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Wife files for divorce after husband votes for Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump is a homewrecker. 

That’s according to retiree in Washington State, who told Reuters on Tuesday she called it quits with her husband of 22 years because he voted for The Donald — something she saw as a “deal breaker.”

Gayle McCormick
Gayle McCormick

“It totally undid me that he could vote for Trump,” said Gayle McCormick, 73, a retired California prison guard who called herself a “Democrat leaning toward socialist.”

“It opened up areas between us I had not faced before,” she said.

“I realized how far I had gone in my life to accept things I would have never accepted when I was younger.”

McCormick, who now lives in Bellingham, said she knew her husband leaned right politically. But she felt “betrayed” last year after he casually mentioned during lunch with friends that he planned to vote for Trump.

A man listed in public records as McCormick’s husband wouldn’t discuss the divorce, and said he wasn’t aware an article had been published about it.

“Well I’ll be damned,” the man said when reached by the Daily News.

“I’m not gonna talk to you about it, so you have a Merry Christmas when it gets here,” he said.

McCormick did not immediately respond to a Facebook message. Facebook posts from November indicate she did not vote for Trump or Hillary Clinton.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll of 6,426 people found that 16% had stopped talking to a family member or friend as a result of the election. Thirty percent said they ended a relationship entirely. New York Daily News

  • A moment of madness

  • Chikiti

    Just like divorcing over football, thats BullShitt

  • Kgotsile

    This is the stupidiest thing I have ever heard. You don’t just walk away from a marriage for flimsy reasons. It says a lot about her character and none of it is nice. I am willing to bet that husband is breathing a sigh of relief because she is nothing but a manipulative control freak. Why do I say so?People who make decisions like the one she just made are people who always want to keep everyone in line while ordering everyone around.

    I would expect her behavior from a 16 year old.

  • Ushe

    Stupid woman! Wagara 7ne mhepo dzinokunetsa wakunyepera Trump!

    • mapuwei madzihwa

      I said before and i`ll say it again.Madzimai akazvarwa anomagaro ndekuti ekugarira pfunga.

      • Ushe

        Amana… now I see. Ndakutoda vasina magaro.

  • Chokwadi

    All your responses simply show why Zimbabwe is where it is and why America is where it is. You all think that this woman is shallow minded for divorcing her husband for political reasons, yet you are the ones who are shallow minded and short sited.

    As long as Zimbabweans do not take politics very seriously (even to the extend of divorcing) you will continue to suffer. Your marriages are not even working because of politics. Raising a family is difficult and stressful because of politics, because of the party you voted into power, and yet you dare call this woman stupid for divorcing her husband for voting for a man she strongly believes will jeopardies the future of a great nation.

    Americans take the future of their children, their nation very seriously. They are very serious about their constitution, their policies, their elections and their votes. A typical Zimbabwean is selfish, he is not concerned about the bigger picture, just the smaller picture,his immediate inner circle – that which directly and immediately affects him (his marriage) : that is why your votes can be bought, when the elections get closer they promise you a free stand, they give you free food : they feed your greed and selfishness and they get your vote: what about the bigger picture, what about the future of our nation as a whole; what type of Zimbabwe do we want to live for our children.

    Voting for Trump implies a lot : I am going to use a rather extreme illustration in the case of Zimbabwe but yet very relevant in an American context. Lets say that during the next elections Tsvangirai promises to chase-out of Zimbabwe all the ‘Kalanga’ people; for whatever reason; and your spouse votes for him ! I would personally divorce my wife for that, even if we are both not ‘Kalanga’; it simply proves that she doesn’t care how other innocent people are affected by such an unjust act : are we to gain from the wrong suffering of others, simply because they are a minority. I will not go into explaining what Trump promised to do and recently attempted to do: that could and has affected the lives of innocent people.

    The same shallowness runs in those we have entrusted with the power to lead us (should I say abuse us) : all their decisions and policies have an immediate and temporal effect. Even the apparently good policies lack insight : talk about the land reform, did the country or economy as a whole benefit from the land reform ? Weren’t we all just concerned about gaining a piece of land : we sold our votes instead. We need to be nation – oriented, future- oriented not self-oriented. Our economy is either stagnant or going backwards. Zimbabweans be serious about politics, as if your marriage depended on it.

    Your comments also reflect how shallow your perspective on marriage is. The problem with Zimbabweans is that they don’t divorce. You will embarrass each other,verbally and physically abuse each other, make each other miserable for years, kill each other or commit suicide, break each other’s spirit, you just don’t know when to file for divorce. You think that ‘not divorcing’ = ‘successful marriage’. Raising children in a loveless and dysfunctional family is far much worser that raising them as separated divorced parents (proven). You are erroneously been taught at church that divorce is never an option, you are even told that divorce is a sin. There is so much to say in this regards but I don’t have time for.