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Damaging claims on Gukurahundi released by CIA

By Fungi Kwaramba

The Americans have released damaging claims of who among Zimbabwe’s ruling class allegedly directed the Gukurahundi massacres of the early 1980s, in which an estimated 20 000 innocent civilians were killed by the army mainly in Matabeleland and the Midlands.

President Robert Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe

According to declassified Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) reports that were released on Wednesday this week, very senior government and military officials — whose names the Daily News has opted to withhold — allegedly plotted at the time to annihilate Zapu and the Ndebeles, as Zanu PF sought to create a one-party State.

The reports further claimed that a rattled Zanu PF leadership also feared at the time that the then in power apartheid South Africa government, working with unrepentant Rhodesians, would join forces with the late revered Zapu leader Joshua Nkomo, to destabilise the new Zimbabwe government.

The released CIA documents also reveal how the USA viewed President Robert Mugabe’s new government in the early 1980s as a key player in regional peace-building efforts, as well as, bizarrely, in Washington’s fight against the Soviet Union during the Cold War era.

The Americans also feared then that Mugabe would be assassinated, and overtly and covertly worked to keep the nonagenarian in power to protect their interests.

The released documents also reveal in startling detail how the army allegedly “blocked all movement and stopped all food shipment into what was then a drought stricken region”, to starve perceived supporters of Nkomo.

The Americans claim that Zanu PF wanted to create a one-party state soon after independence, and the Gukurahundi massacres were an attempt at breaking “the will of the remainder of the Zapu leadership to resist absorption into a one-party State”.

“We believe Harare’s allegations that the dissidents are directly controlled by Zapu political leaders are untrue and that they are intended to provide justification for suppressing Nkomo and his party,” the documents say.

Although the Zimbabwe government has maintained a thick veil on Gukurahundi, the CIA reveals that the total number of dissidents who operated in the western parts of the country did not number more than 300 people.

“The 5th Brigade, the Presidential Guard, and the North Korean trained People’s militia — whose loyalty is first to the ruling party — were created to solidify Zanu political control over the military,” reads other parts of the CIA’s reports. Daily News

  • Auto-Throttle

    Editor, why waste our time. Publish the names. You’re behaving like the Guky party who have kept a veil over what transpired during the moment of madness.

    • Ushe

      The docs have been declassified. I will have a peek in the internet and see if the names come up.

      • Auto-Throttle

        Thanks wangu. Shukran.

    • Franklin Adams

      Give me a few minutes and I’ll post them for you.

      • Auto-Throttle


        • Franklin Adams

          No problem, there’s actually quite a number of documents in CREST about it, I’m just trying to find the one that has names aside from Nkomo and Mugabe.

          Best Ive found so far is a document at https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP84S00552R000200030002-4.pdf that mentions Herbert Ushewokunze and Sekeramayi, but the closest it gets to what the journalist claims in this article is that Defense Secretary Sekeramayi gave the 5th Brigade a mandate to “be relentless in neutralizing dissident elements”. We all know what the means reading between the lines, and based on ZANU’s typical behavior, but its a far cry from evidence that the Mugabe and the Cabinet were personally ordering killings, which was what I got out of this article anyway.

          It’d be nice if they’d have noted what level the document they’re referring to was classified at, like Secret or Top Secret, or a document number or title but oh well.

          I’ll make another post when I find something better. In all honesty, I dont know how good it’ll be, it would be better if this was coming out of NSA with raw radio or telephone intercepts but oh well. Its important regardless.

    • Nelia

      I opened this link thinking I will get the names ot at least find the link to where I an get the names. Nehanda Radio?

  • Benito

    Ethnocentric mugabe should be charged & he should now play his game well coz Trump wl deal with him

  • chana cha mambo

    who is cia?? These are just opinions- not credible

  • captainKangaroo

    Trump will take care of these clowns pay per view, Mugabe and Zanu will have to go with crowds cheering and dancing. Muchamama chete!

  • Sabhuku Nhopi

    Guardian had the full story its Mugabe who ordered the killings

  • yowe

    I think it is important to be unbiased on this issue… Expose how Zapu was infiltrated by the South African state agents and how Zapu was going to carry out a coup…This issue is not one sided do not destort history

    • Joji

      Not forgetting the shonas who were being ethnically cleansed by the ndebeles before the fifth brigade arrived, a narrative we never hear from those shouting about Gukurahundi.

      • yowe

        Yes….This propaganda that they are peddling is very dangerous especially given how Zimbabweans dont take time to research and understand what happened and led to that unfortunate massacre…I dont condone what happened but i understand why it happened..

  • Avi8r

    I went through some of them as well.
    Thing is some names were probably redacted or left out to diplomatically manage the current establishment.
    The US policy has been somewhat two faced about the Zimbabwe situation. They’d rather it imploded and come in after the fallout.

    • Franklin Adams

      Thats much more generous toward our policy in regard to Zimbabwe than I would be, and I’m American. To me, it seems like a combination of ignorance toward Southern Africa as a whole combined with a fixation on whatever China’s up to in the region that results in a great deal of neglect on our part and at our peril.

      I really wonder if anyone in the US Diplomatic or Intelligence Community in Washington could tell you who Constantine Chiwenga or Patrick Zhuwao is without having to go look at wikipedia.

      • Avi8r

        Lol @ them having to look up Chiwenga et al on Wikipedia.
        It may be funny but sadly true though.
        Zimbabwe has no extremist militant affiliations, energy resources, nuclear resources etc therefore poses no immediate threat to the US. As such the ‘softer’ humanitarian needs it currently presents are not high on the agenda.