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200 000 face deportation from SA

By Tendai Mugabe

At least 200 000 Zimbabweans in South Africa face deportation at the expiry of their special dispensation permits on December 31.

SA Minister of Home Affairs - Malusi Gigaba
SA Minister of Home Affairs – Malusi Gigaba

South African Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba was quoted in the South African media last week, saying the special permit arrangement could not continue forever.

He said some Zimbabweans might be forced to regularise their stay in that country or apply for visas like other foreigners.

“We cannot offer permanent residency for such a high number of people,” said Minister Gigaba.

Minister Gigaba said there were 197 000 people on the special permit arrangement, adding that he would make an announcement on the ZSP before the end of this month.

He urged Zimbabweans to take full advantage of other visas provided by South Africa.

“We will make a well-thought-out decision, hopefully with the support of my cabinet colleagues.”

Minister Gigaba said his government was considering setting quotas on the number of foreigners interested in working or running businesses in South Africa.

He said they were also working on a proposal first made in the green paper on international migration in June to have quotas on the number of economic migrants in the country.

According to the South African Home Affairs Department, economic migrant refers to foreign nationals who migrate for economic reasons such as seeking employment or to conduct business.

Minister Gigaba said his country would start enforcing South African law requiring that 60 percent of all workforces should be made up of locals in the hospitality sector.

The law will also be enforced in the construction, agriculture and mining industries, which have a number of foreigners in their employ.

Ms Roshan Dadoo of the Consortium for Refugees and Migrants in South Africa said the looming end of the ZSP made no sense as it could lead to Zimbabweans with jobs in the country being declared illegal. The Herald

  • This is not new mhani imwi.Stop causing panic to New comers. Sihleli lana for iminyaka and permit chinhu chazvino.

  • Futsek

  • ummmm what about those with out permits

    • Did u read it says 31 dec when permits expires.how were u staying without u will do that

    • I am surprised by the number of pple

    • meaning half of Zimbabwe population is in South Africa

  • Gigaba and Home Affairs department are always changing the rules. Even more confusing for me…

  • Why only zimbabwe

  • Many nationals are Illogan y only zim

  • Whatever

  • Hahahaha…Copy and paste

  • We heard you sir

  • Kkkk not deportation .they just join the millions of illegal migrannts in the country .at least they tried to legalise their stay

  • they are still yet to decide, the headline is misleading…

  • Every time Zimbabweans,hw abt Nigerians,Malawians etc

  • Ngamanga lawo, not aslong kusabusa iANC khohlwa.

  • @Sir_Zachi Vanovaunza neiko ngavasiye vanhu vagare.

  • Nom

    @Unathi_Kwaza its sad they only mention Zim what about these Nigerians, Congo, Pakistan etc who have taken over our cowutri.

  • Idiot mwana vehure .



  • Why do you rush to talk about deportation some us we will be gone by that time the only thing you are suppose to tell us as S A government is how are going to pay us our benefits since we have saved your country for such a long time we don’t want to come back here to collect our benefits just give us everything that is ours then we go

    • Ushe

      It’s not like the asked or begged you to serve their country.

  • Nhema idxo nxaa takazvigarira isu

  • Hamuna kurasika vanangu munongodzokazve

  • Mapermit akazouya tavemuno kare tichingoshandasaka akudzokera kwaakabva isu tinenge tichingova muno tochingoshanda chete

  • Fock

  • Hahahaha 200 000?, mune million rema Zimbabweans muno and they cant do anything about it vacho vanema permits anongo expire vosiya zvakadaro

  • So that means people without permits will stay lucky them kwaaaaa coz you only talk about people with permits.

  • Ngavadzoke

  • Anopenga uyu

  • kkkkkk

  • but this man doesnt own south africa….nxaaa

  • If they cannot deport 1,2 million undocumented how can they deport 200 000. 😕

  • Those permits they are talking of found us here,they will go and leave us here,can’t loose sleep with that scrap.

  • I dn hv anythng,only over stayed passport

  • 31Dec kkkkkkk no stress imba yangu inenge yapera kuvakwa paBlues apo saka kana shungu.kuZim toenda kana tada kondivo vakambotisheedza?????

  • Kkkk ayaz

  • There is a lot foreigners in S.A why only Zimbabweans face deportation?

    • Because only Zimbabweans can compete with them jobs wise

  • Munenga Learnmore

  • Deportation?ini ndave nemusha,vana, zvizukuru madzisahwira muno,aaaaaah iye anoda zveko ngaaende

  • Come on 200 000, do they even ask themselves how is the other 2,8million serviving , if they dont legalise them it simply means they are just mandatory adding them to the 2,8million illegals hence SA is depriving itself recieving tax from 200k pple , because we all know the only way to pay tax is when u have papers,,,,if they dnt extend their permits ,,its a stupid decision to make .

  • J=J

    Useless SADC should be seen to play its part if only the Human rights and Members of Civil Society in the region could be more vocal

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