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Was the Dream Team really that great?

By Bruce Ndlovu

If soccer is a religion then in Zimbabwe speaking ill of the Dream Team, the early 90s national soccer team, is the closest one can get to uttering blasphemy.

In a country where traditional belief still holds as much sway as Christian faith, perhaps prayer should follow the appeasement of ancestors before one can question the legacy of that magical group of players whose spell on a soccer crazed nation still endures after two decades.

Last year however, after the first successful Afcon qualification in over a decade, murmurs of comparison with the current side emerged.

As this year’s African showpiece drew nearer, the murmurs became a chorus as some mustered the bravery to wonder out loud whether Kalisto Pasuwa’s new litter of Warriors could maul fearsome opponents in the African jungle just like their predecessors in green and gold had done all those years ago.

However, before that choir had even broke into full song, 180 gruelling minutes against technically superior opponents shattered all arguments or comparisons.

Forgotten were the heady moments during qualifying: the four-nil trouncing of Swaziland, that 3-0 molestation of Malawi that gave the impression that, at last, a corner had been turned.

Such undoubted brilliance was forgotten as once again some went back to their favourite pastime: yearning for a side whose ghost successive national teams have failed to exorcise.

Overnight, Khama Billiat’s zigzagging runs, which have taunted and haunted defenders from the Cape to Cairo, could no longer be compared to Peter Ndlovu’s mesmerising stepovers. How dare anyone compares Hardlife Zvirekwi, the fullback who infamously booted hot tropical air while Sadio Mane skilfully nibbled at the ball, to Mercedes “Rambo” Sibanda?

Hacking away at skilful attackers in the centre of the park, Willard Katsande seemed at best a pale imitation of the elegant Benjamin Nkonjera and at worst a tactless mafia-like midfield enforcer out to win possession by hook or crook.

Everywhere you looked on the pitch, there hardly seemed to be any takers for boots vacated by Fabisch’s famed disciplines.

Like others before it, the class of 2017 had failed the test. The latest failure was vindication for those that lived through those euphoric months between ’92 and 93 when the Dream Team was the pride of a nation. For those whose only encounters with the Dream Team came through replays of their legendary scuffles with the continent’s best sides via grainy archive footage from ZTV, the question of how truly great that team truly was might linger.

They might wonder, silently so as not to offend any eavesdropping soccer gods, whether it is right to deify a team that failed to qualify for any major tournament.

Despite their much lauded pedigree, for the few years that they were counted among the continent’s finest, that great Zimbabwean side was the perennial bridesmaid, Africa’s nearly men who always flattered to mislead.

The story of the Dream Team essentially boils down to qualification for the 1994 World Cup and Nations Cup.

The dream of a debut at the Nations Cup lasted until a Kalusha Bwalya header with 11 minutes left on the clock during the last Group 5 match. That cliff-hanger at the National Sports Stadium was followed by what in the end was a routine trouncing by Cameroon in Yaoundé in the World Cup qualifiers’ deciding match.

So with these twin failures in mind, some may be tempted to ask why that side is so revered. How has a side that seemingly failed to navigate the hazards that African football routinely throws up taken permanent residence in Zimbabweans’ hearts?

To answer that question, one may need to look not only at what happens on the field but also what transpires off it.


While second best counts for nothing, the Dream Team’s displays against some of the continent’s top sides may help explain their popularity. The latest blundering by the current Warriors only serves to reinforce the view that post Dream Team national sides are lions when faced with the continent’s minnows but lambs when confronted with true powerhouses.

In their African Cup of Nations and World Cup qualifiers for those tournaments staged in 1994, Fabisch’s charges managed to trounce South Africa 4–1, beat Egypt 2–1 and edge Cameroon 1–0.

Sure, there was no happily ever after as the fairy-tale ended in tears and non-qualification, but here was a side that met and conversed with the giants of the game as equals and spoke the language of these football titans fluently.

In addition, qualification for The World Cup was particularly hard, with a two tier group system making sure only the best nine teams qualified for three groups of three from which only the winners progressed to the biggest spectacle in the football world. In addition, only 12 teams qualified for the Nations Cup, with the competition only expanding to include 16 teams in ’96.

The qualification for the 2017 tournament was met with euphoria, but slaying the likes of Swaziland, Guinea and Malawi is hardly the stuff that giant killing lore is made of.

Since the effective end of the Dream Team with Fabisch’s exit, the Warriors’ fights against the giants of Africa have followed a familiar script, with defeat or humiliation the usual result. In this regard the class of 2017 is not alone.

Who can forget the 0-3 drubbing at the hands of Nigeria during the qualifiers for the 2006 World Cup?

The memory of that match, famous as much for Zimbabwe’s loss as it is for Charles Mabika’s narration of Jay Jay Okocha’s devastating poetical display, is burnt into the memory of every Zimbabwean.

Egypt, Cameroon, Senegal and Nigeria all prevailed over Zimbabwe at both the 2004 and 2006 Afcon tournaments, with only dead rubber victories against Algeria and Ghana saving face.

Off the pitch, perhaps the mood and outlook of Zimbabweans has changed. Nowadays, when things start going awry, it does not take long for the public to turn the tide of scorn against their own side.

Zimbabweans are arguably more cynical than they were in the 90s and even during that promising first half against Algeria during the recent campaign, negative sentiment was prevalent.

On the internet where everyone is judge, jury and jester, the men who had been heroes in that glorious first 45 minutes turned into meme and gif fodder.

Some have argued that this cynicism is due to the hardships Zimbabweans have endured since the turn of the millennium.

However, the Dream Team also did not have it easy, as they sparkled even beneath gloom and shadow of ESAP and a drought in 1992.

“Morale was low at that time,” said Pernell McKop, an assistant coach to the Zimbabwe national team in the early 1990s, “and people clung to the idea of the Dream Team and the road to the USA, and to what we felt might be our first time at an Africa Cup of Nations. When we played those qualifiers, started to put together an unbeaten run, those days brought back some of the joy of independence, the feeling of all having a single objective. I think that’s partly why the Dream Team label stuck,” he said.

Perhaps it is unfair to compare the Dream Team with what came after, as for better or worse, terrain and conditions in Africa have changed. One thing that cannot be disputed is that although they did not sate a nation’s hunger for continental conquest, the euphoric feeling they fostered was so great even the reality of later qualification has failed to erase their unfulfilled dream. Sunday News

  • it was great

  • No it never qualified for any major tornament both afcon and world cup.To me it was the team that was” Almost” but never got there if the truth have to be spoken

  • There was no tribalism in sport by then unlike what’s happening now

    • Tribalism really?Which Ndebele player is as good as Mosona, Ndoro, Billiat but not included in the national team. Peter Ndlovu, Adam Ndlovu, Madinda, Jowel Lupahla and many other Ndebele players were all playing in the Zimbabwean national team. So which tribalism are you talking about?

    • Fabisch preferrred Highlanders and Saints supporters. Am not sure it was tribalism bt he was ant DeMbare

    • Not supporters but players

    • I dnt think race, region, religion, tribe should override merit. I like to believe players must be chosen by their merit at tht point on time. I dnt think players should be chosen to balance our national demographics. What about Nigeria.? 80 different tribes hw dyu represent them with 11 players. Impossible I suppose.
      Am sure it is based to select players from one tribe into any team. I would not like it if Ndebele players who are better are not selected because they are Ndebele. Thats not football. I once saw a French team made of 8 black players and they went on to win Euro and World Cup. There is no need to have affirmative action . You need good players .

      • Rodney15

        You wrote a lot of sense , I wish many people were as sensible as you are.It is not a matter of tribal balancing, but it is a matter of which players are more talented at the time.If the whole team can be composed of all Shona players from Harare, Ndebele people should rally behind them, and stop saying it is a Harare United.Such characters are very shallow minded and immature.

        • worried_zimbo

          on point

      • worried_zimbo

        well said, zimbabwe is rooted too much in tribalism, everything its tribalism when ever they open their mouths to talk, its too much and boring.

    • Well said Emmanuel

    • In e Zim team,I wd blame e coach before e players.He sd hv rotated his leaky defence,at 3-0 agnst Tunisia in a dead rubber match,a gud coach wd hv done smthng

    • Isapoteni iteam yenyu asingeni ndawo thina

      • worried_zimbo

        you are a fool, where ever you go you will remain a zimbabwean whether you like or not.

    • Indeed well said Emmanuel

  • Vaiziva Bhora zvavo madhara aya

  • Peace ✌ begins with allbody!!

  • It was a great team with great talent but during those days competition was very tough especially from the west and north Africans, it was a learning curve! Had we built from there and not destroyed structures as is the tendency of this nation we would be far by now!

    • Great insight man, nuff respect

    • You the only sensible person with a soccer management acumen to see what others have and will always fail to see.

    • well said bro

    • sandura

      The Dream Team was built from the core of a very talented U 23 Side that had done well in the All Africa Games.

      • gwindingwirineshumba

        dream team sparked ’92 and ’93..all africa games were in ’95 bud!!

        • sandura

          There were all Africa games in Egypt around 90 or 91 where Fabisch was an attached Technical person from the Germany Government, the likes of Peter, Adam, Agent, Nagoli, Vitalis featured in that U 23 side and got a Bronze medal.

    • Uyibekile induku ebandla Mr Baloyi

    • You are to the point brother

    • What football legacy did the likes of Leo Mugabe leave? Your guess is as good as mine! NOTHING!!!

      • GidzaWacho

        I can tell you. His legacy like his uncles is theft and destruction

    • GidzaWacho


    • worried_zimbo

      i agree with you Baloyi

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  • kkkkkkk Not at all!!! the great team ndiyoyi iyi yakatokwanisawo kuenda kuGabon ikabuda mu1st round .that dream team yakare yaingoita mbiri yekutamba ma friendly matches chete.Dream team yaitadza kupinda not kulifta Afcon bt just to qualify chete chete.

    • U know nothing about soccer

    • you might be very correct , bt which cup or stage did the Dream team brought or represented us?

    • taura hako iwe I don’t know why they talk much about a team that never qualified anywhere

    • haaaaa Dream Team was the team ava vapfana chozivikanwa hapana.

    • you are correct Bafana. dream team isina kana achievement zvayo

    • Nonsense.this fool has to put a used condom in his mouth if he can’t keep quite.no knows nothing

    • They were not corrupt.play for the love of football and country .unlike these lunatics who are only after money.

    • who on earth can play for 0.00 bond what what??that dream team had resources,Zim dollar richinesimba bt hapana kwakaendwa,…. our neighbour vachienda kuma World cup iripo dream team yacho .saka hapana hapana

  • They won nothing. Lost of hype but nothing. Fabisch was anti Moses Chunga so i never liked him.

    • lot chitakasha

      Pakanetsa apa..pachiri kunetsa nanhasi but Bambo was half-fit and Fabisch went with Rahamn. A half fit Chunga or utility player like Rahman?..it was a hard call.

  • Vaigona course- work vachifoira exam

  • Tribalism and politics were not part of the team back then,we had a national team and not zanu supporters fc.

    • y do u say there is tribalism in our national team

    • Dude,national team talent must come from all corners of the country and then maybe by chance you can be like other great nations.

      • worried_zimbo

        very, very, very true not just one side of the country.

    • The dream team was made up of mostly players from Matebeleland.Peter .Adam.Agent Sawu.Willard Khumalo .Benjamin Nkonjera.Mercedes Sibanda.Raman Gumbo. and no one Complained that it was a Ndebele team.now a team is selected it is labeled Harare United

      • Sunbeam

        Put some respect on Mthwakazi. You left out Madinda, Bruce Grobellar, Henry McKop & Ephraim Chawanda.

        Now carry on.

        • worried_zimbo

          people like you are a problem, you are just like zanu, we are not discussing mthwakazi but football only.

          • Sunbeam

            Peter Ndlovu named among finest foreign players to play in EPL

            Zimbabwe football legend Peter Ndlovu has been named by leading football magazine Four Four Two among the top 100 foreign players to play in the English Premier League.

            Ndlovu spent a good part of his career in the England playing for then EPL side Coventry City and Football League sides Birmingham City, Huddersfield Town and Sheffield United.

            Nicknamed the ‘flying elephant’ and ‘Bulawayo Bullet’ a young Ndlovu burst into the EPL making history by becoming the first African Footballer to player to play in the English Premier League after signing from Highlanders.

            Ndlova was put on number 97 on Four-Four Two Top 100 countdown. The England based magazine had this to says about Ndlovu:

            While the name might mean little to today’s generation, Ndlovu brought class when foreign players were a Premier League rarity. He’d go on to win 100 caps for Zimbabwe, but even as a teenager he was key for Coventry City (another name who’ll resonate with few Premier League fans today).

            In a struggling side Ndlovu was a constant nuisance, if not a prolific one, to opposition defences. The striker was largely responsible for maintaining Cov’s 34-year residence in the top flight, before dropping a division in 1997 to improve Birmingham, then Sheffield United. He’s still remembered fondly in the Midlands

      • worried_zimbo

        @ Bernard , at that time we did not see tribalism, it was the love of the game and these guys they played good clean football, but now everything its about tribalism.

    • Left Bully Henry McKop and Rocky Ephraim Chawanda were at Saints also in Bulawayo

    • Dube ubuyaphi ekhaya ? Noma kumusha?akudingi skolo ukuthi ubone lolu bandlululo olungaka maqede usho kanje!

    • Yikho bedliwa phela seyaphenduka yaba yiShona team fc. Kkk

      • worried_zimbo

        its a stupid thinking

    • worried_zimbo

      its true Dube, look at the current national team, sports and politics it does not go together, it must be separated, manje Zanu wants everything

  • Francis shonhayi third from right

  • lot chitakasha

    The Dream brought us happy memories, imagine the NSS packed to the rafters. I will always remember the Dream Team,the team had some great players!!

  • Haaa haiwa hapana hapana, 2004, 2006 were the best

  • Bruce Ndlovu

  • Great team of all time

  • It ws js a marvel to watch,bt it nver acheived anything.

  • The uniform wasn’t

  • The dream team was a special class of warriors whose biggest undoing was failure to qualify for any tournament….World Cup or Afcon.It is regrettable for a class that matched any opponent in Africa, giants or small.In terms of entertainment value they sprayed the ball like nobody’s bussiness.The defence was solid and the midfield was mobile followed by a deadly strikeforce.It was a class of naturally talented players who matched African giants man for man.How we failed to qualify i dont even know.Cry my beloved dream team.

    • They ddnt qualify because they failed to win. Full stop

    • we fail not bcoz we were not good they were selling games as they are still doing…

    • Thanx bro,we zimbabweans we are talented in criticizing,thts why we cant achieve anything coz of povo!People Of Various Opinion,

  • It was a great team, despite not featuring my team players ( CAPS United) in the 1st eleven! It had a playing philosophy and its coach read games well, he could spy on a team and strategize. Were it not for the lack of wisdom in the ZIFA crew then, who fired Fabisch before the AFCON qualifier with Malawi, the team would have qualified. It was a marvel to watch.

    • worried_zimbo

      they was Joel Shambo, Stanley Siyo Nduduma, Friday Phiri and Shackman Tauro if my memory saves me well.

  • No it was not

  • KKK rusike mukharadhi

  • they never achieved anything as a team this so called dream team

  • Great team great talent boys who played for the love of the team. We had player who played abroad german england france etc . Not these fly by night boyzeee. The only place they want to play is jozi and botswana .

  • dream team is nothing compared to the WORRIORS of 2004 an 2006 Afcon teams an

  • Problm when cmz to qualifies they had a bad luck allwayz in a group of death

  • I think Zimbabweans waste their emotions and money in a sport that we are not very good at.

    Our smaller physical stature puts us at a systemic disadvantage against other Northern African teams. If you randomly select 10 Nigerian guys and put them in a room with 10 Zimbabweans the likelihood that the former will be giants compared to the latter are 9/10(methinks).

    Let’s focus on cricket , table tennis, gymnastics etc where pushing and shoving is not involved

    • So why do they get outclassed by shorter Spanish players. As long you have an inferiority complex you’ll always be a negative person. Do and never undermine Zimbabweans or any other Southern Africans. How did Zambia win their one and only Afcon trophy ? It was David vs Goliath against Ivory Coast but guess what they won.

      Did they need big Nigerians no. Away from soccer , if my memory serves me right they even struggled to contain Boko Haram and needed 50 – 60 year old former Ex-Apartheid soldiers now mercenaries to show and teach them guerrilla and modern classical warfare to contain them and left when an embarrassed former (General) President M.Buhari came to power.

    • Kumusha ndekupi tsano?

    • You don have to be a giant to win matches broer, tactics win a match not physical appearance. Look at Messi, Hazard etc

    • Tiago Brito, Kurai Ncube…Gentlemen feel free to shorten your lives due to stress caused by regular heartbreaks due to the Warriors’ usual non-achievement.

      Mina I am a pragmatic patriot. I want to see a Zimbabwean team or sportsperson achieve dizzy heights and be Champions. Our football team just isn’t that team. Over the years we have had better achieving teams and sportspeople not getting the support they deserve because all attention is focused on football. Nick Price was World Number 1 Golfer for a long time but he was generally ignored.

      Following losing teams crashes the esteem, confidence and psyche of the citizens of a country. Meet a Cameroonian this year they already feel they have one over you because their team are champions.

      On matters of size well if you watched the game against Senegal you would remember that Zimbabwe were beaten purely from superior athleticism. They were out-run, out-pushed, out-pulled, you name it.

      Madoda if you want to invest feelings in the Warriors I respectfully advise you to also consider getting health insurance as well as life insurance. You will need them. BP kills.

      • worried_zimbo

        kkkkkkkkkkkk kwaaaaaaaa wangibulala Ndlovini

      • Kyle Broflovski

        True, we focused on soccer which only brought us frustration. Kristy Coventry, Nick Price, Mark Marabini, The Chevrons delivered consistently in the 90s.yet these individuals & teams were largely ignored.

    • Then my friend u know little of the game,I played soccer and even today I will tell u this,watch out for the shortest pple on the pitch!Those r the most dangerous pple in soccer

    • Zimbabwe has been to the afcons 3 times so I don’t think we are that bad bro we have some players who are being recognized in africa and some had played in Europe so I don’t think we are that bad,if our economy was right our clubs could have been buying players to play in our clubs as well.

    • Velempini Vee Lunga As a footballer you will know that average shorter teams can be disadvantaged by switching play to aerial. This weakness exploited even more at set-pieces.

    • Ummm u a are soccer fan as i see. U mean Nigerians are jiants but hw did they perfom. They are playing badly. Average play better as long as they are physically fit. Maybe u need say Nigerians are better fraudsters , drugs ,human trafficking, terrorism.

    • Simba Saradinya Nigeria was an example bro. I could have used Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Senegal etc.

  • dream team is nothing compared to the WORRIORS of 2004 an 2006 Afcon teams an worse to this GOLDEN GENERATION WHO WENT TO BEGIN why cz th dream team was all bout dreaming an promising mayb cz wsnt born tht tym bcz thy dd nthng special at all

  • whether great or wat to hell

  • it wasn’t that great. I think it had a charismatic coach

  • Great but never qualified for any tournament

  • People want us to believe they were great but results show otherwise

  • Then we plyd with real big tyms

  • It was not a great team.it didn’t qualify for any major tournament. The young warriors are a great team.

  • The best warriors qualified for Afcon at least. These failed.

  • Noo it was not great… for it died dreaming

  • Melusi Nkhiwane,Ephraim Chawanda,Rahman Gumbo, Francis Shonhayi, Henry Mckop, Bruce Grobellar,Peter Ndlovu,Mercedes Sibanda, Willard Khumalo,Vitalis Fadzai Takawira

    • Benjamin Konjera

    • Agent Sawu

    • Nkonjera was not there

    • If Nkonjera was not there who scored a goal to level the scoreline against Bafana Bafana at FNB stadium in 1993?

    • You can’t delete history bhuti.he was there. Ask your Charles mapika

    • Sibanda Perfect it seems you have a big problem with Shonas.

      • worried_zimbo

        yaaa he does, all his comments are not matured, are full of hate and tribalism, he cant engage on a simply topic like football, everything to him its about tribalism.

  • My headboy and school soccer team captain Francis Shonhai was great!

  • Tribalism cost zim

  • Failed to qualify for Afcon. Saka haisi great team

  • No. Only popular, remember they never qualified for Afcon nor the world cup but where ranked in the top 10 football playing nation in Africa. At one time reaching number 7 in Africa and 35 in the world! Real luck l guess

    • There was no luck thy were good remember those days only two teams would qualify for World cup and we just ran should of beating Egypt in France instead we drew against Egypt.

    • It shows that they lacked that killer instinct…just look at how Cameroon came from behind against Egypt in the recently ended Afcon championship then you will know why west African players don’t fancy playing in the south African premiership

  • They were a great team then and there was nothing like being a best placed run up.They were unfortunate not to be in groups featuring Malawi ,Swaziland and Guinea

  • dream team was jus a bunch of losers……full of individual quality and brilliance….bt wasnt giving anything to the fans bt shame and regret…..the best national team this far i think its the class of 2004 who managed to score sme goals at the afcon

  • It was great yes

  • Hapana zvaizivikanwa apo

  • was a routine trouncing by Cameroon? Did you watch the match? Did the dream team win their home game?

  • it was great in such that the fixtures were against the heavyweights of the continent and the boys could hold their own

  • Only played to the gallery and no tangible results to write home about

  • They were a gud team who cldnt achieve greatness coz hapana chavakaipa if u want to look at it beating a couple of big teams and fail at the last hundle…that 2004 team is great coz they achieved smthng change chisina kuitwa b4

  • yes it was

  • I knew Rahman Gumbo as a striker for Eagles his midfield role in Warriors Team still baffles me. I believe Memory Gwenzi Mucherahowa was the on fire Midfielder that time.l don’t support Dynamos but he should have pencilled that midfield slot instead of Rush

    • memory came late bro.rather bambo chunga should have replaced rahman since we had defensive midfield maestro konjera

    • Bambo was injured already and Fabisch had made it clear he won’t be picking Razorman .

    • Football casuals won’t say it that team didn’t qualify coz Fabisch was getting tactics wrong at times 1995 against Malawi with 10 players playing locally with 1 foreign SA based midfielder Enerst Mtawali he fucked took off Nkonjera for Isaac Riyano instead of taking out Rush. Peter begged Reinhard not to take off Benji.He complied for a while but later took him off and the Warriors where back peddling after as Malawi held on to a draw yet a win would have made Warriors through.Bruce didn’t go back to the changing room he came out to the car park via terraces fuming. That was my first time to see the World class goalie in close range. If he had kept Benji on the pitch bring on Shu Shine’s Isaac Riyano a a very creative midfielder we could have won.The few minutes he played he was spraying passes like a possessed man.

    • I would have liked Kennedy Nagoli to take that position Rahman was playing, the young man had no displine though. Guys if my memory saves me well, Fabisch’s lone contract ended in 1994, the following year zifa called up Ruddy Gauterndof former coach of Mauritius to partner with Gibson Homela, Fabisch was then brought in as technical advisor. I respect Fabisch because he endured the most cruel and arrogant Leo Mugabe zifa. How he identified Norman Mapeza from a small team like DT and Paul Gundani from a division one Lancashire fc points out out how sharp the man was. How he combined Francis Shonhai, Ephraim Chawanda, John Phiri and Mercedes Rambo Sibanda hey!

    • The Malawi match its Reinhard who was in charge l saw the match. Nagoli was a brilliant midfielder. I enjoyed his midfield battle with Memory Gwenzi Mucherahowa champions league match when he was turning out for Jomo Cosmos. Riyano was in form at the peak of his powers and on that match he really showed good defence splitting skills but the anchorman Benji out we were under pressure from Malawi

    • lot chitakasha

      Point apo!

  • it was great….during that time ndainzwa kut zvedi ndiwo maWarriors aya kwete these overated players emazuva ano#dreamteam

  • We beat Cameroon in Younde…the greatest Cameroon squad ever ..the likes of Alfonso Chami…..Makanaky..Oman Biek… Jacques Songo.o…. Jean Claude Pagao….Tataw

    • we never beat cameroon in yaunde thats a blue lie, we beat them here in harare 4-1 check you records.

  • Dream team was real even though they didn’t takes us to any afcon myb they failed cz of de criteria which was being used dat tym to qualify, I stil salute dem cz zim once shine by dat tym mo than now.

    • Bafana Bafana will tell you that Peter Ndlovu was 2 men in 1.Egypt will tell you that it was not over until it was over. Cameroon will tell you that the National Sports Stadium was a no go area. Togo will tell you that this was a special class of warriors….. No pushovers. Mauritius will tell you that Rahman Gumbo would pack a terrific shot which was struck with ferrocious venom.And we the great fans of this great team will tell you that this was a marvel to watch.Ticki tacka was their brand. Physical stature wega waiseka. Talk of Bruce,talk of Shonhai, talk of J.Phiri, talk of Mercedes Sibanda to mention just a few,no giant would find it easy against this Warriors team.Royal salute befitts them forever and ever. If you missed the dream team in action then you missed total football.

      • worried_zimbo

        eish, eish my brother, you remind me of Zimbabwe then, it was a place to be enjoying every moment, how i wish we could turn the hands of time.

  • team team

  • Vitalis Rahman Francis & Henry standing

  • There is a lot that is said abt these guys….bt wt reali did they achieve NOTHING.

  • Overated bunch of loosers who never qualified for any tournament

  • As far as soccer is concerned yes the dream team was a good side but unfortunately didn’t qualified in any tournament , meaning marimo and pasuwa teams was much better than the dream team.

  • the best ever

  • Second to noone.
    Beat team to ever grace our lands

  • Nooo

  • Farbich was the west coach ever coz he ws having quality players but he achieved nothing

  • Great team.
    Africa ranking then number 8
    World ranking 52.
    Our rankings now show the difference in class!

  • Dream team papi team isingatambi afcon

  • Munoti mercedes Rambo Sibanda aienda kuAfcon here itai steady

  • Ko maronga nyangela

  • No it was not, koz it did not bring us anything to point at besides that they even failed to proceed to the next stage.

  • He needs tym Pasuwa guyz let’s try him again otherwise he can do better

  • Zambians who have a team that went far as winning afcon dont refer that squad as the dream team

  • They made us proud. Played entertaining football with passion. Myt not be where we wanted them to be BT they are still our dream team.

  • Nehanda thot u are done giving us News. Manga marova ne News

  • Ndopakat bhora

  • Wilis

  • mastadon

    The Dream Team helped Unite the Country and packed the NSS in all their Home Games and they won the Close Big Games.The Atmosphere was so Electrifying it made Zimbabwe the place to be.Now we don’t have such a similar exciting atmosphere like that.

  • No, this was the greatest team ever to emerge from our country though they never qualified for anything! Lady lucky never visited us on the fateful day Chipolopolo scored via the Great Lyusha in the 86th min to secure a draw hence senting them to Tunisia. Had we managed, surely we could have came back with either bronze or silver

    • True ,man.Zambia that qualified ended up being in the final with Nigeria.implying that the had what it took to be in the final or semi final

    • And that woz also the greatest Zambian squad, beside having lost many of their stars, they reached to the final but they neva bullied the Dreamteam, we drew all our encounters wth them!

  • I have since lost the verve i had for Zimbabwean soccer,Fabisch’s team was a great team but as usual,politicians will always meddle in affairs that they r not experienced in,had things gone on without changing frm then we could be a name in African if not world soccer

  • Oh yes it was,even the jersey was great.

  • Dream team was the best,most of the people who disagree were still kids that’s why bephikisa.Qualifying for a competition doesn’t mean you are the best it’s a combination of lucky and easy group.

    • Nobody could have said it better, you nailed it brother. This current team can’t string 10 passes together. They still play 1954 soccer furthermore from the 3 tournaments that we have qualified for we have won 2 deadrubbers and drawn 1.Dream team was fearsome.

    • bt the fact remains the so called dream team have nothing to show for their so called greatness

    • worried_zimbo

      you said it bro, some they were still not born by then.

  • Best players but no coach, Fabisch never took any team he coached to any major tournament like Sunday, Charles and Calisto did.

  • It Was, no doubt

  • Dream team chaiva chamboko.

  • Dream team was the best

  • the best dream team players ‘digital’Vitalis Takawira,’makanaki’Benjamin Konjera and ‘ajira mwana masawu’Agent Sawu

  • From left: Melusi Nkiwane;Ephraim Chawanda; Rahman Gumbo; Francis Shonhai;Henry Mckop;Bruce Grobelar
    Peter Ndlovu;Mercedes Sibanda; Willard Khumalo mahwiiiiii and Vitalis Takawira.

  • no a big no. they never qualified for anything like Afcon or World Cup. So nothing special really

  • Bunch of mediocres!

  • Dream team had talented players playing abroad including Liverpool and Coventry City etc. It had a great coach in Fabisch. But never qualified to AFCON or win COSAFa zvayo. Why do we blame Pasuwa and his local based contingent yet he qualified for CHAN and AFCON? though akazodyiwa zvake. If dream team was great, this generation s greater

  • Nothing

  • Having Madinda, Adam and Peter Ndlovu, Mercedes Rambo, Rahman Gumbo, Mashinkila MaWii, Grobelaar and Benjamin Konjera meant I had the team all the way. No doubt I still believe they are incomparable.

  • No they never qualified for the caf

  • That monotonous type of football is nothing compared to modern football

    • @Teeny Shapure u are talking shit would pliz tell me were was the monotony in tht team bcse in that team u could see the structure and the formation of football from back to front talking abt your Ephraim Chahwandas,Francis Shonhai, baba Gari, Makanaki Benjamin Konjera and the Ndlove brothers upfront tht was a marvell to watch my man and not forget the song NDIWAWO WAKOMANA WEKWEDU WANOTAMBA KUFANANA NESHUMBA;Surely if thts wht u call storn age i would like to turn back the hands of time bcse tht was football displayed at its best.

      I rest my case but that team is argubly by far no doubt the best dream team of Zimbabwe.

    • Crap Bruno

    • Shapure in this current crop of players who would say can meet the standard of those players in the dream team .

  • They wer good yes considering stone age tyms

  • It the greatest team to ever walk the land

  • Waka endawooo here ku world cup

  • Waka enda here ku world cup

  • It was a great team of our generation,they would have qualified for a World Cup slot if the criteria was as easy as now , remember only 3 times were guaranteed a place then. AFCON qualifiers were also tough unlike now,The Dream Team at one stage were ranked top 10 in Africa !

  • Chikiti

    I blame Matibili and Zanu pf for corrupting everything including football

  • When soccer was still soccer not these nhabvu of today .The dream team was the real deal .Dream team the greatest

  • Though they did take us to any major competitive tournament but it was exciting watching them…they played with passion…unlike the current squad…they have the guts to demand cash before entering into the plane..imagine…too much pride vafanha ava…plus not even fit…they run away from sessions..they will never play kuchando where football is taken as a profession …with hard session…

  • Yellow colour is for cowardice. Revert to gold n green.

  • Privy Gwiba

  • So. ..okay, half of the team were ndebeles and there was a whitey goalie and coach. THE DREAM TEAM. Now the Shonarriors are a nightmare

  • Taipinda mu ground na 09;00hrs .ava kana mahara hatiende

  • Dream team yeyi coz they never qualified for any tonourment.

  • great side and miles ahead of the current crop of players

  • most overrated team ever. never qualified to a continental or world event but still ppl showers them with praise. stop rolling red carpet to mediocre. these where bunch of failures
    football is a result oriented game

  • omahn

    Qualification or not the point is at that time they made every one happy. Mothers, fathers, children we were all happy and almost the majority could relate with the team. It was happiness after happiness barring the qualification failure. If my child makes me happy thats fine achievement is something else!

  • lot chitakasha

    I remember this game well..the 4-1 demolition of South Africa, capped by that double shuffle goal by Peter Ndlovu and the screamer by Rahman. Afterwards rhe ebullient Willard Khumalo said..”Doctor Khumalo is too beautiful to play football…” This was a rout and Screamer Tshabalala who had come up with the Shoe-Shine Piano philosophy admitted that his team had been taught a football lesson..it was back to the drawing board. The Dream Team never used this kit again..I wonder why because it looked good!