accounting things that doesnt concern u bt kuti chitiudzai kuti 15 bhidza rakabuda sei maakudzvondora maziziso

  • Its our hard earned cash we use it the way we please at least we’re not stealing it from state coffers.He should really be concerned with 6million he externalises each time the so called “first family” leaves on holiday to the far east.

  • Munoshamiswa neiko nhai macdes coz nemiwo muri kubhadharawo dstv.

  • That’s no shocker…even the governor doznt even knw the zbc program update of the day

  • Hakuna mabasa vanhu voitasei, after ol mari dzacho irikubva muhomwe medu, l blame your so called zbc for that coz its no longer entertain us, l wld rather pay for the dstv instead its better, please sir don’t tel mie kuti kwenyu hakuna dstv

    • Were are the poor and jobless getting money for DSTV?

    • Chenhamo vari kudziwana kune hama dzavo ku diaspora

    • Chenhamo saka ukuda kuti vadii, mamwe dstv acho anobadarwa nesu kuno, vooswera zuva rose vachiona hondo yeminda here, chakurwadza chiiko vamwe vanayo mari yavo, hakuna mabasa hongu asika dzimba dzikuvakwa mota varikungofamba nadzo mastands varikungotenga, mari yatinowana mukujingirisa iyoyo inokwana nekuona dstv pane rubbish ztv

  • Toonei manje DeadBC?

  • Sqka zvinei yooona here ztv isina chainoburitsa aaaah toda barca ichirohwa isu

  • Yebo

    What about Gucci Grace’s 1.4m for the ring is that necessary?

  • Zbc screens movies like Terminator 1 and 2, Titanic, Anaconda! Who would want yo watch that ancient stuff that we watched growing up? Why not level the playing field and allow other players to put in their channels. Even the cartoons it airs, my 1 year old child is put off by those stone age cartoons.

  • Nathan Frost

    Highly improbable that’s 6 months at 34 330 000 (roughly) a month at a conservative rate of 1usd is to R14 that brings us to a grand total of R480mill. now with the biggest DSTV markets being Nigeria and South Africa and with just over 7million subscribed to multi-choice (according to Naspers) the WHOLE of Africa, l can safely assume perhaps just under 500 000 could be in Zimbabwe.. say 480 to make the math easy.. soooo in essence 480000 households with a full HD premium package.. As Karl Pilkington would say “BULLSHIT, you talking BULLSHIT Mangudya” bloody hell..

  • Ivo yavakadya kunze pavaikwira ndege vachinotenga hembe vakataurwa nani. Ngavanyarare kusvika vagadzira zvinhu. Vanorega dstv ichiita zvainoda muno ichiita macharges ekupenga wani kuSA vachiisa machannel hobho

  • Improve the local tv alternative .

  • Governor tell Zbc to improve content and control funds haemorrhage.

  • Makaramba kweee zbc yakadhakwa saka banhi vodii

  • Whats hz point iye the so called dr mangudya abt watching dstv

  • Ur such a loser; ur 2kin about millions, that is not a lot of money 2 2ck about between lot of Zim citizens. Why don’t u 2ck about millions which where wasted by the first lard Mrs Mugabe??? She used that money @ a time to buy that furcken diamond ring if I am not mistaken… Its bard when it comes 2 citizens*** what about individual! Idiot.

  • Does this mean kuti VaMangudya hamuna DSTV ku den kwenyu?

  • i cnt watch propaganda afta a stressfull day

  • Stop fooling people, u have degrees in telling lies whilst busy banking outside.

  • Why are you shocked Mr Governor. I can’t be back wards like Zbc.with your patriotism news to praise the rotten to the Un performing governance

  • Dr Mangudya Zim does not have a currency of its own so we pay everything using Forex. Even ma prostitutes are paid in Forex. This guy Dr guy is dull, very dull

  • How ironic the Governor is concerned about DSTV choosing to ignore the continued expenses of luxury spending by the government on foreign trips,allowances,cars,the list is endless.You have government officials’s daughters and relatives studying abd receiving medical treatment abroad shunning local facilities,endless seminars out of zim that yield nothing to the general populace.Show me one minister who watches ZTV in their house????? You want us to watch the continous rhetorics and propaganda……..This is a failed state with priorities twisted the wrong way up and round.

  • Half of this figure should have been in ZBC coffers if it was a competent broadcaster but besides that How much was spend on presidential trips and workout the expenditure ratio

  • People will continue to spent such amounts until ZBC becomes a national broadcaster who cares about the quality of programming and airwaves are opened up to other players local and international. People have time for Dstv not Ztv.

  • O no they will try and make money from that

  • forest isk

    very stupid hypocrite RBZ governor,he is also watching DSTV in his house paid full bouquet upto december.

  • expressed shock?

  • Sky view

    This show citizens have lost interest on
    Zbc.Change the system from Zbc so that citizens can have more accessibility to channels. Find out what causes and the root?



  • If they allowed Kwese TV to operate in country then all that cash outlay could have been saved.

  • silly reactions at lst its the whole population ko 6 milliona ne family 1/@

  • Who wants to see a video of Tambaoga’s zesa yau zvinepowe and hondo yeminda evry one and a half minute?people need info on what is happening around the world

  • Zbc the trouble causer

  • Free the airwaves so that people can hve variety. We are tired of your nonsensical programs on Ztv

  • idiot are there no pressing issues.

  • It just means the alternative(deadBsee) is utter rubbish

  • ungarwadziwe nemari dzedu kuhoro kwamai

  • nxaa nxaa

  • The few rich Zimbabweans who can afford DSTV did that#

  • Because zbctv it still the same. Nothing exciting no other channels. The news quality is rubbish, programs you’re forced to watch Chinese history, for what. If they don’t want english in the country then it’s them from the top government who should set an example. Start addressing each other in Chinese not english. Start teaching your children Chinese language and the citizens will follow suit. It’s ridiculous, I don’t know why zbc is still there for

  • Why is he not worried about the money blown by the presidential errands.how much do they spend annually, don’t they also subsribe to Dstv,inluding you governor. Zbc is an eyesore to watch and listen to.

  • Would you call it “blow” when DSTV brings smile to my face always thru Super Sport i got EPL, Champions League n La Liga while ZTV provides nothing but propaganda shit all the time?

  • What else is there when ZTV is busy with kongonya?

  • Bcoz we have a kak tv

  • These people think we’re are all fools expect them . Havadi kutomboona tichidya kana nyama chaiyo. Vanoti idyai muboora usina mafuta ASI ivo nevana vavo. Havadi even kuona vana vedu vachienda Kuna boarding schools. VANHU AVA HAVATIDE . Vakaona uchimwa castle lite vanototi haisi ye type yako imwa krango vatori ma Satanists.

  • I see Dstv being banned manje manje soo this regime is cruel ,watch this space.

  • iwe mangudya unoonei kana usingaone dstv. For yo own information an even larger chunk of zim population is watching free to air channeles via wiztech etc kkkkkk

  • DSTV is a basic necessity

  • Dude not shocked by banking crisis and absence of liquidity but shocked by people paying for a service they need. Can a governor be shocked by people buying bread 🍞 everyday ? Please Gov

    • varonzerei banker kkkk,,,,, besides if its my money ndeyanguzve, i blow it however i deem fit

  • Improve services offered by zbc and also let private TV stations operate

  • Ko imari yake here. Visa we cant use. Dstv we cant ise. Kwake anoonei.

  • Zvinei newe izvozvo

  • Saka yava mhosva here kuona zvaunoda toita varanda here. Ndiyozve dhomocrac yacho zve.

  • Nigga please

  • Karembue Aziz

    MAnsions built by the likes of Chihuri, how much did they cost to an extent of you talking abou DSTV?

    Car Stupid care Moon

  • Dead BC ?

  • who can that crap zbc nhai blaz iwe

  • Yes but the government got most of it . Taxes , licenses etc . Multichoice franchise fees . So let the people pay ! There’s nothing to watch locally anyway .

  • Saka

  • kkkkkkk ko anhu ari kudya mari dzavo

  • Justnout of interest. Should the govt dictate how people spend their hard earned money or have we just gotten so used to this harsh economic environment that we have lost track of consumer rights in general?

  • People are fed up watching propaganda.ZBC is useless better go DSTV where we watch proper news not propaganda.

  • We want entertainment not to be entertained paZBC. We will pay as long kunebhora.

  • Mugabe and his friends are spending Billions of US$ a year on luxuries, let poor Zimboz enjoy

  • So what?

  • Dai makabvumidza kwese Tv

  • zvitorinani pane kuona ztv

  • Better than watching Dead BC!

  • So wat if we are blowing it

  • i would rather blow .my .money ..on dstv than..watch ztv programz lik ..toringepi….zvido .zve vanhu….old. movies .lik terminator 1 n clint..eastwood dat..

  • And start to wonder why you blocked KWESE TV

  • That just goes to show the state of ZBC. They need to put their house in order instead of wondering why people prefer to watch programs on DSTV. Wake up ZBC and give the nation what they want.

  • I think it’s better I know kuti mari yangu yashanda ndichiona good service and quality viewing ko tangai ma worker mari dzevana venyu vari kunana china epinepi tinzwe isu wedu tinawo mughetto wamaakuda kuchinjira educational system tiri kuona zvedu

  • This must be the least of his worries and problems. We have lost $15bn plus in one year, and what is 206m? He forgets his core business just like his predecessor – the monetary economy! Its the whole of Zimbabwe that blows that amount… How much does Central Gvt and ZANU PF waste?

  • And yet he has DSTV himself 😅😅

  • Ko vanokwira ndege? Kwese tv makatamba kuti ipinde

  • He mustn’t be shocked bcoz he is part of the list how bored he feels wen watchn zbc dats how everyone feels

  • That’s what happens when people are angry with thugs n they prefer to pay for something that they see is delivering …not dead B C for ZanuPF

  • I can’t spend my monies to watch biased news , to hell with the governor he must concentrate on printing bond monies

  • Hayaaaaaa kana zvadai zvohihwi nhai? 😂😂😂

  • worried abt millions wat abt 15billion in a day where is it

  • What are “nostro” accounts?

  • This shows that ZBC has nothing beta to offer us but we re forced to pay for what we dnt listen to. Above all Kwese wants to bring us somethng beta and our Government is busy being jealousy with something that will avoid this money paid to DSTV BETTER be quiet its our money MR Govener

  • Local Tv hapana hapana hama tingasweronzwa maheadlines ekuti hee ruling party yazodai hee minister nhingi azodai nenews dzenyu dziribiased idzo nxaa. Ndoochega here, ko Nat Geo, Disc Family,,,,,, ndasiya naani.

  • It shows that something is wrong with our local broadcaster

  • Well if our government is really concerned about how people are using the very scarce foreign currency we have in our country to pay for entertainment maybe they ought to free up the airwaves for other privately owned tv stations to come in, eg Strive Masiyiwa’s Kwese Tv and so forth. The forex that is going to Dstv would be retained in our country and it would grow the economy and create jobs for thousands. Dstv is just filling the void that our mediocre state broadcaster is not capable of filling.

  • Who doesn’t like viewing the finer things in life that other countries enjoy…Shut down ZBC we won’t even notice its closure!!!

  • This should not come as a shock given the dictorial tendencies of the present govern. Its so absurd and defies logic that in a country of more than 15 million people, Zim still has one TV station spewing propanganda news and substandard programmes day in and day out. In their myopic view to cling onto power, they have sacrificed some immense talent and banished individuals who could have contributed positively to our entertaiment industry.

  • Open up the Airwaves to Strive Masiiwa & his Kwese TV team then the money made from the pay per view system stays in the country ..

  • That shows clearly that ur national broadcaster is incompetent. Bring other independent players to it then we spend locally

  • Shocked?

  • Better we blew that than watching their propaganda ZBC

  • Kumba kwako uri kuonei iwe imbwa iwe… pfutseki mhani….ita zvemabond ako unyerere uko. Kuda kutinyenga mukanwa….nxah

    • cineaste

      Nhai..kuzotaura kunge iye anoona Zanu TV

  • It actually a shame to say the least, after 36 years of independence, Zimbabwe has one partisan TV station that broadcasts nothing but propaganda.

  • cineaste

    Haa FOKORO!!! Tisiyei tione hedu FA Premiership pane kupedza ma lives edu tichiona propaganda yenyu pachi station chenyu chiya.

  • It’s actally more Mr Governor!

  • And gavernor is one of subscriber

  • Pple we are failing to see the idea behide that false shock .2018 ZANU election strategy .no dstv ,no internet no ….u name it.this is ZANU finding silly excuses so that they can terrorise pple towards election

  • Wasiyana nekutsvaga kwaakaenda mari yemadiamonds waakuita zveDSTV,haaya ZANU yaita vanhu zvituta chaizvo

  • It’s none of his business whether we want to spend our money on satellite to or not.

  • Well said.

  • Takavigwa kare muzimbabwe, kkk shuwa munhu ungaudzwa kuti idya matunduru idzo nzimbe dzinonaka dziriko, kwanai vaMagudla svodai

  • Saka iye arikuona ZBC

  • If there were multiple TV Channels in Zimbabwe then all this money could have been coming to your dead ZBC News Online ZBC Board Chairman but unfortuntly, we are proud to subscribe to the DStv Zimbabwe and will never pay Zimbabwe TV/Radio licences

  • at least u knw whr it went…ko US$15bn hw far?

  • hanty its our money wats their problem saka we stick t ZTV?

  • Is he himself not watching Dstv. Nxaaaa

  • how can I watch ZBC without signal from them.DST ndozvo

  • clement moyo

    No Mangudya thinks we are fools – he will spend more than all Zimbabweans spend put together on luxury goods and then criticize us for providing little entertainment to our children. Has he ever told Mugabe that he spends billions daily and senselessly. Who is he trying to fool here and who doesn’t know that he is in the gravy train.

  • Dingiswayo

    This guy wants to complain about DSTV subs and how Zimbabweans are spending money on the wrong things.. I want to ask this Mangundya what his children watch in his home?? Is it ZBC or DSTV also?? As for externalisation of forex and foreign bank accounts, are the biggest culprits not him and his ZANU cdes that loot the nation’s coffers and hide hide it abroad?? Take the log out of your eye before attempting to remove the splinter in mine!!!!

  • Fox

    Open the airwaves and allow more local players in the broadcasting sector.

  • tintin

    Ngavatibvire apo we have a right to spend on what we want….shock kudii they should work on improving dead BC instead of judging us on what we choose to view….

  • Murume Mukuru

    So you want us to watch propaganda ZBC? Kushure kwako Mangundya.

  • Mukanya

    All Bigwigs’ rooftops don satellite dishes including Mangudya’s and its all DstV.


    mashura chaiwo,pple spending their money you try to control their spending ,ministers steal double that amount no noise ,ministries buy cars ,foreign trips NO CONTROL AT ALL,WHY ????