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Christians should be wary of being hoodwinked by “prophets”

By Langton Nyakwenda

Christians should be wary of being hoodwinked by “prophets” whose healings and prophecies have hogged the limelight in recent times, a major church leader has warned.

Vicar-General Bigboy Gawa of the Anglican Church Province of Zimbabwe seen here with the notorious former Bishop Nolbert Kunonga
Vicar-General Bigboy Gawa of the Anglican Church Province of Zimbabwe seen here with the notorious former Bishop Nolbert Kunonga

Vicar-General Bigboy Gawa of the Anglican Church Province of Zimbabwe believes there is nothing special being done by the emerging prophets whom he accused of modifying and commercialising traditional aspects of Christianity.

Zimbabwe has witnessed a rapid emergence of “prophets” whose “miracles” and “healings” have become the subject of debate with some critics and traditional church leaders questioning their authenticity.

Vicar-General Gawa said some of the prophets are taking advantage of desperate people and “lazy Christians” who only seek God when they are in trouble.

“There is nothing special or new that these so-called prophets are doing. There has always been prophecy and healing in the traditional church.

“These emerging prophets are just taking these principles from the traditional church and perfecting them for commercial purposes,” said Vicar-General Gawa.

“Holy water has always been there, castor oil has always been there in the traditional church but it is not commercialised.

“There is exaggeration of some sort in this entire new phenomenon and in the process there are some people who are hoodwinked.”

The Anglican Church leader said Christians had direct access to Jesus Christ through prayer, and also questioned why some prophets charged a fee for one-on-one meetings with congregants.

He also questioned the concept of seeding which was introduced by some church leaders and has been labelled as “extortionate” in some quarters.

United Family International Church leader Emmanuel Makandiwa has defended the seeding concept, telling critics to mind their own business.

“If people are made to pay hundreds of dollars just to see a prophet today what do you think Jesus would have charged if he chose to?

“Access to Jesus and his healing is free of charge. I have first-hand experience because God performed a miracle in my life.

“I grew up in a farming community in Karoi where I could only start school in Grade Three because I was too old for Grade One.

“At some point in my life I was a teacher who supplemented his meagre earnings by conducting extra lessons for as few as two students at my lodgings in Zengeza, Chitungwiza.

“But now I own two fully-fledged private schools. That is all God’s work. He answers our prayers and sometimes you do not need to go to the Lord via someone else,” said the 46-year-old Vicar-General, who is the director of B & P Schools in Chitungwiza.

“I believe as a church leader one should not rely on the congregants but give out a lot. My way of giving back is through educating the nation and that is why at B & P Primary School we boast of a 100 percent pass rate at Grade Seven. We have faced challenges but God has taken care of us.

“The problem we have in the education sector is that the population increase is not matching with the number of formal education institutions in Zimbabwe.

“And the private sector is filling that gap. Church leaders should be seen to champion projects that helps the masses and not vice versa,” said Vicar-General Gawa.

Meanwhile, the Union for the Development of the Apostolic and Zionist Churches in Zimbabwe Africa (Udaciza) voiced its concern over the issue of miracles last week through Reverend Edison Tsvakayi.

“People are desperate and these young prophets are taking advantage of that. They know it very well that most of these miracles are not genuine. Only time will, these guys will be exposed,” he said.

But Pastor Prime Kufa of UFIC maintains that the miracles are real.

“God heals but it is the responsibility of an individual to keep the healing, for example, if someone is healed of a disease but returns to his or her old lifestyle chances are high that he will go back to the same condition,” said Pr Kufa. The Sunday Mail

  • Muwoni

    We take biblical principles as they are. If they say giving money is evil then they should close their school and teach the children for free. They should stop receiving donations. If the bible says seed time and harvest time shall remain then where is the problem? The anglicans they marry homosexuals and some of the top priests are gay. Luke 6:39 says Can the blind lead the blind? Shall they not both fall into the ditch?…………… Can you be led by homosexuals, whoremongers, drunkards, peodophiles and remain clean yourself?
    Luke 6:43 “No good tree (True believer in Christ) bears bad fruit (bad charecter like homosexuality), nor does a bad tree (wickedness) bear good fruit (righteousness). 44 Each tree (each person) is recognized by its own fruit (character, words, behaviour). People do not pick figs (meekness, patience, gentleness, love) from thornbushes (supporting homosexuals, brewing beer, raping toddlers), or grapes (joy peace faithfulness self control) from briers (anger, lust, fornication, adultery, jealousy, witchcraft, pride, rebellion). 45 A good man (true child of God)brings good things (the character of Jesus) out of the good stored up in his heart (where the Spirit of God dwells), and an evil man (Son of belial) brings evil things (the character of the devil) out of the evil stored up in his heart (demonic possession or influence). For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of……………..You should not throw stones if you live in a glass house. That land from Africa Unity Square going to parliament and all the way to Mukwati and Kaguvi buildings belongs to the Anglican Chuch in Zimbabwe. They get regular proceeds from that land and nobody attacked them for that. Profits from the sale of beer at Delta they use them to construct parishes etc. Aks anglican parishioners how much money they give per month to build parishes and support their pastors. Dont be fooled do an independent research. If money was bad why do they need schools? And why do the pupils there pay fees?

    Prophet Makandiwa taught us that if you want to succeed in life dont attack those that have done better than you. The fight that split the Anglican church a few years ago in Zimbabwe was to do with the control of church assets such as shares in British America Tobacco and Delta. Delta brews beer for many zimbabweans to get intoxicated and lose their minds. Some of those cane spirits have more than 40% alcohol content. After drinking their beer some die in accidents, some rape, some divorce, some soil themselves, some commit crimes all in the name of the church making profit and yet they attack one who teaches Jesus and righteousness (Pr Makandiwa). Most of the profits they get at Delta beverages are from the sale of beer and less from non alcoholic drinks. The church intoxicating ordinary zimbabweans yet Prophet Makandiwa preaches salvation. One church preaches intoxication and publicly brews beer for the people and one Prophet prays against alcohol addiction and people get delivered. You judge for yourself who is living the character of Jesus