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Neighbour ‘inserts’ finger into married woman’s privates through bedroom window while hubby slept

By Leonard Ncube

A man from Hwange has been arraigned for allegedly inserting his finger into the privates of his married neighbour through her bedroom window while her husband slept.

File picture of a bedroom window at night
File picture of a bedroom window at night

Hlonipho Sibanda (35) of Empumalanga suburb appeared before Hwange regional magistrate Mrs Dambudzo Malunga yesterday facing indecent assault charges.

He pleaded not guilty and was remanded in custody to today for continuation of trial.

Sibanda said the woman fabricated the allegations against him because he rebuked her about her extra marital affairs.

“She is lying and fabricating these charges because I refused to take a letter to her boyfriend when she asked me to do so. I told her she is a married woman and I don’t condone such behaviour and she got angry. She wants to fix me (sic),” he said.

Sibanda said he was a happily married man and would never go after a neighbour’s wife.

Prosecuting, Mr Bheki Tshabalala said Sibanda caressed the woman and inserted a finger into her privates through a window while she was asleep with her husband.

“On October 25, 2016 at around 4AM, the accused proceeded to the complainant’s place of residence,” he said.

Sibanda allegedly peeped through an open window and saw the complainant and her husband sleeping.

“The complainant was sleeping near the open window and he started touching her all over the body. The accused then inserted his finger several times into her privates.

“The woman woke up thinking it was her husband but was shocked to find it was her neighbour Sibanda,” Mr Tshabalala said.

He said the woman screamed and her husband woke up.

Sibanda allegedly fled from the scene. The Chronicle

  • jefunde

  • aah chivindi chake ndechei .Chokwadi here kana kuti ingano dzamakutiudza

    • Muchati Bhuu

      Nhubu dzichiriko nhai?

  • ???

  • kunenge kunyepa

  • If it is true vanhu ivava vanodana there is an extra marrital affair between them ngaaende anonyatso zororerako kuchimumwe ikoko kushora zvaanazvo akati zveuyu wezvimumwe ndozvo ,ngaaende hake kureva haasi kugutazve pamwe akanga akatomunyima bonde racho or anotonetsa zvisingaite asi uyu ndopoomuitira izvi,ngaabude aende kuwanikidzwa arikunze zvingahwikwa haikona kutovhura window,kutoendapo INI ndakarara baba mai ngavatakure hembe vaende nguva ichipo

  • Impossible , how long are his hands to reach her from the window ,
    That is not fact and should the NPA be a ‘dom-kop’ as u admin that case would be thrown away by the courts with costs

    • Absalom Zulu thanks for your question, how long sure is his hand that can manage through the window

  • Jus the headline tells me this should be shit lies. How is it possible to insert fingers into someone’s vagina through a bed.. am jus imaging.,window position, bed position, woman’s position in bed, was she covered with a blanket,. the length of the hands,. putting the hand thru a window, uncovering the woman,going for the V ——,haai bullshit.

  • rubbish wht bedrum window how.?

  • Its possible,my bed is 2cm away frm my window

  • kubva ndri mudiki handifarire ngano.

  • Ofiasi Nyathi usatinyebere iwe , the more fiction she adds to her case the more the chances of the suspect being acquitted of all charges ,
    Facts to this case don’t add up , even the suspect’s defense that he is being fixed for refusing to courier her letter is more of a folktale ,
    Both are fabricating facts to what actually took place on the day in question

    • The guy ws overcome by craving,stay safe over there

    • Morgan Chibhamu

      The woman is lying, 4Am window open,noone has the guts to do such a thing bz kunenge kwatochena. As for defendent if you are telling the truth about the letter just let the court know the name of the person who was dating that woman.

    • Mutsonzo

      Also how can people sleep with a window open and curtains drawn until morning? Woman usually do not want to sleep near the window if it open, why this one? The three possibilities 1. the two are lovers, the woman went out through the window knowing husband does not wake up, and upon return stepped on the husband and then screamed before the husband was fully awake. Possibility 2 the man saw the woman with boyfriend and tried to blackmail her by saying you should also give me. The woman then trapped the man to come at her house around 4 and poke her as her husband would have left for work.
      Possibility 3 the husband usually went to work before 4 and the two love birds would have fun, and on this day he did not so wife was afraid that he might have heard the boyfriend poking her. Ndapedza nenyaya

  • Kkkkkkk makutijairira manje ko Kana pasina nyaya kunyarara

  • asi anorara pawindow seal kani mukadzi wacho

    • Tendai Masiiwa

      At 4am its cold so for a woman to have a finger incerted from outside thru the window, that can only happen with the woman very aware of whats going on and liking it. The two are lying.

  • rega zvinetsewo mu Zim – vanhu vane mhepo avo Natasha Ndlovu Deliwe Vimbayi Miga Mary Tinarwo Sharon Muvunzi

  • Ma one

  • Im unfollowing Nehanda Radio its too petty

  • max


  • I have to see it with my eyes to believe it

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  • Eish no comment lapha.

  • Unbelievable

  • On my way to Hwange,..to insert my long dry fingers,..daaaaanm its happening in Hwange,,!,..kkkkkkkk

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mukanya

    Serialized sexual crime series!!!
    Get the printer running………………

  • If he only hadn’t poked his fingers through, the subject should stand so serious.
    Look what happens when one grows maize by the road. DID HE USE GLOVFS OR JUST A CONDOM TO DO THE JOB…SO THAT HE WOULDN’T INFFECT HER? I wonder what the hubby says abot this!

  • Please there is nothing like this . Don’t insult us with falsehoods

  • Kwayedza

  • Blue lies what type of human hand is long enough to reach a person in bed!

    • Auto-Throttle

      HDS beds are right against the wall.

      • Mutsonzo

        What about “……fondling all over the body”? How long will be the hands?

        • Auto-Throttle

          If one is sleeping on a bed right against the wall, the distance is within a normal man’s arms length.

  • Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk dzimba dzekuZimbabwe futi mazino …..kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk …….. Ungasvikirira sei someone ‘s private parts akarara arimumba ….somehow this shit story doesnt add up ……………….kkkkkkkkkkndofunga pakazorwiwa ………

  • Kkkkk social media

  • Mmmmmm is it normal ?

  • Show us d vedio

  • Dhara Dee

    This is a fake story. How then did she know kuti the guy touched him first before inserting his finger, yet she was sleeping?

  • Gandadema

    Stranger than fiction.

  • Peter Kozelj

    Why would a guy DO that? Did he need some fishy stink on his finger or what?

  • Mubobobo uyu

  • majabvi

    this is a lie, if she was asleep how did she know he inderted the finger “SEVERAL” times and how was this bed and window positioned so much that the guy had access to her full body through a window.

  • hezvo

  • Genghis Khan

    I guess the long arm of the law finally caught up with him (pun intended).